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Lipra's Chronicles Part 1
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Lirpa's Chronicles Part 1

Hi, I’m actually wearing a variant of a chastity belt. I’m standing on the south lunar pole surface in formation towering seventy centimeters over my husband while he works on me. He’s cleaning the lunar grit out of my joints and seams, filling in the deeper gouges, polishing the rest, applying protective coatings over my scuffs and gouges. I lift him with one of my claws for work he can not reach. My husband is in a standard short-excursion lunar suit –a Kroll/Mendoza Industries Type III suit since he has not had the body mods to wear a suit like mine. He only comes out on surface to lovingly tend me. I am snuggling in the finest and most impervious Kroll/Mendoza Industries Type IV space suit ever made

       The chastity belt is necessary to wear my suit.

To my left and to my right are my servitors for the full term of our contract -TWO EARTH YEARS! We have just come out of our parked dormancy period and my husband is preparing me for another work cycle. He is now dumping my previous services period operational data removing my backpack with depleted power cells and my wastes and replacing my backpack providing me with replenished power cells and consumables. He will then do a full systems evaluation of 'It-Cans' before approving me to go out to work. He will then retreat to the embeded crater wall shelter where he eats, sleeps, service my backpacks and monitors me from a console. Shortly there will be our roll call and I will hand out the work assignments.

Belted Girls I will fill you in -as I have the time- as to how I got here.

       I’m here, because I’m not all there.




Another work period over. Left turn into the parking lot with my brood of sixty-six servitors as we tromp into our parking spaces. I’m powering down into my reduced activity or quiescent mode prior to my dormancy period. This is the period I can do things I like: Correspondence, VR games, writing software and sexxx before I nod off into my dormancy period. So, I have a little time to continue my chronicles. Where was I?

       Many years ago, I was formally Mrs. Lirpa Anouk.

I am part Aleut. Back, seemingly an eternity ago, I was in my early thirties and a physical fitness advocate -running and weight training- keeping myself strong and trim. I used to live on large isolated track land with my husband -Rob- about twenty-nine kilometers (eighteen miles) from Wasilla, Alaska. Our town was sometimes referred to as Broadzilla because of our famous former mayor, famous former state governor, infamous former vice-presidential candidate and now a very rich retiree. A strange person, but no stranger then the people of Broadzilla, me or my husband.

The strangeness it’s said comes from the lasting numbing cold of our almost perpetual Winter. The strangeness it’s said comes from living through those nearly endless winter nights. That start a two pm in the afternoon and last until eleven thirty-five in the morning. The Winter in Broadzilla is long and formidable and We, of course have all the gear for survival and frolicking outside in the harshest conditions.

We -Rob and I- had snowmobiles for when the roads are not plowed and our trucks can not get to town. Snowmobiles were also for fun. We had skies more for fun but for when the snowmobile would not start. We had Artic gear: insulated modular, electrically-heated, safety helmets, insulated electrically heated snow survival suit all in daffodil yellow for visibility and adding a touch of artificial sunshine. We had Artic insulated electrically heated boots. Under the daffodil exterior we wore thermal reflective silvered underwear bodysuits. I am strange, because I enjoy enveloping myself in my winter gear that I think of it as my space suit in preparation for going on an EVA adventure in a strange and hostile frozen world.

My old daffodil yellow Artic snowmobile / skiing modular helmet was special beyond the usual electrically heated modular helmets. I splurged on my helmet because my employer paid forty-five percent of the cost. I bought the optional refreshment system -a drinking teat in the mask and in the neck protection collar / brace, a heated liter reservoir, for: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. While on the trails, you don’t have to split the front of the modular helmet’s jaw pan and visor in gale force sub-subzero artic cold winds to take a drink.

I worked in IT (Information Technology) for SCS Development Gaming creating computer space-based games. You might recognize some of my popular game series featuring a superb fighter pilot and a space warrior Yadza Zooqus -my alter self. So, I also loaded up my helmet with as much electronics as I could pack in my daffodil helmet with my employer’s generous blessings –They felt my helmet would help me get into my work of creating female space warrior.

There is incredible exhilaration I used to get when I pull on my (space) daffodil helmet, pulling down my front jaw pan and visor, hearing the snap of it locking, taking my first breath through the heated filters, plugging in my Daffodil’s cables to my small military rugged laptop, shouldering it as a backpack, watching all my electronic spring into life, and taking a sip from the teat before I stepped in to my gaming adventures, testing my coding. I often wore my Daffodil, backpack-computer and virtual-reality gloves when I wrote my gaming code. I use my visor for my computer screen and my gloves when writing code. I would wear my Daffodil and backpack-computer to exercising in –VR exercises routines. I would wear my Daffodil for just doing my house work or lounging –it has phone, radio, video monitor and TV functions.

          Why take it off? It has everything I could want with some exceptions.

On one of those long cold winter nights, I was a quarter of the way into my drink reservoir. We had corrupted it, filling it with a Yukon Jack and lemon juice mixture that the heating elements brought to a warm pleasant aromatic drink.

Also dink influenced, my husband –Rob- belligerently pronounce, “You sure wear your damn helmet a lot.”

I responded, “So what’s of it? I like it. I wish I didn’t have to take it off.”

          “AH BALONEY! I’ll bet you can’t wear it for a week.”

          I trumped him, “I’d love to but I can’t because of - - -”

I went through the litany that would prevent me from wearing it for a week.

Arrogantly, Rob pronounced, “I can fix all that and I’ll bet you still can’t wear your helmet for a full week.”

I vehemently responded hedging my bet, “I’ll bet, you cannot fix my helmet so I can wear it for a week.”

That way I could blame him if I could not make it through the week. For the wager we settled on a new daffodil helmet for me that we ordered –priority. It would arrive during Rob’s first week back at work. He took my old Daffodil ‘to fix’.

         My Rob is a machinist on 'The North Slopes' oil fields.

*     *    *
In the three weeks Rob was gone, he made good on his promise, presenting me with my modified old ‘Daffodil’ helmet that was now silver to match the visor and my many reflective thermal underwear suits. He insisted I put it on.


I obliged Rob. Tankful to be reunited with my now silver Daffodil. It felt wonderful to pull down my old Daffodil over my head and close visor and jaw pan with the resounding clicks of the engaging latches.

         Ah the welcome embrace of my old buddy Daffodil that wasn’t yellow anymore.

         I’ll have to rename it.

Rob inquired, “Is it comfortable? Do we need to change anything?”

I answered, “Give me a few minutes.” I finally answered “Yes. It’s fine.”

Out of Rob’s pocket came a small ‘T’ handle wrench and he did something to the helmet on either side of my jaw.

          He decreed, “Start your clock for your week.”

          I could not split my modular Daffodil helmet to take it off.

At dinner time -with his helmet tool- he removed hardware around the center inlet grill just below my mirrored visor. The grill, the filter pack, heating elements, tongue mouse, and breathing mask all slid out as a unit, making a passage way for me to eat through. The unit promptly went back in when I finished eating. For his week at home, Rob dominated me, controlling what I drank and when I could eat. I enjoyed his ministering to me.

          The sex was good and I won! Lasting the week.

          This was our first dip into BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) activities.

Next morning, he left for his three weeks on The Slopes. I wore my new Daffodil my second helmet as I pleased -I could not wear my old silver daffodil because I didn’t have the tool to open or close it. All I could do was to look at it longingly as my silver Daffodil sat on the shelf locked and closed. The color silver is difficult to relate a new title too. The only thing that came to mind is Coors Light Silver Bullet as I held a brew in my hand.

*     *     *
Rob was back, and at my urging he locked my old helmet on, continuing our play. Toward the end of week on another one of those cold winter nights and under the influence, I suggested:

“I’d like to try locking my helmet -my Silver Bullet- for the three weeks while you are on The Slopes but I will have to be able to eat.”

Rob shrugged his shoulders. But the next morning during breakfast he changed out hardware on breathing assembly to standard screws, that I had screw driver for. He left me locked in my helmet, leaving the helmet tool with our neighbor –Libby, several kilometers away.

          Just in case I might need it.


Hey, another quiescent period. This describe my early relationships with our neighbors and friends

To switch subjects as isolated as we were on our homestead outside Wasilla, you always develop a rapport with someone sometimes another couple even if they are kilometers away. We may not meet often but it is reason for celebration when we do. My friend -Libby –wife of my husband Rob’s friend –Jerry- and work companion would visit and I would visit her while our men were on 'The Slopes'. When we first started the three weeks of my Silver Bullet helmeted BDSM. I did not go to Libby’s like I usually did the day after our men left. So, I wouldn’t have to explain about the helmet and keep my distance from the temptation of removing my helmet because Libby had the helmet tool.

        The third day after Rob left, Libby came to me unannounced with the helmet tool in hand!

Libby said, “Rob told me to keep this in case you might needed it. Why did he leave it with me if you might need it?”

          I responded, “Put that away. I don’t need the temptation.”

Libby had seen me in my Daffodil many times and did not question me wearing my old Daffodil even though it was now the Silver Bullet matching my thermal bodysuit. But she was puzzled by my reaction. I felt I needed to explain.

          “The tool is part of a game we are playing for sexual enrichment.”

          “OH! You have some splaining to do Lirpa.”

“Libby, you know I like wearing my helmet. Rob got annoyed with me for wearing it so much. He bet me I could not wear it for week without taking it off. He made the necessary changes in helmet so it would be possible. Rob adding a pair of locks on the front clamshell to enforce a week’s wear. That’s the tool to open my helmet.”

Libby simply said, “Rob even color coordinated your helmet with all the silver body suits you wear. Sounds like good fun.

I proudly announced, “I won the week’s bet and we are working on three-week constraining wager.”

“Well?” demanded Libby.

“It’s been GREAT! Rob is so devoted to my care.”

*     *     *
If you ride in on snowmobile to store most Alaskans don’t say anything about you wearing you helmet in their store. It seems even more so if you’re a woman, I’ve noticed women do not open-up their visors as often as men. It would probably be the same if I rode my trail bike in the Summer.

          I managed for the three weeks Rob was gone. I won.


Another quiescent period this part deals with how my employer made me Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.

The week Rob was back we got together with Jerry and Libby. Jerry was last to realize something was up in our group when I did not remove my helmet. Jerry looked astonished at lunch as I stood so Rob could remove the hardware around the inlet grill and remove the assembly. I ate through the tunnel in the helmet. After lunch we discussed my helmeted bondage. I expressed my feelings: the inconveniences were minor to me but I welcomed continued wear with all the benefits. Rob was supportive of my continued helmeted uniqueness. Jerry remained undecided telling me he like my helmeted appearance, but he wasn’t the one wearing the Helmet. Libby asked how much longer I was going to continue and have Rob and I considered any additions.

*     *     *
The first week Rob was away my helmet announced I had and incoming video call from my Boss at SCS Development Gaming. What was I to do? I could take off my Silver Bullet. Well, SCS paid for forty-five percent of it.

       Let him see what they bought!

I sat down in front of our wall-screen TV, accepting the video call.

“Lirpa we are doing a Yadza Zooqus promotion this weekend in Anchorage. I would like you to attend and talk to the fans and give the new Yadza Zooqus some guidance on how to better portray her character. Your costume looks great. Is that our helmet?

“Boss it not a costume. I was working using the helmet and I am wearing Artic Winter underwear.”

“Stand up. Give me a full rotation. - - - It looks great on you. Like you are a Fembot Gynoid-Cyborg just dropped in from an outer space mission. Wear it the fans will love Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.”

I protested, “It is just winter underwear, Boss.”

“All right, add a blouse / blazer and a skirt but leave as much silver exposed as you can so you look and feel like you are a dressed Gynoid. Let the fans see those shapely silver legs. Can you do silver mid-calf boots with ten-centimeter spiked heels?

“I don’t have anything like that and they are not very practical for our weather. I doubt Wasilla will have anything like those boots that I could spray paint silver, Boss.”

“Give me your shoe size and I will have two pairs of insulated and electrically heated spiked heeled, mid-calf boots made for you for the show.”

*    *    *
The show must go on. I stood in front of a mirror doing my final primping for my public appearance as SCS’s Yadza Zooqus gaming author and Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.

          I smiled, liking what I saw not that anyone would know I was smiling behind my mirror visor. I also like the anonymity it gave me.

          The fans received Lirpa the Silver Gynoid well, seemingly more interesting in her than the new Yadza Zooqus.

Two days after my Anchorage appearance, SCS management review my appearance and made several consequential decisions for my future. SCS decided to launch a new game series featuring Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. I was assigned a team of six software developer with a large development retainer to create their new game series. I would legally become SCS’s registered trademarked Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. -All my records would be converted and my pay would be to their new assigned identity-. I was required to be in costume character for any subsequent public appearances. That was expressly true for any SCS employee and especially for game developers and my team. Appearances with my SCS employees included: in person, in video conferences, or by video email.

For the two remaining weeks Rob was gone Lirpa the Silver Gynoid made two more video appearances for SCS from our living room. My public acceptance gave me a joyous feeling all the way through -a stark contrast to the so perfect space absolute -zero-cold reflective silver surface I present to the world.


This section deals with my early body modifications.

When Rob first came through the door he commented, “Love those boots.”

That progressed into my gushing to Rob about my appearance as Lirpa the Silver Gynoid and how the fans wonderfully acceptance of me, Lirpa the Silver Gynoid, at the SCS sales promotion in Anchorage. My acceptance caused SCS’s to give me a bonus for my appearance and to make me Lirpa the Silver Gynoid permanently. I was well received for two more video appearances as Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. SCS decided to make a gaming series featuring me Lirpa the Silver Gynoid and I was to lead it with a team of six employees with substantial raise.

          Rob loved my evolution into the Lirpa the Silver Gynoid pledging to do all he could do to make me Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.

The next day we met with Jerry and Libby. My outfit and my new boots were envied. I went through what had happen with SCS

Libby was the first to ask, “Lirpa what can I do the help you become more Lirpa the Silver Gynoid and develop her character?"

Rob again voiced his encouragement for me becoming Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. Jerry finalized my conversion to Lirpa the Silver Gynoid by pledging his support in any way possible.

          They all proclaimed, “What can we do make you Lirpa the Silver Gynoid?”

Thus, Lirpa the Silver Gynoid officially became a viable entry and was welcomed her to our circle. We drank a toast.

          Here is to Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.

*     *     *
Wearing my Silver Bullet was now going into the ninth week, my hair had grown and was reminding me it needed attention, so we gave my hair our attention. I always kept my hair short to fit in my Silver Bullet. Rob had a passion about bald women in movies and TV.

          With a little urging from Rob I decided my hair had to go in the pursuit of my becoming Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. Gynoids do not have hair.

We wanted something smooth, lasting and no five o’clock shadow more permanent and satisfactory that a shave. Something that would keep the the intrusions in my Lirpa the Silver Gynoid persona to a minimum. With me endeavoring to uncompromisingly maintain my Lirpa the Silver Gynoid persona wearing my Silver Bullet who would know I was bald? We didn’t have equipment for electrolysis; however, we did not rule out its purchase in the future. I read that Egyptian women of the pyramid era use to pluck-out their hair for a lasting baldness. We decided to give it a try. My Silver Bullet came off shattering my Lirpa the Silver Gynoid facade to matted black tangled mess. I felt so naked and cold. Rob with electric clipper cut my hair to six-millimeter (one quarter of an inch) porcupine. Rob with tweezers in hand and overwhelmed by the task before him asked me, “Where do I start?”

          Did you know on a healthy woman’s head there is 90,000 to 150,000 hair follicles?

I suggested to Rob, “Start where I cannot see.” figuring he would tire and I would have to take over demonstrating my commitment to my depilation. My Native American black hair is tuff and larger in diameter than others. After an hour Rob tired of the plucking, plucking, plucking at back of my head. I took over slowly plucking a lude inspiring message on my forehead. Needless to say, we had a major project for the week he was home. I loved the attention and I began to enjoy the pain of my hair removal. I missed my Silver Bullet and being Lirpa the Silver Gynoid.

The last night before he went back up on The Slopes, we had finished the ordeal of my hair removal. His hand caressing my smooth head and was very sensual. The sexxx was great too. Rob’s fascination had become a bonding reality for us.

          I hated ending Rob fantasies and the fun it had been.

But Rob had to go to The Slopes and Lirpa the Silver Gynoid had to go back to work for the next three weeks. Pulling back on my Silver Bullet the old joy came back almost submerging the regret. Rob secured my Lirpa the Silver Gynoid persona as his final act before driving away.

          Shortly after Rob left, I started plucking out my pubic hair.

I thought it would be nice surprise for him when he returned. It would be an activity I could share with Libby while the men were gone.


Another chapter in my chronicles. Libby helps me and reveals some of her and Jerry’s secrets.

The morning after Rob’s departure I went to Libby’s house. I briefly explained what I wanted to do to surprise Rob. Libby took unexpectedly little coercion to get into the task. I disrobed enough for the access.
          I did not like the fracturing of my Lirpa the Silver Gynoid persona exposing my creamy tanned skin.

We arranged furniture so Libby could comfortably work on the hairs between my legs.

          Mid-morning Libby inhibitions broke down from working around my continued sexual display.

Taking a break Libby began massaging me in all the right places.

          Women know what to do to other women.

At lunch Libby confided, “We’ve done something too to liven things up. Let me show you.”

Libby started stripping down through the layers of her clothing revealing gold rings restricting the base of her nipples and making them stand up. A chain looped between her nipple rings.

Libby explained, “The nipple rings and piercing makes my nipples so much larger and more sensitive. It gives something bigger for Jerry to play with.

         “I love it when Jerry takes my chain in hand and lead me to the bedroom.”

My depilation continued on for several more days with the periodic breaks. We continued my depilate of rest of my body -my underarms. I have little body hair on my arms or legs.

        I started contemplated have my nipples pierced as well.

        I could do Silver Bullets down their like Lirpa the Gynoid would possess.

          I will have to admit Libby was influential in my progression into Lipra the Silver Gynoid.


Hey, another rest session. What is in this chapter of my chronicles was one of the most monumental things in my life.

Rob was pleasantly pleased with my depilation. I reciprocated his pleasing me. I still did not like fracturing the persona of Lirpa the Silver Gynoid even for sexxx with Rob. The week the guys were home passed quickly.

I made my way to Libby’s through the mud. The Winter was finally releasing it hold on Artic. We would soon have to shed our Winter underwear. What was Lirpa the Silver Gynoid going to do? I posed the question to Libby. Libby answered with a series of questions.

“Lirpa, how do like being the Silver Gynoid?”

I shrugged my shoulder shrouded in my silver body suit explaining: “It’s become my life. When I looked in the mirror, I liked what I see staring back. I like being the Hajime Sorayama ideal futuristic faceless but shapely all silver Fembot or the Gynoid-Cyborg woman of many men’s dreams and my computer space games.

Libby probed, “Lirpa, has Rob tired of you being the Silver Gynoid?”

No, Rob seem to adore my Silver Gynoid look, adoring me.

“How is your Job?”

“The SCS gaming fans are crazy about Lirpa the Silver Gynoid. SCS management is satisfied with my performances as Lirpa the Silver Gynoid and is encouraging me to do as many appearances as I can. SCS is pleased with my team’s development of the Lirpa games.

“Lipra, what do think Rob’s reaction would be if he opened you silver bodysuit to find a silver body underneath?”

       “He would be astounded and love it.”
“Would it spice up your relationship?”

I just laughed at the obvious.

          “Are you ready to take the next step toward make your persona of Lirpa the Silver Gynoid more authentic and enduring?”

Libby’s question hung.

I finally answered, “I would consider it. What would you use and how long will it last?”

“I do not know what would be the best. I have some research to do. How long it will last is an unknown since there are no products designed for long term skin applications.”

*     *     *
Libby after three days came back to me. “Phil Swift’s Flex Seal spray looks like the best choice. It is flexibility, toughness and it’s bonding are exceptional. You’ve seen the commercials? The MSDS are reasonably benign; the only warning that is a concern to us is ‘prolong contact may cause skin irritation’. Latex body paints have more warnings. Obtaining it is not a problem; it is available at Lowes.”

I asked, “How long will it last?”

“I think it should last four months or longer, may be up to a year with some touch-ups. But there is no data.”

I said, “Phil Swift you have done anything compared to the commercial we’ll be making for Flex Seal.”

Libby cautioned, “It will require an unpleasant preparation and I will require you to give me complete control of your life for up to thirty-six hours. The thirty-six hours will also have some unpleasantly, but I think you’ll be very happy with the results.” Libby paused. “If you decided to let me take you to the next step. I will need a couple of days to prepare.”

*     *     *
The rest of the day and that night I thought about Libby’s proposal. A silver body no shattering my Silver Gynoid by opening my underwear. A silver body for four to six months. A silver body like a Gynoid. A silver body so smooth. A silver body- - -. The next morning, I told Libby, I want to do it.


Hi again I learned more about libby’s secret life and was beginning to suspect she was a dominatrix as I begin my body modification to become Lirpra the Silver Gynoid with an extended period of BDSM.

The morning three days later, I felt totally washed out mentally, physically and literally from the night of sitting on the toilet cleansing out my bowels in preparation. No food and drive to Libby’s. Libby, hyper, happily greeted me contrasting to how washed-out I felt.

Libby inquired, “You ready?”

“I’ve prepared. Let’s get started.”

Libby dumped my drink reservoir and refilled it with chicken broth.

Libby cautioned, “Drink only a little at time you will need to make it last.”

Libby led me to the garage. On the work bench and on the floor, she had material staged. She had a sheet of plastic spread on the floor. Through the plastic anchored to the concrete floor were a pair of fetters. Five ‘J’ hooks were screwed in ceiling with ropes. The two outside ropes had manacles. Wordlessly I stripped out of my gauntlets, my spiked boot, and all my clothes. Libby donned apron and rubber gloves. Naked, with the exception of my Silver Bullet, I took the position -legs spread wide next to the fetters. Libby did the fetter tight around my ankles.

Libby with a credit card scraped down my lower back then rubbed down the area in cold alcohol that stung. Libby waited for the alcohol to evaporated before collected a flexible oval patch six by thirteen centimeters (two and three eights by five inches) and a tube of isocyanine glue (super glue) from the work bench, approaching me from behind.

Libby explained, “When doing body painting, it’s suggested the area at the base of the spine is a critical and should be left unpainted, so the skin can breathe, so Lirpa the Silver Gynoid is going to have a venting grill there.”

“That sounded ok Libby.”

Libby proceeded to glue the vent patch at its circumference with the long oval oriented over my spine just above the cleavage of my buns. As Libby glued the vent, I looked around at the fetters, the manacles, the ceiling anchors and the ropes. The fetters and the manacles showed signs of wear. The anchors were not newly installed; they had been in ceiling for months. The ropes appeared to be worn. I wondered what Jerry and Libby did with the equipment, and for how long had they been doing it?

Libby had me put my arms at my sides. She slid a piece of cardboard up between my body and my arm into my armpit. She marked the cardboard and remove it to shape a cuve to match my arm pit. It took Libby several tries until she was happy with the fit. She then with the marker marked front and back where the cardboard had stopped. She did the other side before tightening the maniacal on my wrist. The manacle ropes were still slack, but they restricting my arm movement.

Libby placed a stepladder behind me, with the duct tape she fashioned a helmet harness with a loop at the top of my helmet. She tied the center rope to my helmet hook and pull the rope tight in the ceiling ‘J’ hook until I was on my toes. Libby tied-off the rope to the ‘J’ hook. She moved the ladder under the hook on my right side, pulling the rope uptight, raising my arm until the rope was as tight as she could get it. Libby moved the step ladder to my left side, pulling my other arm up, immobilizing me in a bound ‘X’.

Next came a bottle and out of a plastic bag a rubber squeeze bulb, and tubing. One end of the tube went in the bottle. Libby, knelt between my spread legs, spreading me, looking and poking me until the catheter slid in and the tube filled with my golden urine. Libby pumped on squeeze bulb inflating a retention balloon in my bladder. She removed the inflation squeeze bulb, attaching it to another device, that she coated with a lubricant. Libby knelt behind me, spreading my butt cheeks and introduced it to my anus (ass hole) with a steady pressure. My butt hole slowly yielded and the plug slid in. Libby was again pumping, expanding the butt plug. Inflated, Libby removed the inflation bulb. All these years I had no idea Libby had such playthings.

         Libby offered, “I do not want you to mess up my paint job.”

Libby, scraped my right underarm pit down with the credit card followed by an alcohol rubbed down. Ouch and brrrr. Libby waited for the alcohol to evaporated before she collected another flexible three-quarters truncated oval patch (heart shaped) eight by fourteen centimeters in size and the tube of isocyanine glue, gluing the patch using the reference dots she made earlier under my right arm -in my armpit.

         Libby tendered, “Vents for your perspiration in your armpits seemed like a good idea.”

Another vent patch went in my left armpit. Libby proceeded to mask off my neck brace where it rested on my back, shoulders and chest. Libby fashioned pasties with eyelets out duct tape for my areoli / nipples. the remaining ropes pulled up and out my breasts, so there no pedant contact area under them. Libby in prep began vigorously scraping me down followed by a rub down in alcohol. My skin reddened with Libby’s scrubbing.

          It was chilling and it hurt! I was turning the red of a cooked lobster.

Libby quoted the instruction “For the best adhesion of Flex Seal the surface should be clean and dry.”

Libby started with the aluminum-colored Flex Seal just evenly spattering it on me. She left me hanging for half hour before beginning the second coat. Heaver, completely covering the anchoring first coat, flowing out smooth. I like the way it was coming along. Libby left me again for hour when she returned with a razor knife cutting the coating of Flex Seal to remove the masking on my neck brace, and my venting grills. The flex Seal flowed on the cuts rounding the edges. Now came the difficult part waiting for the Flex Seal to set-up.

Libby quoted, “Dry time for Flex Seal rubber depends on the temperature and humidity and the thickness of the coating. The spray will usually dry to the touch within two to three hours. A full cure will usually occur in twenty-four hours.”

          Libby commanded, “Start your timer for twenty-four hours and hang in there."

Libby tried to keep coating thin. Libby rolled out an extension cord. Then went and got her hair dryer and started working me over with the hair drier. Libby quit using hair drier after hour and half.

Libby said, “Here is some entertainment to help you pass the next - - -.” Libby checked her watch. “Twenty-two hours and twenty-four minutes.”

Libby turned on vibrator function of the butt plug, leaving me hanging. It was the lowest random intermittent. Half an hour of off and on with no predictability of when vibrations would stop or start up again. Libby returned with my laptop/backpack. She turned off the vibrator. She transferred my catheter to another bottle and dump the full one. She moved her three-stepladder behind me placing my laptop on it. She plugged in my laptop. On my helmet visor appeared:

Movie will start in 7 minutes.
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen of a bag of popcorn.

Movie will start in 6 minutes
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen of beef jerky.

Movie will start in 5 minutes
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen of several candy bars.

Movie will start in 4 minutes
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen of tall cup of soda.

Movie will start in 3 minutes
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen of chocolate chip cookies.

Movie will start in 2 minutes
The countdown screen was followed by a promotional screen featuring other films.

Movie will start in 1 minutes

Libby had cued up a rare old (1927) German silent movie -Metropolis- featuring the conversion of woman to robot. Libby left me as movie started and returned as it ended. Another change of the urine collection bottles. Nineteen hours and eleven minutes to go.

Libby gave me another twenty-minute session of the butt plug vibrator, it seemed stronger and the periods of rest seemed shorter. The countdown to the movie and promotional header was ten minutes before the movie starting. All those things I would like to have, but could not, because I had to hang tough. Another old movie from U S (1935) Bride of Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein builds a mate for his monster. Libby left me as movie started and returned as it ended. Another change of the urine collection bottles. Seventeen hours and nineteen minutes left to hang in here.

        My legs are getting very tired and trembling.

Libby gave me another fifteen-minute session of the butt plug vibrator -more intense and less off times. The countdown promotional headed was fifteen minutes before the movie started and I am very thirsty. The movie was from Japan. A science fiction film with subtitles of aliens killing a woman and rebuilding her as a robot. At first the transfer goes well, but as movie progress she become more and more robotic. Another change of the urine collection bottles. Fifteen hours and twenty-nine minutes left to hang in here. I am hungry. My legs can not hold me anymore. I am hanging by my wrists my legs have gone limp.

The movie countdown was in three-minute intervals lasting twenty-seven minutes. The butt plug sessions were pared with promotional screens. Body mod and installed piercing jewelry began appearing. The butt plug was most active during the cuts of the body mods and the piercing jewelry. The movie was Glaxina 1980 Comedy Romance of Fembot in search of blue star to save the galaxy. Twelve hours forty-six minutes. I was becoming oblivious to other occurrences.

The movie countdown was in five-minute intervals for forty-five minutes. Pictures of Sorayama’s Gynoids were spliced in with body mod piercing jewelry demonstrations. There were few food and drink cuts. I was beyond wanting food and drink my hands were numb as I hung by the ropes. The plug was most intense when the Gynoids were on my visor. The movie was The Machine (2013) The transfer of Ava scientist to robot. I spaced-out during much of the movie but I remember the transferring screens and some scenes where the power of the robots overwhelmed the soldiers. I wish I could make the transfer and end this session. The timer read:

        Ten hours Twenty-six minutes

Somewhere in and out of my conscious existence I had passed the halfway point on curing my new skin. It must be the middle of the night since we started the timer at around ten am -that would be yesterday. My wrist no longer felt the padded bite of the manacles. I became aware of the urinary catheter being moved and something large in diameter going in me -deep! It was attached to stand sitting on the floor between my legs. That thing just sat in me with the screens of Robots, Fembots, Gynoids, body modification and piercing jewelry with my butt plug running wild periodically bring me back to this reality. Three hours thirty-nine minutes.

I don’t remember the start of AI Rising, 2018, or much of the plot, only flashes of things. The thing deep within me moved up and down whenever the robot and the cosmonaut were having sex. I don’t remember the movie ending. I woke to barrage of intense butt plug activity and the dildo pumping like mad. I was too tired to care.

Continued Lirpa's Chronicles Part 2


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