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Coast to Coast Pt. 05
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Dawn and Lyll immediately turned towards me, and I could see from their faces that they were puzzled, since I was not showing those devices to everyone.
As a matter of fact, I was still undecided if I would have the guts to be like that in the open, but first I wanted to have a good look at myself, by myself.
To sate my curiosity, I went to a nearby stand, the owner of which we had known the day before, where I knew I could find some changing booth with a full body mirror.
I approached the man and asked if I could use it, and he was very kind to me. In a couple of minutes I found myself in another enclosed space in the middle of an exhibition center full of people to the brim.
With trembling hands, I pulled up the shirt from over my head and inspected my reflection.
I was stunned, it was wonderful. The belt enhanced my belly, and contained my bottom hugging my sides in a sensual way, while the bra modeled my breasts in a spectacular way.
While I had made peace with my body some time before, I was still a little bit scared to let myself so open to everyone. But now I could undeniably see an amazing woman, and I found into my own self the strength to take this really big step.
Without putting the shirt on again, I let out a deep breath and left the changing stall and, just with the devices on, I walked strolling back to Dawn and Lyll.
The only words I said were to myself.
“Let’s face it, Monica, you must have had a lobotomy, during the night.” And this little jest brought a smile to my face.

During the short walk between the two stands, I could see that some of the visitors were staring at me. And I must confess that, if I was in their place, I would be staring at me. Definitely.
These were not crude prototypes, the workmanship that Lyll put in them was remarkable. And, beside a little weight pushing me down, I could not feel any discomfort, either from the belt nor from the bra.
But the faces I got from Lyll and Dawn when I approached the stand were telling a tale.
She came to me, with all the speed that she could get in her harness.
"Oh, my…… it is fabulous!"
"I think so too….."
We both turned in Lyll’s direction only to see him with his mouth open in disbelief. Well, we could imagine that he liked it too.
It was strange for me to be virtually naked, or at least, to be dressed with just some metal devices in the middle of an exhibition, but I felt so exhilarated and liberated, I could not feel shame or pruderie.
I stayed in the booth for a while, simply greeting visitors and making myself available to photographs and selfies. Lyll asked me if it was ok, and honestly I said that it was pretty comfortable, the paddings were right on the pressure points and were providing a wonderful job in spreading the weight. And finally, he asked if I was ready to wear it for some time, until afternoon, because he was interested in getting my opinion.
He added that he did not have access to a model to test fit those two things, and whatever suggestions I could provide it would be fantastic for the next model.
In my mind it was very different from the harness I had worn the night before, that was Dawn’s, she must have worn it for days tweaking its kinks.
This made me think that I was very lucky to be in no discomfort at all.
I was lost in these mumblings when Dawn came to me.
“Do you want to go a little further?”
Well, let us see where it could go. I nodded.
She showed me some restraints and asked me I was ok to parade them around. It took me a minute to agree, and she immediately went to work.
The first one was a steel hood. It was made of two halves shaped like a head. It was built with a sort of a mesh metal, so that once closed, my head was covered in a sort of grilled metal.
As she closed it around my neck, she asked how it was. It was not painful, as a matter of fact, it certainly was tight as it blocked my jaw, keeping my speech to a mumble, so I just nodded.
Then she picked up a pair of steel mittens to envelope my hands. And finally some ankle cuffs, and to tie it all a chain from the neck of my helmet was connecting another chain locked on my wrists and the one connecting my feet.
After she had finished there were five padlocks on me, and as a result,
A I could not grab anything nor talk.
Of course, the devices designed by Lyll made it impossible to be touched by anyone in my most responsive areas.
"Shall we parade you?"
I simply nodded, and Dawn conducted me around the area.
As I got a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I found that the image was not representing Monica, it was reflecting someone else. A creature trapped yet free, exposed yet protected. I thought about some of the things Stephanie, Two, told me the night before. That was trust and protection.
I could live the whole experience as an out of body adventure. People asking to take a selfie were not taking a picture of Monica, myself, they were creating an image of the devices and of the concept.
I got people asking to touch the belt and the bra, and while I saw their hands on me, I could not feel anything on my skin. It was wonderful and fascinating at the same time.
While we were strolling in the aisles, me and Dawn met Mistress with Two/Stephanie in tow.
I could see in her face that she was surprised by my sight. Well, I was surprised too, she was completely covered in latex and her arms were fused to her body.
The only pieces of skin that could be viewed were the upper part of her face, from the nose up, and her hair, flowing freely.
There were three tubes protruding from her, two in her crotch and one from her mouth, and at the end of each there was a pump with a blocking valve.
Dawn and the Mistress greeted each other while me and Stephanie were left to tiny signals by which we could acknowledge each other. While I was looking at how the latex was defining every curve of her body, like a second skin, I heard the other two deciding to take a little brunch in the convention center's restaurant.
So, they made us parade once again among the other attendees to reach the place.
The head cage was very snug, and I really could not speak loudly. Between that and the continued chattering noise in the exhibition hall, I was virtually speechless.
Every couple of minutes, Mistress stopped to squeeze one of the pumps lodged in Stephanie's body, making her squirm or try to scream. Then she readjusted, by deflating something and pumping something else, until Two grunted telling her to stop.
I was not faring better, in my restraints, all the metal on me, with its weight was wearing me off. I felt I had to drag my feet, while my hands were pulled down by the handcuffs and the mittens.  On the other side, the belt and the bra were centered on my body so their weight was more evenly distributed.
When we finally arrived at a nearby snack bar, we slaves were confined to remain upright near the table where the other two were drinking and talking.
I was so invested in what Stephanie was wearing that I bore no attention to what Dawn and the Mistress were discussing.
Also, while we were there, there were some attendees that came to take some selfies.
The discomfort notwithstanding, we both complied with their requests. After all, we were at the centre of attention, and it was something satisfying, at least for me.
Meanwhile, at the table, Dawn and the Mistress were talking about something that I could not hear and instead I focused my sight on Stephanie, she was astounding. Under the tight latex costume she was squeezed in I could clearly see the iron manacles where her hands were still enclosed from the night before.
At least mine could be opened, I found little solace in that.
It had just been a little snack, so after a short time, Dawn and the Mistress arose from the table, and came to us.
“Well, good news for me. We have to talk a little.” Dawn whispered in my ears, I just nodded.
Back at the stand, she carried me in the little office. We sat in the chairs that were there and she told me the news.
“Mistress has offered to give me a hitch to New York! Tonight! In her private plane!”
This meant that by tonight she could finally be free from the harness. I was so happy for her, and yet the helmet forbade me to express more than a mumble.
She was happy as well, I think she was fed up from all the constriction and the tightness, and I suspected that the chastity was getting to her, especially in an oversexualized enviroment as that convention.
I could clearly recall in my mind how ineffective Stephanie’s attentions were while I was trapped in the suit the night before, and how much more satisfying was the following “playtime” that I had with Two, in our room.
So, it was clear that it was paramount for her to go to Markus' hospital bed as soon as possible.
Still there was a day to go with the convention and after that, there was packing and shipping.
As if she read my mind, she explained.
“You could man the stand tomorrow, I could ask Lyll if he can help you, especially with the packing tomorrow night. As for the shipping, the morning after they are going to pick up whatever packages we have prepared for them.”
I looked at her.
“You’ll be fine. Do not worry.”
I mumbled “If you say so.”
“So, what do you say?” she asked and then she got near my mouth to ear my response muffled by the hood.
“Wonderful. Do you mind staying in those metals while I arrange something to help you with tomorrow?”
I said softly.
“Yes, but I want something to entertain myself.”
“She stared at me right in the eyes.
“You naughty vixen.” And then she laughed in a way that I could feel that the trip back home had lifted a weight from her shoulders. “Got something in mind. Wait for me.”
She was out for just a couple of minutes and she returned into the little room with some objects that at first I was not able to identify.
As she put them on the little table, I was inclined to protest, but there was little that I could do, and I could not raise my voice substantially. As I had done lots of times in the last days, I decided to trust her judgement and let her do her setup.
She directed me to stand up and forced me to open my legs as much as the chain let me.
I heard a click as she was opening the front shield of my chastity belt. I felt a rush of fresh air to my nether region and she put something in front of my eyes.
“This is something to keep you very entertained.” It was roughly shaped like a dildo, but the shaft was formed by balls, small on point conspicuous at the base, that seemed to be connected by small steel rods. In Dawn’s hands I could see that the thing could shift and wobble, and this obviously meant that it would move like crazy once it was stuck inside me.
She knelt in front of my crotch and I felt her hands gently prying my lips open to place the intruder in position. As she pushed it in, I could feel the balls parting my pussy walls as they passed the entrance.
I moaned from exertion, and I closed my eyes thinking that it definitely was too much for me, that it would literally break my vagina in two, when I heard the ominous sound of the chastity belt closing again on my midriff.
I must have opened my eyes in such stupor that Dawn was asking promptly “Are you ok? Do you want it out?”
I nodded and within a couple of seconds, I denied.
The sensations in my body were certainly mixed but I was ready to embrace them and explore this kind of stimulation.
As she made me sit again on the chair, I felt the thing shifting me, arousing me with something that I had never experienced before.
“I have something else for you, want to try?”
How is the old say, in for a dime….
I nodded again and she proceeded to open my bra, exposing my aroused nipples.
“Oh, my…. You really like it…..”
I must have blushed under the hood, but she gave no notice of that, instead I felt that my nipples were pinched by something. It was a sharp pain at first, but rapidly subsided to a dull but insistent little tickle. And since Dawn was closing the bra again, I figured that I would have to endure this for quite some time.
“Well we can not have you running around like this. There is a clear chance you could hurt yourself. And Lyll has to tend the products. So follow me.”
I stood up from the chair and left the little room protection to stroll outside.
My first movements made me conscious of the effects the new additions were having on my body.
The things that Dawn had placed on my nipples bounced on the inside of the bra domes and every time they sent little jolts of pain up my neck. I quickly learned that the solution was to take it slow and move with caution.
The dildo up my pussy was a different thing, a totally different thing. The connection between the balls was done in a way that when I moved the thing collapsed to a part of my vagina and then rebounded to another part. And the worst was the point that moved like crazy inside me. It was like a finger prodding my insides. And it drove me crazy. Enough to arouse me, but not enough to make me orgasm. It needed all my concentration to deal with it.
So I was taken completely off guard when Dawn fixed the topmost part of my hood to a chain that was connected to one of the rafters of our stand.
"Do me a favour, could you wait for me?"
With a smile, she gave a kiss on my cheek, and then she left to attend some things.
My heart sunk suddenly and I was submerged with embarrassment and self consciousness, there in the middle of a crowd of people, every little movement ravaging my own body with sensations and unable to shield myself or to cover.
Total exposure. And yet I could feel an orgasm surging in me.
It took just a little while to be surrounded by the expo’s guests. The sound of their cameras snapping pictures became deafening. And yet, it felt somewhat intoxicating, I could feel passion rising in me, but I worried that, if I let my orgasm run rampant, my legs would buckle from the recoil and I would find myself hanging upright by the hood.
I had no idea if it would be safe, or if it would have broken my neck in the process.
So I was terrified, yet aroused and every movement I made it reflected either on my nipples or on the tip on the dildo tormenting my pussy.
Meanwhile, the guests had broken their limits, and I found myself part of pictures and compositions, for lack of a better term, involving men and women.
Some of them asked me if they could place their hands in various places around my body, and I simply nodded, for the most part because I felt there was no way I could deny anything, being almost speechless in my hood.

Being touched by strangers and not being able to move away and, when I dared to move, I was being tickled and prodded on my sensitive areas, and it was quickly becoming overwhelming for me.
Some time must have passed because I was thinking that I would faint when I heard Dawn’s voice.
“Here. let me help you.”
With a hand she supported me, and with the other she unlocked my hood from the rafters. Then, keeping myself in her embrace, she carried me out of the exhibition plan toward our room.
I forced myself to walk at her pace, even if the dildo was still prodding my pussy with sensations.
I felt so spent as she unlocked the door and put me on my bed. Feeling in a safe space, I stopped resisting and in that moment an orgasm that had been long in building, broke through my body.
I was still restrained and even if I tried to open my mouth to scream my pleasure, the sound was muffled by the hood clenching my jaw, I was flailing my arms and legs in the throngs of this, they were still connected to chains and padlocks resisting my movements. And this strangely enhanced my sensations.
At the end of it, I was so spent that I didn't even acknowledge that Dawn was slowly unlocking the restraints.
First ones to go were the ankle cuffs, then my hands and wrists were free, and last to get opened was the hood.
I then sort of heard Dawn telling me the keys to the belt were still in our stall, but she had told Lyll to bring them up as soon as the exposition closed.
I simply nodded and laid on the cover of my bed in a restful stupor.
After a while I felt the urge to pee, and rose to go to the bathroom. Dawn was there to help but I told her that I was ok, no need for assistance.
But when I finally sat on the toilet, I got hit by the reality of the whole setup. From when I was very young, I got myself acquainted with the simple gesture of cleaning myself after having done my business. After all, don’t we all? Obviously, situations may vary, like trying to do it in a urine swamped pub bathroom, or in the bushes of a hiking trip, but the surprise I got when my hand found just steel instead of my skin was huge and shocking at the same time.
Then I remembered Lyll told me that there were ways to let urine flow without risk of stagnation and trouble, and he told me that there was a hole on the upper part by which I could flood the belt for cleaning purposes.
At that moment, I realised that I was reeking from the day's activities, so I hopped under the shower and proceeded to wash myself, at least as deep as I could.
As I got under the faucet and opened the water, I felt it seeping under the metal bra, and into the belt. It was not a bad sensation, refreshing and soothing at the same time. It seemed to lessen the pinching sensation I got from my nipples. I wondered how much longer it would be before I got the key to get out. Then Dawn’s predicament came to my mind and I thought how many days it has been for her (actually four going on five, at that point), and then I thought of Two/Stephanie that probably in the future would be subject to this kind of entrapment with no end in sight.
It was a strange sensation, midway between worrying and arousing. These last few days made me discover many different sides of my libido.
Water was sort of lubricating further the dildo trapped inside my vagina and its movements were making me crazy, enough to tickle but unfortunately not enough to make me come.
I put a stop on my reverie and let the warm shower do its magic.
The drainage was definitely good, I could feel the water being sort of pushed down on my skin. There must have been a lot of thought on these little channels.
After a couple of minutes, I was trying to get my hair done while, in the other room, Dawn was collecting all her things into her bag.
Sometimes she just pushed her head inside and asked me if I was still fine with her leaving early, and then told me some bits and pieces of useful information that I would need the next day, when I would have to store it all away.
As a matter of fact I was worried to be left in charge with all of that, but, sensing how excited she was at the prospect of reaching Markus and, more importantly, the key to her harness, made it hard for me to force her to stay.
A part of my mind was waiting for Lyll and the end of my imprisonment, but I was more involved in trying to remember all the things she was telling me.
The gist of the whole thing was that, the following day, I would be in charge of the whole enterprise, the stand should open at nine, and close at six in the afternoon.
At that time, I had a couple of hours to put all Markus’ creations in the boxes and I had to set up the wooden platform with all the crates for the carrier for pickup. All labels and documents were already filled and prepared. Dawn told me that I should put them over the boxes in a transparent envelope so they could pick it up anytime.
Then I would have to get my room tidied up and I could be on my way.
On top of that, Dawn gave me an envelope with some money to cover my costs and my work. The rest I would find in New York, at the end of my own journey.
Thinking about that, it seemed pretty straightforward, and also Lyll had pledged to assist me the following day and help me in dismantling the stand.
Then Dawn received a call on her mobile. It was Mistress, inviting the two of us for a light brunch before leaving, in her room.
From the look of it, I would have to attend wearing belt and bra, since Lyll was still nowhere to be seen. The thought of being able to see Stephanie again made something to lessen my plight.
So I got a pair of sneakers, an oversized t-shirt and followed Dawn. She was attired to travel, with the same dress that I saw on her when I first met her, on the curb of that hotel, and carrying her baggage.
The contrast between us, at least judging from outside, was stunning. Yet, I thought that Mistress would like me to show my devices and that I could easily keep myself in the safe hotel environment.
At least, I could eat by myself, this time. Maybe.

We got to the suite and we were greeted with a light buffet.
“Girls, I ordered something before leaving, care to join us?”
Mistress was wearing a two piece, pants and jacket and it seemed pretty obvious that she was not wearing a bra underneath the jacket. On the other side, Dawn was stark naked, tied to the chair at the table, sipping water from a straw.
She lifted her eyes just to see us coming into the room, but quickly she acted again as subdued as she always was in Mistress’ presence, turning her head down.
The manacles were still on her hands and she was munching something on her plate, using just her head, exactly like a dog.
“My dear, you do not need to cover up here.”
Mistress was talking directly to me, letting me know that the t-shirt was obviously too much.
So, I shed that in a single movement, leaving it on a couch nearby, while she brought us to the table.
Various foods were strewn on it, in a beautiful pattern. I realized that I was famished, after all, I had only eaten some sandwiches in the morning, then with the head cage and whatever, I really did not have the chance to eat properly. And yet, Mistress’ presence induced me to nibble at my plate with moderation and wait for Dawn to give me something to eat.
Stephanie was right, Mistress oozed some power over you. It was strict but comforting, it gave boundaries in which you could feel free. Strange, isn't it?
And also her attention was doing wonders to my stimulated pussy and to my captive nipples.

My eyes were stuck on Two, and I was not really listening to what Dawn and Mistress were telling each other. I may have registered that there were still some preparations before leaving that she will have to do.
Meanwhile I was literally drinking from her naked body, her pert breasts and tight lips, and daydreaming about what we had done the night before. I was eating mechanically without thinking and, at one point, I sensed that silence had fallen in the room.
As I got my composure back, I saw that both Dawn and the Mistress were amusingly looking at me. Obviously I was so mesmerized by Stephanie that I made a fool of myself.
“Please, Monica, stand up, would you?”
I was shocked, wondering if it was something that would cause me some sort of punishment. Not that I felt punished enough, with the belt and the bra locked on. Yet, I obeyed and stood up in all my might and beauty. I flinched as the things Dawn fixed on my breast touched inside the bra, I could feel the nipples hardening and try to fight the pressure.
I was very conscious of what my body represented, a personal prison, a mind detached from its own physical form, unable to access its own center of pleasure.
Slowly, Mistress untied Two from the chair and she made her stand up and walk near me.
I swear, I could feel her desire, and I welcomed when she started to kiss me right in the mouth, as my mind was shouting silently at Lyll to reach me with those fucking keys. I started to reciprocate, to embrace her, but Mistress had other plans.
“Stay perfectly still, my dear. Let her work.”
I could not find in myself to disobey and I forced my arms to the sides. She moved to ravage my neck with her tongue. Her touch was so light yet so focused that it fizzled my skin with electricity and sensations.
I could feel something stirring in me, a wave coming and even if I could not touch myself, I clearly felt the presence of the dildo inside me. Suddenly, my heart started to pump and my breath became shallow. Meanwhile, she moved to kiss my chest above and below the metal bra trapping my pinched tits.
As I turned my eyes down I saw that she was intently looking directly at me, catching the signal of her stimulation directly on my face.
She was playing me as a musical instrument, and I felt my legs starting to buckle from under me. She was kneeling by now and as I came down on my knees as well, our faces ended up to the same level.
She kissed me again, while I was lost in the astonishment of the situation.
The Mistress then ordered her to back off, and with me strewn on the carpet, declared that they had to prepare. With these words she produced a bundle of leather.
“Follow me in the bathroom.” she told her slave.
While they were in the other room, Dawn came to me and helped me back on the chair. I was still on cloud nine and was just staring in front of myself, as they returned to the room.
Stephanie was still nude except for the mittens and a pair of latex briefs, from which two cables were hanging out.
It did not take any imagination to understand that those briefs were keeping something in her. Stephanie was pleading that she did not want to go back in the bag.
“You have to, we did not bring any clothes for you, remember? How I’m supposed to take you to the airport? Naked?”
This seemed to quench her opposition. The Mistress unfolded the leather bundle and conducted Two to sit on the pavement in the middle of it.
In that moment, I could see that she was reclining on the bottom of  something, and I saw that strewn all around were three leather parts placed like the petals of a flower, starting from the platform she was on..
I understood that it was the bag she was protesting about, and that she was placing her back directly on the bottom of the thing.
Mistress helped her to push her arms in two pockets sewn on the sides of the bag. In a flash she was engulfed in leather to her armpits, like a Milo Venus.
After modifying her position on the bottom, pulling her down by her waist, Mistress took her left foot in her hand and forced her to fold her leg until her knee was pressing her own breast. Still clutching the foot, she forced it in a pocket sewn on the side of the bag. This was shaped like a sock and closed with a zipper, and once this was completely drawn, there was no way to extract it.
After both feet were trapped in their pockets, Stephanie was folded like a pretzel and the position lifted her ass upward, exposing even more her crotch and the pair of cables.
There was a golden zipper connecting the two halves and as Mistress started to close it, I realized how compressed she was going to be in that position. I could see her arms pressed in the pockets, with the hands forced under her buttocks. Before riding the zipper all the way up, Mistress stopped to thread the cables thru a little opening in the leather.
Finally, the zipper ended its run on Stephanie’s knees. At that moment, the only part of her out of the bag was her head.
Mistress lifted a couple of poles from under Stephanie’s ass. It was a handle, that damned thing was a trolley. She connected the cables to the poles and I saw that there were some buttons on the handle.
Meanwhile, Stephanie was silently pleading with her eyes.
“Do not be such a doozy, you will be fine.”
Then as an afterthought, she continued.
“As a matter of fact, I should protest. You gave all your attention to Monica and completely ignored me, tonight. I need some attention, don’t you think?”
Stephanie remained silent. She was searching for me with her eyes.
“Don’t you think?” The tone was stark. She expected a reply.
“Yes, Mistress.”
The Mistress opened her skirt, showing she had no underwear, and she literally knelt on Two’s face. Right on cue, her slave started to fondle her pussy with the tongue. With me and Dawn present. Watching. Needless to say, it was something that stirred my pussy immediately.
In a matter of seconds, I could see that the Mistress was reaching the right place, her back arched. She came with a whimper, the tension leaving her body during the spasms.
“Much better, slave. Let me help you.”
She stood up and she recovered a towel from the bathroom. First she dried her crotch, then with the same cloth she dried Two’s face.
“Let’s put it here, it will help you to pass the time.”
She stuffed the damp cloth inside the bag, between Stephanie’s legs and breast, I imagined that in a little time, that cramped space would reek of her squirt. Then she picked up a dental guard, like the one boxers use to protect their teeth.
“Open up. C’mon.”
With a sigh, Stephanie let the Mistress set the thing in her mouth, blocking it in place with a belt that passed under her chin.
As Mistress started to close the bag, I realized that Two’s head was forced between her knees, while the bag was neatly closed by two zippers going up from the sides.
When these stoppers finally reached the other one, I could see that there was a golden lock in which all three could be positioned. Mistress did it and with every click I could hear a whimper from inside the bag.

I was amazed. A girl was in a case, literally. And from outside it seemed impossible that a medium sized woman, nearly my size, could fit into it.
“Do not worry, it is not the first time. Once, I left her for an hour in a railway station, she orgasmed at least 7 times. Even if she was worried sick that some would call the bomb squad.”
With these words she pushed one of the switches on the handle and took my hand. As she positioned it on the leather, over Stephanie’s crotch, I could feel the vibrations from inside.
As I got a better view of the trolley, I could see that the leather was marked with a monogram, the letters were the firsts of Mistress’ name and surname. Definitely her property.
She looked around the room to count her belongings, and then she announced it was time to go.
We left the room, while I snatched back my t-shirt and put it on. During the walk, I could not shake my eyes from the trolley. She was so packed that, even if the Mistress was fidgeting with her vibrators, just a little movement could be perceived from the outside.
I was wondering how long she could endure that predicament and as if she was reading my mind, Mistress responded.
“Last time, I locked her in there for the whole flight, and got her out, once we reached home. Four to five hours. This time I was thinking of flying commercial, but metal detectors would have spoiled the fun. They seem to be pretty strict on what can go as hand baggage.”
I was searching for something to say when we reached the ground floor, the hotel main hall.
What if it was me in that trolley? Would I be able to endure such a position and stimulation, all together?
Then I realized that Dawn and the Mistress left me and Stephanie in the middle of the hall while they were going to the desk.
As it had happened before, it seemed to me like everyone had x-rays vision and was able to see through my t-shirt and, most importantly at that point, inside the trolley.
They left us right in the middle of the hall, and instinctively I picked up the handle to move the trolley a little bit to the side. Obviously, I must have touched some of the buttons, because I could hear a distinct yelp from inside the suit.
What the hell had I done? Had I pumped the thing to maximum, by mistake? There was no way of knowing, I could not open the bag, I could not talk to her and she could not talk to me.
I pushed again the button to foolishly try to revert to the previous setting. But what would I know?
I looked intently at the bag and it seemed to me that I could see some sort of trembling under the leather, then I placed my hands where the Mistress had shown me there was her crotch. I could feel the ravaging of both intruders, and could only imagine what it would be, were I in her position, but then I started to fumble with the controls and finally I was able to find the lower settings for both of them.
Uncertain if she was able to hear me, I muttered “Sorry!” near her head.

After a couple of minutes, Dawn and the Mistress came back, they both hugged me, and Dawn told me that the hotel was paid off until Tuesday evening, that should give me enough time to relax before resuming my trip.
I thanked her and told to bring my thanks also to Markus, telling her that the first thing I would do once I reached New York was to get in touch with him.
I stared at them as they left the hotel, carrying their baggage with them on a van and going away into the evening.
Now, the next problem at hand, was getting in touch with Lyll, and use those fucking keys.
I tried to call him on the phone but I got no response. I went to the desk to ask if there were messages for me, but none was there.
Another call, and as I got the line, I heard the sound of a mobile firing off. Initially I could not place it, but I was sure as hell I heard it before.
It was a Beach Boys song.
Wait, it was Lyll’s phone.
I searched for him around the hall but I was not able to find him, and finally I closed my eyes to let the sound drive me in the right direction.
I turned around and finally, as I felt that the source of the song was in front of me, I opened my eyes again and could not believe what I saw.
“What the fuck….”

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt. 05
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2021, 10:31:27 am »
Would be great to see the next part. I hope you will continue this.

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt. 05
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2021, 04:25:11 pm »
A great story. It is sad that it looked like that the story line is dead. :/

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt. 05
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2021, 10:09:07 pm »
Do not worry, working on part 6

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt. 05
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2021, 10:58:17 am »
I am glad to hear that.  I am curious how it will go on.  your new story is also very interesting

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Re: Coast to Coast Pt. 05
« Reply #5 on: December 31, 2021, 12:47:56 pm »
Do not worry, working on part 6

Cool. I'm really waiting for that. :D


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