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a walk in the dark have you tried it
« on: July 27, 2020, 07:52:52 pm »

Have any of you played this risky game?
About walking on a leash in the dark of night while one is naked, collared, handcuffed and hobbled.
  F/m or M/f  naked colared, handcuffed, hobbled walked naked at night down a public road

In the case of Techie and Techster, a senior couple, it is one of those daring things that brings on what may be called an “adrenaline rush”, much like one would get when they are sky diving and step out of the aircraft.
    That person would know that if anything goes wrong they are risking death, except in this case it is arrest for indecent exposure and the being branded a sexual offender, the fines and public exposure that would go along with being discovered as the submissive is being led on a leash down the middle of a public road.
    Whereas the possibly of bodily injury is minimal the real thrill is the feeling one gets when they are helpless, naked being led like a dog on a leash with the cold night air against their skin along with the cold, unyielding control of the heavy steel collar, the cold steel of the handcuffs that hold their wrists behind their back and lastly the fact that the cold steel shackles with a short chain between them that hobble them that make it impossible to run.
     Both Techie and I enjoy the danger that this presents when we “take the dare” trusting in the security of our bondage and the faith and caring that we have in our dominant.
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