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Self bondage idea 1
« on: January 22, 2021, 01:09:31 pm »
So i have had a little idea for a self bondage situation mainly designed for the ladies but could be easily modified for men!

Firstly take a piece of would which is about 3ft square.
Mount a dildo raised of it so that when you kneel down the tip of the dildo is nestled nicely inside you and you are sat in a relatively comfy position.
Once that is set up take a vibrator and strap it to the dildo so it rests against your clit.
Screw in an eye hook to the edge of the wood in front of where you will be kneeling with a pair of handcuffs attached to it. (behind you if you're feeling brave)
Put another two eye screws in the wood just in front of the dildo.
Rig up an ice release to drop a key where your hands will be locked.

Now you have two options…

1: create a belt around your waist which is tied to the eye screws which will allow you enough slack to lift off the vibrator but not the dildo.
2: take two nipple clamps and attach them to your pussy lips. Use bungee cord to attach them to the eye screws in front of you. Make it so when your clit is on the vibrator the clamps are taught but to lift off the vibrator it would make it very painful / impossible.

Now you're ready to start your fun..
Pick your vibrator setting, dress or undress to your requirements, make sure your ice release is in place and you have a back up method in place.
Oh and don't forget a gage if you get a little vocal!

Now sit back and enjoy the pain / pleasure torture you are ready for!

I Hope if you give this a go it works well for you and i would love to hear any feedback or questions.


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Re: Self bondage idea 1
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2021, 10:25:41 pm »
Jim, your description is awful! You wouldn't sit on the dildo while adding extra eyescrews  ;) It's almost as when I'm cooking following a recipie: do this do that and then you're done - serve with boiled potatoes. Now where did those potatoes come from? make such will prolong the cooking 30 minutes - and make sure the dish I was working on is cold when served  ;D

The basic setup, however, is indeed nice. As far as I can see this description is a first try - lots of ways the device can be improved if the user wants so. E.g. you could change the dropping key to releasing a string. I would suggest the string to be connected to the pussy-clamps. So until the release the clamps was connected to the ceiling. When released this thing would drop and you could hump across the room to get the release-keys. Or you might want to fixate the ancles to the wood as well. Lots of devellopments on a beautiful basis.

For men - I assume the dildo would be replaces by a butplug. And the vibrotor could work on the balls?

Anyway - a nice setup.

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