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Yadza Zooqus Space Warrior 5
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Yadza Zooqus Space Warior Cpt 5, & 6

Yadza Zooqus Author’s Notes:

Candace Elaina Dybbuk (Candy) / Yadza Zooqus has remained one of my favorite characters. In the course of writing several short stories and two full length novels, I have come across (created) many characters and yet, Candy / Yadza seems to shine through as my favorite. I am still trying to understand why she is my preferred personality. Perhaps in the beginning it is her wholesome simplistic country beauty and her outlook on life. Perhaps it is her kindly honest manor in her interactions with others. She could have been my next-door sweetheart when I was growing up in the country. Perhaps it is how she develops through her story.

On the other hand, the way I envision her Yadza Zooqus costume it is so beautifully appealing. The lustrous never wrinkling depthless black and the flowing accent curves of gold. The helmet with ear knobs and the visor that never lets you see her eyes that snaps closed when in public and the gibbus face that appears and disappears when she speaks. I wish I could have someone illustrated it, I tried with other characters but illustrator never captures the way I see the suited woman. Other suits I have created do not compare to her sales uniform.

Because of my affection for Yadza Zooqus, I periodically go back and re-read it and often add enhancements. I wrote a new ending several years ago and I decided to edit this posted story. I hope you will enjoy the changes. When I look to see where I needed to splice in the changes, I found a major omission between 3&4 and the conclusions so I will be correcting that. There will be the following postings: 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 &1 4 and an Epilogue and an Addendum.

If there is anyone reading this that has interest in seeing my novels publish please contact me.

Continued from 3 & 4

I was going to the Halloween costume party as her, kick-in-the side, her android squire, her service companion Alborg Cybrillo. A silver plastic head with a black round screen for eyes and another black round grill for a mouth that could be opened for important things like drinking and eating. We were going for supper as well as drinks. I made sure I had a straw. I would have silver gloves on my hands and wear a tuxedo carrying a toolbox/computer to assist ‘Yadza Zooqus Space Warrior.’ It didn’t take me long to get into costume.

Chapter: 5 – Nirvana in the public

Delighted, Candy stepped out her apartment door for the first time in her full suit, the dark visor with no warning snapped down with speed and ferocity of a shark bite sealing into her jaw pan. The amplified heavy breathing commenced. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thunk pusss, thunk sssss…

It startled both of us. Yadza tried with both hands to open the visor with the knobs over her ears on the sides of the helmet, but it would not budge. “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss. That’s strange. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Ralph, the visor is displaying: thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the suit visor will be closed at all times during compensated public appearances. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Compensation at 3rd tier is accumulating, thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

Experimenting, she stepped back into her apartment.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Ralph I now have a display of thunk pusss, thunk sssss, 3rd tier compensation is terminated, thunk pusss, thunk ssss.”

The visor remained down. She tried to raise visor, and it yielded going back up to its fully open position -the bottom just below her nose. She stepped back outside her door the visor slammed down sealing her in.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Ralph, I have the same display as the last time I stepped into the hallway. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, suit visor will be closed during public appearances. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, compensation at 3rd tier is accumulating. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, dear, bad news, the suit closes and locks my visor while I’m in public. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the good news is they have started paying me. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“That’ll make it difficult to eat tonight.” I volunteered.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, there’s probably some kind of workaround for eating at restaurants or lunch breaks at work. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, we’ll just have to find them. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, let’s go. I don’t want to miss this party. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I can use the extra money. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

So we proceed to the party. Yadza got another lesson in suit wear when she entered the bar and her second foot hit the floor inside the door.

“Thunk pusss, thunk ssss, dear I just got another display on my visor, thunk pusss, thunk sssss. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, location Dew Drop Inn. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, establishment: beverages and food. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, visor may be opened for ingestion. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, compensation at the 3rd tier is accumulating. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, and will continue with open visor during ingestion. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, dear this suit knows where we are. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Mercedes told you it would have GPS tracking for determining your pay.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes but the suit knows what kind of establishment we are in. Thunk pusss thunk sssss, and it will allow me to open my visor to eat and drink. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“That’s good news. Most GPS have restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, airports, train, fire, and police station and other establishment listed so that shouldn’t be too surprising.”

*     *     *
The party was a blast for both of us. To Yadza’s pleasure she was judged best costume –I think it was the heavy breathing, the monotone buzzing voice and the appearing and disappearing face thingee that clinched it for her. Yadza found eating was no problem unless she waited too long between bites. Her visor would snap close on her so she would have to open it to take the next bite. She needed a straw to drink from a glass because the jaw pan and the visor would not allow a glass close enough to her lips. Long neck beer bottles were fine with her and her visor; she enjoyed many of them. It did get a little annoying for her to open the visor each time she wanted to take a sip of beer, but, the functions of the backpacked saved the trips to ladies’ room that she couldn’t use while suited.

*     *     *
It was after midnight when we returned to Yadza’s apartment. Fully suited Yadza crashed into the bed without even pulling back the spread and blankets and appeared to be asleep. I was tired as well, but I manage to get out of my costume -especially the penguin suit and get into bed properly. So nothing much happened as I tried to sleep listing to Yadza’s breathing. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thunk pusss, thunk sssss…

*     *     *
Sunday I woke to Yadza’s amplified breathing. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thunk pusss, Thunk sssss… A glassy-beaded silky-smooth gauntleted arm and hand across my chest, a helmet visor knob digging into my shoulder, my eyes opened to a dark visor next to my chin. Yadza looked as ravishing as she did last night. She didn’t have a hair out of place; of course, she didn’t have any hair under her helmet. I lay watching Yadza; She started to rouse as I continued to listen to her thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thunk pusss, thunk sssss… She flipped open her visor.

“I’ve got to go. Help me get out of this thing.”

I quickly got the manuals and found the emergency backpack removal procedures.

Step 1) remove the protective hood
Step 2) Disengage upper backpack latches from suit menu

The suit menu was one of the screens that appeared on the helmet visor.

Step 3) Remove data cable
Step 4) Remove hoses
Step 5) Remove crotch recovery tubes.
Step 6) Lift off the backpack off.

Then she had to enter the release codes for the thigh bands, the belt, and the spinal connector. Each entry the chest displayed confirmed the corresponding codes before she could get down her panties and take up the throne. Yadza shut her visor when she sat on the toilet. The suit wasn’t complete, so there was no heavy breathing or facial facsimile.

When Yadza emerged, she made straight to panties and started to step back in. I stopped her.

“I am very disappointed that you went ahead with the suit without me. I thought it was something we were going to do together for fun. I was looking forward to acting as your squire to suit you up and un-suit you for your cosplay space jousting matches.”

Yadza opened her visor before pronouncing “Well what are you saying you want to undress me and dress me again?”

“I’ll like the opportunity to do what I am contractually required to do it at least once.”

Yadza said, “I want to try something first. I want to know what it is like wearing the helmet.” She flipped the visor closed. I did too, so we did.

*     *     *
Her on the bottom and then her on the top, I liked looking up at Yadza Zooqus armor and the closed dark visor going up and down above me the best.

*     *     *
We were resting when Yadza opened her visor injecting, “If you are going to be Alborg Cybrillo and undress me; get into the roll. Put on your costume on, and we have a go at cosplay.”

Cosplay included the mechanical servant serving his master sexually in different positions before he was allowed to do his duty of stripping down Yadza Zooqus to the basic woman. Yadza was interrupted during Alborg’s servicing with a message:


“Well, Alborg you are going to get your chance to be my squire at an appearance. I just received a request for a scheduled appearance this afternoon in a downtown gaming store. Shall I say yes and ask if you can accompany me as Alborg Cybrillo? You have your tux until Monday.”

“Why not.”

So Yadza said yes with servant Alborg Cybrillo
*     *     *
Then Albrog Cybrillo prepared his Space Warrior Yadza Zooqus for her joust of the afternoon. So off we went in the back seat of the limousine.


Yadza’s chest display was flashing wildly. I asked Yadza, “Do you have any idea of what we are supposed to do?” No answer. I asked again. No answer but a Yadza’s gauntleted hand came up to the grill of my costume mouth. So I shut up.

*     *     *
We were almost to The Gaming Emporium, in downtown Bluefield, when Yadza spoke:

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, this is great! Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the suit was giving me a briefing on the Yadza Zooqus II gaming upgrades. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, sales techniques to be utilized for our appearance. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I will continue to get a suggestion on how to handle the customers during our appearance. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I will go in first doing battle against the new foes introduced in game II. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, after I secure the display, you will cautiously come in thunk pusss, thunk sssss and service me. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, recharge my blaster and clean and polish my suit, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, while I am talking to our fans and prospective customers. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

The limo came to a stop in front of the store. There was a group of people standing in a line outside the store. The driver opened the door for Yadza who got out of the car greeting her fans. Then she slinked into the store with blaster drawn vanquishing the stand-up posters of her new antagonist with several blaster shots then knocking them over with a swipe of her gauntlet forearm. She was greeted with a cheer as she took station in front of her game display.

“Yeah Yadza!”

I came in, and few took notice of me as I moved to my master checking the charge of her blaster and then got the polish and rags and started to polish the rigid gold parts of her suit. I for attention started to polish her crotch that brought a rise from the crowd and a quick swat from Yadza.

“Yadza, what your new opponent Yuerang like? What kind of powers do you have to fight Yuerang?”

So it went on all afternoon as Yadza with the aid of her suit computer answered her fans question enticing them to buy game II without spoiling it for them. After an hour of intense questioning and answers, the store owner elbowed his way through the gathering towing another person in sweats shirt and blue jeans and the required sport shoes.

“Yadza, a moment please.” Pleaded the store manager.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Yadza this is Norman Ordlingger, he is a representative of the local gaming club and would like to ask you something.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, It’s so good to meet such a dedicated fan. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Norman what can I do for you? Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”
“Yadza on behalf of your, our gaming club I would like to invite you to a club meeting and supper after the store closes.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, that is very nice. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I would like too very much, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, but before I can say yes, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I will have to check in with central command to see if I have time, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, and they can rearrange my transportation. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, where will the meeting be? Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

It will be in Byrd conference room of the Ramada 2 block over from here.

Yadza stood still and silent for a minute before answering Norman.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Norm I have been approved for extending my appearance. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thank you. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

*     *     *
The dinner meal was superb; the conversation between fans and Yadza seem rewarding to both and went on and on. I found it difficult to stay in character since Alborg Cybrillo was supposed to be a mute servant. After supper, Yadza accepted another long-neck from a fan, but her visor would not open so she could drink it. She made a quiet aside to me; as quiet as Thunk pusss, thunk ssss, can be:

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Alborg did you know this suit can measure my breath and skin alcohol content? Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I am getting a constantly display reading of my alcohol percentages. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I also have a flashing warning message: sobriety limit exceeded. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, suit visor is locked. Thunk pusss, thunk ssss, the visor will remain closed during scheduled public appearances. Thunk pusss, think sssss, 2nd tier compensation is accumulating. Thunk pusss thunk sssss, kill joy was here. Thunk pusss thunk sssss.”

I broke character to whisper to Yadza, “Professionalism on the job.”

Yadza’s visor remained closed the rest of the night. It was after 11 o’clock when we finally left the banquet room and her fans. Yadza had by accepting the invitation significantly increased her afternoon appearance pay by adding the evening not to mention the free beer and the dinner.

Her visor remained closed in the limo. It was not until she put both feet in her apartment that the visor relented, letting Yadza open it. I was glad to get out of my costume, which I promptly did. Yadza, however, when she found her visor would open went straight to the refrigerator for a pair of long-neck and sat down on the couch sipping her beer. I joined her.

Yadza commented, “I enjoy the afternoon and especially this evening. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of these sales appearances.”

"I glad you enjoyed yourself. I’m going to bed. Don’t stay up too late, remember we have to deal with your boss in the morning.

Yadza closed her visor. “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I’ll be along shortly. Thunk pusss, thunk ssss.”

As I headed to the bedroom, Yadza’s chest display was rapidly flashing; she was doing something with her suit systems. Kroll / Mendoza medical and combat suits have a resident A I personality that manifests itself within a day to a week once it has learned the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitant. I wondered if Yadza’s suit had one and she was interacting with it.

Yadza’s Zooqus suit was interacting with her. The suit was doing a point by point analysis of her salesmanship through the appearances. After the constructive phase; I was in bed, her suit moved to the reward phase for her work. On her closed faceplate display appeared:


Yadza had learned to follow her suit’s cryptic chest display instructions in the previous weeks, clinching up her pelvic floor and vaginal muscles on the Kegel shaft within her. She felt something entirely new, a prick of the needle out of a cartridge in the Kegel stimulator and liquid being pushed into the vaginal wall. It felt warm and pleasant as it spread. Then the suit’s ‘Controller’ started stimulations on all her devices. The suit’s ‘Controller’ taking her completely, leaving her panting, thunk passing, thunk assessing, in helpless ecstasy. That night change Candy into Yadza Zooqus for Kroll/Mendoza Industries.

Chapter: 6 – Nirvana Extended to Yadza’s Employment.

An option in chastity stories is how our subject deals with their employment.

Monday morning Yadza was still lying on the couch fully suited, visor closed, asleep. Thunk passing, thunk sussing. There were only our two beer bottles, and hers was almost full, so she hadn’t overindulged. She must have been tired. I missed her in bed.

“Wake up dear we have to figure out how we are going to introduce Yadza Zooqus to your employer.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Damn, Damn it, oh how I dread this Monday morning. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the weekend was so much fun being Yadza Zooqus. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I am through trying to hide my Yadza Zooqus costume. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I love wearing it; besides there nothing to do about my hair and mask, thunk pusss, thunk sssss. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, fuck it. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I am going to do a frontal assault on the boss. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I am going to wear my full suit to the meeting, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, after all it is Halloween costume week, thunk pusss, thunk sssss!”

Yadza did the irksome galling but obligatory morning strip off of her suit’s panties for the necessaries in the washroom. She had to do a cartridge replacement for the first time in her Kegel stimulator. With the remaining suit, she showered. I don’t know if the rinse cycle had liquid wax. Maybe she can use the car wash now. She emerged from the washroom with increased determination to wear her full suit, servicing her backpack putting back on the rest of her suit.

*     *     *
At Byrd College administration offices, Yadza arrived early -before her work was supposed to start- hoping to get the apprehensive but necessary meeting with Delbert Foley –her boss- out of the way. She marched anxiously but purposely into Delbert Foley’s’ office without knocking shouting:

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, MR. FOLEY, I NEED TO ASK FOR YOUR AUTHORIZATION, thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

Delbert Foley jumped from the amplified buzzing blast from the Zooqus’ suit speaker, looking up from his paperwork exclaiming, “Yadza Zooqus! That’s a beautiful costume!”

Yadza didn’t answer his question before launching into her rehearsed speech at too loud a volume “Thunk pusss thunk sssss, Mr. Foley, I have taken a part-time job with Kroll / Mendoza Industries doing, sales promotion demonstrations. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, it will be an occasional evening, or a Saturday morning, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, sometimes an entire weekend. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, rarely a week-long trade show. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, it should not significantly interfere with my job here. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, it may even enhance it. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

Delbert queried, “Candy is that you? Delbert made the supposition from the weird fading in out facsimile of Candy Dubbk face. I don’t see where that will be a problem if you use your vacation and personal days and you understand any additional days you have to take-off you will not get paid for.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, oh thank you, Mr. Foley. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

Delbert hoped that his Yadza Zooqus mystery employee had calmed down enough to respond rationally and at a more tolerable decibel to question as he responded, “You are welcome, please tell me which employee you are so I can make the proper note.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, sorry sir, I was a bit overcome with how to approach asking you. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I was Candy Dybbuk, thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Candy, it is a beautiful costume.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thank you, Mr. Foley. I glad you like it. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, my job with Kroll/Mendoza Industries requires me to wear this costume, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, more precisely this uniform. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I will sometimes need to be in full uniform at work here, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, because I will be going directly to, or returning from a trade show, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the suit is very time consuming to put on and take-off. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“I suppose we can occasionally tolerate that.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, oh thank you. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, the suit can enhance my work here. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“How so?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Kroll/Mendoza Industries, because of my computer work, placed an 11,000 Neptunium sextet core LenTri processor in my helmet, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, with HUD (Heads Up Display) visor with a resolution of 1786 X 1280, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I have a tongue palate mouse system control. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I have been using the gloves here at work for weeks instead of my keyboard. Thunk pussss, thunk sssss, the backpack has broadband communications, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, power cells for a week of operation. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, it also features a urinary collection system, so it eliminates my need to go to the powder room. Thunk pusss, thunk ssssss, when I am fully suited, I am more powerful than my terminal, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, equal to our mainframe. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, my suit was intentionally made so that it is fully compatible with our college’s administration system, thunk pusss, thunk, sssss, allowing me to work anywhere in the world. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, so I can be working for you while I am traveling for a sales demonstration. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”
“You are well wired aren’t you?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes, I certainly am sir. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with the suit.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I’m still bumbling around leaning the suit systems. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I’ll do what I can. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thank you for being so considerate, thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Thunk pusss, Thunk sssss, we need to change all my employee records, thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I’ve had a legal name change to Yadza Zooqus.
The response of fellow employees to Yadza’s chastity suit revealed.

Smiling –as much as her bit and facial harness would allow- under her dark gray visor Candy made her way to her work station, sitting getting out her shielded data transfer cable and her electrical grid tie-in cable, plugging herself in. Debbie Steppe arrived in costume as Smashley Billings from the Dunkirk D-7 in the game Galactic Consequence.

Debbie exclaimed, “Yadza Zooqus, that’s a beautiful costume, Candy.”

Debbie assumed that it was her co-worker Candy, from where she was sitting, and she had seen parts of the suit before -those to die for boots and gloves.
Yadza responded to her co-worker, “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, I like your interpretation of Smashley’s armor. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, did you make it yourself? Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Wow, that face thing in the visor is eerie Candy. I did the sewing my husband did the armor plates and modified a motorcycle helmet for me. Candy, I can tell you didn’t make that costume; it’s way too detailed; it looks just like the one in the movie. Where did you get it?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Kroll / Mendoza Industries made it for me. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, they made the one for the movie. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, mine is just like one in movie but they added a full electronic suite to mine so I can work with our computer systems suited. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

"Would they build me a Smashley Billing suit with the electronic suite? asked Debbie.

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, my second choice for a costume would have been Smashley Billings. Thunk pusss thunk sssss, there is a possibility you could have them make you a Smashley suit. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, let’s talk after work. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

Phil Dent arrived in a Duke Doom costume. Yadza briefly bantered with him about costumes.

Rebecca Nezts arrived as Taillee Obor also from the Dunkirk D-7. They also exchanged though on their costumes before settling in to work.

Enter the expediter to push thing over the top for our subject.

9:00 am is a respectable time for a business meeting. I arrived at Delbert Foley’s office as a representative of LenTri, their computer system support company and the maker of the Byrd State College’s mainframe computer system.

“Ralph Roswell, what do we owe this visit to?”

“Mr. Foley you can call me, Ralph, I was in town this weekend on business, so I thought I would just check in with you before I head back to Rocky Mount. How is the system doing?”

“Ralph, my ‘I T’ people, tell me everything is fine. And it’s, Delbert, ok?”

“Are there any problems with our support services?”


“Then you are pleased with our computers and our service.”


“We have some new items that may make your administration functions more cost-effective. There are several new mainframes models. Our records show you are coming up on a scheduled upgrade for your laptop/terminals. We, of course, will have them ready, but you might want to evaluate something new we are introducing that will be light years ahead of more laptops -a wearable computer terminal.

“A wearable terminal, Ralph, I’m curious where did your company come up with this idea?”

“Delbert, LenTri has a large customer that makes armored combat suits. It has been phenomenal what the suit wearers can do with our systems in combat. We both thought it would increase our market share if we could get something like their suits scaled back on the armor with our most advanced components into everyday business; so we joint ventured on the wearable terminal.”

“Ralph, what are the components of this wearable terminal?”

“At this point, it is left to the inclination of the wearer. Some like a full suit -a costume of a favorite movie star or gaming character. But it basically consists of a helmet, a backpack and a pair of gloves. The gloves are position sensory for a variety of data manipulation. The backpack has the power cells broadband transmitter, and receivers and the helmet have our processor, earphones, microphones, radio, television, telephone, internet wireless connectivity to a company sever, tongue/palate mouse system and a visor with high-resolution HUD.”

“Mmm, Ralph, this sound very familiar to a conversation I had earlier this morning. Is this company you’re endeavoring with just happen to be Kroll / Mendoza Industries?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“Ralph, excuse me a minute.”

Delbert went to his office door, opening it, and leaning out, yelling: “MS YADZA ZOOQUS GET IN HERE.”

Delbert calmly returned to the conversation with Ralph, “Ralph, would the processor in the helmet be an 11,000 Neptunium sextet core by any chance?”

“That is what we are currently providing Kroll / Mendoza with for our wearable terminals.”

The fully suited Yadza arrived in Delbert’s office and stood a respectable distance from the conversation.

“Ralph this is our resident Yadza Zooqus, formerly an MS Candace Dybbuk, she approached me this morning about wearing her full Yadza Zooqus Space Warrior Kroll/Mendoza suit to work with just what you’ve been describing.”

I turned to Yadza. “Hi, Yadza it’s good to see you again so soon. Delbert, Yadza was the reason I was in Bluefield. I’m acquainting Yadza with her suit systems for Kroll/Mendoza Industries. She’ll be doing sale promotions for them and us.”

“I think I’ve been double-teamed. What’s the bottom line, Ralph?”

“Since Yadza works for you and her suit has everything I was offering, she would be the ideal person to test in service full time the wearable terminal and for you to evaluate it.”


“If you will let Yadza work in her suit, giving us an honest evaluation of its relevance and you make it an option for other employees for the scheduled upgrade, we’ll move up your scheduled terminal upgrade by a quarter.”

“Candy / Yadza, you want to wear that comic-book suit full time at work here as well as your Kroll/Mendoza sales?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes sir! Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Kroll/Mendoza -in fact- wants me to work in my suit if I can obtain your approval. Thunk pussss, thunk sssss, they/we want as much exposure to our products as we can get. Thunk pussss, thunk sssss, positive public exposure leads to public acceptance of our products. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“Ok if we’re going to do this we need to establish some guidelines. This morning the oooh’s and aaah’s about your Halloween costume are acceptable. It stays just a Halloween costume. No discussion of another part-time job and no Kroll/Mendoza sales pitches and recruitment for wearable terminals. Am I clear?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk ssssss Yes Mr. Foley thunk pusss, thunk sssss."

“Just before lunch, I will call a department-wide meeting and make the announcement about LenTri and your investigation into the feasibility of wearable terminal in our department. After my announcement during work periods, you will work and not engage in conversation with other employees about your attire. You will not answer even the simplest of questions about wearable terminals or your suit. During your breaks, while on campus you may discuss the function of your suit and what is like to wear but you will not engage in sale tactics for Kroll / Mendoza Industries or LenTri. I have no say in what you do off campus so do your best. Are these conditions acceptable?”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes sir. Thunk pusss thunk sssss.

“Ok, I don’t ever want to see you out of that comic-book suit! Now get out of here and get to work.”

“Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, yes sir. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

After the meeting, I drove back to Rocky Mount wondering how and who would help Yadza take-off and put on her helmet while I was gone.

*     *     *
Mid-morning, Delbert was seated at his desk his; his computer screen signaled an incoming coming unscheduled video conference. Even though he didn’t accept it; it came through anyway.

Another persuasive shove, burying our subject in her chastity attire from a big bad evil corporate entity.

“Good morning Mr. Foley, I am Juan Mendoza President of Kroll / Mendoza Industries we have a mutual employee -MS Candace Dybbuk. Our suit sensors show she’s at work right now. Here is what she and the people around her are doing.”

Delbert screen changed to what Yadza was working on, what she was seeing and what she was hearing from the activities of those around her.

“This, Mr. Foley, is one of the benefits of our wearable terminal that Ralph and Candace do not know about. It is available anywhere in world to you for any of your employees wearing our terminal suits. You can instant message, or talk to them worldwide without them shutting you out. There are other features that can be used to goad on a fully suited recalcitrant worker. I hope you will see the advantages of the wearable terminal suits for your employees and look favorably on our test period. I will be in touch; take good care of our Candy.”

The connection went dead.

Candy what have you gotten yourself into? Thought Delbert Foley.

*     *     *
The administration employees had gathered for Delbert’s announcement. Delbert stood facing all his employees. Yadza stood beside him fully suited -visor down- her amplified breathing audible –thunk pusssing, thunk sssssing away- but not overwhelming above the din of the all the administration employees in the large room.
“Happy Halloween, people. I have an announcement to make. If you haven’t figured out this beautifully costumed employee is our Candy Dybbuk.” Delbert shoved Yadza in front of him so they all could see her.

Candy waved and bowed. “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, hi everyone. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“I know you think Candy has excellent Yadza Zooqus costume especially the heavy breathing and facial facsimile, but it is much more than a costume it is the latest in wearable computer terminal hardware and software. Candy will be exploring the viability of using a wearable terminal in our computer administrative functions. She has also taken on a part-time promotional job for Kroll/Mendoza Industries International and LenTri that requires her to be in this costume. So from now on you will be seeing lot more of Candy in her Yadza Zooqus suit.

Candy took the cue from Delbert, “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, Mr. Foley, my fellow employees as a requirement of my Kroll Mendoza International employment thunk pusss, thunk sssss, they are legally worldwide in The Hague court change my name to Yadza Zooqus so call me Please call me Yadza. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.

Yadza strutted into the crowd down an aisle between the tables. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss…

Delbert continued his narration, “To give you an idea of the suit capabilities, her helmet has a full blue tooth with a microphone, earphones, high-definition resolution visual display visor. Am, Fm, TV, and other bands of radio are available to her. She has a phone and text capability. In the back of her helmet, there is a LenTri 11,000 sextet core processor more powerful than our company mainframe that accepts voice recognition. In the roof of her mouth, she has a trackball mouse system for manipulation of her computer by a barb at the end of her tongue.”

Thunk pusss, thunk sssss… Yadza made hand gestures with Delbert narration drawing attention to the parts of her helmet he was describing. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss…
“Some of you have seen Candy / Yadza working doing data manipulation with her sensory position gloves that are part of the suit.”

Yadza bowed. “Thunk pusss, thunk sssss, thank you, Mr. Foley. Thunk pusss, thunk sssss.”

“I always wanted to be the narrator at a fashion show. - - - All right you all know what’s with our Yadza Zooqus’ so let’s only talk to Yadza about her gear on your own time.

This completes the acceptance of our subject being incarcerated permanently in a chastity suit at work.

Yadza Zooqus Space Warior chapter 7 & 8 will follow.

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I am very disappointed at how little readership my story has gathered on your website. And as corollary how little comment it has received.

Yadza Zooqus Space Warrior was one of my better stories and close to my heart; thus, I will leave up the series two more weeks and then I will take it down. There is no sense of cluttering the website with something that does not have appeal.

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