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Thank You for Accepting Me to This Community
« on: August 01, 2020, 02:30:50 pm »
I am a 65 year old well educated male. Physically fit. Open minded with a secret wild side. Nice person. I have long had the fantasy and desire to have my body eaten and enjoyed by females. I think of them preparing me to be eaten. Milking my cock and enjoying me sexually in advance. When the time comes they lay me out and slice off my cock, cook it and enjoy the taste of it in front of me. After I am gone from blood loss, they cut up my body into steaks with other parts being used as soup. They cook me and have a feast where they consume and enjoy most of me. I think of me passing through their digestive systems and into their bellies. Becoming part of them. They savor the thought of me being inside them as I pass through their bodies. This site helps me to act out those fantasies and hear from others as to how I should be prepared, cooked and eaten. What they think of my meat!!! This is really an expression of my desire to be enjoyed by and please women in every way possible. I get my pleasure from their pleasure. Enjoy role playing. Particularly fantasies where my body is used to please women as they desire.
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