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janitor new bag
« on: November 01, 2020, 04:42:22 am »
soo i went out last night taking a walk and a drive by in my car, wearing nothing else than my favorit winter jacket.. as always i carry more than one just in case i change my mind about the one i will wear.
i came up to a restaurant that had a nice pile of black bags at their door and then i get an idea to tease myself a littlemore ( well for thoses who know me, i love down gears as i love trash bags too!) soo i get this awsome idea in my mind.. bagging my other jacket, in one of their bag.. soo i did!, i bagged my jacket in a black bag, and undid the knot of one of their huge ones, put mine inside, and retie the bag shut, without being noticed.

as the time goes bye, more bags were added to the pile by that lovely girl. she was about 5'6 tall, brown-blonde hair. in fact ive already seen her a few time as i went inside ordering my coffee and some donuts and she is really attractive.  i stay in my car, looking at her getting her task done wondering if she noticed that bag... but no !. sooo i've tried my luck once again!, their bin was about 3/4 full of nice and cozy black bags.. from coffee grind to leftover foods. i get in and set myself in my bag in the middle of the bin.. i heard the door open and closing many time as she added more bags to be discarded of, every time my heart skipped a beat, scared as hell to being found in there. time goes by she had to get rid of theses bags ( they were about 12 or 16 bags at the door). last time i heard the door open, i heard her walking to the bin i was in, lid open somewhat hard and then, one by one, all her lovely bags joined me.. .some lands right on me, some beside,,, thud! thud ! thud ! feeling them sliding beside me making me soo high !, also, knowing that my jacket was in one of them..
i stay still, inside my bag during this process as i don't want to be found!, ( one of the bag she thrown away land hard right on my face!, ouch !) feeling the last bags getting in with us inside, and the lid closing heavy but still open due to the bin overflowing, she used to get on top and jump on the lid to make it close. the feeling of  thoses bags pressing me deeper.. it was like i were  in the garbage truck, getting deeper and deeper, with all the bags around hissing crackling.. now the bin is pretty full, im in there, compacted by her, well packed, feeling thoses bags beside hummm i was in heaven and soo high .

as soon as I thought the way was clear, i began to pleasure myself in my bag, thinking what would happen next.. i came twice and fell asleep, maybe for an hour or 2... still in my bag. i woke up as i heard  the lid of the dumpster open again, and  its like  someone was rummaging through the bags for something ( maybe an homeless looking for food.. i don'T know) he moved some bags... redid the knot, and finaly after whats looking an eternity, left the bin and went away.  its then i dig my way free from my bag, looking ( well feeling) the bags in the complete dark of night, inside the dumpster, for my other jacket that ive bagged a few hours ago.. ive started to panic thinking that visitor find it and went away with it. after a few minutes i finally find it, take it out of the bag and had to had great time in it!, that soft cold nylon, smelling leftover foods that was in the bag it turn me soo on once again ! ... thinking of her throwing away her useless jacket as she get a new one.

soo time goes by, had to get out of there before collection in the morning.
i definitely planning to do this once again as it was one of my best spare time in a dumpster!

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Re: janitor new bag
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2021, 10:30:56 pm »
Very sexy scene - I can almost smell the garbage
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