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Yadza Zooqus Space Warrior 11
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Yadza Zooqus Space Warior 11, 12, 13, epilogue, and Adendum

Continued from 9 & 10

Chapter: 11 Therapy

Therapy day 1
Morning, I had breakfast and was back gurney side when the silver quartet arrived taking up stations at the corners of Yadza’s gurney. Doctor M-66656 slowly reduced the intensity of the sync pulse, and Yadza stopped twitching against the restraining straps. She came around with no recollection of the time passed just like yesterday morning after 9-days.


Doctor M-66656 answered, “And good morning to you too, MS Zooqus. If you will listen and not respond belligerently, I will try to enlighten you as our time permits. We are busy and have much work to do.”

Yadza fumbled around trying to open her visor the tech next to her guided her hand to her visor knob. Her visor would not open.

Yadza stated, “I will try to be more rational if you will answer me.”

M-66656 started with the first supposition in building a case, “Very well, MS Zooqus, before we start, I would like to remind you, that you choose your suit at considerable expense to your benefactors and a future employer, you made all the selections for the equipment therein. Is that correct?”


“You signed a UN binding contract with Kroll/Mendoza Industries that: 1) legally changed your name to MS Yadza Zooqus, 2) made you a Provisional UN World Enforcer. 3) it directed KMI to produce a Yadza Zooqus suit costume that you selected all the equipment for to be used in your KMI employment in sales promotion, is that, correct?

“Ah, yes.”

“Well, MS Zooqus we in the suiting surgical clinic are completing your UN contract assigned with only some addendums. We have made numerous surgical modification to your body utilizing the best and latest equipment to transitioned you into your suit.

I inquired, “Yadza, did you really select all those suit systems?”

“Yes I did, but they could not have possibly fulfilled that contract I signed. The procedures are not possible, and there are too many US legal and medical ethical violation.”

Doctor M-66656 corrected, “MS Zooqus, we are not in the US, and your contract is a UN binding contract with a UN-chartered company under UN sanctions. You also became UN personnel upon sighing that contract. UN enforcement command is responsible for the health and equipment of its personnel and can make decisions for you. UN personnel and UN-sanctioned company are exempt from other countries’ laws through diplomatic immunity.”

Yadza tried to reach up for her visor knob with the bad implications of what had just been pronounced on her. Nothing happened.

“OH NO! - - - Addendums to my contract?”

“MS Zooqus, your benefactor –LenTri- and our sales department generously provided you with some very complex and expensive systems currently in use in our best combat suits that were not in your original contract. They felt if you had the first-hand experience with the systems you would be better able to present them to prospective customers. Unfortunately, these systems are delaying your recovery and are going to take additional work.”

“What’d the bastards fuck me with?”

“Please, MS Zooqus, think of the additions as major gifts; they were very expensive to implant you with.


M-66656 did like Yadza’s responses and shut down all the pain blocking electrodes, lighting up the pain causing behavioral modification electrodes. Yadaz writhed against the retraining straps screaming then the M-66656 relented returning things to the default settings.

“Now, MS Zooqus, are you done with your hysterical theatricals? Can we continue our rational conversation?” She waited for a response from Yadza. After a taciturnity period, Yadza finally consented.

“MS Zooqus, I wish they had given them to me. The Soundar audio system they gave you will be -when we get it tuned- is 30 times more sensitive than normal hearing and extended in range above and below human hearing with the filters you can hear a whispered conversation in room with noise of 130 dB and it will prevent ear damages from loud sounds or violent pressure changes.”

“The Vox speech synthesizer we almost have up to specification; will allow you to speak when you are in mediums that do not carry sound, or you are on breathing fluid in environments beyond what is possible for normal humans to survive; however, the Vox does have the drawback that you will not be able to sing.”

“Our Sentinel Visual system combined with LenTri’s Tri Photo Painting Visual system will be phenomenal for your vision; It has 360-degree photosensors in horizontal plane and 310-degrees in the vertical plane making more than a 7/8 of the spear of vision for you. It also features telescoping, micro-scoping, infrared, light limiting and light enhancing functions. But, it will be at least a week of hard work for you to get it working -right now your brain doesn’t know how to process all the information the visual systems are sending it. Are you ready to get to work?”

“And just what did you do to me to give these wonderful gifts?”

M-66656 was little more tolerant in her reply, “MS Zooqus, please concentrate on tasks I give you to facilitate your recovery. Do not waste my time, my team’s time and your own time, in negative thoughts and hysterical inquiries that are pointless and counterproductive. When you’ve recovered satisfactory, I will give you all the details you want so you have a full understanding and can effectively evaluate your transition. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes, doctor. What do I have to do this morning?”

“MS Zooqus, we need to start working on your vision.”

*     *     *
I watched, Yadza seated in a wheelchair her helmet locked in level straight ahead position and ensconced in a donut-shaped table assembled around her. The table had a series of geometric objects and other common items on it. She looked like a large baby in a walker chair with blocks on its tray. In a way she was; her brain was re-learning as the child learns to associate what it sees with the location and shape of objects. In the room were several other KMI combat suits individuals sitting in their donut tables also learning to use their Sentinel and Tri photo painting visual systems.

The recovery therapist encouraged, “Reach out and grab an object on the table surrounding you. Pick-up, the object, turn the object in your hand feel it and try to identify it by its feel. With its identity in your mind find it in your vision field. It will not be where you think it should be. It may not even be visible if your mind is rejecting the input from the visual field of the sensor it is in. Move your object until you can see it. You may place it back on the table but keep a hold of it. Concentrate on it. Your body internal position sensory neurons are telling your mind you are holding it in a different place than your seeing it. We have to get your mind to re-associate the positions. Put your hand back at your side. Quickly, grab it. When you can accurately reach and grab it move it slowly around keeping it in sight….”

As I watched, I had no idea what my signing those legal contracts would do to Yadza reducing her to baby like, relearning. My thoughts were interrupted by M-66656 saying:

“Mr. Roswell we wanted you here to redirect her anger and encourage her recovery. She seems to have accepted things you may go, but we’ll want you back if an emergency arises or when she is ready to go home. It is usually a week of this intensive therapy until her brain re-programs itself to the visual systems.

Therapy days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Yadza’s therapy progresses through all objects on the table and to where she could make a complete circle of the table with the object in her hand without it going out of her field of view. Then it was overhead tracts. Then it was recognition and grab objects as the instructor commands hanging from a mobile she was centered in. Then the class played catch with them throwing things at her from all directions.

Yadza’s classmates during breaks introduced themselves. They all had strange identifiers like her doctor –no names. When asked her UN identification she answered: UNWE.US33.KMI\XYZ\Yadza Zooqus. They thought it was a strange UN identifier and equally as strange as the suit she was wearing. -It looked so flimsy. That led to sharing their assigned specialties. –Sales promotion and recruitment?

Yadza by -her choice- extended her recovery period staying with the combat class developing an enjoyable comradeship with her fellow recoverees. Yadza would find herself thinking:

I wish I’d gone for a full combat suit.

Yadza learned how to switch into out of all the functions of her visual systems. Yadza managed to get minute with M-66656 to ask a question:

“Doctor, with what’s been done can I still be fitted for a Type IIIc combat suit like my classmates?”

The doctor always remained formal with her patient.

“MS Zooqus, there is no going back from what you are now. We can do upgrade to a Type IIIc combat suit but there’ll be no going back from an upgrade.”
“Thank you doctor.”

Yadza’s feet modification had heeled as had the others in the class so they were able to take up defensive martial arts combat for further acclimating their visual systems. Yadza and her class turned to their ‘Controller’ functions –computer operations. They studied: maps of many types and the navigation in different forms using the maps. From maps and navigation, they progressed into computer link weapon targeting systems. Yadza’s ‘Controller’ had all the programming functions even though she did have the weapon pad on her suit. She could target remote weapons.

Chapter: 12 Graduation and Acceptance

The accomplishment of a series of goals doesn’t have to be a cause for celebration except in using the new skills. But, a graduation ceremony is an ego builder and a pleasantry for friends and family to commiserate an accomplishment of a love one.

I was called back for Yadza’s graduation, meaning she was fully recovered from her transition and had mastered her new abilities.

I was relived she had recovered from that horrible day and night of surgical transition.

I sat in small gathering as she and her classmates stood at attention. I looked up and down the individuals graduating thinking:

Thanks to my LenTri’s electronic, KMI suit’s, and their surgical clinic, all these people had: new intimate extensive computational abilities, new beyond human physical abilities and new and augmented auditory and visual perspective on their existence. They were super human, our overseers and our future. I was proud to be part of making it possible.

And there stood Yadza among them, all polished up for the ceremony. Yadza radiated, shining like the sun among her classmates in their dull-black Type IIIc combat suits. Her suit so contrasting: her high gloss black sparkling chainmail, her ridged gold armor with the embossed and shaded scroll work lustrous and reflective, defining a fanatical gym routine acquired and sculptured feminine figure the envy and desire of most. Her gray/black faceplate and chest display were even reflective in the lights. Her faceplate was down the others in the graduating class did not have faceplates. I smiled.

Oh man! Is she beautiful.

One by one they were called by the presenting officer. He did a commanded that caused the camouflage function of their suits to form a skull with a lightning bolt below their displayed UN identifier. A saluted and incantation.

He called, “UNWE.US33.KMI\XYZ\Yadza Zooqus.”

Yadza came forward.

“Provisional Enforcer Yadza Zooqus, even though your UN service and contributions will be totally different from our as an adjunct trooper denoted by the difference in your uniform, and you are not part of my command, your time with us warrants our recognitions, for your difficult and hard-fought accomplishments.”

He commanded her chest display window to display the skull with the lightning bolt.

“Provisional Enforcer Yadza Zooqus, I have also been given the honor in proxy to inform you that your UN status had been elevated to adjunct services private UN Enforcer.

“Thank you, sir.”

He saluted with his right elbow bent and his fist at shoulder level doing a circle.

“Private Yadza Zooqus, World Pease through UN Mastery.”

Yadza returned the salute and the incantation.

The presenting officer continued, “Private Yadza Zooqus, we would like to be taking you with us on our next assignment but your assignment as an adjunct soldier and ours diverge. We wish you success in our cause.”

“Sir. I may be joining my fellow warriors in arms in a Type IIIc soon.

The presenting officer took more time with Yadza then he did with all the other under his command. When dismissed the recipients all congratulated each with handshakes and hard wallops on their armor. Then they broke to the onlookers for personal congratulations. Yadza walked up to me. She stood a half meter directly in front of me. Her dark visor aimed at me her chest displaying the skull with lightning bolt. She stood for a minute.

I commented, “Congratulation, Yadza, you look beautiful.”

Yadza answered, “Ralph, I am so glad you could come to see what you made possible for me. Thank you Ralph so immeasurable much for what I am and the life I am constrained to and never even considered. You like my uniform?”

“You are beautiful.”

Yadza turned her back on me and went back to her classmates. I left the area stinging, with that cordial thank you from Yadza; However, I could not go as far as I would have liked because we had a meeting at 16:00 hours. So I aimlessly wandered the Kroll/Mendoza’s grounds.

*     *     *
Yadza grabbed me from behind with gauntleted fore arms around the neck, steering me to M-66656’s office.

Chapter: 13 Answers

Final Medical Meeting
We entered M-66656’s office by invitation. Yadza demonstrated some indecision as what to do but decided to stand at attention and do the UN round-d-round fist salute and incantation. M-66656, stood behind her cluttered desk and returned the salute and incantation with an apology.

She was dressed in doctor’s office medical attire today and not the Clinic’s silver with the red cross surgical uniform. Her suit was a tight form fitting white jump suit. Some would call it a cat suit. Her UN identifier was above her left breast in black. Highly polished black hight heeled boot to just below her knees. Tight black gauntlets to her elbows. The suit had high turtle neck collar that end in a neck choker. Centered in the front of choker was a black disc with the circumference edged in crimson red. There was a crimson red X on the disc. Inserted in the choker was tight hood covering her head. The only gap in the hood was filled by silver reflective visor. Below the visor the hood had a flap with vertical slots that attaching with a pin near her left ear. The visor and the gauntlets had cords to a small backpack.

“MS Zooqus we are only in the UN for legal protective reasons. We are adjunct troops and not part of the main body of the military enforcement so military protocol are not required for us. Please relax and sit.”

We sat and Yadza relaxed.

The doctor inquired, “MS Zooqus, this is to be your meeting, but I want to inquire how are you feeling?”

“I am feeling well and have such a pleasant feeling all the time now, Doctor. I am accepting and looking forward to the new sensations and challenges in my life.”

Doctor probed, “That is good MS Zooqus, this not a medical question but a psychological one. How do you feel about your transition?"

“I am still mad as hell about what was done to me without my full knowledge or in my estimation my consent; however, I am accepting what is. I am coming to enjoy the toys you have given me and the time I spent with Belgium squad. I have new life opportunities, I never in my wildest dreamed though I would have."

“MS Zooqus, that is refreshing to hear. It is a shift in your attitude, MS Zooqus. Now this meeting is yours what would like to Know?”

“Can you undo what you’ve done to me?”

The doctor answered, “We are not in that business, but hypothetically we could remove most of the outer suit and some things could be re-established such as your esophagus but the parts of you we replaced with electronic components would have to stay such as all the things under your helmet and your helmet.”

Yadza contemplated what the doctor had just told her. Before asking another question.

“Doctor I gathered my suit is permanent as it was in the Yadza Zooqus game, can I remove any of my suit?”

“MS Zooqus, we did our best to emulate the gaming character’s suit making your suit as tamper-proof as we could possibly make it. So, to you or a friendly tool wielding person there is nothing you can do to remove any part of your suit; you would not want to find below it. However, as I told you earlier, we at the clinic can remove enough of your suit to do an up-grade to a combat suit of your choice for the following suit Types: IIIc, IV and V. Lesser models you already have more equipment then they offer and you shoud thank your benifactors.

More equipment then they offer?

“I guess that all I need to know. We do not have to go into any more detail. I think it was for the best and things will work out well for me. I would like to thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”

The doctor warned, “Yadza, before you go make sure you are very proficient in changing your backpacks and have a sufficient supply.


If you do not change your backpack in 36 hours, it will become increasingly painful as time progresses. DEATH CAN OCCUR AS SOON AS 48 HOURS AND IS ASSURED IN 60 HOURS! AM I CLEAR!”

“Understood doctor. - - - And again thank you doctor.”

Yadza stood doing the UN round-d-round fist salute and proclaiming WORLD PEACE THROUGH UN MASTERY!”

“The doctor rose to return the salute and the incantation. We left her office with less confrontation that doctor had prepared for or she and I had expected.

Chapter: 14 Forever Good Bye, Ralph

We went back out to the KMI grounds and the sun was nearing the western horizon. An Osprey landed in yard and a squad of newly Type IIIc suited UN soldier double timed to the lowering tailramp. Yadza waved, some turned to waved back.

Yadza mused, “My squad. I could become one of them.”

“I asserted, “TECHNICALLY YOU ALREADY ARE ONE OF THEM! Even if it is in different part of the UN service and in a different uniform!”

We stood silently as we watched the Osprey closed the rear ramp and take-off.

When the dust settled, I asked, “Yadza, would you really like to be in a fully armored combat suit?”

“Ralph, from my suit experience, the sales presentation I’ve done and what my squad has told me, any of the combat suits I can choose sounds fantastically alluring and gratifying. I don’t think I want to be a combat soldier but I’d like to work in construction projects for peace in space or deep under water. Thank you for placing that within my reach.”

“Yadza, the medical technicians said you would do well in a full combat suit and it is not much more of a transition into their latest armor.”

“Thank you Ralph for telling me something the doctor already has. Ralph how do you like my suit?

“I answered I do. It is beautiful.”

“Ralph is it what you want it to make me?”

“I said, NO IT IS NOT! I never expected this. It was just supposed to be fun and make little money for you.”

“Well neither did I, I am trying to forgive you for what you've done to me. What was between us has been destroyed and can never be again. Ralph, give me a hug for the last time.”

We hugged and she did her best to impale me on her permanent nipple caps grinding them into me.

Yadza commanded, “Ralph, don’t be bashful feel me up my beautiful indestructible truss works and armored smooth skin for your enjoyment and memory. It all I can ever give you. Enjoy yourself.”

I did take advantages of feeling up her lustrous marvelous suit. When she had enough, she took my hand in her gauntleted hand slamming into her chest armor. she did it again harder and third time as hard as she could. I said nothing even though she may have broken the bones in my hand.

Something to remember her by.

Yadza broke the embrace, turning and walking away. She commented over her shoulder:

“I have to go change my backpack. I will every day for the rest of my life. I leave for Buenos Aries for trade show tomorrow. Good Bye Ralph. I never want to see you again.

Epilogue: A Prespective on Strange Cosplaying Women

In the retrospect of a year’s time, it was absolutely astonishing what the Yadza Zooqus project did for KMI sales and their recruitment program. As for what happened to Yadza: She became very wealthy but it wasn’t that important to her. It is really magnificent what Kroll/Mendoza Industries International and LenTri did for Yadza. Yadza was just a plain small-town girl; now she is beautiful -intimately computer equipped star with my LenTri’s powerful computer system and computational tools. She is able to hack and manipulate the best computer systems in the world. Ah! And the elegant application of my LenTri components in all of Yadza’s suit’s intricate life controls and support systems optimizing her activities, freeing her from so much human daily drudgery. 45 seconds to change her backpack once a day and she good for another 24 hours -up to 36 hours if necessary. Yadza no longer has to: fix meals, eat, do make-up, coffering her hair and only has to use the washroom for showering.

And they did her up in such an attractive package. Oh man is she hot. I wish it wasn’t my girlfriend we did it too, however; it was Yadza’s Zooqus choice.

I’ve come to conclude that young woman embroiled in Science Fiction cosplaying are insane. I base my opinion on my participation in the first Yadza Zooqus sales project and the resulting Science Fiction heroin based sales projects we subsequently undertook. We decide that our next project should feature a Taillee Obor adoring cosplayer. KMI developed and owned the rights to Dunkirk-7 games that featured Taillee Obor. We thought Tailee would because in the game her suit always remained sealed, would mimicking the more advanced KMI suits. We did a posting worldwide for a Taillee Obor candidate at the beginning and end of the Dunkirk 7 games and other similar genera. We also did worldwide help wanted posting on all related gaming updating billboards. Yadaz Zooqus also added the recruitment of a future Taillee Obor to her sales presentations and daily activities.

Our world-wide search for KMI’s Taillee Obor yielded 94,843 applicants. Not all applicants were Taillee cosplayers, but they would willing change or become a cosplay for the chance to be paid to travel the world as our Taillee Obor character.

This time we fully disclosed all the required surgical body modification regiment for their safety and to facilitate their feeding and waste removal while remaining locked in -sealed in- a Taillee Obor costume 24-7 for year. We experimented with compensation package offering as much as 7.5 million a year along with other thing such an Uber limousine and private helicopter or jet services large homes and of course full medical coverage.

Of our initial responding applicants, 56,906 or 60% found our offer agreeable at some level of compensation.


But when we began to seriously considering a Taillee Obor candidate, we only promised a base pay of 86,548 UNdees for a year; the rest would be determined by their sales commission. We advised that they might make considerable more for the year; Yadza Zooqus made 129, 297 UNDees in sales commissions in her first quarter. Uber, Limousine and private helicopter or jet would only be provided when necessary for sales. They had to provide their own housing when not on a sales assignment. However, we retained the full medical coverage.

This sub group was considerable smaller at 2,845 applicants or 3% willing to undergo the body modification and the 24-7 suited regiment for year.


And then when we rejected members of this group we had a few counter offered us -willing to pay us for the opportunity to experience being Taillee Obor without being our sales spokeswoman.

With such overwhelming results we expanded the program to 4 Taillees with one fluent in Spanish, one in Farcie, one in Mandarin and one in English. We initiated a Smashley Billings program with 4 employees and add 3 more Yadza Zooqus.

We kept a list of those willing to go 24-7s that did not make our cut to be our any of heroines. Of the rejected 24-7s, we offered a combat suiting and other employment;

825 or 27% of them took our offer for the combat suiting and employment.

742 or 90% of the applicants chose the the nonreversible combat suit body modifications enhancements required for the Type IIIc suit.

Then of this subset we had 10 or 1.2% select the Type IV , the Type V, and the Type VI suits knowing that it was a life-long commitment.


Do you think our original Yadza Zooqus will go for the Type IIIc armored combat suit at the end of her year?


Addendum: Yadza's Day and Night horror of Transition
This is for those goulish people that really want to know the full price Yadza’s paid for her nirvana / permenant chastity. It also for reader with medical backgroud that want to know what that mean nasty corporation Kroll/Mendoza industries did to Yadza that first day and night in the KMI medical clinic.

They removed of all her nails and her nail beds so her nails will not grow back and not interfere with her suit’s functions.

A change in the bone configuration of her heels and shortening of her Achilles tendons to complement her on-point configured boots.

The armor over her knees was screwed with tamper proof hardware to her patellas.

The thigh bands joining the boot to her pants no longer had electronic releases and were super glued together.

Armor over the elbows was screwed with thamper proof hardware to her ulna.

The bicept bands joining her gauntlets to chest armor no longer had electronic releases and were super glued together.

Pubic hair depilation but already accomplished eariler.

The installation of a stimulation sock over her clitoris, anchoring it with surgical glue and numerous brads inserted in the base of her clitoris so the                electronic stimulation sock is one with her clitoris.

Another stimulation device was inserted deep up in her female uvlva crevice floor behind her clitoris, securing it with glue and looping wire hooks through the         skin as retainers.

They inserted a urinary catheter in her urethra with a coating of heat activated surgical sealing glue, fold-out brads that pop out in her bladder locking the          catheter in place so it won’t leak, or slide out. The catheter cannot be pulled out without surgical intervention.

Her Kegel vaginal stimulation insert now penetrates her cervix into her uterus and has a douche mainfold injection / suction drain-off function for use during her memes.

Injection and drain tubes have taps-off to her vagina and the cavity between her surgically sealed labia.

All the tubes and data cables go into a flange. The edges of the flange were lacey for surgical insertion all the way around her vulva majora labia and sown            in. The flange is effective secondary barricade to everything but the tubes and data cables from her femine genetailia.

An anal feces collector / catheter was inserted in her anus instead of her smaller vibratory plug enlarging her anus to size not thought possible. The                  innermost part of the catheter above her rectum was flared so it will stay retained. It has a small enema tube within the anal catheter that will be used to            inject a stool soften as necessary for her backpack to do her fecal evacuation at the suit’s ‘Controller’s’ direction and scheduled times.

The sex flange and the anal collector go into a new pair of suit pant. The new pants do not have computer releasing latches. The pants are sealed to her skin           with glue. Where pant come together over her hips. The belt portion of her panties has at hip junction has 3 tamper-proof titanium pins through belt halves into bone anchors in her hips, anchoring the belt to her hips. The halves of the pant’s belt in her crotch are held together with 5 titanium tamper proof screws. The back of her pants are anchored using 8 of the same bone anchors and tamper-proof hardware into her sacral bones.

The Suit's tail segments are anchored to their corresponding vertabrea with two titanium pins. The tail conection to chest barrel no longer has electronic locks and pins go through the tail the chest barrel into a vertabrea.

The suit’s chest barrel armor was new to accommodate her additional systems:

They severed her esophagus, re-routing it to a flange in her left abdominal wall that mates to her chest armor and goes to her backpack.

There is a blood analyzing probes and other sensors in her body cavity that are routed to the abdominal flange that mate to lower left edge of her breast               plate.”

They implanted electrodes in her diaphragm that mates to lower edge of her chest armor for the suit 'controller to initiate and control her breathing.”

They implanted a heart EKG sensors, pacemaker and defibrillator with a port to her chest armor just above her left breast.”

Her chest barrel still had everything that was in in the old one -especially the papillary stimulation functions the chest armor was installed with glue to her skin and bone anchors and tramper proof pins into her sternum, ribs, scapulars, and clavicles. They pierced her nipples with retaining pins so they will stay in place in the cups of the Breast plate and in contact with the stimulation nipple caps. They glued and screwed down her nipple caps with tamper-proof hardware. The neck extension of the chest barrel has 2 tamper proof pins anchore to each vertabrae in her back and her neck and the lock to helmet not longeer has a release and joint are screwed together and in her skull.
They surgically closed her esophagus at the back of her throat a trachea tube was permanently installed with equalizing tubes to each nostril for the external ventilator moving in and out the breathing fluid.

They converted her to using breathing fluid that is used in the upper-level armored suits adding phenominal physical accomblishement in multiple environments.”

They were going to permanently depilated head, but it was done so that procedure was unnecessary.

The helmet was modified so there is now a rigid inner sensory cap that they glued to her scalp with electrical conduction glue. They screwed the cap down with anchor and tamper-proof hardware behind her ears into mastoid bones and long back or her head on the nuchal crest of her optical bones and in the front along with her supraorbital crest – (her eyebrow ridge).

Besides the surface electrodes, They inserted several electrodes deep into her brain that are tied into the sensory cap and then the suit ‘Controller’ for pain control, pleaure control, emotion control for behavior modification and the Vox speech vocalizer.

Top military grade Soundar Auditory Systems in both ears. The system required the removal of her outer and middle ear –the tympanic membrane and the transferring bones to in the cochlear window. Implanted –mounted- on her cochlear window is an auditory stimulation coil controlled by her suit' computer ‘The Controller’ and the hardened auditory sensor in her suit. She has no outer ears, and the ear canals are sealed for protection against rapid pressure changes.

They implanted the best military grade Tri-Beam Visual System, replacing the front half of both her eyes with Tri-Beam eye modules closing her eyelids over the modules and anchoring the visual tracking/charging visor over them with tamper-proof hardware into her eyebrows and cheekbones. The sentinel system is entirely within her outer helmet.

They used Tamper-proof hardware and super glued on the latches of her visor.

They also screwed her jaw pan with bone anchors and tramper proof hardware to her jaw and to her helmet.

For a final touch on her visor knobs- they dipped the locking assemblies and keys in epoxy and broke both keys off in the locks filling and sanding the locks and cores smooth.



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