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A secret sarcophagus for Suzannah.
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A secret sarcophagus for Suzannah.

Suzannah Taylor read the e-mail on her laptop with an inevitable groan.

‘All flights from Egypt to UK suspended due to Coronavirus’

Details of how to contact the Embassy were included, but having clicked on the link found the last repatriation flight was fully booked already! Also it was due to leave… ‘Yesterday…bugger!’ she grumbled looking at the calendar on the wall. The e-mail had been sitting in her inbox for a week but Miss Taylor had been way too busy with her research project to watch the news, thus she’d had no clue about what was happening elsewhere in the world.

“Thought it was just a Far East problem,” she murmured sitting there now reading various websites and amazed but disheartened to know she was marooned here. Well she still had a hotel booking for another two days so Suzannah decided to carry on working. Her research notes were sent to Oxford every day, but she was still a little put out that even her best friend on the team hadn’t been in contact off group to let her know what was going on!

A further hunt through the laptop and Suzannah’s heart sank. The off group mails had gone straight to the junk folder, loads of them. Yep, 6 mails from Betty, her bezzie, the last an hour ago so Suzannah replied telling her friend why she’d missed those postings, that the only thing left was to sit here in the heat and bustle of the ancient town and ride it out. She was now able to get some more cash wired over from the faculty so a happier young lady signed off the computer, went down to rebook her hotel for another fortnight and headed off to bed.

               Two weeks later.

Now Suzannah was concerned. Short of cash again and this time the hotel wasn’t able to allow her to stay on, mainly because with no tourists coming they were closing early to get renovations done so she’d have to find somewhere new. Trouble being that with the collapse of the trade, all the other available place had or were planning the same things and the town was out of rooms. Even Ahmed, the guy at the museum she was working through was having to camp outside in a friend’s garden because his Aunt and Uncle were self-isolating! But she didn’t want to do that herself. She’d tried and failed to find any accommodation and after today she’d be out of her room for good.

Packing up her stuff Suzannah arrived at the museum to see Ahmed there, the guy amazed as she came in laden with bags. “No joy,” she sighed to his question and he smiled wryly, suggesting she could always share his tent. She chuckled a little hoping he was joking and he was. His friend was unlikely to permit her on the premises because she was unmarried, and a European to boot.

“Could always sleep here downstairs in an old storeroom…” she grinned and Ahmed paused, “I could ask the guys?” and she nodded. “Would you, that’s so kind, it’d save my ass for certain, I could even become the museum’s unofficial security guard, I know they cannot afford one!”

He vanished and to her amazement returned later, saying the museum were willing to take her on! “Wow, thanks,” and despite herself Suzannah came over and gave Ahmed a big hug. He grinned as she’d blushed and stammered an apology as he’d let go, his hands briefly having stroked her backside.

They carried on working and soon enough Ahmed said it was time he left, saying to Suzannah where her stuff had been placed. A camp bed and so on had been provided along with food left for her in the staff canteen, also the keys and stuff for the outer door so she could get in and out. “Remember to lock yourself in by nightfall or we’ll all be in trouble…”

So once the place had quietened down Suzannah began her ‘new’ role. Wandering the deserted corridors she knew so well now having been here a month. Her research stuff had almost been completed anyway, the folks in Oxford delighted with her work, rare praise indeed from her usually demanding boss and Suzannah was happy as she hummed her way around the building.

The patrol finished and she made a drink in the canteen then retired to the corridor where her new quarters were, being the second of three rooms on the left. Passing the first she’d tried the handle and it opened, no need to lock storerooms here and she flicked on the light and glanced in.

A row of a dozen or so sarcophagi stood along the back wall and they made the girl smile. Long before she’d come to Egypt Suzannah had seen the same things at the British Museum in London. That night she’d gone home and while flicking through the movies and come across an old horror film. As usual it’d involved a typical scenario of that era.

Pretty woman in a foreign land being taken captive by the torch carrying ‘natives’
Same pretty woman being readied for a religious ceremony, usually now clad in a skimpy see-through dress where you could ‘almost’ see her breasts and stuff as she was strapped to a pole or table.
Quite where the locals would find an outfit like that always made her laugh!
The girl, at the point of being sacrificed then being rescued by a hunk.

Suzannah had normally switched off after that, as it had had her groaning in frustration!

A story she’d read on a chance visit to a fetish site actually had seen the girl snatched by other people and taken away then ravished. Thus introducing Suzannah to the world of bondage. She enjoyed reading but to actually allow herself to be bound… no chance!

So back to tonight and she wandered over and rubbed her hand on one of the sarcophagi. Made of stone like they all were…except of course the one in that last bondage story read a week or so ago! But her examinations didn’t last long, tugging one open to see what was inside…nothing. A tired yawn and she closed it up and headed for bed. Tossing and turning all night and it was a surprise when she awoke to find it was dawn.

A tired young lady got dressed into her normal rig and went upstairs to make coffee, seeing it was just after 6 am, Ahmed would be here by 7:30 and he liked his early morning drink strong. So Suzannah set to work, having her breakfast alone, clearing up and spending an hour reading online bondage stories. By the time the Egyptian arrived she could smell the brew from the other side of the room.

“How was the first night, OK?” he asked and she nodded, saying little but soon enough they were hard at work in the various book rooms going through scrolls of this and that. Both of them working on the laptop in turn and almost before she knew it the day was over and she was alone again.

The usual wander round the building, turning off a couple of lights in the offices and soon Suzannah was back in the sarcophagus room looking them over, opening each and finding them empty of course.
Not like that bird in the new story read this morning and that had actually been set in Egypt though the place she’d ‘been ‘at was fake! And Suzannah had the real things here as she opened another.

Staring at the empty interior and Suzannah smiled. Turning around then stepping backwards until her ass touched the wall. Reaching out and her fingers clasped the edge then she tugged the lid closed… well almost! Just the tiniest chink of light but the effect was still amazing and she stood there for ages…

Almost wishing she was dressed in one of those movie outfits and about to be closed up for ever!

That made her smile and soon Suzannah stepped out, heading for her room and the laptop. Spending the next two hours on a Word document tapping out her desires, though she did make adjustments using ideas for some of those stories she’d read about and saved.

Firstly ‘her’ sarcophagus would have a cage ready to go inside it as well. She’d be helped in then secured by her wrists, waist then ankles. Next she’d be gagged and veiled before her neck was locked into a collar. The cage would then be inserted into the casket and secured with screws. Finally that lid would sloooooowly close until the helpless girl was plunged into darkness, only to hear the casket being secured by pins knocked into the side then moved over the hole. Then the final entombment and silence falling…

Took a moment before Suzannah realised she was a little damp below…wow. Closing the document and hurrying off to the bathroom to clean up!  Coming back and using another program Suzannah drew an image of the casket, a design for the cage and another of the dress she wanted to wear…lovely!

Another hard day at work finished early as Suzannah decided she needed a break. Leaving Ahmed in the library while she went and did some shopping, mostly for food as her supplies were running low. Off to the bazaar and a happily humming young lady wandered around. Ignoring the stares of the merchants hawking their wares as the sight of a Western girl down here. Even though Suzannah wore a headscarf along with long sleeved blouse and trousers she was sure gaining a lot of attention. To escape the glares she went into a shop to one side that sold fabric, the sight of rolls of material on the stands outside had given Suzannah an idea and she was glad she’d brought the sketch with her.

The merchant was amazed this pretty blonde spoke perfect Arabic, though with an accent he couldn’t quite deduce, but he was always pleased with a customer and the girl was a treat to look at. Showing him the design of a dress she wanted making. Pointing to a roll of filmy cream fabric that looked ideal. She had to be measured and for that his wife was summoned and the pair vanished into a changing room. The woman writing down Suzannah’s sizes as she flittered around with the tape, asking about tie’s or other fasteners, eventually choosing a zip.

Seeing what the girl wanted and she smiled knowingly, making Suzannah go crimson. “it must be for a very special event my dear, you’ll look beautiful,” the old woman whispered and the youngster nodded. No way was she revealing the truth about it though!

A price was agreed and Suzannah managed not to wince. It would be half her remaining savings but she was determined to have it. The outfit and a pair of matching shoes would be ready in ten days or less.

Which passed so slowly for the youngster but soon enough she received word that it was ready. Going to the shop and claiming her outfit. The lady handing it over gave Suzannah that knowing look and again her went red as they smiled and embraced. Even more on being allowed to pick a free tiara and veils from a collection that had been delivered in error. The youngster being taught how to apply her headwear and she almost fainted as the material was lowered over her face. “He’s going to be a lucky man my dear,” the blushing girl was told at the end…if only they knew!

Coming back to the museum Suzannah let herself in, locked the door and hurried downstairs. Staring in amazement as she unpacked her dress. “Oh my gosh, it’s wonderful!” she gasped holding it up and a second later Miss Taylor was stripping off to her skimpies. Changing those to fresh, and flesh coloured ones to hide them under the filmy material, despite the outfit being double layered as ordered.

Suzannah put her new shoes on and did up the little straps. She hadn’t worn heels for ages so spent a couple of minutes getting used to them, managing to stay upright. But soon enough she reached for the dress and readied herself. Easing up underneath and into the bodice, hands sliding into the sheer sleeves as she stood up and the outfit cascaded down her trembling body, almost making her faint on the spot. Suzannah did the buttons on the collar first. The little rod supplied by the dressmaker was inserted into the tab and by reaching over her shoulder she gradually sealed herself into the dress. Taking the rod off then pacing over to her mirror, the effect…stunning!

As Suzannah knew there were no cameras in the museum she decided to go for a patrol in this! Nervously taking the stairs up, managing not to trip over herself before the top. Wobbling and weaving down the corridors, listening to her heels echoing…lovely! The dress swishing SO seductively around her legs. Those days at home walking about with a bedsheet wrapped around her were nothing like this.

Suzannah did two full laps of the building, even going to the main lobby and staring out of the glass doors but saw nobody. Finally coming back downstairs and firstly kicking off her shoes with a sigh…oof! Carefully extricating herself from the dress and the girl was delighted with her new toy…

One that she played in each night, dressing up then ‘on patrol’ as she strutted down the corridors. Once finished she’d visit the sarcophagus room and close herself up in one and just stand there for ages. She even found some cord and tied her ankles together then managed to do her wrists but only in front. Suzannah wasn’t going to get stuck like various girls in their stories.

The museum had closed now to all visitors so Suzannah was the only one allowed to be on the premises except Ahmed, he only came in Mondays to Thursdays anyway so dressing up now started not long after he left the place at the end of the week. She’d also do her hair and make-up as well and took a few selfies around the building. The best was the one in an opened sarcophagus done last night with the tiara and veils applied as well.

She just didn’t expect to get caught!

Coming back to the entrance the following Friday afternoon and the staircase that led to her room Suzannah was amazed to see Ahmed outside unlocking the door and look…

Staring at the sight of his colleague and it was hard to say who looked the more shocked!

He came in and locked the door again, smiling as a hugely embarrassed Suzannah stood there and she was blushing now!

“Well Miss Taylor, I don’t know where to begin,” he joked as she trembled, his eyes roaming over her silky clad figure. She smiled wryly and suggested they get out of sight and she’d ‘explain’ everything.
“OK, and you’ll expect me to believe all you’re going to say, yes?” he chuckled as she led the way. Allowing him a glorious view of her ass as she hitched up the dress and carefully went downstairs. Going to the library rather than her room. She sat down with a sigh then began to speak…

Over the next two hours Suzannah Taylor told all. The Egyptian getting a grade one lesson in a subject he’d never known existed. Her colleague even chuckled at the thought of his workmate reading stories about things like this. Coming round her side of the desk and looking at the screen on their laptop as she called up the site. She shuffled over to make room and Ahmed began to read…

“Wow,” he breathed an hour later as Suzannah squirmed and wriggled in her chair, having shown him the file she was working on. “I never knew…” and she blushed now on being asked how long this idea had been brewing. The fact she’d already had the dress made was a start. “You do like nice in it,” and Suzannah glowed at the complement. “But how far were you going with it. You’d certainly need assistance once inside a sarcophagus, and how much air would there be for you… Are you really thinking about this?” he asked, and the girl paused then slowly shook her head.

“No, I guess it’s all a bit silly, I feel such a fool now,” she sighed then Ahmed was amazed when she burst into tears! He couldn’t help himself now and gently wrapped an arm around Suzannah’s heaving shoulders and she leaned into him. It sure felt nice as he stroked her body and felt the girl shaking. “It’s alright Suzannah, I wont tell a soul, we’d both be in trouble if this got out, yes?” and that just made the tears flow faster. Eventually she stopped and calmed down again, heading off to reaffix her face while he brewed coffee. “Think I need it as much as you do missy,” he said and she at least smiled a bit before departing.

Coming back ten minutes later to see him there finishing off the drinks. Placing hers by the desk, “So you can tell me more of your sins eh?” he joked, and this time Suzannah paused then came over and they tenderly embraced. Ahmed’s hands going onto Suzannah’s hips and they stared into each other’s eyes. She smiled and before long they slowly kissed!

“Not bad, it’s taken us two months,” she said as they broke off. “My friend in Oxford reckoned I’d last a week here before someone took advantage, but I’m just not like that, neither are you Ahmed. You’ve been really nice, the way we’ve worked together, as equals, yes?” and he agreed. Though he had thought about her in less gentlemanly dreams initially they’d soon dissipated seeing how professional Suzannah had been at work. Pausing then confessing this to her, relieved that Suzannah accepted his apology. However this was something neither of them had thought might occur.

He suggested they go out of the museum and talk things over elsewhere, thinking it might be nice for Suzannah to get some time away from the place. Apart from a weekly shopping trip she’d hardly left the building for a month. “Anyway, we’ll have dinner out, then there’s an old dig site a few miles away I could show you…fairly minor and of no interest to the science people, so it was abandoned years ago,” he chuckled and she smiled, they had another smooch then she hurried off to get changed. Coming back in her normal work rig including a headscarf and he nodded in approval.

Locking the building behind them then Ahmed drove them into town. The first time in ages Suzannah had been in a car but least he wasn’t a bad driver. “Not that I’ve ever learned so I wouldn’t know anyway,” she laughed as they parked up. Going into a small restaurant and eventually having a rather nice meal. No booze for either of them and she saw the proprietor nodding at her language skills.

They didn’t talk much about what he’d seen tonight but more of their own lives and Suzannah realised this was almost their first ‘date night’ and he’d grinned at the phrase. They paid equal share, though she was concerned about how little she had left but didn’t say anything. Soon Suzannah would have to admit she had no more money and quite how she’d survive was yet to be realised. Another month and that’d be it.

They headed off back towards the museum but Suzannah asked about this ‘dig’ as she’d never heard of it. He smiled and turned the car round and they headed out the other side of town. About ten minutes later turning off a quiet road and bouncing up a rutted track into the hills, eventually arriving at what to her looked like a hole in the back of a large cave!

“See what I mean?” he said and she nodded. Getting out and grabbing a torch, as the setting sun threw deep shadows around the area. Lights on they went inside down the narrow passageway and soon they found the only room here. Barely a hundred square feet, a roof roughly carved out from solid rock ten feet above them, bare walls and the floor with ripples in the sandy surface where the wind had blown more in from the entrance. “This is it, they were most disappointed there was nothing here,” he said as she looked around.

“So nobody comes here then?” she asked and he shook his head. “No, only five people at the museum even knew about it. Two of them are retired and I think both are dead, then Professor Sanagal who told me about it when they’d done the first and only exploration and later brought me here. I’ve only been twice anyway which is why I missed the turn-off first time, and now you Suzannah.” She smiled at that, “Yeah and we took so many twists and turns I wouldn’t even remember how to get here…” but the way Ahmed looked at her got Suzannah a little intrigued.

“Are you thinking…” she began, seeing he staring at the ceiling, then her as he smiled. “Well, it’d be our secret. And there’s something else…if I can find one,” he said, pointing to the floor. Easing his foot around scraping the sand away and Suzannah’s heart gave a leap…

There was a little square hatch!

“There’s two of these apparently, the party opened them hoping for secret passages into the real site, but there was nothing at all. Just holes a few feet deep, but Suzannah, now I believe they were meant to hold a casket inside…looks big enough,” and they stared at each other.

“It could be yours, to actually realise your dream?” he said at last. “I think it could be done Suzannah. Imagine if I could do it like your file. For a good while at least then I’d bring you up again, would that be your desire?”

Suzannah stared at him for ages, then slowly getting tearful and soon she was wrapped in his arms. He went back to the car and grabbed a rope plus some tools and returned. Levering one open and she peered down in the torchlight. Lowering the rope and they watched it touch the bottom. measuring the height as it was withdrawn and held up against her. “Eight feet at least by this wide and deep.”

The girl stared down and he came behind and hugged her. Whispering in her ear and remembering what she’d written…thankful for a photographic memory plus adding embellishments. “The beautiful Suzannah wearing that dress, dainty shoes on her feet as she stands there innocently. Asking me to bury her in the sarcophagus… I agree and we kiss…” Ahmed turning Suzannah around and gently pointing to parts of her face as he continued. Goodness it sounded wonderful what he was saying!

“These sparkling eyes will be tightly wrapped. A sensual mouth is gently kissed then gagged before that lovely face is hidden behind a silk veil…shall I go on?” and she nodded vigorously. “I’m enjoying it so far,” and he stroked her again. His eyes gleaming as he said what was to happen next.

“She is escorted to the site then willingly steps inside a cage, her restraints are applied and she counts each one as it is locked. Ankles, waist, neck and then the wrists are done last. The cage is then secured, the thunk as the casket is sealed with pins, then the slow descent of the sarcophagus into this hole. I’d cover you over with the hatch and you’d be buried alive…not for eternity of course…I’ll bring you up later and release you, a grateful Suzannah falls weeping into my arms…then maybe we…” and she smiled at that, heart pounding now. “It sounds great, and I accept, especially those bits at the end but I certainly won’t be crying.” They laughed instead and the kissing lasted ages before she said something that really surprised the guy.

Bringing Suzannah to his home after a quick visit to the museum to collect her wash kit and some fresh clothing. She’d hadn’t use of a bath for ages so now was a good time. His relations had moved into another uncles’ place closer to Cairo so they could be looked after better. He had free run once again. Had his neighbour not been so prudish about unmarried women he might have got Suzannah moving here already. Though there was talk that a ‘lockdown’ might be imposed shortly so he still might. It was a lovely evening Suzannah spent gently washing herself without worrying about wasting water so spent an hour in there. Coming back to ‘her’ room and finding something laid out on the bed.

She grinned and dressed herself in it then went to find her friend. Ahmed saw her coming to the door of his bedroom, a gentle knock and she was bidden entry. Head to foot in the gown he’d laid out for whoever the ‘one’ lady in his life might be. He’d tell her later about that and some other stuff as well. She looked at him as he advanced and he paused…then reached for her.

“Be gentle, I’ve not done this before,” she whispered and that did surprise him. “Never? Back at the cave I thought you were joking,” and she nodded. “No, always imagined it, know the theory and, well seen a few mucky videos but no, never got round to the practical…I’m intact.”

But not for long though Ahmed made it special for her. While it hurt a bit she’d been expecting that. Having got through that he made her feel so good. They shared a shower at the end and spent the night wrapped in the others arms. Getting up next morning Ahmed asked her how it’d been. He wasn’t that experienced himself but she’d smiled that he’d made her the happiest girl in town last night.

After breakfast they headed back to the museum and spent a while chatting about work, they’d almost finished the project, her research all sent off to Oxford and great comments being returned, but what was she to do now?

“Well I’ll think of something,” he joked and she smiled as they prepared coffee. Ahmed went for a wander round after that and Suzannah found him later in the room with the sarcophagus. Standing there looking at one then her as she entered. Another hug and kiss before he told her to get in one!

“What now?” she spluttered and he nodded, saying it’d give him an idea of what size cage she’d need, the sense of scale and so on. Nervously Suzannah obeyed and did so as he came up with a tape measure and handed the girl a notepad. She stood there as he worked around her body as she diligently wrote things down. Stepping out so he could close it up and she saw the four holes each side that the pins would be knocked into to seal it up. He held one up to show her how it was done, seeing Suzannah’s eyes glow at the idea.

“When we do it at the cave I’d just tap them on the edge nearby, you’d think they were going in, otherwise it’d be damn difficult to get you out again. In fact I’ll show you,” he said pointing to a sarcophagus that had a broken lid. She stepped inside then held the bit he gave her to the top, right by her head. Ahmed tapped the pin nearby and she listened. Then Ahmed said he’d knock it in. He did so on either side and the front was now secured as she let go and came out from underneath, Suzannah shuddering as she’d clearly heard the difference. The pin flush with the lid. “Wow,” she breathed. A third was done and she saw it going in and it made her shudder. She tried to lever it out with her nails but no joy. “That’s it, once it’s in, not coming out again,” he said.

“You really think you could get a cage made that would hold me?” Suzannah asked a few moment later having recovered her composure, and he nodded. There were a few ironmongers who did commissions. One was a regular supplier of bits the maintenance crews at the museum used, in fact Suzannah had actually spoken to the owner while ordering that racking for the storerooms last month. “I’ll do the best I can, understand?” she did and they had another smooch.

It took another month and a bored Suzannah was beginning to think Ahmed was stringing her along. All he’d said was thing were progressing, though she did notice a fortnight ago that two of the newer looking sarcophagi had vanished from the storeroom while she’d been out shopping. “They’re up at the site. I’ve been working SO hard on this Suzannah, please believe me,” he said one night when she’d asked again. Suzannah apologised and they’d had another kiss.

To cheer her up a bit Ahmed said if she wanted a quick session in a sarcophagus he’d put a rope round the outside so she couldn’t escape! That made Suzannah’s eyes widen but she nodded and agreed, though the guy was amazed when she paused then asked him to bind her wrists and ankles as well!

Ahmed smiled and told her she was a naughty girl and fetch some cord. Coming back with a load and tipping it onto the bench. He grabbed a length then told Suzannah what to do. She shuddered and placed her wrists at the small of her back in an ‘x’, flinching as he wrapped loops around each one then knotted the ends together. “Wow, that’s…amazing…” she whispered as he came round the front. Noticing that with her shoulders back to ease the strain on her arms, it was making Suzannah’s breasts strain against the material of her shirt…

He couldn’t miss the opportunity and reached for the girl, easing Suzannah closer for another kiss and she realised where those hands were going as they slid up her torso! She grinned and twitched but he was gentle enough as his fingers rubbed over her nipples, feeling them hardening. “Thought you were a novice,” she said and Ahmed nodded, saying he was learning as much from her sites as she was!

That made Suzannah laugh as well, which was good to see and they had a real smooch. He broke off and let go, to allow her to calm down and she watched as he opened a sarcophagus. Pointing to the cord on the desk saying that once she was inside, he’d tie the thing closed for a while.

“One hour enough?” and she agreed and stepped close in front then tuned around. Ahmed helped her inside and was about to close it up… “Ankles?” she chuckled and he grinned, grabbing the cords then bending down. Swiftly he wound a few loops around her legs and cinched them tight. Taking the chance to stroke those firm calf muscles, feeling Suzannah shaking but no request to stop. But he had things to do so needed to close her up so he could crack on.

Coming up to see her there, eyes shut and she smiled on hearing the guy saying that he was ready…

“Do it,” she murmured then shuddered on hearing the thump as stone met stone. A faint rustle as he wrapped the cord all around, then a knock to indicate she was done. Suzannah opened her eyes and wasn’t surprised to realise how dark it was. Not a chink of light anywhere as she looked up and down.   

He was still bothered a bit about how to get air into the sarcophagus so she’d survive her entombment in the cave till he could bring her up again. The way she’d written her story had no mention of that, so Ahmed hoped that with this hour test now she’d realise that something would need to be worked out.

The guy was quite surprised when he opened her up later on to hear Suzannah had found no issues breathing in the sarcophagus, saying she’d felt fine. Having almost tumbled over when trying to step out once the lid was off, only to remember at the last moment her ankles were still tied. He freed her legs and allowed the girl to emerge blinking into the room. Taking hold and kissing her lips and feeling Suzannah respond as her eyes recovered enough.

Though he did say he needed to be off soon enough. She nodded and he was about to leave… “Er… you forgotten something?” Suzannah asked, turning away to show her wrists were still bound! He chuckled and suggested she stay like that overnight and he’d sort her out tomorrow. A stare and wry grin before another sensual grope then she regained the use of her hands.

Two weeks later they were out to dinner again and Suzannah had to confess the Egyptian pounds she’d just handed over to pay for the meal were her last. “I’ve nothing left Ahmed. All my savings gone, no ticket out, the lockdown possibly starts on Monday and I don’t want to be a burden to you and our friends here…going to have to leave soon I guess and start hitching to Cairo,” she said sadly and he held her hands as the girl tried not to break down. Somehow she managed and they went home and almost immediately she knew what might happen and it did.

Ahmed gently tormented her that night once they were in his room. For the first time Suzannah asked to be gagged then spreadeagled across the bed. Her eyes shielded too so he made her wait as he toyed with her body. But the sex they eventually had after she’d been freed was truly special and at the end, after their shower and back in bed together he told Suzannah something that made her heart freeze for a moment.

“Your cage, and the sarcophagus are ready now…we’ll go tomorrow if you want?”

Suzannah asked about them and he explained about the winch and how he’d tested everything by using the second sarcophagus in the other hole. It leaves a space about that much,” he said showing about two feet. “When I did the burial I also filled to the top with sand. Afterwards dug it out again but didn’t realise the sarcophagus are slightly wider at the bottom and the sand went down the sides. It wouldn’t come out at all and I nearly broke the winch. So I’ll just cover yours with the hatch or you’ll be there for eternity, OK with that?” and she nodded with a chuckle and they had a gentle hug. 

She spent ages in the bathroom next day, hair, nails, everything got the treatment but finally she was done and they headed for the museum and packed away her things, hiding any trace that Miss Taylor had ever been here. While there Suzannah used Ahmed’s own computer in the office to have a skype call with her friend in Oxford and told Betty she was leaving tomorrow and coming back overland. A couple of countries on route were not doing lockdown yet but she might be out of contact for a few weeks so not to worry. Signing off with a ‘virtual hug’.

“That’ll clear the decks then,” she chuckled explaining to Ahmed what she’d done. He nodded and they hugged then they drove up to the site, and she shuddered as they’d parked up and got out. He went first and laid a blanket on the floor then returned, saying the coast was clear and this time she followed him up there.

Ahmed gave Suzannah an hour to get dressed and do her make-up then left the cave, having made the girl promise not to go down the passageway without him. She obeyed and they went to kiss but she drew back, and he smiled. “OK, I’ll wait till you’re cuffed then!” Suzannah grinned and turned away reaching for her handbag then set to work as he walked back to the car. Took her a while and it was very warm in here but she’d be alright, taking a drink to sooth her nerves.

It felt wonderful as she dressed into that outfit again having not worn it for three weeks. Doing the zip up Suzannah felt at peace as the fabric stroked her all over and she gently ran fingers over her body. Finally ready she waited for Ahmed to return and eventually he did, seeing that lovely creamy figure waiting for him again. The guy smiling as he looked the girl all over and told her she looked stunning but there was something else he’d like her to wear. Suzannah stared as he produced a box from his pocket and opened it. Nestling inside was a necklace, a pair of earrings and her heart froze on seeing a trio of rings there as well. One with a tiny diamond in it!

“These belonged to my parents,” he began. Telling Suzannah that the dress she’d worn the other day before losing her virginity was part of the same ensemble. Latifah had given the whole lot to him before she died and made the youngster promise to only give them to ‘the one’ who’d mean more than anything else in his life. Now it appeared Suzannah was that lady! 

The pair stared at each other as she tried not to break down. Finally smiling and she nodded. Seeing Ahmed look relieved as he handed the box to her. Suzannah applying the earrings but asking him to do the necklace which he managed and gave her a hug, then finally the engagement ring and she stared at him again.

“Suzannah, by accepting the gift of these rings, you agree to be bound by me for eternity?” he asked, going down on one knee in front of her.

She chuckled and said yes, as long as he meant ‘bound to him!’ He looked happy and apologised for the slip of tongue. “I promise,” sliding the jewel onto her finger and then Suzannah did burst into tears as he came up and held her tightly. It was obvious what he wanted now and she was thankful. Just get this over with for a couple of hours then they could start planning ‘their’ future perhaps?

Eventually she dried up and after fixing her face again said she was ready. Ahmed asking Suzannah if he could take some photographs, she thought about it but agreed as long as he said he’d never show them to anyone else. “Our secret, I promise.” Only now did she notice he’d changed into a rather smart suit and that really was why she said ok.

He picked up another box and opened it. Suzannah took the tiara from his hand and placed it into her hair and weaved the blonde locks to hold it there, then wound the rest into a chignon while he held the mirror up. Lastly the three veils were attached with the pins and she obeyed the request not to cover her head yet, saying he wanted to do it, because the fabric would be easier for him to pin correctly. Another would be applied later he said but she didn’t know why.

Briefly pausing and she waited for his camera, having allowed him to place the other ring on her finger as well. Using a ledge nearby a few of them were as a couple were snapped as well. Ahmed behind, his arms wrapped around Suzannah’s waist and it felt great as he nuzzled her neck. Their hands clasped together and showing off her rings. Seeing he was now wearing the one his father had owned.

Having finished that Ahmed picked the handcuffs from the box and pulled back the material that covered the thick steel bands, unlocking them and showing the open loops to her. Admitting he was impressed at how she’d bought the padding and made it to disguise these, having been given them to sort out a week ago. “Another idea you pinched from a story, yes?” Suzannah agreed, smiled and raised her hands together for a moment as if she was praying.

Holding her arms out to him and asking him to secure her. He grinned and she shuddered as the cuffs were locked around her wrists before he tidied the material. Bringing them up again to examine her work. Trying to tug her arms apart with no joy. “Wow. You can hardly tell what they actually are doing,” she grinned then posed for the camera again. He finished up then unlocked one wrist then smiled knowingly at her. Suzannah nodded then slowly reached around and held them together behind her back. He vanished from sight and she paused knowing what was to come.

Managing not to flinch as he slowly placed her left wrist into a loop and locked it like before, neatening the material to hide the fact she was restrained, seeing her chest rising and falling quicker now as she smiled when he came back and allowed her to kiss the keys before they vanished into a pocket.

“That the first time you’ve been cuffed like that?” he asked, and she nodded, emotions rioting through her now. “Yes, never did it alone when preparing them, didn’t want to get stuck. It’s better than the cords as they don’t pinch the skin.” Ahmed stared into those twinkling eyes before sliding his hands onto her hips, drawing the girl closer and they stared at each other. She drew breath and was about to speak again but he gently ‘hushed’ her up. “No more speech young lady until I say otherwise, or we go home, sshh honey, understand?” The girl nodded then their lips met. Staying that way for a while before breaking off and she knew what was coming.

“You know it’s time Suzannah…shall we go?” he murmured, and she sighed. Flexing her wrists in the cuffs but not indicating to be freed yet… because she guessed the answer would be no!

He reached up for the first veil and lowered it across her face, then again for the second and after the third he’d almost vanished into the opaqueness as he pulled the material around her head. About to start pinning them up only to remember that she hadn’t got her blindfold on and she hadn’t told him! A smiling girl re-emerged as he folded them back again and they chuckled at his forgetfulness and he freed her wrists for a moment.

“Well come on, it’s the first time I’ve ever done this,” he said, seeing her grin. She took the offered pads and briefly looked around the cave, kissed her sparkler then winked at him, closed her eyes then placed them into position, allowing Ahmed to secure the strip over the top. Confirming with a nod moments later that she could no longer see a thing. Another sensual stroking of her body with a long kiss to follow and it felt so good now.

“That looks better Suzannah, the first bit is done, your sparkling eyes are wrapped as I promised, maybe I should keep them hidden for eternity after all?” he murmured and she stiffened at the idea as he let go. “Just joking, you’re cooking tonight,” and those teeth glittered in the torchlight as she stuck her tongue out! She barely heard the camera click again and tried not to smile too much!

“This is the last kiss for us my dear, before I do these to hide your perfect face,” he said, and she smiled wryly and puckered up. It lasted ages, the couple using tongues again and he felt Suzannah suddenly start shaking more now as she clutched his arms tight, the girl struggling to hold her emotions in check, imagining that he might really be the last man to be with her despite the joy of proposal just now and she was getting a little hot and confused.

“It’s going to be fine, everything is being done as you planned, ssshhh honey it’ll only be a little more then you’ll be buried, OK?” he murmured until she finally nodded, resting her head into a shoulder.

Ahmed asked her if she wanted to go home after all if this was getting too much and they’d try another day. If not, then move her arms so she could be secured, then they’d carry on to the next bit. Suzannah nodded, had a shudder then held both wrists out, another faint gasp as they were locked in their cuffs. “I thought you would, good girl, feeling alright now?” Nodding on confirming she was fine being bound and veiled for the ‘walk’.

Ahmed reached for the material, tucking the lower edges under her chin and bringing the loose ends behind Suzannah’s head and carefully pinning them together just over the chignon knot. “There we go my sweetheart, the first is done, you must love how you feel now?” he murmured, touching her cheek through the material and she smiled. A whispered ‘thank you, I love the feel of silk, but keep going, there’s a lot more to do yet’ in return earned her an arm rub and another shhh. A pause as he took a photo to prove it then the return to begin the second. Feeling her shuddering as he worked. “Ten of these would never hide your beauty from my eyes.”

Repeating this till all three were secured. Coming back to check his work and even staring closely you could barely see the blindfold through the layers. Her head was now totally enclosed with barely an inch of skin showing around her shapely neck. Ahmed knew the collar would hide that so she’d be completely covered as it had been written. Just the faintest ripple as she exhaled told him there was a live woman inside here.

A gentle stroking of her silky covered face made her sigh. “There, now safely hidden behind the veils as well, can you still breathe alright?” and he said she could reply this time.

“Feels perfect honey and yes. I’m breathing fine, ready…to be buried for eternity eh?” she grinned and he chuckled at ‘that old joke again, Ahmed seeing her teeth shining again. More camera clicks as he went around her body, but she knew the best was to come.

“Shall I free you for the walk?” he asked and she though about it. “No thanks, I’m happy to remain like this, though you could always….” she replied, lifting her arms and showing the cuffs, he sensed there was a smile but was there something she wanted from him? Suzannah wondering how far she could push Ahmed with this, time to find out. He grinned and undid her left wrist anyway then gently eased both behind her back then tried to place the arm back into the cuff, despite a little resistance perhaps, or was she playing with him?

He carried on and held her arm firmly now and flipped the loop closed. “Easy sweetheart, just relax,” he crooned, turning the key. “There’s that click Suzannah, the one that tells me you’re secured again, OK?”  feeling her surrendering as he tidied the restraints, the youngster shivering a little and she apologised for being a naughty girl and teasing him like this. 

The fact she’d asked for all this and not resisted that much after all earned the girl another sensual stroking. “Yes you are naughty my beloved, that’s why I adore you Suzannah. You look so beautiful in these restraints, but you still have such feisty spirit. I think you enjoy it, yes?” and he got a big smile now as she tugged slightly.

“That’s right, ever since you tied me up that first time, I’ve become addicted to being helplessly bound. Not just reading about it but to experience it as well was amazing. Last night in bed was so wonderful. Keep these eyes wrapped when you can. Leave my wrists like they are Ahmed, hide me away…will you do this hon?” she whispered, starting to shake till a tender ‘shh, I promise to treasure you always,’ and more rubbing of her ass settled the girl.

Taking an arm to escort her out of the cave and along the passage…for maybe the last time? One hand around her waist so she could lean into him as he guided her slightly skittering heels. His other hand placed on her midriff, making sure she didn’t trip up on her dress. Least his grip saved her toppling over at one point as of course she couldn’t see. Murmuring that Suzannah was being so brave doing this. Slowly that last walk along the silent passage continued until she sensed the sound changing as they entered her burial chamber and least it was a little cooler in here.

Suzannah guessed what awaited her now as he brought the girl to a halt. The massive sarcophagus with the winch above it. In front would be her cage and the girl was trembling as his steps ceased and she heard the rattle of keys, squeaking of the door then more clicks as all the locks that’d soon be binding her were opened. The torches were all switched on so he could see better. She didn’t even want to see it now, as Ahmed had seen her designs and faithfully reproduced them as she’d hoped, now was the time to find out.

She jumped as he freed her arms and allowed Suzannah to bring them round the front. The guy surprised she didn’t try to remove her veils and the blindfold. Shaking her head no on being asked if she wanted to see his handiwork. The guy relieved at this because he’d just remembered that nothing had been done about the airpipe and he hoped Suzannah didn’t ask.

“I trust you now hon, I’ll be alright,” she murmured rubbing her wrists for a moment before asking if she could just feel the cage before being placed into it. He brought her closer and she jumped when he put her hands on the metalwork of the door then his own returned to her hips.

“This is it honey, welcome to your new home Suzannah,” he murmured cradling her body and she leaned back into him for a moment, allowing Ahmed to nuzzle her neck before letting go.

Over the next few minutes she went all round it while he patiently watched. “Don’t fall down the hole sweetheart,” he chuckled, making sure she didn’t. Getting a ‘V’ sign flicked in reply. The girl now realising the cage was already inside the casket and he explained it’d be easier to move the whole thing rather than the way she’d wanted it.

But that didn’t matter to be honest. Having found the front she bent down to touch the ankle loops, feeling the padding inside. Even the struts that held them a few inches off the floor. “That’s why you’re wearing heels,” he joked, so she waggled a finger but didn’t say a word as the exploration continued.

Coming up to touch the belt, realising that unlike her design the wrist cuffs were in front rather than alongside or behind. But she couldn’t be disappointed as he’d worked so hard it appeared as her fingers now touched the collar. Closing it then opening the thing again, imagining the clunk when it’d soon be locked around her neck. 

The heavy stone lid was now examined as she ran her fingers over the carving on the front. Tracing them over the face that was apparently there. Finding her name underneath and she murmured it.

“Yes my love, that’s what took me so long, carving the front but it’s all there, and now ready for you,” he said. She smiled and nodded. Ahmed moved in again and she shuddered as his hands went onto her waist, they had a long hug, stroking Suzannah all over and she enjoyed that as they rubbed her ass.

“You sure I’m going to be alright…Please honey, I really…” she began and felt his hands pause and grip her a little tighter as she’d tried to push away from the casket. “Sshh sweetheart I promise you now that it’ll be fine, easy love, you’re not going anywhere except into that, if you want to?” he murmured cuddling her gently and eventually Suzannah relaxed again and he felt her nodding.

“Ok I’m sorry and you’re right Ahmed I do want it…please secure me…help your Suzannah realise her dream,” she said. He patted her arms and asked if she wanted about an hour or maybe the old eternity again eh? She smiled and instead said she would accept whatever time he wished of his fiancée.

He positioned her after another kiss of nose, backing his fiancée up as he eased Suzannah into the cage. “Lift your feet, left first honey, now the other, here we go now that’s fine stop there, good girl. Now get yourself comfy, yes?” She could feel the waistband now just curving around her back, same for the collar resting at the nape of her neck, the youngster wriggling into position as he said he was about to begin if she wanted. She reached up and patted his face as he kissed her hands.

“Do it, do it all Ahmed,” she whispered. He stroked those hips again and agreed. Letting go he went below and touched Suzannah’s dress, lifting a side and easing her leg back till he could lock the cuff round her ankle. Hearing the girl breathing faster now as she felt the padding grip her limb then a click, then again for the second as that was secured.

Suzannah listening for the rattle of keys being removed before his hands slowly slid up her legs, over the knees and the girl shuddered as his fingers…gently brushing her mound for a few moments and Suzannah hoped he didn’t know she was getting wet, wriggling against his touch. Just as well she was wearing underwear and those lovely silky finish tights despite the heat back in the cave. Ahmed came up and stared through the veils and saw his girl was smiling again, her chest certainly heaving now. “Enjoy that?” and she nodded, blowing him another kiss as she tried to calm down.

Now obeying the quiet order to raise both hands to her chest, breath in then her belt came round and was closed. He inserted the key then placed her hand on it and told the girl to lock it herself.


After that was removed she was told to relax again before he said the collar would be next. Suzannah nodded as best she could while easing the material covering her face so it wouldn’t jam the loop, lifting her chin as he pushed the metal closer until it surrounded her neck all round with a gentle clunk as the ends engaged.

Ahmed brought the girl’s right hand up to touch the metal and she paused. “Turn the key Suzannah like you did for the belt,” he said, then she obeyed…the clicking of the lock SO loud and she was done as it was removed. Like below the padding held firmly all round as she tried to move her body but it wasn’t that uncomfortable. Ahmed had measured this to perfection, and she was delighted, “Wow, getting towards being happily helpless again,” was a comment and he smiled and rubbed her torso. A gentle slap of his hands after they’d gone up onto her breasts and massaged both and she wriggled as best she could, which of course was barely anything.

“Good, glad you approve of my endeavours and soon you will be, if only to stop you doing that again,” and she laughed. “Now I’ll do both arms please,” and again she obeyed, holding them as instructed out in front as he undid the buttons of her sleeves, allowing Suzannah to put on the dainty lace effect gloves and tug them up the forearms. Ahmed then pulling the dress material over the top and fastening her up again. A quick look…no skin showing now and she sighed as he told her she was almost ready.

The cuffs were reapplied to both wrists and he saw her shaking once they were locked and tidied up so Ahmed paused then cradled Suzannah’s face. Leaning in, allowing her to reach up and her gloved fingers went either side of his chin, held firmly and so their noses met and gently rubbed each other. Another kiss to the end of hers made the girl chuckle before he said it was time for the final bits if she wanted to go through with this and she said yes.

Ahmed kissed her fingers, before lowering her arms till they lay in the loops that were attached to the belt. There would be enough room with the cuffs already binding her, to secure these as well as he brought them over and clamped her wrists into the restraints then inserted the keys. Suzannah heard the clicks as the last parts of her body were rendered immobile.

He patted her arms then came close and reached in to caress her face. “There we go sweetheart. That’s all your restraints done. How does it feel now everything is secure. Just the last veil then the cage door before I do the casket itself?”

She blew him a kiss and this time he chuckled, just about seeing her lips moving. “So excited, now I really AM happily helpless, it’s all I dreamed of, really loving what you’ve done…maybe next…” she began, suddenly getting emotional, voice about to break. Wanting to say she’d be alright for a couple of hours then they could go home. Starting to tug at her bonds but another long rub and a gentle ‘ssshhh sweetheart, just relax,’ interrupting her train of thought and she apologised, thinking it was just as well he’d forgotten the gag but didn’t mention it! 

“I’m ready for the last bits, but do it exactly as we wrote in the last edition of the file,” she said quietly. He stared at her, realising what Suzannah was insinuating and for the first time it made him shudder too. Now he knew why the girl had not agreed how long she would be buried…did it seem obvious to him that Suzannah had NO intention of returning despite his proposal? Was she sure about this? “I…understand, it’ll be done as you ask. Thank you for allowing me to…be with you my love.”

Ahmed went back to the car to retrieve a special bottle and some metal caps then came back, knowing she’d surely appreciate this, though it hadn’t been written down, just talked about. Using the nozzle to fill each lock with resin then put the cap over the top. Even the ones on her legs were done and he gave Suzannah another gentle stroke of thigh, hearing her sigh and wriggle as best she could.  Last one to be done was her collar and she listened for another ‘pop’ of something as she felt his hands working there. She didn’t know what he was doing but assumed Ahmed was just making things neat for more photos. Yes, as she heard the camera start clicking again.

Her last thicker veil was applied, Ahmed saying it’d come right over her torso and be secured under her waistband, thus hiding the collar and cuffs. “Wow, a great idea honey,” she grinned, then felt him working to fit it to her tiara. Bringing it down, brushing her breasts then he pinned it into place. It prevented Suzannah moving her hands that much, so the girl was glad she’d linked her fingers before he’d begun work. “All done now, I know you’re beautiful behind there, still feeling ok?” he said and she nodded as best she could. The material tugging the tiara hardly allowing her to move at all now.
The gate was brought around and Suzannah shuddered on hearing the two locks clicking, sealing her inside and a faint ‘yes’ made Ahmed smile. The caps followed after the resin was inserted, the pops telling the girl that she was now…?

A final touch of hands through the bars lasted ages before he let go, her fingers twitching a lot now as he adjusted the veil again, then the guy said he was ready to close the sarcophagus… if there were any words she wanted to say?

“Be at peace my love, and may blessings be upon you always,” Suzannah said, repeating the words she’d written in that last file. “And?” and she paused, now knowing why he’d forgotten the gag.

“Please bury me alive,”.

The last few camera clicks then she felt the casket move as the lid began to be placed into position.
It was still an emotional thing once it clumped home. Suzannah feeling the air briefly rushing then that shudder as stone met stone. Waiting for Ahmed to begin her entombment…well maybe till later before coming up again and she wondered how often they’d be able to play up here.

She waited, knowing the pins were next. Remembering this being demonstrated before and she knew they’d have been too hard to get out which was why Ahmed said he’d do it like this instead as he’d showed her before. A couple of ropes would instead hold the lid closed. Suzannah listened but secretly wondered… or hoped even?

“Please put it IN the hole, keep me in here…I beg you…” she smiled.

Ahmed stood staring at the casket containing his fiancée, holding the pin near the one that was closest to where her head was…lining the first up before he nodded and moved the hammer... The guy knew he had to do the right thing…

“My beloved Suzannah…I’ve promised to treasure you and I hope you’ll understand…”

Tap tap tap… as he began the first and instantly she knew… The girl ‘seeing’ the pin sliding INTO the hole until the end was flush with the rim and the noise stopped.


Suzannah already sobbing in relief as he began the next.

Shuddering at the realisation that he WAS sealing her sarcophagus!

The last was done minutes later and she settled and began to smile once silence fell. Ahmed now kneeling in deep prayer, eyes closed in thought as he murmured words his girl would have loved.

“What I always wanted my sweetheart was you to be kept safely bound and I hope to honour that promise. I beg you to forgive me…”

The girl’s fiancé staring up at her face carved on the front. A gentle smile replicated inside right now as a delighted Suzannah tried writhing in the bonds that held her immobile, but the grip meant she was going nowhere. “Definitely happily helpless now.”

A sighing behind her veils, watering eyes stinging the pads and blindfold that denied Suzannah vision, even if she did know from experience that it was pitch dark. Just the faint smell of her scent. Surprised but pleased that it was getting cooler in here and the air seemed fine. Another wriggle against the padded cuffs… nothing…that’s lovely. The sound as the hook was attached and she braced herself.

“Here goes honey,” she murmured. Shuddering as the sarcophagus suddenly jerked then she felt it swaying before that eased…then the oh so slow grinding as it slid down into her final resting place.
The girl having another joyous weep as the noise continued, gently struggling against bonds that held her SO safely now. Knowing this Suzannah began to smile once more and waited for the bump as it hit the floor. She listened intently as the hook from the top was freed, before the faintest of rushing sounds began moments later.

It must be the sand trickling around the gaps of the casket as Ahmed filled the hole to just below the cave floor she thought…. He’d said this was the way it’d be done to mirror what she’d written. Then the faintest of ‘thumps’ as the stone flag was replaced in position. The girl then imagined her fiancé packing up the winch before returning to smooth the sand over the rest of the cave and she recited the last line from her story.

‘Till you’d never know anybody had ever been buried here’.

Suzannah stood in silence and wondered how long she’d really be here before Ahmed brought her up again, but she, after a while smiled and secretly knew…that stuff he’d done to the cage, he must have put something in the locks as they’d once discussed. That popping was him securing her forever and by doing the pins that way confirmed that dream was now reality and she was NEVER coming out. Of course she now remembered something else he’d said, the sand down the sides stopped him retrieving the other casket and he’d commented ‘you’ll be there for eternity’ and he was correct.

The girl sighed and fingered her engagement ring once more and wished him all the love in the world. Remembering the EXACT proposal again and she whispered in the darkness…

“’Bound by me for eternity’ Ahmed honey, you were right the first time.”

The End.
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I absolutely adore your stories! The way you write about being buried alive gives me whole body shivvers!

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Great story! But could you please dig her up again! lol!


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