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Hello Again All
« on: January 04, 2016, 01:43:45 PM »
Hi all

I am madalina a Female American/Romanian Bondage/fetish Model living in the UK.

i am 27 years Old and been a bondage submissive to my Master/hubby for 5 years now and for the last 2 years or so been a Bondage /fetish model for various websites etc.

i appear regularly on 2 English websites namely Blackfoxbound UK which is one of the longest running remaining websites and Bound Kathy and Friends website where i started modelling.

i have guested on quite a few others  like my good friend Lynn Winters etc.

i am big fan of all things bondage with a large passion for gags and own extensive collection of toys ,restraints,gags and fun play outfits as can be seen in my many photos previews can be found on my fetlife profile: which has nearly 1,000 pictures of me in bondage and over 50 videos and these just tip of the iceberg.

or you can see sets of me on Blackfox bound

my other passion and what i did before i started modelling is writing bondage fiction i am not a great writer by far but enjoy writing anyway.

my stories tend to be on the darker side loving to write stories of helpless damsels kidnapped/abducted to be trained as bondage slaves  and finally  sold into Slavery.
 these are works of pure fiction and i don't condone these acts in real life but the joy of writing as in watching movies and reading novels  is to take things into realms of fantasy and darker places.

in real life i am just your normal average girl if you mean  by normal girl  a girl who spends a third to half her week in bondage of some form or other beyond that i am collage student and a holistic therapist.

as a model i go on quite a few shoots and make private videos through photographers i know and   have been lucky enough to get to know quite a few of the well known names in the profession to one degree or other and attend a few conventions etc for my many fans.

i was extremely lucky in 2014 not only was i nominated for the on-line bondage awards hosted by in 3 categories but i actually placed in 2 8th place an honourable mention as best female submissive and more shocking and surprising to me 4th place"Runner up" as best bondage slave just behind jasmine Sinclair,Ariel Anderssen,and Ashley Renee.

how i don't know there were far more deserving models than me in running, but was very touched by the result ,but unfortunately missed the awards ceremony in San Francisco due to a family bereavement.   

to me modelling gives me opportunity to try new things and experience more bondage as passion not a job or hobby par se .

feel free to drop me a reply and say hi etc
love to chat and love to meet new people .

hugs to all
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Re: Hello Again All
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Welcome Madalina and congratulations on the awards involvement. Great to have a star on here with us plebs.

Daffy Duck

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Re: Hello Again All
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Welcome back Madalina !



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Re: Hello Again All
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Welcome Madalina


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Re: Hello Again All
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Welcome from deepest Essex.


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Re: Hello Again All
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Thank you all
Hopefully we'll get to chat more in the future

And for those who messaged me, yes that Is me in my avatar picture - smiles and giggles -
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