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New Story (derivative work): Cassie the Crusher
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Inspired by and developed from “Kinky Car Crusher” by Disposee. Like that one, this story is also published under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, meaning that you may share and modify this story so long as you credit the author, “JMYaga, from an original story by Disposee.”. If you wish to write further adventures for Cassie, please do, I look forward to reading them.

The junkyard was bathed in the red glow of twilight as Cassie set down the last of the crushed cars ready to be shredded in the morning. She had inherited the yard about five years previously from her father, a hard man who had wanted a son to continue the family business, but when he only had Cassie she’d worked hard to be the heir he wanted. She’d had to work harder than her peers to prove herself in a male dominated profession, but had always been a tomboy and liked the empowerment of working heavy machinery. It was hard to stay mad when you got to flatten and shred automobiles for a living, whenever anyone gave her snark she could always imagine them hooked onto the end of her forklift loader, completely at her mercy as they approached the car shredder. She’d wondered occasionally if this made her a psychopath, but decided it was consistent with her vocation of recycling unwanted trash.

She switched off the loader's engine, removed the key and made her way to the office trailer. As she stepped through the door, she realised she was not alone - a man was sat at the desk waiting. He was a short, muscular man with a rugged, serious posture. He wore a suit jacket with a black t-shirt tucked into belted pants and looked to be in his fifties, but carried with him a sense of authority and control earned by a lifetime of serious experience.

“Cassie the Crusher,” he said. “Pleased to meet you. I have some business I wish to discuss. Please, take a seat.”
“We’re closed,” said Cassie irritably. “You can fuck off telling me to sit down in my own office. And who told you you could call me Cassie the Crusher?”
“I apologise, that was disrespectful. But your name is Cassie, and you work a car crusher, so it seems appropriate.”
“I didn’t say I don’t like it. What do you want, anyway?”
“I don’t know if you’ve seen the news lately, but a couple of women went missing recently. No-one knows what happened to them, but they were lovers and known risk takers. They had a thing for sex in dangerous places and had form causing a nuisance in various locations. People are wondering if they took one risk too many.”
“What’s that got to do with me? Are you a cop?”
The man smiled. “No, I’m not a cop. Just an… interested party. As for why I’m asking you, these two women were seen coming out this way shortly before they disappeared. The police swept the area but found nothing. There’s a bit of industry out this way - the cement works, construction warehouses, this junkyard - so maybe they were looking for places to find thrills.”
“Get to the point or get out.”
“Cassie, when you load cars into the compactor, do you check inside beforehand?”
“What are you implying?”
“If two thrillseeking lovers happened to find their way into one of your scrap cars and got shut in there, would you know before you took it to be crushed?”

Cassie did not like this line of questioning. This guy didn’t look like a cop, maybe he was a private dick hired by the families. Maybe he had some other motive for insinuating that something had taken place. The truth was, if two women had climbed into one of her cars to be compacted and shredded, there would be barely any trace of them. No-one could prove or deny what had happened, but they could certainly spread nasty rumours, the sort that could seriously hurt her business. Maybe that was it, he was working for some rival trying to muscle in. It’s not like she’d never had to fight for her place in the industry due to her sex. Maybe it was some kind of weird protection racket, but she’d dealt with organised crime before and never knew them try this approach.

“I follow all standard safety protocols,” said Cassie. “We’ve been inspected, we have all the necessary documentation.”
“What would you say if someone asked to be put in the crusher?” asked the man.
“I’d tell them to go get help,” said Cassie. “From someone who isn’t me. You can fuck off too, while we’re on the subject. I told you, we’re closed.”

The man shrugged, reached into his suit pocket and took out a brown envelope. He opened it and tossed it on the table. A set of photos printed on gloss printer paper slid out into view - distant shots of Cassie, stood in the centre of the junkyard talking to a pair of other women.
“What the fuck is this?” said Cassie. “You’ve been spying on me? Who spies on a junkyard?”
“I’ll be honest with you,” said the man, “these two women were known to the people I work for, but they weren’t employees. We just knew them as a pair of local crazies who’d talked about having a kind of kinky suicide pact, they had fantasies of making love inside an operating car crusher. Of course no-one was going to openly help them with this, but my employer wondered if they might inadvertently help us with something he was in need of so arranged to have them followed, just in case they actually found someone willing and able to do what they wanted. Now, I’ll ask you again, would you have known if they’d somehow got into one of the cars you were crushing?”
“Maybe not, if they were ducked down out of sight.”
“They’d have been pretty excited in there. You might have heard them, or seen the car rocking about on its suspension.”
“There’s a lot of noise when the machinery’s running. I wouldn’t have known.”
“If you had known, what would you have done?”
“Hit the emergency stop, of course.”
“Even if they’d asked you not to?”

Cassie was close to cracking. She was almost certain that the man knew everything that had happened, including her part in it. Without looking, she knew there’d be even more incriminating photos in that envelope. So why the cat and mouse questioning?

Those two women had come to her at the end of the day, just like this guy had. They’d told Cassie about their fantasy, asking her if she would be willing to let them make love in one of the cars due to be crushed, just to imagine what it was like. For whatever reason, she agreed. They were a sweet couple of girls, they’d asked nicely and Cassie had liked the chance to make them happy, even if the circumstances were weird. Then they came back asking to experience being loaded into the crusher - so she did that, then let them out so they could watch the car they’d been in being flattened. They were absolutely delighted and thanked Cassie profusely, though she still didn’t understand why they had the fantasy they did it touched her heart seeing how it brought them together. Then they asked the question she never thought she’d hear, if she would be willing to crush a car flat with them inside it.

She told them she’d think about it. Why she didn’t turn them down outright was a mystery, but by now she was slightly sharing in the fantasy herself. When she lifted the car with them inside she could feel it vibrating as they made love on the back seat, hear their excited voices as she set it down on the crushing plate. She loved the feeling of controlling life and death and actually wondered what it would be like to press the button, to compact the car knowing she was committing double homicide. Oddly, the thought didn’t horrify her like she thought it would.

Against all better judgement she agreed to crush them flat, but still didn’t know for sure whether they’d actually go through with it. She gave them a safe word to yell out, “elephants”. They both hugged her, told her she was giving them their biggest wish and loved it all the more when Cassie explained how their flattened car would be shredded and recycled so they’d never be found. Immediately afterwards Cassie would crush the car they came to the junkyard in, so that there would be no evidence that they had ever been there. They agreed giddily and set a date for their own deaths.

On the appointed evening they arrived and picked out the car they wanted to die in from Cassie’s scrap pile. Cassie let them in, closed the door and left them to get comfortable while she went off to do some work. When she was ready she went to check on them, to give them a last chance to walk away, but heard only the sounds of them making love inside. So she carried on with the agreed plan.

As she hoisted the car up she could see and feel it vibrating just as it was before, but then she’d known they’d be getting out unharmed. This time the knowledge of what she had promised to do consumed her. And, to her surprise, excited her.

As she pushed the car into the crusher, she momentarily turned off the engine to listen out for the safe word. But no elephants were forthcoming, just the giddy anticipation of the women inside.
“Do you think she’ll really do it?”
“I hope so, this is incredible. Everything we dreamed of.”
“Wow, this is actually happening. We’re really going to be crushed together.”

Cassie started up the forklift engine again and poked the car fully into the crusher, denting the sides and producing another squeal of excitement from inside. Still no elephants. Cassie’s finger hovered over the start button. This was it, this was when she found out if she had it in her to kill, to take two willing lives. As it turned out, she barely hesitated.

As the roof of the crusher began to descend, she could hear the two women climaxing, loudy declaring their love for each other, loving their fate. Their voices were drowned out by the sound of crunching metal and the hiss of hydraulic pistons, compacting car and passengers alike into a flat sheet. Cassie raised and lowered the crushing plate once again, utterly flattening the vehicle, then loaded the girls’ own car in on top of them to be crushed into the same bale, followed by two more. She had never felt more powerful, more fulfilled.

As the memory played out in her mind, Cassie looked into the eyes of the man sat across the desk and knew he knew everything. He was smiling at her in a very particular way.
“How did it feel, killing them?” he asked.
Cassie didn’t answer immediately, but knew she didn’t have to.
“What is this?” she said. “Am I being arrested? Are you trying to blackmail me?”
“I told you I’m not a cop. As for blackmail - it is true that the only way the authorities would think to check landfill for DNA traces that could lead back here is if some concerned citizen happened to tip them off. There are no perfect crimes, only careful criminals. And luckily for you, that’s where I come in.”
“Who are you?”
“You’ll find out my name when I know I can trust you, but I’m what’s known as a fixer. I fix things that need fixing, get rid of things that shouldn’t be around. Much like you, in fact.”

She knew now who this guy was, by legend - he was feared throughout the county. She didn’t know his name, but no-one did unless they were either hiring him or were the reason he had been hired. When his name was spoken, someone had to die. Being his ally was very much preferable to the alternative.

“Tell me, how much do you make doing this kind of work?” asked the nameless man.
“I do OK.”
“How would you like to do much, much better? You’ve killed your first victims, and looking into your eyes I know you would do it again in a heartbeat. You’re a born killer, Cassie the Crusher, and the people I work for will pay handsomely. I can’t promise that the people you’ll kill will be as grateful as your first two victims, in fact they almost certainly won’t. If you like we’ll just give you the cars and you need never know who’s tied up on the back seat or in the trunk.”
“What if I refuse?”
“Blackmail is an ugly option, but it is an option. Or, alternatively, I could show you the current way we make people disappear. But that would be a terrible waste for someone of your talents.”

Cassie’s father had brought her up to be hard and pragmatic, to do the job in front of her and to never shirk from hard or unpleasant work, not that the work being proposed here didn’t have its attractions. He’d operated on both sides of the law at times - to her knowledge he’d never been a killer, but he’d known killers. It was the kind of town where working with the mob was part of doing business. He’d destroyed evidence for them often. This was the next logical step.
But what settled it for Cassie was the delight on the faces of her first victims when she agreed to fulfill their fantasy. At that moment, their fantasy became her power, her gift. And when they died, she felt a sense of accomplishment that she never knew she had within her. Even if they had yelled out the safe word, she’d still have gone through with crushing them. Now she thought of it, she wasn’t sure that they hadn’t, when the car compacted, their deaths were imminent and their voices drowned out by the din. She’d felt something at that moment and there was a part of her really looking forward to having that feeling again, whether the victims were willing or not. Apparently she really was a psychopath after all. Potentially a wealthy one.

“When do I start?” she said.
The nameless man smiled and offered his hand.
“We’ll be in touch,” he said.   
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