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Lirpa's Chronicles Part 4
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Lirpa's Chronicles Part 4


Another work cycle in the perpetual darkness of the moon craters in the cold blue light of a distant earth. Before I continue my chronicles, I need to insert a disclaimer.

          This section is relayed from a second source -Rob- since I was comatose for most of it.

After our separation Rob heaped the soiled linens in the shower. He packed our belonging into a pair of suit cases, moving to the single male barracks, -single bunk beds- making the room available for the expected arrival of a company VIP. Checking, that his employee badge was on his orange company jumpsuit, he grabbed the official company notepad. He had specifically asked for the official notepad before diner yesterday night. To keep track of how I was doing and to take notes.

Rob went to breakfast. Breakfast was disappointing all the bins in the buffet counter were empty. The only two stacks -two selections- of MREs were available. Rob made a selection, taking it to an empty table. Rob looked over his MRE; the expiration date was blanked out with a marker. Rob pulled the heat tab, getting out his notepad and making notes on the mess hall.

          Probably past the expiration date and purchased at discount.

Rob ate his less that satisfying breakfast alone. He listened to conversations around him, gleaning what he could.

“Sure, hope the supply plane get her soon; I’d like to have real meal for a change.”

“With the blizzard that going on, who know when duh plane be able to make it.”

Rob had no idea a blizzard had descended on the base during the night. Antarctic structures have very few windows to the bleak and shifting snow. Each window represents a compromise to the structural and additional heat loss.

“We’re suppose have all those droids in the hanger operational and out of the hanger by the time the supply plane arrives."

“Yea, Yea, we suppose to pull a miracle out of our butts. We get started on one droid only to find we do not have the parts to finish the repair so we leave it and move on to another to abandon another one. All these droids should have been scrapped. They are not even a matched set to the primary; some date back to the first KMI production runs and have been in combat for in three different countries.”

“And on top of our futility we're supposed to be neatening the place up for some VIP that is arriving.”

Rob made some more notes.

“We had an arrival of corporate plane late last night. Over there is a new guy I've never seen before taking notes. Do you suppose?”

Rob checked on my medical status; then he closed his note pad, getting up and leaving, disposing of his MRE container on the way out of the mess dome.

Rob entered the Administration dome next. People were busy on their terminals and cleaning things. With notepad in hand Rob walked through the Administration occasionally looking over the shoulders of people. Then making notes on his notepad. Finally, he asked the Base commander administrative assistant where the boss was.

Through the open office door to the office window Rob confirmed that there was a blizzard in progress. In the window he saw nothing but whirling white -a whiteout. Not the whiteout used to correct typing mistakes.

“He’s out on the hanger floor. Do you want me to call him for you, Sir.?”

Rob answered, “That will not be necessary I will catch up to him in my inspection rounds. Is the assistant base commander in?”

“No sir, they both out dealing with problems.”

Rob thanked the admin assistant with an edge of irritation in his voice, “Well, I’ll catch up with them eventually.”

Rob stormed out of the admin dome with purposeful strides of a man with intent. He paused just out-side the double doors of the admin corridor intently searching for the base commander and assistant base commander. Spotting them he continued his purposely marched in opposite direction of base commanders.

Rob continued his familiarization of the base avoiding the commanders. He discovered his KMI Type III suit in the extra-base activities, equipment and operation dome. Rob ended his self-guided tour in the library of records and manuals. Rob wanted to know all he could about KMI’s Type III and Type IV suits, Rob download all the KMI files to his notepad along with service and maintenance records for both suits. He immediately went to the exploded illustrated part displays. Someone with a mechanical oriented mind can learn as much from the exploded illustrations as a volume of printed text.

Rob, with downloaded information found a corner table in the mess hall to study and also observe employees. Rob made noted on what illustrations he wanted the larger viewing screen in library to study. He several times checked on my medical status.

As Rob first day ended, he was thankful he had evaded the busy base commanders.

The second day Rob was up early setting up his office in the mess dome. Mid-morning, Rob tired of studying, deciding it was time to get some hands-on experience, starting with KMI Type III suit that he would be wearing.

In the Extra Base Activities dome, Rob stood in front of his suit He moved around his suit. He needed the coding baton to release the suit seal so he could dismantle enough to open the suit. Behind the suit were mostly bare shelf of parts and a work bench. On the work bench was what appeared to be a backpack. Several were leaned up against the wall. There were two different sizes. Rob surmised that they serviced both the Type III and the Type IV backpack on this bench. Rob’s inspection of the backpack on the bench was interrupted by woman dashing in from the hanger dome.

“Hey what are you doing.” demanded a female employee.

Rob replied, “I was just taking a look. I have been assigned to suit support.”

“I haven’t seen you before.”

“I came in a couple of days ago and they had me studying the KMI manuals before putting me to work. I was just trying to correlate what I have been reading to something real.”

“I need all the bodies I can get with company VIPs dropping in on us and they have you reading f’ing manuals. What’s your ratings?”

“Alutiiq Petroleum rated me a Senior Repairmen and Fabricator / Machinist. It is imperative that I also be certified for KMI suit support.”

“Good, an oil man with some valuable experience. If we get things working around here, we’ll need someone with your expertise, Oiler, what’s name?”


“Rob, I’m Jess. Lead technician of suit support.”

“Jess, nice to meet you.”
“Rob in your reading did you meander in to LenTri droid maintenance.”

“No, I was concentrating on the KMI suits.”

“Well, I guess you will be learning. The LenTri droids are basically a KMI Type IV suit without a person. The body cavity has the suit’s LenTri processor. Give me your badge so I get you on the clock. You’ll be working with me.”

Jess grab her part. Jess and Rob entered the main hanger. Jess made a comment:

“Rob, would you believe we’re trusting all this to a husband and wife to operate in the hope of making a profit for our company?”


I need to insert the disclaimer again before continuing my Chronicles
          This section is relayed from a secondhand source -Rob.

Rob’s third day he was working on the LenTri droids on the hanger floor. The blizzard had abated and people were out packing and smoothing the runway in preparation. People in the extra base operation stated yelling:

          It’s Duh Plane! Duh Plane!

“Jess said to Rob, “Go to window in Extra Base Activities. You need to see this once in your life.”

The people were happily giving tribute to Tattoo most import line in the show Fantasy Island. They were pointed out their window. Rob was thankful the supply airplane was coming. At sixty-five kilometers (thirty-five nautical miles, forty point four miles) out Rob could see duh plane, duh plane. Duh plane, duh plane just kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it obscured the sky and rattled the window as it passed over, circling to land. When duh plane, duh plane touched down the main skis were nearly half the width of the manicured packed snow runway. The enormous wing span hung over the snowy edges of the runway. Duh plane, duh plane used most of the runway to stop with the six huge jet engines in reverse thrust. Rob began to developed an appreciation for duh plane, duh plane the world’s largest airplane (*) an Antonov An-225 Mriya with a wingspan of eighty-eight point four meters (two hundred ninety feet). Well, that add weight to situation. Duh plane, duh plane had cometh.

(*) Duh plane as of this revision is the world's second largest airplane. The largest is an American airplane -the Stratolaucher- used to lift rockets to altitude for launching based in Mohave California with a wingspan one hundred eighteen meters (three-hundred eighty-six feet). I have flow airplanes that use less runway for take-off.

*     *     *
The Snow Track with the passengers from duh plane, duh plane proceeded across the packed snow apron and through the vehicular sally port, stopping in clear area of the hanger. The base commander and his second in command stood at the base of the steps.

The door of the Snow Track opened and a statuesque man in totally black suit covering even his face emerged. Mounted on both his forearms were nasty looking weapons. He was followed out by a voluptuous woman in same kind of totally black suit with equally lethal weapons. They appeared to survey the area and after descending the steps took up position on either side of the steps.

          She appeared next in the door. Her initial appearance was breathtaking.

She was one-point-eight meters (five feet eleven inches) of curvaceous trim woman wrapped in a complementarily tailored dark blue ensemble -blazer and matching below the knee skirt. Below her skirt she wore black boots. The boots did not have heels and she stood on-pointe. Below her blazer she wore a light blue blouse with ruffles at the cuffs. Her hands were gloved in the same black as her boots. The blouse in V opening of her blazer was also ruffled to the collar. Her skin above the blouse collar was creamy rich tan. Shortly above the blouse she wore a choker like part of my medical technicians wore. The four centimeters (one and half inches) wide black -edged in crimson red- choker. Center over her voice box on the choker was six centimeters (two and a third inches) round disk edged in crimson red and with a centered crimson red ‘X’. Her jaw line was smooth and attractive. Her lips were inviting in matching crimson red. Just the bottom edge of her shapely snub nose showed below a silver visor. her visor and lower face were framed by bangs of collar-length-straight-without a strand out of place- black hair.

The choker with the red ‘X’ was worn on the uniforms of medical technician of the Lady of Chiquinquira Experimental Clinic, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela. The early development of KMI suits took place at the clinic. The clinic had been disbanded because of atrocious human experiments. Former members of the clinic that were proud of their work continued to wear their choker.

She scanned the hanger and the people before descending the steps. She was followed down the steps by another woman and a man in black suits and well-armed. The four in black took up quadrants around her. She moved to face the assistant manager. As SHE stood in front of the assistant manager staring at him.

He nervously greeted her, “M-65651 welcome to the shield Base.”

M-65651 procedure to the manager. He also greeted her with a welcome. She did not acknowledge there welcome only demanding:

          “Please procedure with the inspection tour.”

A full internal tour of the base followed. From the Extra Base Activities command center an external video survey was conducted. M-65651 said little during the entire tour. The tour ended in medical dome. M-65651 physically looked me over, checking my electronical medicals chart on her visor, summarizing the technicians progress in my transition. M-65651 was not pleased.

M-65651’s four guards took up a square formation outside the hexagonal formation of the medical technicians as M-65651 dove into the center of technician’s hexagonal formation. The medical technicians were at attention, trembling. M-65651’s business ensemble morphed into silver suit with red cross of a medical technician. M-65651 stared for thirty seconds at each of the technician in an inaudible communication. She finished with the medical director their stare / inaudible communication lasted for minute and half, ending with M-65651 making a slash with her hand.

The lead tech seemed to understand that she had been dismissed from all her duties, falling out of formation to gather her personal items for a departure on Duh Plane, Duh Plane and an uncertain future.

M-65651 morphed back to her blue business suit, proceeding to the base manager’s office her armed entourage leading, pushing past the administration assistant, opening his office door without knocking for her. The manager rose from his desk to greet her.

M-65651 spoke first: “From my observation of your operations, I am relieving you of your command. You’ll will depart with the plane for reassignment as an assistant in another lesser operation. Now clean your stuff out of my desk and thus be gone.”

       Bye, bye ex-medical director and the ex-base manager with Duh Plane, Duh Plane.

With her armed entourage people tended not to argue. The supply plane departed with the ex-lead medical technician and the ex-base manager on board with only what they could gather and carry. The rest of their personal belongs would be boxed and sent with the next supply airplane’s return. M-65651 sought out the busy base assistant manager -Mr. Lawerance. He stood trembling in fear before M-65651.

“Mr. Lawerance, priority is to get everything ‘KEEP FROM FREEZING’ inside. Put it where you can. Take all personnel you need including my four protectors and three of the medical staff. We’ll have to sort out what is what, later. The rest we’ll have to leave on apron. What is our status on our droids? They were all supposed to be operation and usable for cargo transfer and when not in use stored outside so we have a place for our supplies.”

“Ma’am, we have six with fully operational status and eighteen that are in marginal operational mode. We have fifty-three units of the ninety-nine units capable of self-locomotion.”

M-65651 shook her head her black hair swooshing back and forth.

“All right, Mr. Lawerance, when you get the ‘KEEP FROM FREEZING’ dealt with, divide your forces and get them all on moving the mobile droids outside and the supplies inside. Where is Mr. Anouk?

“Ma’am. I do know.”

“Mr. Lawerance, Mr. Anouk will ultimately be in charge of the maintenance of everything here and you do not know where fuck he is?"


Mr. Lawerance, has Mr. Anouk had his suit fitting?”

Ma’am we been so busy trying to get the droids operation and the base presentable for you, we haven’t even shown him his suit.”


I want you to select an experienced willing woman, a droid and suit technical to work with Mr. Anouk and keep him occupied. We’ll want to keep him away from the medical dome. Whenever you get the supplies settled, have the tech you’ve selected find Mr. Anouk and get him suited. Mr. Anouk shall operate twenty-four seven under all moon protocols -air lock procedures for exit and entry of the base. I want him working extra base at least five hours a day on droid servicing and repairs. He has to know what can be done on the surface and in a suit and what requires a service bay. The remainder of Mr. Anouk day is to start working him into his management position but don’t burry him yet. All right, go, you have a lot to do.


I need to insert the disclaimer again before continuing my Chronicles.
          This section is relayed from a secondhand source -Rob.

When the frenetic activities of unloading duh plane, duh plane started Jess and Rob were doing their best to make room in the equipment hanger by moving the ambulatory droids out onto the apron. The droid had to have sufficient charge to boot-up and respond to commands from remote-control boxes. Rob, Jess and others held control boxes guiding the droids out into the freezing cold of the apron. After parking and shutting down a droid they would carry items from duh plane, duh plane back into the equipment hanger. To repeat the procedure with next group of droids. There were only five remote control boxes, so it took a while.

Often Rob and Jess would return to the equipment hanger empty handed because large cargo airplanes use a pallet / container system that were carried by the forklift. The contents of pallets / containers were mixed and the order of the pallets and containers came off the duh plane, duh plane was determined by their placement to maintain the center of gravity of duh plane, duh plane.

When they no longer could move the droids to make space in the equipment hanger, they had to drop the container and pallets on the apron. Pallets / containers on the apron had to be gone through and re stacked with items KEEP FROM FREEZING brought into the equipment hanger.

As the frenetic activities went on Jess was pull aside by Mr. Lawrence. When Jess returned, she had new tasks for Rob and herself.

          “Rob, we have to get the Type III suit ready.”

Jess let Rob do all the work. Jess would depart to check on repairs on the droids remaining in the equipment hanger. When she would return, she would go through everything a second time. Two backpacks were serviced and suit tested. The suit failed the timed pressure checks -It cans- -leaks, in seals of helmet and a glove and other places in the fabric. The heating elements pumps, fan filter and valving checked.

“Rob, both of us will note all the deficiencies in an official report. Rob, do you judge this suit safe for operations in the atmospheric pressures and conditions in Antarctica?”

“I do, Jess, but subject to review every service cycle.” (backpack change)

“Rob, I am in agreement with your assessments, so we will officially place the suit in service for the first cycle. Now by decree of the new base commander I have to go locate Mr. Robert Anouk. Do you know him? We are supposed to get him suited up. - - - Rob, I do not envy Mr. Anouk. I am directed to keep him suited observing all moon protocols. The moon protocols are designed to keep him as safe as possible from a moon base decompression:

          “All extra base activities the Type III suit must be fully sealed.”

         “Exit and entry of the base facilities will observe air-lock procedures. The sally ports will be treated as air locks, with a clean down of surface grit                 procedure upon returning -brush off the snow.”

          “Within the base, Mr. Anouk will be allowed to remove his helmet as long as his helmet remains within reach.”

          “Within the base, if Mr. Anouk must remove a glove (single glove) for fine work, he must have helmet sealed and the glove be within reach.
        Only in emergency may he remove both gloves.”

          “Within the base for Mr. Anouk’s sleep period, he must be sealed suited.”

“Rob, this is a small base. I will have to find Mr. Robert Anouk eventually. How long do you want to stay missing? We should get to work on preparing the KMI Type IV suit for your wife.”

“Jess, for your wellbeing and the project’s, you had better find me soon. We better get me suited up so I can start acclimatizing myself to the restrictions of my new life.”

The Kroll/Mendoza Industries Type III was designed for long term combat and carrying heavy armament into battle. The KMI Type III inner suit had restrictive back brace -torso support for carrying heavy weights. Back brace rapped Rob’s body meeting in the front. The brace sat on Rob’s hips with a plunging bib down to his pubic bone and in the back down to his buns. The corset came up mid-chest -mid-sternum- going up under his arms and up his back to his neck.

Jess sinched up straps in the buckles in front of Rob’s back support. ‘It will loosen with wear’. The genital protector / sanitary appliance was a rigid through the crotch affair, containing a condom with a drain tube and the large anal catheter. It was exciting having Jess roll the condom on his member. The anal intruder was less fun, bludgeon his anus, with unrelenting onslaught until his anus, finally yielded, stretching to catheter tube entry. When Jess sinched straps-up on sanitary protector Rob thought the annual collector went all way up to back of his throat.

After his suiting ordeal, Rob, with Jess at his side, walked into the equipment hanger with the intentions to begin the tests on the KMI Type IV suit. As They entered the equipment hanger a few of the workers took notice. They elbowed others still working.
          Very shortly everybody in equipment hanger was staring at him.

M-65651, attractive and well dressed as always, march toward Rob.

M-65651 stuck out a black gloved hand, “Mr. Robert Anouk I presume.”

Rob responded, shaking M-65651’s gloved hand.

“Mr. Anouk, let’s take a walk. I’ve read Jess’s and your evaluation of your KMI Type III suit.”


Walking was still uncomfortable for Rob, but he complied.

“We’ll have to replace your suit before you go to the moon. I am sure you will find other problems we will have to address.”

As M-65651 talked they meandered toward the personnel sallyport.

“I know you are uncomfortable Mr. Anouk. The best way to get used to your suit is measured exploratory movements.”

As M-65651 opened the inner sallyport door Rob suggested:

          “Shouldn’t you get into extra base activities gear?”

M-65651 closed the inner door and began to morph into all black featureless female form like her entourage. Rob exclaimed at the metamorphose.

“Mr. Anouk, I know something about KMI suits. I was part of design team on the Type IV suit. I am wearing a KMI Type VI -my design. I use the camouflage function to look like a business executive. This is the default configuration of my suit, but it can also do this.”

M-65651 turned almost invisible before reverting back to the KMI Type VI default configuration. They exited the sallyport closing the outer door.

Rob continued the conversation: “The rigid torso I expect to be a problem; technicians often have to bend over for management to get the job done.”

“Well, Mr. Anouk I expect reports on what we can do make our venture successful. So, what were you doing for all those days we lost you?”

Rob gave M-65651 a review of his lost days. M-65651 was pleased that Rob had put them to good use. They wander amongst the droids on apron. Rob sometimes commenting on the droids’ conditions. M-65651 would read along on her HUD visor display. Their stroll continued onto the runway.

“Mr. Anouk, I beginning to see a beauty is the cold starkness of the Antarctic is that why you chose to live and work in Alaska?”

“I was born there.”

Well, Mr. Anouk the moon is much the same bleak monotone as the ice in Antarctica but even more dangerous.

*     *     *
Rob’s first night in his suit was not restful but it was educational. The following morning M-65651 was standing in front of Rob when his standing quiescence cycle ended. They again walked but added stretches and slow jogs to their morning warm-up making a complete circuit of the runway.

Jess replaced M-65651 as Rob began the extra base repairs on the droids parked on the apron. Rob’s day ended working on the KMI Type IV.

The five hours outside were a refreshing break from life under the domes. The suit was warmer and less bulky than Antarctic extra base activity gear and the suit’s gauntlets were easier to work in then the cold weather gloves.

Continued Lirpa's Chronicles Part 5


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