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The dark
« on: September 21, 2020, 01:17:45 am »
Story the second. Only a mild bondage theme, but a heavier psychological aspect. I guess I'd like you to free your imagination :) Feel free to provide feedback.


I always used to be afraid of the dark.

After all, isn't that what we were taught as children, and learnt again from
our friends? The dark was the place where bad things were, where the monsters
lived, ready to grab us and take us away. Turned out the monsters were in the
light, and now I live in the dark.

It's not just dark, it's the real dark. Many people think that dark is just
when the light is low, or when it's hard to see - but I have no light. Whatever
I've been placed in has no visible holes, nowhere where light can creep in. I'm
not blindfolded, or blind, it's simply that this place is completely dark. And
spherical. I think it's spherical because the sides slope upwards, and get
steeper than I can climb. Well, not really climb, because there is nothing to
grip on to, but at least slide up against. I don't know how big this is, other
than it's bigger than I can reach up and touch, and wider than I can stretch.
So, I'm imagining a big sphere.

I don't really know how I got in here. One of my last memories is of the
daytime, funnily enough. I was going out to meet a friend, and a van drew
alongside me to ask for directions. Turns out that van was full of daytime
monsters, and I vaguely recall them holding me. Then nothing, until here. And
almost nothing since.

I say almost because I do still get sound. Not outside world sounds, like cars,
or birds, or the weather. A beep. A quiet beep that I've learnt means that
something needs my attention. That something could be food, or water, or to
clean myself up, or that a black hole opens up and I can go to the toilet. You
see (or not, it's dark!), it's not that the daylight monsters don't care about
me, or want me to suffer, it's just that they want to keep me in the dark. I
don't know why. Whatever I have to do, it's always in the middle, the lowest
part of the sphere. I learnt that pretty quickly. Funny how I can work out when
I'm at the bottom despite the darkness surrounding me.

Oh, and I'm restrained. Not tightly, not like I can barely move. There are
bands of something around my wrists, my ankles, and my waist. Most of the time
I'm free to wander around the sphere, but sometimes they buzz. then - if I'm
not quick enough - sting. I've learnt what that means - put my ankles together,
put my wrists against my waist. Then they are stuck, and I can't move much.
Then, some time later - I have no idea how long - it releases.

Time is such a funny thing in the dark. I have no way to tell the time, no idea
if it's night and day. I know I sleep, but not for how long. I know that food
and water arrive, but not the times between them. I've tried counting, both in
my head and out loud, but I always stop long before the next thing happens. It
seems so futile after a while. I guess I don't really care about the time any

I wonder if I'm going to go mad, with all the things I don't know. I'm doing
things to retain my sanity - singing, speaking (but to myself - isn't that a
sign of madness?), designing little problems in my head and solving them.
Complete darkness has an interesting side effect on the eyes, by the way. I
keep seeing things. Started with little flashes, but now I can build whole,
visible shapes in my head and it really looks like they are there in front of
me. Until I touch them. Then they vanish into little sparkles of light that
fade. So actually, I guess it isn't completely dark, at least inside my head.

Oh, a ping! Something for me to do. Down to the lowest point, and feeling with
my hands. Something new. Something different. How exciting! It feels like ... a
bag. No, a hood. I've no use for a bag in here, but I can feel that it's meant
to be closed around something, and the closure feels wide enough to go over my
head and close around my neck. A tingle! My restraints are signalling me, but
putting them together doesn't lock them. So, do the hood I guess. I'll put it
on, and close the band that forms the closure. Dark within dark. What's the
point? I couldn't see anyway.

Funny how I'm not afraid of the dark any more, because it never hurts me. Dark
on dark. Safe. If I can't see you, you can't see me.

Now the tingle again - this time they lock. I'm lying down, wearing a hood, and
my arms and legs are restrained. Oh, and a smell - a new smell, that isn't just
me. It's sweet, and makes me feel nice to breathe it ... so I'll do just that.
Relaxing.... Feeling tired .... sleeping ....


Subject: #22
Collection type: Random capture
Experiment: To understand the psychological effects on a subject in isolation.
Hypothesis: That a random, untrained subject can not last more than 3 months
when subjected to true isolation and loss of sense of time.
Requirements: Subject to be kept healthy and clean. Psychological stresses to
remain focussed on isolation. Must be hooded and anaesthetised for
any removal (for cleansing, care etc) or sphere maintenance.
Premise: That a random, untrained subject can not last more than 3 months when
subjected to true isolation.
Release: To release to suitable institution once no longer judged sane.


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