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Hi there!!
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:47:17 AM »
So as you can tell from my name..I'm a fan of both Harley Quinn and Tinker Bell. My man is the Joker and a Lost boy who's  recently been found so this works out quite nicely.

I've been into ASFR for quite some time now..possibly beginning before my early teens, but actively exploring through stories  in my early 20's. I love  mannequins and doll transformations the most, but also robots. I've done my fair share of roleplaying during the last decade and now at age 32, I've finally found a man  who is willing to explore  my interests in fantasies. 

This might sound weird to many of you, but  I am a writer and like to share my  fantasies through writing erotica and letting my boyfriend read them. Recently though, I feel like I've started to  have some writer's block..a creative dry spell, and was hoping to connect with others for feedback on my stories. Is this normal? My boyfriend doesn't mind as long as he is the only one I ropleplay with- has anyone else  gone through this?.
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