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Bill's Ordeal by Unknown
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:32:09 am »
FF/m; shrink; foot; worship; massage; stockings; crush; nc/reluct; X

Bill Johnson woke up on a typical Saturday morning expecting to do typical Saturday morning activities. He knew his wife Kelly and her sister Sarah were going shopping for the day. This would allow Bill some time to do his own thing. He rarely had free time anymore. He usually worked long hours during the week and slept late during the weekend. Kelly would always patronize him to do work, which he did on occasion, but it was plain to see that Kelly was the one who did all the house work. Kelly was a real prize. She had shoulder length brown hair, long legs, and a beautiful body. She had a killer smile that had melted Bill’s heart long ago. Now, 2 years later, Bill and Kelly were finding themselves more distant from each other, what with Bill’s new job and all. Kelly had taken to the internet and was constantly on it surfing the net (What she was surfing Bill never quite knew). 

Bill rolled out of bed and saw the time was eight o’ clock. He sat up, rubbed the sand out of his eyes and headed for the kitchen. He rounded the corner and saw a note sitting on the table. It read: “Dear Bill, I left with Sarah and I should be back around noon. I made you some coffee so if you get up in time it should still be warm. Love, Kelly.” Bill placed the note in the trash and saw the coffee sitting on the stove. He saw it was still steaming so he poured himself a cup. As he moved towards the breakfast table, he got his morning newspaper and took a seat. As he read his daily news, he sipped his coffee, content with his morning. He must remember to tell his wife that this was good coffee he reminded himself. As he was wrapping up his paper and thinking of his warm shower ahead, he felt a strange sensation going through his body. He didn’t know what it was at first, but soon it went right to his head. He started getting woozy. He tried to make it to the bathroom, but he keeled over and passed out on the floor. 

When Bill awoke, he felt almost a sense of relief that he woke up at all. He wasn’t sure what happened, but he felt ok. He sat up and climbed to his feet. When he stood up, he almost fell right back down from shock. Bill found himself not more than 3 ft. tall! His heart started pounding as his hands began to sweat. What had happened to him? Was he dreaming? He pinched himself to make sure this was reality. He felt a sharp pain in his cheek and an even sharper one in his chest as he realized he was not asleep. Bill began to think fast. He just couldn’t explain how he had shrunk. He knew he had to contact Kelly somehow. He quickly, with great effort, pushed a gargantuan size chair over to the wall so he could use the phone. As he scaled the chair and picked up the reciever he marvelled at how large it was in his small hands. It really freaked him out, but he had to stay focused right now. He quickly dialed Kelly’s cell phone number. Unfortunately she had it off. Damn it!, he thought. She never has the thing on! He climbed down the chair, and sat on it, with his feet dangling. He had to just wait it out. 

Bill walked around his house for the next three hours trying to put everything in perspective. He couldn’t believe how huge everything was! As he was climbing onto his bed, he heard the front door open. Kelly and Sarah! They were home! Bill rushed into his kitchen and ran head to stomach first into his wife. He toppled to the ground, as he heard Kelly grunt. As he pulled himself to his feet, he saw two huge women. He couldn’t believe they were so tall! 

“Kelly thank goodness you’re here. You gotta help me. Somehow this morning I shrank! Please, call somebody!” Bill pleaded. 

As he waited for a response he was puzzled why the two women stood there with smiles on their faces. 

“Well, well, well… looks like my husband shrank Sarah. Now if I’m not mistaken that’s impossible, right?” Kelly chuckled. 

“I think it is pretty impossible sis, unless you find a shrinking formula online and purchase it for a decent price, other than that it’s impossible.” Sarah said. 

Bill was a little confused at first. What were they talking about? Suddenly things began to come together in his head. 

“It was you wasn’t it Sarah! You made me like this! Kelly, do something!” Bill stammered. 

“It wasn’t Sarah who shrank you. I did Bill.” Kelly grinned. 

“You? But why hon?” 

“Don’t hon me… you’re going to be our little servant from now on husband. If only you had done some work, I wouldn’t have to do this to you. But you left me no choice. Now you are going to have to do whatever we say.” 

“Yeah, and you’re not done shrinking yet little guy. When you’re done you should be about ohhhhh…. 2 inches tall!” Sarah laughed. 

Bill was frightened by the idea of being so small and at the mercy of his wife. Why had Kelly done this? He couldn’t understand it. 

Suddenly without warning, Sarah scooped Bill right off the ground and held him up. Bill was stunned at how strongly his sister-in-law had picked him up! 

“Wow Kelly… your husband weighs nothing. He’s light as a feather! And I think he’s getting smaller!” 

Bill felt that strange tingle run through him again. He was shrinking more! Sarah placed him down in the living room and watched him dwindle. He was shrinking more and more. Kelly moved the sofa so there was a big space on the floor. They placed Bill in the middle and sat around him. 

“Well Bill, seeing as you are no longer my equal in height, I think you should remove my shoes and give me a nice foot rub. Whatdya say Bill?” Sarah said sternly. 

“Do I have to Kelly? This is insane!” Bill asked his giant wife. 

“You’d better Bill. Infact, a foot rub sounds pretty good right about now. You can do me too!” 

Bill began to undo the straps on Sarah’s shoes. He was soon the size of her foot! He tried to move it, but when he realized he couldn’t, Sarah kicked her other shoe off and Kelly did the same. Bill stood back as he saw two pairs of enormous feet dropped in front of him. He guessed he was about 2 inches tall, as he didn’t even come up to mid-sole of either foot. He walked up to the feet. The smell they gave off was quite strong, yet somehow, Bill found it kind of erotic. He reached out to touch his wife’s sole, and noticed how smooth it was. 

“Let’s go Bill, we don’t have all day!” the women barked. 

Bill began to rub the feet the best he could. They towered over him! He pushed with all his weight to try and create some kind of effect that the women would find pleasurable. He began to smell feet everywhere. 

“Now Bill, why don’t you lean over and show your wife how much you love her and kiss my foot.” Kelly giggled. 

“Yeah, and after that you can lick my toes little man!” Sarah remarked. 

It appeared Bill had his work cut out for him. He leaned up to Kelly’ enormous foot and kissed it for all he was worth. It pleased his wife because he could hear her purr above him. For two hours he rubbed the women’s tired feet with his miniscule body. He was dead tired after this and eventually collapsed on the floor next to their heels. Kelly and Sarah stood up and their height scared Bill. He felt like an ant next to them. Suddnely Kelly’s voice boomed above him. 

“Well Bill, that was really good, but I think you forgot to lick Sarah’s toes like she wanted.” Kelly said. 

Just then, Sarah lifted her huge foot up right over Bill. 

“Don’t worry Bill, just think of them as five little, well actually, big lovers.” She said as she lowered her toes on top of him. Not wishing to piss her off, he began to lick the underside of her toe. It tasted salty and like lotion of some kind. He rolled under them trying to get each one. Her toes were massive and very soft, as her big toe was nearly his size. He licked her gigantic toes until he couldn't move. Sarah lifted her foot off of him and both looked down at him. 

“Well Bill, I think I’ll come back tommorow and we can do this again! Sound good? Good! Well, I have to run Kel, but I’ll come over tommorow.” Sarah said. 

“Sounds good to me sis. See ya tomorrow.” Kelly said as Sarah left. 

Bill was now scared yet curious as he was alone with his giantess wife Kelly.

As Kelly closed the door behind Sarah, she approached tiny Bill. She smiled at him with a curious sort of smile, almost like a child seeing a new puppy for the first time. Bill had no idea what she was going to do. Then, without warning, she swooped her hand down on him and picked him up in the palm of her hand. 

“Hello Bill. I’m sure you have a lot of questions you would like answered right now. But to be honest, I don’t have time for them. All you need to worry about is that you are my shrunken husband. I am your giantess wife. That is how our relationship goes from here on in. Judging by your performance today, I would say that taking care of mine and Sarah’s feet is going to be a very important part of your life. Trust me, you’ll be seeing a lot of feet in your life. It’s funny, you know? I always wanted to hold you in the palm of my hand. And now I can.” Kelly said very calmly. 

Bill was a little nervous and a little relieved. He had originally assumed Kelly was going to kill him. Being a foot boy wasn’t nearly as bad as being dead. He loved Kelly, but couldn’t understand why she did this. He figured he’d take his best shot and see what she said. 

“Kelly, please put me back to normal. Please?” He humbly requested. 

Kelly slowly began to grin. She almost laughed at Bill, untilshe smirked at him saying, 

“No, I’m sorry Bill. You are of much better use to me little than you ever were big.” 

This nearly crushed Bill as a single tear rolled down his cheek. After saying this, Kelly placed Bill on the coffee table in the living room. She made sure he couldn’t jump onto anything, as the fall itself was at least a 100ft. to Bill. After placing him here, she left him alone with his thoughts and went upstairs. Bill crumpled up on the hard wooden surface and began to dwell on his life ahead of him. All he could picture was Sarah’s enormous foot descending on him. Her foot that was much bigger than his whole body. He slowly drifted off to sleep with this image in his mind. 

Bill awoke to the sound of Kelly calling his name. He rolled over and saw a giant foot standing vertical next to him. He immediately jumped to his feet. Kelly was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up on the table next to him. 

“Well, good you’re up! You know what time it’s for Billy-boy? Time to rub your wife’s beautiful feet.” She said slyly. 

Bill almost cried as his wife’s pretty sole’s were once again his focus. He strolled up to her enormous foot and began feeling it. He rubbed it gently and stroked her impossible long heel. 

“Bill, that feels sooooo good…. I could eat you all up!” 

Bill shuddered at the thought but he realized it was only an expression. He continued to massage Kelly’s feet until he could tell she was sound asleep. Once he saw this, Bill stopped rubbing. He turned and walked around to the front of her foot. He couldn't believe how long her legs were! They seemed to stretch for miles! He thought briefly about crossing the silky black pants she wore, but knew it would be pointless. Where would he go? Kelly would probably wake and be mad at him for trying to run. He turned back around and headed next to her sole. He looked it up and down still not believing what he was seeing. “My wife’s foot is bigger than me. What am I going to do?” he thought. He certainly didn’t want to be a slave to Kelly and Sarah’s feet forever. He decided to wait it out a few days and see what would happen. He walked up to his wife’s foot and gently kissed it. After this, he laid down next to it and fell asleep again. 

Bill slowly began to shake the cobwebs out of his head and the crick in his neck. He could tell he was still on the coffee table where he had been the night before. He looked around for Kelly’s feet but didn’t see them. He was almost about to sigh in relief until he looked up. There, he saw his wife’s massive self standing over the coffee table. 

“Well, looks like my little hubby is awake! I hope you got your beauty sleep because my feet need tending to. Sarah’s coming over soon too. I can only imagine what she wants from you too. I hope you’re “big” enough for the challenge! Hahahaha…” Kelly laughed walking away. 

Bill feared what he would experience today. Slowly, he began to wake up and mentally prepare himself for the women’s enormous feet that he would surely see today.

Bill was just finishing doing some minor excersizes when he heard the doorbell. Oh no, he thought, Sarah’s here. He heard the door open and the women giggling. Suddenly their massive forms appeared in the doorway. 

“Weeeellllll, look who it is. My tiny brother in law.” Sarah said with a smirk. 

“He’s been real anxious to do what we did yesterday Sarah. Infact, he was so anxious he wanted to rub my feet last night after you left to get some practice in. Of course I let him.” Kelly said. 

Bill shuddered as he thought back to last night and just how hopeless his situation had set in on him. As the women slowly approached him he noticed something odd. Something that seemed different from the night before. Of course his wife and Sarah were huge, but they seemed almost- 

“Omigosh, I think he shrank some more Kelly!” Sarah exclaimed astoundedely. 

“You know, I almost thought so this morning. Let’s check for sure.” 

Bill became terrified when he heard the word ‘shrink’ again. He didn’t want to admit it to himself but Kelly and Sarah definitely looked larger than before. Was he really shrinking again? Kelly and Sarah left the room but quickly returned with a ruler. They stood the impossibly tall object next to Bill. 

“Well let’s see if my little man got even smaller shall we?” Kelly said as she read the ruler. 

But Bill could tell right away. The two inch mark was at least ½ inch above his head. He became very frightened. 

“Oh wow! Look Sarah! He did shrink again! He’s only about 1 ½ inches tall now! I thought he was only supposed to go to 2 inches?” 

“Yeah me too. It must be some side effect of the formula. Don’t worry though, he’s getting cuter isn’t he?” Sarah said looking at Bill. 

“He sure is sis. I think he would look much better down at our feet than on my coffee table though.” 

Suddenly Sarah reached down to poor Bill and picked him up in her enormous hand. Bill had never felt anything like this before! Sarah’s hand was huge! Her fingers held him tightly as he slowly moved closer to her face. 

“Well Bill, my feet are really sore, and I need somebody to massage them for me. Do you know anyone who would? Oh, really you wouldn’t mind? Well only if you insist! Hahaha!” Sarah said placing Bill down at the giantesses feet. 

Bill looked over Kelly and Sarah’s feet, which were already bare and waiting for him. He couldn’t believe how much ½ in. made! They looked even bigger than yesterday! He slowly apporached Kelly first. Her big toe laying flat, came up to his knee! He bent over and began to rub in between his wife’s toes. The smell was unbareably strong, yet somehow it aroused Bill. He climbed up onto her foot, which looked like the size of his driveway on his level. He bent down on all fours on the soft, supple surface of her foot and began to kiss it. 

“Oooooooohhh, Sarah look he’s doing it without us even telling him to! He’s learning well.” Kelly groaned in pleasure. 

Bill continued kissing his wife’s foot while he thought. ‘Kelly really has nice feet,’ he thought, ‘I guess it took them being bigger than me for me to notice. So soft, and smooth…’ he continued thinking as he really started getting into kissing and licking his wife’s foot. He started moving back to the toes and he licked each and every one of them. He rubbed his entire body along side her big toe as he kissed it’s side. He was somewhat “caught” betweeen her toes as he continued licking. 

“Wow, look Sarah! My husband’s really a pervert with my feet! I never knew!” Kelly exclaimed. 

Bill was still going at it, as suddenly, Kelly’s enormous foot lifted up into the air, leaving him laying flat on his back. 

“You did really good little man. But now I think you should kiss the bottom of my feet and show me how much you love me!” 

“Yeah, and I’d be careful Bill, Kelly might slip and crush you!” Sarah said laughing. 

Kelly’s foot began to fall on top of Bill at a tremendous speed! Bill covered his eyes and screamed as he prepared for the worst. As he was covered, he felt a swooshing sensation and he felt himself being picked up and placed back down. When he regained his senses, he looked around. He was back on the coffee table and the two giantesses were looking at him. All he could mumble was: 

“Thanks for not stepping on me Kelly.” 

“Bill, what did I tell you? I said you were of great use to me as a small man. I wasn’t going to crush you. I still have many chores for you to do for me.” 

Bill felt a sigh of relief pass through him. He also felt another weird tingling sensation though. Oh no! He was shrinking more! He looked at Kelly and Sarah as they visibly grew before him! The women looked at him astoundedly as their little man was becoming even littler. Bill dropped to the ground in disbelief. 

“Kelly, he’s really shrinking again!” 

“I know! Look at him go!” 

Bill closed his eyes in fear. How small this time? As he felt the tingling subside, he opened his eyes. My goodness his world had changed! Everything looked much bigger! Kelly and Sarah were almost too big to make out! 

“You know Sarah, now that Bill shrunk some more, I think I have a new place for him.” Kelly said. 

“Oh yeah, where’s that?” 

“In my stocking!”

Bill couldn’t believe this. He was now smaller than Kelly and Sarah’s toes. He could only wonder what they would to with him now that he was so small. As he stood to his feet on the coffee table, he looked around. The table looked endless, and the women’s faces were simply massive. Suddenly he saw Kelly’s massive hand reaching for him. It was like watching an eclipse of the sun. The hand blocked out everything! He was horrified by it all. He turned to run, but before he knew it, his wife had him. Kelly opened her palm and looked at her tiny husband. Bill opened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw! He was laying down completely in the palm of his wife’s hand! He was scared to even guess his height. Probably about an inch tall. He gazed up at Kelly and her enormous eyes. 

“Well Bill, as things would have it, you are much too small to take care of our feet properly. I mean, you aren’t even as big as our toes anymore. But, not to worry. I’ve come up for a new place you can go. How does riding in my shoe sound?” Kelly asked with a grin. 

Bill was so scared he didn’t know what to do. If he said no, she might end his life there. If he said yes, he might not make it out of her shoe alive. And did this all really matter? Quickly he thought of an answer. 

“Yes…yes, I’ll go in your shoe Kelly.” Bill mumbled defeated. 

“Geee, did I say shoe? I meant stocking!” Kelly laughed as she tipped her hand over. 

Bill felt himself slipping off her palm. Soon he screamed as he was in free-fall. He figured he was done for, but soon he hit something mesh like. He scrambled to get to his feet, but strangely couldn’t. As he looked up, he saw an enormous object coming down on him. Oh no. It was Kelly’s foot! This meant he could only be in one place! Kelly’s nylon! He tried futilly to escape the enormous descending foot, but it was no use. He felt her hot foot come over his body, as he was trapped between her toes. He heard the women laughing about something, which could only be him. His surroundings soon became scorching, and he struggled to breathe under his wife’s foot. 

“Well now that we have Bill in his place, what do ya say we go shopping?” Kelly asked her sister. 

“I think it’s a marvelous idea.” 

The two women went to the mall for hours and did shopping. They practically forgot about the man who was trapped under Kelly’s foot. Unfortunately for Bill, it was all he could think about. He lay there, under her toes for hours. The smell was so powerful, that he choked numerous times. Strangely though, he had an urge to kiss Kelly’s toes. He did a couple of times but nothing too intimate. He hoped this whole thing would soon be over. 

Kelly and Sarah finished their shopping and went their separate ways. Sarah promised her sister that she would be over again tommorow for more of her “foot love”. Kelly unlocked her door and stepped inside her house. She strolled to the bedroom and slowly removed her clothes, article by article. She finally reached her nylons and she peeled them back with ease. Bill flopped out onto the bed. 

He couldn’t believe how huge this bed seemed. It was like a desert. He turned and saw Kelly’s enormous foot beside him once again. Suddenly, the toes swooped down on him and grabed him up. He struggled but realized he couldn’t get out. Then he heard Kelly speak. 

“Well, little man, I see you survived your first experience in there. That’s good, considering that’s where your home away from home is going to be. I would have you rub my feet, but they don’t need it since you were in my shoe. I’m taking a nap Bill, and I suggest you do the same.” 

With that, she dropped her tiny husband and laid her head down to sleep. Bill feared the idea of going in her shoe again. Sure he survived, but the whole thing could still kill him. Figuring Kelly was right, he lay next to his wife’s toe and drifted off to sleep.

Bill awoke and crawled out from under his crevice. He arched his back and strateched trying to get the sand out of his eyes. The bed looked like it went on forever. He started walking across it figuring Kelly would still be sleeping for a little while. He had almost always woke up before his wife. If only he had a few days ago, he wouldn’t find himself in this terrible situation. Here he was, shrunken (shrinking) and forced to worship his wife and her sisters feet. He knew it was too late to go back though. It was crazy enough to be a shrinking man, but an amazing growth man too? Bill didn’t think so. 

As he walked, he turned to back to look at Kelly’s foot. His heart dropped as he could tell his wife’s toes looked bigger which meant he was shrinking. Her toes dwarfed him as her feet had before. He sat down and just stared at her feet. As he got smaller, Bill had noticed more and more just how pretty Kelly’s feet really were. The wrinkled and smoothness of her soles became more pronounced from his vantage point. He almost didn’t mind paying homage to her any more. Sarah on the other hand, she was out of control. Bill feared she would seriously kill him on “accident” of course. He only now wished to stay near his gargantuan wife. 

As Bill thought to himself, the entire bed started to shake, as Kelly began to move. Bill laid down to sturdy himself as she stood to her feet. Just then he heard her call to him. 

“Bill? Bill where are you?” 

Kelly looked down and saw his tiny form on the foot of the bed. 

“There you are. Wow Bill! You really shrank some more! You know, for once, I wish you were a little bigger. Its ok though. I’ll find uses for your ever shrinking state. I think I should give Sarah a call and tell her to come right over!” Kelly said amazed. 

Bill didn’t want her to, but knew he didn’t have a choice. A few hours passed as Bill remained on the bed waiting for Kelly to return. Soon he heard that familiar door opening out front and he knew his sister in law was here. Just then he saw Kelly and Sarah rush in. 

“Omigosh Kelly, you weren’t kidding! Look at how little he is!” Sarah said astounded. 

“I know. Hey Sarah, you don’t think Bill will shrink away to nothing do you?” 

“I don’t think so sis, but just in case we better get some more foot fun out of him!” 

Bill felt his stomach churn whne he heard Kelly say he could shrink away to nothing. Would that really happen to him? He thought that the women looked big now… what if he did get even smaller! What if Kelly’s toe ended up looking like a skyscraper to him? He tried to get these thoughts out of his head but they loomed over him like a cloud. Just then, Kelly placed Bill on the floor, and the women took their spot on the bed. Bill noticed that the carpet was starting to look like tall grass to him. He saw Sarahs enormous foot right above him as he collapsed in fear, 

“Well Bill, my foot seems to simply want some attention from your shrinking little body. How would you feel about being crushed tiny?” Sarah laughed. 

As she said this, Bill saw her foot come down and completely cover him. It was on top of him and started to roll him around under her sole! Bill felt the warmth and smoothness of Sarah’s immense foot. He struggled underneath but this only made the women laugh louder. 

“Kelly I can’t believe this, he’s wiggling like crazy!” Sarah said. 

“I bet it feels awesome. I’ll have to try him out like that after.” 

Bill was completely saturated with the smell of Sarah’s foot. As he inhaled her scent, he felt that strange tingling again. Oh no! he thought, I’m shrinking again! Bill felt Sarahs foot grow out all around him as he could almost crawl in a wrinkle of her sole! Not feeling Bill beneath her anymore Sarah removed her foot from on top of him. 

“Oh no! Kelly look! He shrank some more just now! Look at this… you can’t even make him out anymore.” Sarah said stepping away from Bill. 

“Well little husband of mine, I guess there’s only one thing left to do before you disappear.” Kelly said lifting her foot. 

The tiny Bill struggled with the carpet to stand up. As he regained his balance, he saw a shadow cover him totally. It looked like an enitre building was coming down on him. He screamed for only a second as Kellys foot hit the ground. 

“Well sis, looks like Bill got what was coming to him.” Sarah said with a smile. 

“No Sarah… Bill shrunk what was coming to him.” Kelly laughed. 

Sarah decided to go home for the day, as Kelly lay down for a nap. As she stretched out her long legs and hung her feet off the bed, Bill was still alive. Somehow, he had gotten stuck in one of his wife’s wrinkles in her sole. He clung to her foot for dear life, as it started looking like mountain terrain, what with him still shrinking. Bill now closed his eyes and prepared to become part of his wife’s foot. Suddenly though, he felt a different kind of tingling. Something moving faster in his body. As he opened his eyes he gasped. He was re-growing! Soon he was the size of Kelly’s foot, and soon he was his normal size self! He was so shocked he couldn’t even speak. Kelly still lay asleep on the bed. As he stood up, bad thoughts entered his head. But in the end, he knew he couldn’t kill his wife because he still loved her. He packed a few of his things and when he was done, he went next to Kelly and kissed her gently on the cheek. He then strolled out of his house and into a new life waiting for him. 


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