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Coast to Coast Pt.06
« on: January 24, 2022, 11:29:16 pm »
As I turned around I spotted a police car and two policemen escorting a man out of the lobby. He was handcuffed behind his back and I instantly recognized his face. It was Lyll.
Immediately I ran towards them.
“Stop. Stop. Stop. What is happening here?” Since I did not understand  the whole situation, I was wary of approaching them, I did not want to make things worse.
Lyll spoke directly to me and told me that it was a matter of two fines he had gotten a couple of years back and as soon as they inserted his name in the hotel database, police were alerted and they came to pick him up.
The two policemen were stern but friendly enough to tell me that he had to appear at once in front of a judge and pay some money to settle the whole thing. They also gave me the address to the police station they were escorting him to.
“Lyll, are you ok? Can you afford it?”
“Yes, yes. Do not worry. I just need to be in front of the judge to settle this thing.”
“Is it possible to have the keys to the stand?” I asked the policeman.
“They are in my pocket.” Said Lyll.
“No, Miss, until booking I can not give you anything.”
I did not want to make a fuss, just to aggravate his position. So I stood down, even if the clamps on my breast were, by that point, troubling me. Not to talk of the metal balls stuck in my pussy.
“I will follow you to the police station. Is it possible?”
“Yes, Miss. We will wait for you in front of the hotel in five minutes.”
I rushed back to the room to retrieve my car keys. Running was a chore in these things, the clamps thumped on the inside of the breasts’ domes sending little jolts of pain on my nipples.
And also moving quickly made the balls in my vagina shift in every direction, thus stimulating my pussy. And other than that, I was planning to drive my car in these things and to enter a police station outside the convention center.
There were so many things that could go wrong, but I did not have any choice.
In the room, other than the keys, I picked up a skirt to be, at least, more presentable.
As I returned to the hotel entrance, the police car was waiting for me, Lyll still cuffed in the rear seat.
The policemen gave me a sign and I proceeded to follow them in my car.
At that moment, I had no chance to back out, and I found very quickly that the car vibrations were affecting the belt, in a way that I had to focus very hard on driving.

The police station was not very far away, I simply followed the car and spotted them as they were reaching some sort of reserved parking spot where they could access directly to the building. I preferred a parking spot in front of the door, in the visitor area. As I approached the entrance to the building, I spotted a huge problem. A metal detector was placed there and all visitors had to pass through it.
There was no way I could walk under it and not be stopped.
Yet, keys to my freedom were on the other side of that door. I mustered all the courage that I had and moved forward. There was a cop at the side of the metal detector.
As I put my phone and my keys on the tray, I passed the device and, obviously, all the bells started to sing.
“Miss, do you have some metal on you?”
I decided to play it cool.
“Can you put it on the tray? Please.”
“No, I cannot.”
“I cannot let you pass either.”
“But, a friend of mine has been arrested, and I have to retrieve something from him. I do not have anything dangerous on me, you can check.”
I stood still in front of him, with my arms spread out and my legs apart, as if challenging him to patter my body.
He was starting to search me, when he abruptly stopped and went instead for the radio. He was calling for a female colleague to do the deed.

As she arrived, I got the first glimpse of her name tag. Her surname was "Flint".
"What is the problem here?"
"Well the metal detector went crazy with her, and she says she has something metal on her that she cannot leave behind."
Wearing some gloves, she immediately started to inspect my body pressing her hands along my arms and legs. As she reached the back, she felt that there was something odd with that.
She had found the rear part of the chastity bra I was locked into.
"Do you have some place I can show you?" I suggested speaking softly.
She looked back at me with an enigmatic stare and she walked me to a room nearby.
"She comes with me, Nelson." She announced as she picked up one of those wands, the ones that sound when they find metals.

Once in the room, the police officer closed the door.
“What’s the deal, honey.” She spoke in a matter-of-fact, soft voice.
I was embarrassed to my core, but I had to tell her the truth if I wanted to get hold of the keys.
“Well, officer, I was at the convention and Lyll, is manning a shop there with me. When he was arrested by your colleagues, he had a bunch of keys with him, and I really need to get them now.”
I could see she was thinking about my story, and wondering what was the connection between the word I had blurted out and the metal detector.
“What do you need these keys for?”
“I need them to open the shop and also for personal reasons.”
The mere fact that I was talking to a police officer in a police station, with some nipple clamps and a dildo in my pussy, was somewhat arousing for me. Yet I had to keep my concentration.
“Sorry, honey, I need more to barge there and get your keys.”
“Uhm… let’s say, that he has the keys to something very important to me.”
“What? Your room? Your car? Your ass?” She was mocking me at that point.
“Well, in a way, you are not too far. Can I show you?”
I could see that she was thinking I was a bullshitter, and that I would have to convince her otherwise.
As she was looking at her phone, I got the hem of my shirt and got it out from my head. Now the bra was in plain view.
Her face changed abruptly, like in shock. It was obvious that she did not expect something like that.
"What is that thing?" She asked, the professional tone gone from her voice.
I realized that now I had some sort of advantage on her and that maybe I could use it. I could feel an exhilaration going through me, and that woke up the feelings in my breasts and in my vagina.
"Well, we are working in a special convention in the hotel, and this is some of the merchandise we are dealing with. When you took my colleague, he was on his way to bring me the keys to these things."
"These? Is there more?"
"Yes. Downstairs matches upstairs. Wanna see?"
Without waiting for her reply, I unlatched the buttons of my shirt and showed her the chastity belt.
"Oh, my…. Does it hurt?"
"No, not at all. It is a bit uncomfortable after a while. But I'd say that it does not hurt."
"And it is locked on you?"
"Actually, yes, and I was wondering if you could do something about it. Like getting those damned keys."
She was making an effort not to stare at my metals, like when I was looking at Dawn's chastity harness.
This made me think that her device was mostly punishing, while mine was, in a certain way, empowering, like a suit of armor.
Well, a suit of armor equipped with a dildo. What a novel idea!
I started to pick my clothes, while officer Flint was thinking of an elegant way to manage the situation.
"Your colleague, is he in booking?"
"They brought him here, handcuffed in a car, I think so."
"Stay here."
She swiftly left the room. I sat on a chair and waited. As a matter of fact I had nothing to do. And also, if I stood still, the clamps were not hurting that much.
I think that I dozed off, from exhaustion, and all I can remember of the dreams were some sexualised fantasies where I was searching for the keys of those damned things, with the firm intention of being ravaged by the first aroused male that I should meet in the streets.
Then I dreamt of Stephanie, of what she had done to me the night before, of what I felt.
Was I a lesbian?
There was no clock in the room, so when officer Flint came back, I had no idea how long I had rested.
"You are lucky, he is in front of the judge, right now, he has offered to pay his fines, and he will be out in a hour, with all his belongings."
She stopped for a second, then turned to me.
"Do you need anything? Can I help you?"
"No, thank you. I'm fine, just a little tired."
She stood up, and left the room, as she returned, she carried two drinks, one for her and one for me.
"Ok, tell me your story. You seem like a successful girl, what makes you lock yourself in those things?"
My reply was at first, a laugh.
As she was looking puzzled at me, I just raised my hand and explained that this setup was not, and by far, the most outrageous I had worn during the previous days.
Then I told her of my encounter with Dawn, withholding some crucial details, like, for example, the real destination for the chastity harness, and then I explained to her the convention environment, and how I had shifted from driver to model in the span of a few days.
She was mulling my words, trying to understand my story, then she asked a simple yet complex question.
This time I got an answer.
"You see, beside the fact that I'm stuck without the key, what was the first word that came to your mind as you saw my device?"
"Metal. Armour. Science fiction."
"I have the power, to deny anyone access to my body. I could walk back to the hotel, walking, without any clothes on, and be protected by whoever tried to assault me. Is it power or what?"
"Yes, but you can't reach part of yourself. How can you be fine with some very important part closed in metal?"
"It may be closed to me, but it does not mean that I can't get some pleasure."
With that I winked with laughter.
"You mean….. something… into you….. locked."
She blushed, I do not think I felt the impulse to blush. I had reached a state of security that made me shameless. I was clearly acting as if I had nothing to be ashamed of. And, as a matter of fact I had. I had asked to be close in the belt and the bra, I had asked Dawn to challenge me with the dildo and the clamps, it was my decision.
From that, I realized that I had nothing to be ashamed of.
And that transpired to her.
I understood that the whole thing was stirring something in her too, but I did not think it was more important than Lyll and those damned keys. The whole balls-in-the-pussy situation was getting on my nerves. Not to talk about the dull ache of my own nipples.
After a while, Lyll entered the room.
“Monica, I’m so sorry!!!!”
“You should be. Did you clear the situation?”
“Yes, there was just something to pay. I had not been given the sanction last time I was here and then there was a warrant for me.”
I asked officer Flint if we both were free to go, and as soon as she agreed, I picked Lyll by the elbow and jerked him off in the direction of my car.
Once inside, I scolded him.
“You got my keys with you!”
“Keys? What?
I picked up my shirt to jog his memory.
“Are you still wearing that?”
“Yes, all of it, damn.”
He started to search his pockets and he found a bunch of keys, and as soon as he found the right ones, he gave them to me.
Right there, in the parking lot in front of the police station, I lifted my shirt again and inserted the key in the hole, in the middle of the two breast domes.
Lyll was looking around worried if someone was able to spot what I was doing. The bra sprung open, baring my breast and my hands were quick on the nipple clamp on the right side. As I touched it, the engorged nipple hurt like hell.
Lyll was looking at what I was attempting and he stopped my hands.
“Let me help. Try not to scream or this time we are both ending up in jail.”
He started to massage my breast, keeping clear of the nipple, then he took the clamp in his hand and started to pry it open. The blood rushed in stinging like hell, but before I could say anything he went with his mouth right on the nipple and started to suck and massage it with his lips and his tongue.
The pain abated immediately and all I could do was put my hand on the back of his head and push him to me, if he ever had the idea to stop his action.
Apparently he was quite an expert, since his massage made me forget that I still had one clamp in place, and it woke up my pussy.
“Look, take the other one off and let’s go back to the hotel.”
As he proceeded I had another Idea, and my right hand went exploring in the general direction of his crotch, and it was greeted by a rock hard erection.
Another bout of pain and as I had recovered enough, I ordered him to leave the car and get to the driver’s seat. As I shifted in the passenger side, I closed the bra again. Without the clamps now it was bearable.
I got to my glove box, sure there was something I could use.
He stared at me as I fished out a condom from there.
“Ok, now you drive.”
As he put the car in gear, I started to work on his trousers, and opened the fly, then freed his engorged penis from his underwear, and swiftly unrolled the condom from the tip down the shaft.
Then I came down on him, sucking and licking, my tongue roaming on his dick. I could see his leg twitching in the throng of pleasure and i could hear his moanings and he was actively trying to flee but my head was pinning him to the seat.
I really cannot explain what took me, but I was pumping him in a kind of rage, fueled by my sheer lust.
He stopped in the hotel parking lot just as he came in the condom.
I stood up, and ordered.
“Ok, let’s go.”
He followed me after a summary redressing and once in the room he went directly into the bathroom, under the shower.
I fumbled with the keys and finally got the belt open, and the plug slided out without any effort, then I pried open the bra and finally I barged into the bathroom.

To Lyll’s surprise I entered the shower stall and pushed him to his knees. I forced his face on my crotch and he obliged. My vagina was so in need of attention that I got to the peak of orgasm in a matter of minutes.
Thinking about it later, I must have been transformed into a crazy nymphomaniac, to jump at him in that way. After all, I had known him that very morning and he could be a sociopath. As a matter of fact he was a crazy nymphomaniac as well.
As he got up, I could see his rock hard cock, and I literally straddle his midriff while he pushed me against the wall, and he started to pump with force.
The belt, in its continued denial, must have augmented my horniness tenfold. I came like an avalanche, and I had to literally force my mouth shut not to bring the police in the room.
As I slid down from his flaccid manhood, I felt spent and breathless. In a sort of stupor I stepped out of the shower, rolled myself in a large towel and, after a few steps, collapsed on my bed.

I must have dozed off, when I opened my eyes, I saw Lyll snoring in Dawn's bed.
He had a towel around him. In the light from the bathroom, I finally spied his body.
Slim but muscular, I was surprised by the way he had handled me under the shower. I'm definitely not tiny.
Then I thought about what we had done, about the pent-up desire that forced me to go down on him in that feral way.
Was it me, or was it the belt?
In those days of exploration, I understood that the more something is taken away from you, more is the wanting toward that same thing.
It heightens the desire, to a level that I had never experienced before.

I returned to sleep, after all I had a full day of work ahead, and then I would have to prepare all the merchandise for shipping and it did not seem like an easy job.
But still I had doubts regarding all the things I had discovered about myself.
We went to breakfast without saying a word about the night before. Then, suddenly, Lyll thanked me because I was there for him, at the police station.
I jokingly retorted that, as a matter of fact, I did not have any other choice, and then said that he would have to pay for that.
“What do you have in mind, Monica?”
Well, I did not know what I had in mind at that point, but I was sure that something would come up to my mind.

As we prepared for the exhibition, I donned the catsuit I had on the first day, and left all Lyll's devices in the room, picked up the keys and went on the floor to open shop.
He came down in jeans and t-shirts that underlined his muscular frame.
The one day blond beard on his face made him even prettier.
And, on top of that, sex was even good. So there might be something to work on. As I was thinking about this, some memories of the things I did withStephanie came to mind. And it all seemed so complicated and difficult.
Was I a lesbian? A bisexual? Or simply a horny nymphomaniac?

I forced these mumblings aside for the time being, as I surveyed the stand. On one of the rafters there still was the chain that Dawn had used to lock me there the day before.
Lyll was looking at my catsuit, while I was pulling those chains down.
“Seeing something interesting, sir?”
As if caught in a reverie, he just smiled and responded.
“I’m just thinking that there is something missing with your outfit.”
“What do you have in mind?”
“Let me see if a friend of mine has something for you. See you later.”
And he went out as the first guest came to ask for Markus’ creations.
In fifteen minutes he came back with a bundle of latex in his hands.
Once I was free, he started to put something on my midriff. I recognized a corset. I let Lyll close the front busks, adjusting my breasts, while he was busy with the back.
As the thing tightened like a vice around my body, I saw that my boobs were amazing and that it enhanced my body curves.
He had chosen a corset in electric blue, and it was on point with the black catsuit I was wearing.
He finished and I felt very stiff, but also very powerful. The corset held my back straight up, forcing me not to slouch.
After a while, it was not a hindrance, I did not feel it anymore. Well, I felt constricted, but rapidly devised a way to move forward and to maneuver into the stall.
"Not bad, do you like it?" He asked, perusing his work.
"Well, yes. But we have to think about your punishment. Remember?"
With my hands, I made the gesture to go into the backroom.
As he went, I turned to Markus creations. After a brief search, I found something for the picture I had in my mind.
Back into the room, I ordered him to strip and then I placed on the little table what I wanted him to wear.
“You sure?”
“Yes, are you willing to play?”
He thought about it for a second then he said: “Yes.”
“Go on, then.”

The first thing I got was a male chastity belt, Dawn had explained the use, but we did not have the chance to put it on someone. Obviously Lyll recognised the thing and started to put it on.
There are little differences between the male and the female model, the most interesting one being the penis tube.
It is a tube curved down, and I suspect it would cause a big discomfort in case of an erection, because it forces the thing to stay down and to stay put.
Then I put a latex hood on him, the only opening was for the mouth. Where the eyes should be, there were just a myriad of little holes, so he could see, but he could not be seen.
Then, I saw him put a harness gag just on top of the hood. He was definitely more expert than me dealing with straps and buckles.
Finally, I showed him the real piece de la resistance. Dawn had used it on the first day on a willing man, and it had intrigued me to no end.
Basically it is a metal ring, two foot in diameter, very solid and sturdy. You make the subject sit in it and push it up until it is like he is seated in a hollow chair, slightly crouched. On the ring there are two holes, opposite, and through them a metal pole is inserted to block the sub in place.
On the ends of this pole, two manacles can be locked.
As a result, your slave is crouched, his butt exposed and tilted out and his hands are completely out of the way.
“Are you ok?”
He responded with just a moan behind the gag.
“Can we take a walk?”
He reluctantly nodded, and I started to carry him out of the room. With the keys I closed his clothes inside and proceeded to close all the showcases. As an afterthought, I picked up a collar and a leash, and put it on his neck.
Now it was perfect.

And finally we strutted along the aisles, looking to attract the attention of the other bystanders. And attention we get, Lyll was forced to a sort of deranged gait, while the corset forced me to a regal walk, very tall and straight.
I looked at his forced posture. His back was hunched down, so that he was forced to keep his head up, just to see straight ahead. It gave the sense of humiliation.
When i took his face in my hands, he could rise high enough to give me a cunnilingus. Very interesting, something to keep in mind.

The whole walk was interesting, to say the least, the first day I had done it with Dawn in chains, but this time I had a man on a leash, and now women were very interested. They asked to touch his bum, his nipples, and he nodded anytime. I could see from his squirming that the whole ordeal was doing a number on him. And, as I asked if he was horny, all I got was a moan.
The chastity tube forcing his penis down must be excruciating for him.
But, on the other hand, the night before I had to flash a police officer, for his sorry ass.
We returned to our stand, and I let Lyll out of his restraints, but I kept him in the belt
As he put his jeans back on, i could appreciate that it was barely noticeable, just a bulge in his crotch area

At noon I received a call from Dawn. She was finally out of the harness, and told me of the trip aboard the Mistress' plane.
They arrived in the city in the middle of the night. Two was still closed in the trolley, and when they left Dawn at her own house, she was still stored in the trunk of the car
The thought made me worry for her, but also put in motion a sexual fantasy where I was in her place.
I reported the adventure of the night before, the police station part, and I told her that we were planning to start packing that very day, once the exhibition's guest were leaving the place
"Good idea, you don't wanna miss the wrap up party!"
"The what?"

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt.06
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2022, 09:36:24 am »
She got to turn the tables on Lyll. A twist I didn't expect. :D A great story. I'm looking forward to the party now and if she will see the mistress and her slaves again.

Please continue soon.

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt.06
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>"She blushed, I do not think I felt the impulse to blush. I had reached a state of security that made me shameless. I was clearly acting as if I had nothing to be ashamed of. And, as a matter of fact I had. I had asked to be close in the belt and the bra, I had asked Dawn to challenge me with the dildo and the clamps, it was my decision.
From that, I realized that I had nothing to be ashamed of.
And that transpired to her.
I understood that the whole thing was stirring something in her too, but I did not think it was more important than Lyll and those damned keys. The whole balls-in-the-pussy situation was getting on my nerves. Not to talk about the dull ache of my own nipples."

This is my favourite moment! I like the way you describe all of this. And please, do not stop writing!


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