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Mistaken Identity Pt 3 by Mr Smooth
« on: February 19, 2016, 12:38:53 pm »
                         KIDNAPPED (MISTAKEN IDENTITY) #PT 3

                                                                     DAY 3   

I slept soundly then “get up Cretin”; I was awakened with a start from a deep sleep by female voices and a shaking by them. Mistress R and Matron were here to collect me. Both were dressed as usual in themed fetish rubber. This time it was military garb from Mistress R who was wearing patent knee length boots an obscenely short skin tight mini-skirt, a tight buttoned military coat and a peaked cap all in glossy latex. Matron had on her transparent nurse outfit with a long black sinister medical rubber apron.

I was slow to respond so Matron grabbed my hair and yanked me from my bed “hurry up you lazy fucker” she hissed “Lady Stern is waiting for you and you don’t want to make matters worse do you” I was quickly handcuffed and a dressing gown slipped over my shoulders before I was dragged off by them to the medical area.
Here I was given another humiliating and painful enema washout as they again explained it was to prevent me making a mess later. After a shower I was taken to the dungeon area wearing only my dressing gown.
I entered in the room there to find a terrifying set up of iron, steel, wood and leather padded torture and bondage devices. Chains and hoists hung from the roof and walls along with whips, belts, hoods in leather and rubber and much more. Lady Stern was stood waiting, dressed in a military outfit of skin tight black leather.

Bending a riding crop between her hands she gave me an evil smile, my dressing gown was removed and now naked and shaking with fear and cold I was pushed towards her. She walked around me closely, slowly inspecting me and after a couple of minutes finally stood back in front. Touching my as usual hard cock with her crop; I flinched. “What’s the matter?” she asked “are you nervous?”

I croaked and nodded “yes mistress” She replied “You should be, and judging by your stiffy here you appear to be excited too by being here with us gorgeous mistresses taking care of your every dark kinky and utterly perverted desire” and added cruelly, her face in mine  “but if only you knew what is in store for you today”

She turned to the others, pointing out a heavy leather straight jacket and ordered them to put it on me. Soon I was well and truly trussed into this rubber lined device; my arms fastened inside the closed sleeves and fixed around my chest. A Y strap from the front, and either side of my naked genitals was pulled tightly up to the back of the jacket between my bum cheeks. With a hobble chain fixed to my ankles I was helpless and terrified as I stood there now waiting for my forthcoming torments.

Lady S now picked up a stiff leather hood in the guise of a dog’s head and slipped it onto me strapping and zipping it into place. The eye apertures were open as was the zipped mouth and the heavy aroma of leather was very strong. She slipped a leash onto to neck of the hood and now took me for a hobble walk around her dungeon pointing out each scary piece of equipment much to the amusement of the other two.

Returning me back she now said “you haven’t had anything to eat today so its now feeding time for you now my doggy” With that she forced me down into a bondage chair and very soon I was fixed into it with heavy tight straps around my waist, legs, arms and across around my chest.

A small table was put in front of me now and Matron bought over a tray containing a tin of canned food, a can opener and a spoon. She put this down on the table for Lady Stern who picked up the can and showed its dog label to me. “Some nice doggy food for you” she said tormenting me. She proceeded to open it and pulled her face at its foul smell before they all now surrounded me to watch the fun.
Mistress R held my leather mouth piece open and clear as Lady S offered the disgusting spoonful of dog meat to me. “Open up” she said and pressed it to my lips. Naturally I turned away and refused her command. “I said open your mouth and eat the doggy food” she demanded me.

I heaved at its smell and continued to refuse her as she tried to force it into me.  She was unsuccessful so said “very well you know what will happen, you have to be fed again by Matron and she will now do her very worst on you” I groaned with fear as I knew what I was to face, and what was worse, eating the dog food or being fed with via a tube, they were both equally vile.

Matron disappeared to collect her feeding apparatus and while we were waiting my hood was removed to make preparations for my forthcoming torments. Soon Matron returned with her scary trolley, clinking as she pushed it into the room.  I recognised to my fear the force feeding equipment and lengths of red rubber tubes that were festooned on it. The tubing itself seemed to have a life of its own the way it moved and bounced as she brought the trolley to my side. All this presentation of course was theatre for my benefit and fear and she made sure I had taken a good look at it.

Lady S now said “you can do the honours Matron” so Matron smiled now and so slowly and methodically put on a long red rubber medical apron and rubber gloves with a snik-snak sound smoothing them out slowly and purposefully to her satisfaction.

I was sweating profusely by now in my rubber lined straight jacket and the bondage chair was adjusted backwards at an inclined angle for ease of my torments and now with my head strapped to the backrest I was ready for my “feeding”     

Matron approached with the large plastic mouth tube to prevent me using my tongue “open wide” she said. I had no choice as she waited patiently for my response and I allowed the tube to be inserted as far as my throat. This was held and fixed into place with a strap to prevent me expelling it.   

“I think some baby food” Matron said and Lady S agreed so a couple of jars of this were emptied into the pressure container. As this was happening Mistress R began to toy with my now deflated cock adding “we can’t have this in such a sorry state can we” and so soon I was rock hard.

 Now Matron was ready and as Mistress R continued to play with me the soft rubber tubing was now inserted down my throat. Here I was now having two extremes of torment, one of unbelievable pleasure and the other a vile intrusion of my body.

After much retching from me the tubing was finally in place and with the other end of the tubing connected to the pressure vessel containing the mushy food the valve was opened and it began to slowly feed into my stomach. Mistress R had ceased pleasuring me now and they settled back to watch my discomfort for a few minutes.

A faint hiss and the canister was empty and as I had its contents inside of me now Matron removed the tubing slowly to extend my torment causing me to retch until tears ran from my eyes.

“I think a refreshing drink is in order now to wash it down” said Mistress R and with that removed her tight rubber skirt; she had no knickers on and now spread her legs to piss in a glass beaker. 
 Again after I naturally refused to drink it, a clear plastic anaesthetic mask was held tightly over my nose and mouth and the beaker contents slowly poured into its front intake via a tube that was held up above my head. The mask gradually filled up and again I had no choice but to swallow her waste or drown.

After choking it down my mask was finally removed and Mistress R then tormented me by displaying her magnificent and now naked from the waist down body. She stood legs apart in front of me then picked up her discarded skirt and held it to my nose. “Smell my body on my lovely rubber skirt she said and gently held it there for a few moments before forcing it over my mouth too so that it blocked my air intake. “Smell it you fucker” she laughed” you know you love it” and she continued to hold it on tightly as the others laughed and I struggled for breath.

Several times she held it onto my face restricting my breathing and then released me after taking me to the brink with her enjoyment of tormenting me. She had taken on a sadistic streak that surprised me. Lady S took over now stating “now Cretin has been fed and watered I can begin his tortures” and I was released from the chair.

 Now naked I was strapped to a timber cross that was supported by chains from the roof. Here I was tightly fixed to the short upright on the cross in a sitting position, my arms heavily strapped outstretched to the horizontal and my body heavily strapped to the upright, the length of which was from above my head down and terminated near my waist, leaving my lower area completely free. Now the cross with my weight was hoisted up and my legs were fixed to chains out sideways either side as far as I could reasonably stretch so that I hung there totally open and vulnerable to my Mistresses torments.
Lady S now turned to me. “Now I have you ready to work on for your final and special day with me” she said and added “I will start now with a little sophisticated CBT on you but first you have to be prepared” and with her face in mine searching my eyes she toyed with my cock and balls until I was throbbing, dripping and with my eyes rolling back with lust she stopped as I was almost ready to explode.

She now wheeled a trolley of her torture goodies for my forthcoming events nearby and donned a pair of surgical rubber gloves before picking up a tube of ointment. She showed me it was a heat producing cream “Deep Heat” and taking her time she slowly squeezed a generous amount along my cock smoothing it in to my tender skin and paying attention to my dripping knob. More cream was added and this was used to coat my scrotum.

“I would like to stick some into your ass but I have other plans for that later” she said “but let’s not forget your tender nipples” and she now applied the rest of the tube onto my chest area.

Already the ointment was starting to produce its effect and my cock was beginning to heat up. She stood back and removing her gloves she said “in a few minutes your most tender areas will be on fire for half an hour or so and you will beg me to help you with ice I have in this bucket; but you know you have to suffer for me; of course I can always help reduce your pain if you give me your bank details to collect our bonus” 

Mistress R stated she was horny and gave Lady S a harness which she then strapped onto her nether regions and after adjusting it she slipped a glistening black rubber dildo into the retaining ring. Mistress R now bent forward over a low leather padded bench nearby and facing me she spread her legs allowing Lady S to approach her naked pussy from behind. Firstly she slipped a slim rubber dildo into Mistress R,s anus which took her breath with surprise and made her gasp pleasure. Following this she forced the attached dildo into her juicy pussy “fucking hell, oh fuck” was the erotic guttural response from her as her Mistress slowly slid into her.

“Cretin will no doubt be moaning in pain shortly for your pleasure as I fuck you” said Lady S as she continued her thrusting, making Mistress R squeal in ecstasy. 

She was correct, the heat had increased and by now I felt as if my cock and balls had a blowlamp directed at them. My tender areas continued to get hotter and hotter bringing tears to my eyes and I struggled with my bonds but to no avail. I just wanted to put them in something cold to relieve the in their pain but my tormentors just continued and Mistress R screamed obscenities   
in her lust.

“Take a good look at my technique” said Lady S to me “I will be fucking your ass later like this with no mercy” “Please stop the pain Mistress” I begged her, tears rolling from my eyes. She laughed and replied as she thrust into Mistress R “it depends what information you have for me?”

I gladly gave out my PIN but she continued to fuck for a couple of minutes as I agonised. Finally with sweat dripping from them both she ceased and withdrew as Mistress R just lay there across the bench satiated, her eyes glazed.

Lady S now removed the harness, “I do hope your information is correct” she said as she raised me on the cross and positioned the table underneath where she now poured ice cold water over my tender cock and balls with her hands catching the overflow back into the bucket. 

Blessed sweet relief as the iced water had an anaesthetic effect, the pain started to subside and now Mistress R now came over to us. “Check out Cretins PIN Mistress Roxanne while I tend to his immediate needs here” ordered Lady S. “It will be my pleasure” said Mistress R. She touched my face “and if you are lying then there will be even more pleasure for us as we extract the correct information”. She now left us.

Lady S continued to douse me and soon my pain was overtaken by her paying such attention to my cock and balls. She had made me rock hard again with her smooth hands ministering to my needs. She noticed this “that’s enough pleasure for you now” she said and gave my tender cock a back slap making me howl. She continued “we will now wait a while to see whether Mistress Roxanne returns with the money”

Sure enough by the time she returned waving a wad of notes my pain had almost disappeared.
However Mistress R now explained that there were insufficient funds in the account and so we are five hundred pounds short”

Lady S turned to me “so you have broken your promise and seen fit to make a fool of us have you” I tried to explain “there are more funds in my other accounts Mistress” She slapped my face “silence with your excuses, you know you should have transferred enough into the account as arranged beforehand” My ears ringing from the blow she closed into my face “you will now regret fucking us about like this so I have a very special device to treat you to now and teach you a lesson you will never forget”
She summoned Matron who appeared shortly “prepare the chair of terror for Cretin Matron, he is to be given a special lesson in dousing” Matron said “it will be my pleasure Lady Stern” and she left to do whatever she had been ordered.

 My stomach churned again at her sinister threats and in panic, drowning was my greatest fear and so I pleaded with her “please mistress don’t do this, you can withdraw whatever you wish” Again I was given a slap and a ball gag forced into my mouth to prevent more talking. Mistress R piped up to me “This will test you to the full now and I am already feeling horny again thinking about your time in the chair and your fear”

 I was kept bound to the cross awaiting my next torments. Matron returned around fifteen minutes later “the chair is prepared” she announced sadistically. She had changed and was wearing a loose red all rubber ankle long heavy slip over coat that rustled and swished as she moved. Complete with a built in tight hood and with only her face uncovered all in all she appeared quite sinister.

  Lady S commented on how practical her choice of apparel would be for my forthcoming torments. Matron agreed and with both hands she pressed the loose rubber against her own and probably naked body underneath; she closed her eyes momentarily as if experiencing a great pleasure from the heavy smooth cool material touching her skin.   

I was now released and they made sure my control collar was fitted and I was allowed a few minutes of exercise to relieve my aching and stiff muscles. Mistress R disappeared while this took place and returned shortly having donned a similar outfit as Matrons only this one was in medical green rubber.

Picking up their stun prods I was now escorted shaking with fright down the corridor to my next torture room. This was signed outside as Water Bondage Torture Chamber and after allowing me to take in the sign Lady S explained  “This is my special chamber for some of my clients who require and deserve something a little more extreme in the way of terrifying them and you have qualified for some time in here, so get the fuck inside”

She pushed me into the room to face a large glass aquarium. Just above it on a steel frame was a steel basket chair made up of strips of welded metal fixed on a swivel. This swivel had a large wheel attached and an electric motor drive that could also be used to drive the swivel. The tank was lit up from underneath giving the liquid an eerie green glow and a down light illuminated the chair.
“Welcome to my special ducking stool” said Lady S now “it’s a little more sophisticated than the mediaeval type of ducking stool but the process is the same and so are the results. Here you can be rotated into the tank contents for as long or short as I wish and you will say anything I want you to say so believe me you will be totally terrified by the time you are released. You will not fuck us about again I promise you that, so now for a little demonstration”

Lady S now explained the mechanics in detail to get into my head. “The chair can be simply rotated in and out of the liquid by means of the wheel or it can simply be released by means of a the lever and the victim’s weight will slowly take it backwards until suddenly it drops quickly immersing them. I can even use the motor drive which when activated slowly or quickly dumps the victim and then retrieves him, so I have a good set of choices for you to try out and now you’re here to sample them”

She continued “I do hope you have added something special into the tank Matron just to make it more interesting” “Oh yes I had a good long piss in there” she replied. Mistress R now joined in “I need to pee too” and she climbed onto the top of the approach steps to the chair, hoisted up her long rubber skirt and began to piss through the gaps in the chair and into the tank below with a loud sound. She had a lot of urine in her bladder and Lady S laughing said “don’t make the chair rusty with your acid urine Mistress Roxanne”

Finally she finished and after climbing down she again raised the skirt of her clothing and using her fingers to wipe her cleft dry she then transferred this by wiping them on my mouth much to my disgust. 

Lady S now removed my hobble chain and handcuffs and said “its all ready for you now Cretin so into the chair you get” Of course I was shaking and trembling all over by now with fear and just stood there for a moment. I shook my head and pleaded with them again not to go through with the threats. “Lady S stuck her prod onto my naked belly and hissed “get into the fucking chair now or I will knock you out with this; we have a hoist and are quite capable of lifting you into it so what is it to be you have three seconds to make up your mind, -- one --two-----”   

I had no choice, either way I was to be strapped into her chair of terror so I climbed the three steps and sat down on the cold steel facing them. Immediately the heavy reinforced rubber harness fixed to the top of the chair was pulled over my shoulders either side of my neck. This fixed to a broad chest strap was drawn tightly across my chest under either side of my arms and buckled to the chair securing me from falling when I was to be rotated.

My wrists secured to the chair by my thighs with rubber straps, followed by my ankles and thighs which were now tightly strapped to the metalwork. Lady S now stroked my face “be brave for us, we must have our sadistic pleasures.” she said as I trembled and shook with fear, and she then stepped off and turned to the mechanism.

I could see everything she was to do and she made good theatre of it for my benefit. “Ready for your punishment dousing” she said and slowly pulled the release lever. The chair was well balanced and I hung there for a few seconds shouting and panicking. Matron gave it a gentle push and the chair began to tilt slowly backwards as my weight overcame the delicate balance “Take a breath” advised Lady S as I screamed out in terror and suddenly the chair picked up its speed. It came to an abrupt stop just before my head hit the water.

“What’s happened?” said Mistress R. “Damm it must have jammed again “replied Lady S “the same as last time when it stuck and then it fell when we tried to release it drowning our client because we couldn’t get it back up for half an hour”

These very scary words were not what I wanted to hear and they invoked a feeling of even more utter terror as they now continued to discuss the problem. “What shall we do if it happens again?” said Mistress R. “Not to worry” said Lady S in a matter of fact way “I have facilities to get rid of the body and no one knows he is here or where he is”

I was distraught at her words and attitude as I hung there just inches from drowning screaming for them to get me up and all Lady S could say was this. She had stepped up now mentally what I thought to be the maximum terror for me and then she said loudly “don’t touch that Matron” I felt a jolt as I moved slightly and then into the water I went hanging upside down. I was only under the cold water for just a few seconds, totally panicking and trying in vain to free myself.   

 I thought it was the end for me when suddenly I was brought back upright coughing and spluttering. I cried now with relief and the three of them now burst out laughing. I had been “set up” on the mechanism failing and this was their little joke on me. Lady S now put her face in mine “that’s is extra punishment for fucking us about with your credit card”

 I was released sobbing and glad to be alive even if it meant spending more time with these bitches. Now I was taken shivering and cold from my frightening ordeal and allowed a hot shower to warm up and later given decent food in my cell and allowed to rest for a couple of hours. I needed it too as I was mentally exhausted having just been to hell.

They came for me after my rest; both Mistress R and Matron dressed in full rubber catsuits with all covering matching hoods and with only cut outs for eyes nose and mouths. Matron was dressed in smoky black semi-transparent latex and Mistress R in crimson red; they also carried an armful of rubber clothing for me. “Lady Stern orders you to present yourself to her dressed accordingly in these clothes” said Matron “we will help you to put them on and you will be with us for some time so freshen up first” 

Again terrified at what she had in mind for me and now naked they slipped long black rubber stockings on my legs. However the very closeness of them fumbling with my body soon had my cock returning to its upright state and Mistress R commented on it grinning “that’s how Lady Stern wishes you to be for your forthcoming session”

Next a black rubber corset laced tightly at the back was fitted to me and this only had the effect of increasing my blood flow so that I was dripping with desire by now. Long shoulder length latex gloves were now put on me and now a tight black rubber hood with openings for my eyes, mouth and nose was zipped onto my head. Finally I was forced to wear patent ankle boots along with a hobble chain between my ankles.

Matron now said “stand still legs apart, arms outstretched while Mistress Roxanne glosses you up” Mistress R approached me with a tube of lubricant which she began to pour onto my rubber clothing starting on my hands and arms. She rubbed and polished the oil in with her rubber gloved hands and then moved to my corset before now oiling my stockings. My cock by now was purple and throbbing and Mistress R just smiled as I gasped every time she rubbed oil around the top of my stockings occasionally just catching my privates on purpose driving me mad with lust.

“Stand still” hissed Matron holding her prod on my bare flesh as I moved around involuntary with all the attention being carried out on me.

Mistress R finished now stood very close to my face looking deep into my eyes and toyed with my nipples for a minute. I gasped with pleasure and then suddenly pain as she pinched and twisted them for a few seconds saying now “I think he is ready for Mistress Stern now” Matron called her on the intercom and a minute later I heard the clip clop of heels as she approached us in my cell.

She strode in with her confident walk dressed in a long black glossy rubber coat which swished as she moved. It was open and underneath she had on her skin tight rubber catsuit which included a matching tight hood as the others wore with large cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth.

She walked straight up to me very close and took hold of my throbbing member with a tight grip which took me by surprise and made me gasp a little. Looking into my eyes while still holding me she said “I hope you are fully rested and ready or your next ordeal and depending on your attitude and cooperation, if you do not please me or cooperate with it then you will be taken back to the water bondage chamber, strapped into the chair again, it will be set on automatic for you this time and left to be given a real lesson in there, I hope you understand what I am saying to you” I Nodded in agreement.

She now wiped some of my own dripping ooze onto my mouth and let the statement sink in then went on to explain what she required of me. She said “you will shortly be taken to be ass fucked as I have promised you. I have a special room set up where you will be professionally videoed and where myself and these two mistresses will violate you. You are to be the star of this film and it will take some time as you have to be first worked on to open yourself up for us to indeed ass rape you. I will do this and humiliate and hurt you as much as possible physically and mentally whilst you are strapped down where you can do nothing to stop us.

 We are all wearing hoods to keep us anonymous and I intend to keep this recording as professional as possible for our future enjoyment and indeed to making profit from it. So Cretin when you are taken to the chamber you will fully cooperate and not attempt to spoil the recording.

 There is no script but when you arrive and I have announced what is to be done to you then you will show your true fear and beg and plead for mercy as you have been doing for the benefit of the camera.  During the session at times you will not be able to speak coherently as you may be gagged and the like but take advantage of begging me to stop which will be for real in any case. You can scream as much as you wish, in fact I insist on it.

  It will be obvious to you what shall be required as you are put through your paces so now remember what the consequences are if you fuck us about this time. I will now go there and await these two Mistresses to bring you to my special chamber and you will be blindfolded to start with and also wearing some nice long transparent rubber bloomers just for fun and humiliation” She turned and left us and a couple of minutes later the intercom went off to announce she was set and ready.
The rubber bloomers were slipped onto me and my cock stood pushing the cool erotic material out rubber bizarrely followed by a rubber blindfold which was slipped over my eyes as we waited.  Sure enough the intercom soon announced for them to bring me to her.

I hobbled to my new session with both mistresses leading me and we entered the chamber where Lady Stern was waiting. I was advised to stand quietly as Lady Stern now started the video with her introduction.

“Welcome Cretin my slave you know why you are here but I will remind you anyway for the benefit of lucky people who will be viewing your torments to come. He is to undergo his severe violation by myself and my other two Mistresses here. We will fuck his ass among other humiliating and degrading acts he will have to undergo and he will be forced to accept and take whatever rubber cock we will be inserted into him. I have first however to work on his hole for some time to open him up, expand and make it eventually accept my largest rubber cock. There will be much discomfort pain and screaming from him as he is forced to undergo a real fucking from me and my friends, now remove his blindfold so that he can see what we have in store for him during the next two hours or so”

My blindfold was removed and after a few seconds I could see my surroundings. The chamber was well lit and Fifi was working one of the two cameras which he continued to do as the session progressed. Lady Stern was standing in front of me in her gleaming black rubber catsuit holding a large rubber cock with menace. She greeted me “welcome Cretin to your violation” and then she approached me.  “Please don’t do this Mistress” I replied “please don’t fuck me” “Lick my nice cock” she replied to my pleading and now forced it into my mouth making me choke on it.

After a minute or so she put it down on her trolley filled with more dildos, harnesses and other devices. Returning she grabbed my cock through the thin rubber which was soaking wet with pre-cum and began to rub it gently over my knob. It made me gasp with pleasure “Oh god Mistress” I croaked genuinely with lust as she tormented me and now pushed my knickers down to my knees before continuing stroking my naked dripping cock. I gasped and moaned with pleasure as she brought me to the brink and then stopped.

 “That’s enough pleasure for you” she said “bring him to the bench” “Please Mistress don’t do this” I begged her genuinely but I was dragged protesting over to where I was to be strapped down which was a black leather covered bench device on a centre stand which could be adjusted for height and angled to suit any victim that was to be strapped onto it.. Bent forward a wide heavy strap brought over my waist and strapped down tightly now. My arms out to my sides’ level with but below my shoulders they were secured so that I could at least take some weight off my body; I lay there facing a large mirror. 

Now after removing my hobble chain and knickers my feet were stood into cradles fixed either side of the bench and my ankles strapped tightly into them. The cradles were spread apart thus forcing my legs apart as wide as I could go so that I was now open and totally vulnerable at my rear with my rock hard cock throbbing and hanging in mid air. 

Lady S now wheeled a medical steel trolley to my left containing all sorts of equipment for my torture and she selected a length of light rubber tubing. “This for your cock and balls to keep you interested while you are secured” she said and tipped my bench forward with my head downwards to give her access to my rear. I felt her pulling the thin rubber tubing around the base of my cock and balls and tying it off which I found to be uncomfortable but very erotic at the same time. Her fingers messing with my genitals took my breath and she said “remember cumming is forbidden while you are here, you know what will happen and you will also be severely punished for it when I’ve finished with you here. Pleased with her work she me now brought me back to the horizontal.

“This is about presentation girls” she said as she donned a pair of surgical gloves with a snik snak sound “and Cretin is now presented properly for his violation” I groaned “oh god” with fear. “God won’t help you” she replied adding a generous amount of lube to her gloved hands “In here I have control of your well being and your very life now not him and I will see to it that my promises and threats are carried out to the full . Now I hope your mind is set and ready for your procedures which I have explained will continue no matter how much you protest and scream and cry” Mistress R meanwhile had picked up the spare camera and began to concentrate from the front as Fifi filmed me from the back.

Lady S stood behind me now and inserted a greasy finger into me working it around. It was very erotic to say the least and made me moan with pleasure. “Get your fucking eyes back on me” she hissed as I had closed mine with lust. I stared at her through the mirror as she toyed with me lubricating me well so that a second finger now entered me and then a few minutes later a third and so on for half an hour or so. By now she was hurting me somewhat as I gradually expanded with her forcing.

 All of this was taking its toll and my cock was fit to burst with excitement although I grunted as it caused me some discomfort;. “He is very tight” she said “Matron bring over the breather system” Matron wheeled a chrome stand with long hoses and a re-breather bag attached and stood it to my right. “Dose him up with the nitrate” said Lady S and Matron slipped a clear anaesthetic mask over my face and fastened it in place with rubber straps.

“Please don’t” I said in mild panic of the unknown, but Matron now screwed a hose to the front of my mask which was attached to the equipment on the stand. The rubber breathing bag on there began to expand and contract with my breathing and Matron now opened a small glass bottle. She explained “this is amyl nitrate; it is intended to and will give you a scary high but it will also relax your sphincter muscles so that Lady Stern can open you up properly for all of us to abuse you later”

I protested in genuine fear but still she poured a quantity of the liquid into a small glass reservoir attached in-line to my breathing hose and opened the valve a little. A sweet smell invaded my lungs and minutes later my head began to spin with the chemicals I breathed in. A red mist now descended over my eyes and I started to moan and yell in fright as I began losing control of my senses. Matron now pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of me to observe my eyes as she controlled the flow which she brought me back to some sort of reality, but my head continued to spin and I continued to moan with fright.

Meanwhile Lady S continued to work on me and somewhere I heard her voice above my own continuing protests, she said “that’s better I now have four fingers inside his ass” This scary head trip situation was on going and I begged for Matron to stop. This continued for some time until eventually the chemicals ran out which allowed my full senses to return after a few minutes. I was bathed in sweat from the ordeal as Matron now removed the equipment. 

“A little light refreshment for Cretin I believe Matron after his trip” commented Lady S. Matron unzipped her crutch and now pissed into a glass beaker. This she transferred into a drip bag with a long tube which she hung from the top of the breathing stand. After placing a towel under my chin area, the free end of the tube was offered to my mouth which I naturally refused so she forced a ball gag into my mouth which had a hole pierced through its centre.

  Now she pushed the tube into the gag hole and her fresh steaming piss entered my mouth. I gagged heaved and choked but Matron chastised me “drink my piss you ungrateful fucker” she laughed. Some of it spilled onto the so she gave my face a slap much to the amusement of Lady S who was still working her fingers into me and she shouted “dirty cunt, drink it, don’t spit it out”

When the piss was finally exhausted matron wiped the soaking towel over my face hood. Lady S now stopped and removed her gloves “time for some fucking” she said and slipped a harness onto her glossy rubbered thighs. She selected a medium size dildo, inserted it into the harness ring and approached my face “Suck it and make it wet for your ass” she said and shoved it into my mouth until I choked on it. 

 When she had enough of this she moved behind me and in the mirror I saw her squeeze some gel onto her cock; she closed in and started to enter me. It was painful and I cried out each time she shoved forward; but it was also exciting at the same time to feel her warm rubber body moving against me as she got into her rhythm.

“I think he’s enjoying himself here” commented Lady S and continued “check if he has cum Matron, and feed it back if he has” There was a glass plate below me to catch any sperm and Matron checked it “just some heavy dribble here” she said and wiped some onto my mouth.

Ten or fifteen minutes went by with Lady S fucking me and she was sweating now in her catsuit so she said “wear the next size up larger dildo Matron and you can have him for a while” They swapped places and Matron did as she said and her being a more powerful woman she gave me a very hard time making me squeal and cry for mercy as she thrust her cock into me for the next half hour.

There must have been a prearranged signal as the cameras slowly closed in on us and then stopped filming. Matron now ceased her torture on me leaving me gasping for several minutes. Lady S to my surprise released me and I stood shaking and relieved it was over. She ordered me to go with Fifi and Mistress R to get out of my sweaty rubber clothing to take a shower and clean up which I gladly did and later I was given an energising drink to bring me around.

An hour or so later Lady S paid me a visit; she had removed her catsuit and now wore a rubber corset with black nylon stockings. Apart from those and her hood she had little else on and she announced that I was required now for part two of her film. “Please no more” I cried “I cannot handle another session” She hissed “we have to finish the video now and you have no fucking choice so come with me wimp”

I was taken back to the same room and this time I found myself completely naked strapped and onto my back this time on the table. My arms fastened downwards either side.

My legs were strapped doubled back on themselves and forced apart by long straps either side fastened to the frame to spread them leaving me open and vulnerable for my forthcoming torture. Lady S introduced the video again “Cretin has now to continue with his violation and his third Mistress will now give him the fucking ne deserves before we all take it in turns”

Mistress R had on her rubber as before but this time she was wearing a medium sized dido in a leather harness. “its my turn now to fuck you now” she said as she closed in on me and stood between my legs waving her rubber cock. My cock was soft at this point so she soon made sure it became hard again after caressing it for a short time. “We can’t have you with a soft cock now can we” she tormented me.

After greasing my anus she guided her cock into me causing me to gasp. Soon she fucked away at me at a steady rhythm making me grunt and squirm. Although this gorgeous rubber clad creature  was giving me a very hard time facing her and close like this proved to be very erotic and my cock swelled even more as she looked down on me with her beautiful cruel eyes through her hood cut outs thoroughly enjoying her torments being inflicted on my body. She now leaned over me very close “no cumming” she mocked as she knew very well I was struggling not to.

Lady S joined in by placing a step each side of my head area and facing Mistress R she stood legs apart over me. “Lick my cunt and make it good” she said hoarsely. Her dripping wet pussy only inches away she now lowered herself onto my face.. My nose in her bum cleft I stabbed at her clitoris making her squeal with delight. “Fuuuuuuuuuucking Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll” she cried and forced herself down on me to get me into her even deeper. 

I struggled to breathe as she twisted and squealed and at the same time Mistress R upped her game and fucked me harder and faster. Mistress R was now leaning forward to kiss Lady S and I felt something touching my cock. As she moved her smooth warm rubber catsuit was gently rubbing the underside of my now purple with lust cock. This was all too much for me now and my whole body became alive with pleasure. From the tips of my fingers to my toes my orgasm welled up and my cock began to spurt its boiling hot contents as these two were lost in their own world of lust.

I stiffened all over and let out a muffled scream of pleasure at the same time and they “realised” now Id had my forbidden pleasure. They knew very well what they were doing as Fifi had close up shots of this but Lady S now climbed off me. She was dripping from my cum all over her rubber corset. She gave me a very scary look with a wicked smile and said “you are in serious trouble now”

Mistress R withdrew at this point and Lady S gathered up a large quantity of my sperm on her fingers and tried to force it into my mouth. I refused so she called Matron who put down her camera and joined us. “Stop his breath until I say let go” was the order. Matron using a sheet of latex clamped her powerful rubbered hands over my mouth and nose. Lady S now spoke to me through my terror “Matron will not let go until I say so when you are finally allowed to breathe then you will do as you are told”

Matron held on and no matter how much I struggled she had stopped me breathing. Finally “let go Matron” were the words which spelled my relief. I took a deep lungful of air and a plastic funnel was slipped into my open mouth and held there. Lady S now dripped the slimy cum down the opening and gathered as much as she could and fed this in too. “You need to wash it down” she said and she now pissed straight into the funnel. I choked on her steaming waste of course but having no choice I was forced to take it.

“I haven’t finished with you yet” she said and now she strapped on a very large rubber cock. Greasing it well she began to force it into me. It took several minutes of pain from me and coaxing from her to get it into me. She now fucked me until the sweat ran from both of us her and only then after half an hour or so did she cease after putting me through my paces, making me squeal and beg for her to stop.

 She had given me the fucking of my life that she had promised and I was now totally exhausted from the relentless torture I had during the last few days. My mind was spent and I lay there like a rag doll now as Lady S turned to the camera t close the video. “Cretin has had his fucking now” she said “and he will never be the same again now we have finished with him”

“Finished with him” these words I had just heard were a maybe a glimmer of hope that they had finally done with me. The three days were just about finished now and hopefully I was to be released.

I was released from my bonds and shaking led to shower and freshen up. Later wearing my dressing gown I was now taken to Lady S in her dungeon. She was sat in a bondage chair as usual clad from head to foot in her rubber catsuit and she ordered me to kneel naked in front of her head down. I did as she said and she stood and approached, the other two flanking me. 

“Kiss my boot” she snarled “and do not slobber” I did as she said gladly, hoping all was over now. “That’s enough” she now said after a couple of minutes and she ordered me to stand which I did. “I do hope you have had a time here you will never forget” she said as she closed into me peering into my eyes. “Yes Mistress I croaked as my cock as usual faced the sky.

She touched my cheek with her rubber hand and said “good, now there’s one more task before you are released” I waited with baited breath for her order. She now gave the order “you will now masturbate yourself to completion while we watch you and humiliate you and if I am not pleased with your performance and you cum before permission is granted then a caning will ensue. This is to remind you that I will always be in your thoughts whenever you wank that pathetic cock of yours”

I took a deep breath as the three of them stood in front of me now with Lady S now bending a thin whippy cane in a threatening manner. Matron squeezed some cool lube onto my throbbing cock and stood back; “start wanking” ordered Lady S. I took hold of my cock and began to slide it along its length. “Slowly you are not here for your own pleasure” ordered Lady S as she now stood to my side, swishing her cane.

I slowed down to her command and Mistress Roxanne now said “what a pathetic wanker he is; just look at him Matron pulling his meat like a schoolboy on heat” Matron replied “a schoolboy has a bigger cock than that, that is a useless piece of flesh hanging from him”

The two of them closed into me now and inches from my face the continued to verbally humiliate me as I struggled for control. I could feel their rubber bodies pressing on me and smell their femininity and warm their latex which was very erotic.

“Please Mistress let me cum” I begged; I knew I was close to it “Certainly not” hissed Lady S and the other two began to laugh at my predicament. “Oh god” I cried as my orgasm began to well up.  “I think he’s cumming” yelled Mistress R and with that Lady S slashed me across the buttocks with her cane and castigated me at the same time “you fucker I have told you not to cum”

The pain from her was excruciating as she continued to lay it on but my own pleasure was greater. Matron and Mistress R also ranted but it made no difference; I pumped away and my orgasm was intense as sperm shot from my cock finally collapsing on the floor having been taken fully to my limits of endurance.

As I lay there exhausted a warm cascade of liquid started to land on me. I looked up and the three of them were standing over me, legs apart and directing their warm piss over my body.

Later after cleaning up and putting on my clothing which had been returned to my cell Lady S came to see me dressed as a chauffer this time. “Well I hope everything was to your satisfaction Mr Johnson” she said smiling. I decided to go along with her and not tell her she really had the wrong client and replied “Yes it was all I hoped it to be and you are all very cruel and beautiful as I wished for”

I was now “bagged” and taken from their dungeon back outside to the car and driven to where I was originally picked up. Here I was left in the street and they drove off into the night leaving me with my thoughts of the ordeal I had been put through for three days and nights.

  Later I caught my belated train to return home; my head still spinning with thoughts both bad and good. A small story caught my eye in “The Metro” paper; it read, “Local man who fell ill early on Friday evening at the railway station in the city is named as 43 years old David Johnson, a wealthy business man. He was taken to the hospital but was later pronounced dead; he is believed to have had a heart attack.

                                                                   THE END           


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