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Lost IOU Spanking - Jackie Rabbit
« on: March 14, 2020, 02:16:16 pm »
“...But I don't have enough quarters to ante up" I whined.

"I have plenty" the man sitting across from me taunted with his wicked smile...

… We were the first of our little group of friends that were married, and our little two bedroom rented house as a result the unofficial social center for our friends. There was a couch and a spare bedroom, so if somebody needed to they could always stay over, and many times they did due to our little place being well out of town where rents were cheaper. This time the excuse to get together was poker, but it could have been a barbecue, or a college game on the TV, or even a board game. It didn't matter really, just friends getting together in a place that wasn't their own home.

I was losing badly at cards, the rum and cokes didn't help that, but Jack - my husband, the man with the excess quarters - sitting across from me kept refilling my glass when it became almost empty like the good bartender he was emulating. I got impossibly randy when I drank - still do to this day - and I wondered what my husband was playing at. If he wanted to get lucky later on that was an easy hurdle to cross, the only challenging part would be to keep me quiet enough if we had guests. The spare bedroom was right next to ours, the rooms small, and our headboard right up against the wall separating both rooms due to that being the only place our little twin sized bed would fit while still being able to open the closet and entry doors.

I was a noisy one as well, it was one thing for Jack to keep the pace even and slow so as not to bounce our bed up against the wall violently, but quite another to keep me from being vocal. I loved to really let go and make all kinds of noise, it was fun, and it let my husband know he was hitting all the right spots. He was justifiably proud of that, playing my body like a musical instrument when everything worked out as it should, and sometimes even giving an unintentional concert for our guests at the same time I'm sure...

At the table that night were Jack, Angie and Kevin almost sitting across from each other and engaged, and Sam sitting off to my right at our oval table as he was there stag. His girlfriend had dumped him just recently for another guy, and he needed the friendship these little get togethers offered more than ever. We were playing for quarters and nothing more as far as the others were concerned, but I knew a way to barter for some more quarters from my husband, one that we might both enjoy later on if everybody went home as it looked like they would.

"What might it take for you to give me some of those extra quarters sir?" I asked formally. Letting my husband know what I was offering without being so rude as to speak it in the other's presence, most especially Sam's.

"I'm going to write something on this slip of paper" Jack offered with an ear to ear smile as the others tried not to notice, he folded it in half and handed it across to me so that his terms were ostensibly hidden. "If you agree to the terms sign it and write 'IOU' on the outside, and then you will receive your quarters."

"I owe ten smacks with a bare hand on my bare bottom in exchange for ten quarters," I read while my hands shook, not out of fear, but anticipation. Everybody was looking at me, either because my face gave it away, or Jack's smile did, but I signed the IOU as requested and handed it back to Jack anyway. This was going to be fun later one way or the other, Jack's playful swats in the past some serious foreplay for me, although not quite exactly what I had in mind when I had made my offer.

With my new lucky quarters my luck seemed to change at the expense of Jack's, but so did everybody else's. Kevin and Angie eventually made their excuses and left, we three left in the game together with Jack still in possession of my IOU. Sam then raised more than Jack had to offer, other than if he put my IOU in the pot, Sam's ploy calculated to get that slip of paper and making me think he had an ulterior motive of his own.

Jack and Sam had been friends since high school, and I was starting to wonder if I had been played and this was intended to be some kind of gift to Sam. Perhaps Jack had even manipulated the game so I would have to pay off my debt with Sam, instead of with him. Maybe, Jack had only meant to taunt me privately with the possibility of Sam winning me - or my bare behind - if for nothing else but to see how I would react in the real world. Our bedroom foreplay talk had involved others before, but fictional nameless additional partners are easily fantasized about without consequence.

Sam however was real, and sitting next to me in the here and now. Still, a bare bottom spanking wasn't quite the same thing as sharing our bed, but I knew it could make Sam's night and possibly provide a much needed distraction from his post girlfriend melancholy if this were to somehow happen, albeit at my expense.

My alcohol infused brain asked, could I allow myself to be used by Sam like this? With my inhibitions at an all time low...

Why not, was the simple answer - although this situation was anything but simple - if my husband was on board with it, which he quite likely was.

In the seconds it took for me to ponder all this, I decided that if my husband wanted to watch Sam paddle me, I would surely play along, I might even ham it up a little just to make it memorable for both men. And, if the thought turned Jack on as much as I suspected it might, so much the better once Sam went home.

It would at the same time be disingenuous to claim that the idea didn't excite some part of me at some level, the thought of being won - or lost - in a poker game disproportionally exciting to my semi drunk mind. ‘Things’ were both won and lost, this objectifying to a part of my mind and hugely exciting, even though Sam might be the actual winner, a man that I liked as a friend, but had no interest in sexually at all.

 I then gave my husband Jack ‘that look’. Not the one that said "don't even think about it," but the one that said "I'm game, if you are!"


Jack anted up with all his quarters and my IOU; Sam predictably won that hand, and got to keep my IOU. Jack was then broke and the game called, I for a brief moment wondering what IOUs Jack could have potentially offered up of his own for some quarters. It was an exciting thought, and one that offered an almost limitless range of options should the situation arise again.

Sam then looked at his winnings, his face unreadable to me when he opened and read the IOU, although he then asked what exactly he was supposed to do with the little paper while staring up from the little note into my eyes.

I realized then that Sam was giving me an out, bless his heart, giving either me or Jack the opportunity to tell him that wasn't necessarily meant for him, or even that I would cash out his IOU for quarters instead. I couldn't do that though, and apparently neither could Jack, although he had no actual ‘skin’ in this particular game...

From my perspective I was most likely going to get a spanking one way or the other, and Sam might actually have been just a bit more gentle with me. I had to at the same time balance that with a bare butt spanking, meaning Sam would get to see and feel something new and intimate at my expense, but again my inhibitions were low at the time. I wasn't exactly shy around our friends even when not drinking, but I didn't go parading around naked in front of them either. Not to mention that any kind of sex with Sam was just something I never considered under any circumstance that I could possibly imagine, Sam, before that night, very solidly in the friend zone.

Sam just wasn't my type - not to mention that I was already happily and somewhat newly married to Jack - but this caused me to wonder if I was even Sam's type. Or was I perhaps just the kind of girl he was looking to find in the future, so he could be as happy as Jack was?

Such thoughts were a high compliment, and gave me additional pause in complaining about that which my husband obviously approved, and I by my silence implicitly offered up as well.
Jack then shocked me to further silence when he announced he was going to take a shower so Sam could collect his IOU in private, this about the last thing on earth that I expected to hear, but apparently relieving Sam, who looked conflicted. Sam could have been a complete jerk about this in one of several ways, but if he were Jack would have tossed him out on his ear, friend or no friend. This wasn't in Sam's character though, he was and is a good guy, although way too soft spoken for me...

"How do we do this?" Sam asked tentatively, pointedly waiting until after Jack had left the room. He was giving off some mixed signals, and it felt like what little confidence he had was about to crumble, this IOU gift possibly his downfall if mismanaged.

With my husband giving me my smacks it was nothing but foreplay between two lovers, and something that turns me on for some crazy reason when everything is just right. It's a form of submission obviously, and that would make me at times submissive, but submitting to someone other than my husband was definitely new and kinky territory...

"Really, any way you want, you're the boss here." I gifted myself a little more fully to Sam - in a manner of speaking - so as not to crush his confidence. Confident men like Jack were sexy and desirable to me, I realized that this might be a major factor in Sam not being my proverbial type. This was an epiphany of sorts for me, but to be fair I wasn't in the market for another man either; Jack and I were quite happy, we were still at that stage of things where one experiments with all things sexual.

"It might be more comfortable for you though, if you sat on a firm chair and I laid across your lap; right to left, since you’re right handed."

"Okay," Sam answered. He took the seat I indicated, his smile now reminding me of a ten year old boy on Christmas morning.

I then gently laid across Sam's lap, his baggy thick blue jeans forming several creases on his thighs, my nether regions accidentally finding one while searching for a comfortable spot to lay. I was wearing a tan pleated skirt just above the knee, barefoot, with no stockings; also a white blouse with buttons that was tucked into my skirt, white matching bra, and full coverage panties that matched the skirt. This was my preference at work, for obvious reasons, of both contrast and comfort. The panties were not at all sexy, even though I have others that obviously are, but this was an ad hoc situation with Sam at best. At least as far as I knew at that moment...

Sam then surprised me, telling me confidently rather than asking, to place my hands crossed at the small of my back. My efforts to not crush his confidence perhaps worked a little better than I anticipated. Or, had I just discovered the wolf in sheep's clothing, once my protective husband had been safely removed from the picture?

With little polite choice anyway, I did as instructed, my head forced down toward the floor by my new posture, my balance now precarious, and my dependence on Sam for that same balance clear. With his left hand he pinned my wrists together at the small of my back, my restraint imperfect, but clearly there. I wiggled my wrists to test his resolve as his grip increased proportionally, and with our relative positions I realized he could likely overpower me for all but a full-on attempt at resistance.

Sam almost at the same time spread his long legs to help stabilize the trunk of my body, his left knee eventually nestled roughly under my hanging right boob, forcing it almost over the top of my full coverage bra under my buttoned blouse. His leg's move untucked my blouse from the front of my skirt at the same time, leaving my stomach uncovered between his spread thighs and making me feel just a bit more naked than I ever intended.

"Are you comfortable?" Sam asked; pushing some of my sexual buttons, either accidentally, or by design.

His left knee was at the same time restricting my breathing slightly, so the honest answer was "no," but I didn't have the desire to share that with him at the moment. When Jack spanked me I was almost always nude and bent over not his knee, but our bed, although with my wrists pinned or tied with something handy and improvised in similar fashion. I didn't want to offer that option up to Sam as an alternative for obvious reasons, it would have been much more physically comfortable for me, but much less explainable should Jack come out of the shower before Sam had done the deed in its entirety.

"Are you going to count them for me?" Sam asked, Jack always making me count them out, and then adding some for one of several contrived reasons.

Something in my mind went "ping"!

"Yes sir," I answered, just as I would have for my mock disciplinarian husband, should he be watching and listening covertly. Half drunk or not - though I was actually sobering up rather quickly - I realized that I - or more accurately my butt - had been intentionally offered up to Sam in a little conspiracy between the men. Possibly even Angie and Kevin had been in on it. I was therefore nothing more than a gift, an object to be won by Sam and then used for his distracting entertainment. The others had been in on it from the beginning of the night at the very least, or possibly even before that.

What might have caused another to be angry, or even hurt, instead excited me. Here was a boy - no that wasn't quite right either - here was a man, whom I had little interest in sexually, and he was about to punish me - and by extension my husband - for essentially being poor poker players. All while that same husband conveniently had removed himself from the picture.

I imagined what might happen if I had instead committed some serious infraction of the rules, like cheating at cards, or even spilling a drink on one of our honored guests. My mind wandered further to what I might have to give up - by force, in my randy mind - for a serious IOU debt, like maybe ten dollars in gambling quarters. What would that IOU look like? I fantasized, and who might eventually win it, then be collecting it later on in the night?

Oh! I thought to myself, my husband and our friends may well have started something here, something not easy to walk back, once it's been started and the paradigm set. All I had to do was to put on a show for Sam to tell them all that I was on board for it. Sam still wasn't my husband, but his obvious inside knowledge of my kinks and his ‘take charge-ness’ was exciting me more and more by the second, as well as confirming that my husband had likely engineered this situation in the first place.


With my wrists secured by Sam's left hand and my body pinned on his lap, his right was free to do the deed. He then ran his bare hand from the back of my left knee slowly upwards, tickling my leg and making me squirm in the process. Sam held me tighter by reflex so I couldn't escape, unintentionally giving away a further secret to him, one that I never intended: my ticklish nature.

Sam's hand eventually got to the raised hem of my skirt, and then under it as I realized how "real" this suddenly was. This wasn't my husband, but this man with his intrusive hand resting lightly and directly on my panties had won this from him in a poker game. I was at the same time forced to notice the actual size of Sam's hands, his left well large enough to trap both my wrists at once, and his right easily large enough to cover one entire cheek of my ass.

Sam lifted my wrists from my back temporarily with his left hand, using his right to flip my skirt all the way up onto my back, both my wrists and his left hand, trapping my skirt and fully exposing the entirety of my legs and panties for my lost IOU spanking. I was helpless, and getting excited like never before, I think because a man other than my husband was about to playfully paddle my bottom.

Without warning Sam then brought his bare hand down on my left butt cheek, but almost gently though. I still made the smallest of yelps, not because it really hurt, but because I had been surprised. Sam's massive hand felt like a ping pong paddle with fingers, it was so large, but he had been gentle overall with it.

I didn't count though, and Sam - I thought at the time - was taking this as a hint that he needed to be just a bit more rough with me - just as my husband and I had done. He rubbed my butt, almost in savoring fashion, rather than smack it, his initial touch causing me to flinch. He teased at this two more times before his hand met my right butt cheek more firmly, my body rocking forward on his lap this time due to the follow through of his swat.

I sucked in a deep breath, but didn't count out loud for more than one reason, the less obvious one being that my female parts were being ground against Sam's rough pants, that feeling pretty awesome despite there being two layers of my clothing between my bare female parts and his wrinkled jeans.

What to do? I asked myself silently, start counting and get this over with, or point out what's obviously missing and give Sam the full show that he had won - or was that purchased? A third option was to silently take what Sam was dishing out, for as long as I could, or until my showering husband came out and possibly intervened. Sam certainly didn't seem to be in any kind of hurry though, and this third option could not only potentially increase the intensity of Sam's swings exponentially until they became a true punishment, but prolong that punishment almost indefinitely at the same time as I had yet to start counting as I had agreed to...

But, this foolish third option passively required me to do nothing, and is the one I went with by implication of my continued silence.

Sam once again started rubbing on my covered butt, and again I flinched when he first touched me, this man toying with me, in expert fashion. His third swat nearly cracked in the silent air where his bare hand met my panties, and I rocked forward and yelped loud enough for my husband to hear even if he really was in the shower. It was still this side of playful though, in fact it was just about the perfect swat; firm enough to let me know he was there, and maybe even turning my butt slightly pink and tender in the process.

Sam was clearly playing with me, and doing so with inside knowledge he just shouldn't have had.

"I can't imagine you want it any harder, DO YOU?" Sam finally asked, although with a slightly sinister and challenging tone to his voice. I could imagine what harder might actually feel like, but letting Sam hear me beg for mercy and a commuted sentence when he got there just wouldn't do.

"I can't count yet sir, you won a bare butt spanking!" I reminded him, as reasonably as I could, all things considered, as if I were paddled all the time for gambling debts, and he should know this instinctively.

"OHHHH, how did I miss a little detail like that?"

I thought of a thousand snarky replies to Sam's sarcasm, but I thought it best to keep myself passively mute on the subject, I was in no position, either figuratively or literally, to taunt Sam in any way.

I thought about it a little further, and wondered if Sam was offering me one last out should I not want him to handle my bare butt, despite my husband's apparent wishes to the contrary.

"Too late for that now" I thought for a brief moment, my silence on the subject deafening.

With the decision made Sam slipped his big fingers into the waistband of my panties and worked them off of my hips one handed as I cooperatively wiggled. Once free I expected him to leave them around my thighs someplace, but he instead removed them completely. I found out later he stuffed them into his shirt pocket, although I couldn't see what he was doing at the time, as my head was forced down by the position of my restrained arms. I spread my naked legs slightly while he stripped me, to ease his task. If Sam wanted my panties as a souvenir, who was I to object?

Whatever had been pressing on my female parts was now pressing on them a little more directly, the feeling more than just good, but not that good, not yet. Sam once again did his rubbing inspection of my now bare ass, under his breath compliments genuine and flattering. His fingers could have wandered almost anyplace and I would have been powerless to stop him, but he didn't take things that far.

Would I have said anything if he had? I don't really know, but that would have been a huge intrusion into what was already uncharted territory, and Sam apparently wasn't pushing that far.

My first countable smack from Sam's large hand cracked in the silent room, his swings intensity at the precise level we had established as comfortably stinging, but that had been with the cushioning effects of my panties being in place. Bare skin on bare skin was another matter entirely, but I had far more pressing problems at the moment.

"One," I gasped out, with a slightly frantic edge to my voice; Sam's hand was just a little more firm than I was used to from my husband, but I had left myself no good way to correct this. At the same time I was thoroughly conflicted, the sting of Sam's large hand, and the tingle from my nether regions where they were made to grind on his leg, met and combined in my mind to do something extraordinary. I felt my muscles tighten, almost like I was preparing my body for the next stinging swat, but that wasn't all that was happening.

"T... T...TWO," I managed to stutter out, trying my level best to relax just before impact and fighting what nature had intended my body to do. Sam had to know something was now going on, something far in excess of what a simple erotic spanking might be expected to cause. Sam wasn't the least bit unintelligent, but could he realize that he was on the verge of doing THAT to me?

Could he possibly not know?

At the time I thought I might still be able to stop my body from doing that, to keep my body from performing this most personal and intimate biological reaction for Sam, but the harder I tried to stop it, the more demanding the feeling became...

Sam allowed me to wind down a bit before he swatted me again, why exactly I didn't know at the time. He then rubbed at my bare bottom as if to relax me, or perhaps just to feel the heat I was generating while savoring this personal and taboo skin on skin contact. It was nearly overwhelming, there just too many stimuli beyond my control to rein in, but I tried to think of anything that I could to derail this speeding train I was riding anyway.

…Laundry, grocery shopping, the floor I was staring at that needed vacuuming; none of those crazy distracting thoughts that had worked in the past when I had employed them to slow my own pace so my husband could ‘catch up’ while we made love. It was just wonderful when he and I could pop off and orgasm at the same time, in our little bed together, although that was rare in the real world...

This series of thoughts had the opposite effect as one might expect though, I forced to ponder how I came to be draped over Sam's legs in the first place, not to mention my first ever impending orgasm at the hands of another man, a man other than my husband... who had lost me in a poker game!

Three, four, and five happened in almost rapid succession, I tensed and clenched up through all three and tried to ride it out, without being reduced to having a full blown squirming orgasm right on Sam's lap. I felt the pressure building to almost unsafe levels, I held my breath except to gasp out the count, my treasonous body about to betray me in spectacular form, the only question now being before Sam was done with me, or after...

Six never left my lips; the heat in my bottom, Sam's pants grinding into the very most sensitive part of me, the restraint, and the fact that I had been lost to Sam in a poker game in the first place, all crept up on me. I wiggled like a worm and ground myself onto Sam's leg by reflex; perhaps for a moment or two he thought I was trying to escape. He, on reflex, then held me even tighter, his right arm going around my upper thighs to hold me bent and fast over his knees as my body tried to straighten itself out, his left still pinning my arms immobile at the small of my back.

Sam's strength felt inhuman, as if I were trapped in between thick iron bars, but this was just further erotic stimuli applied to my conflicted brain. I heard a series of horrible guttural noises that I knew came from my own mouth, unintelligible sounds of no intelligent language spoken on earth, all at the same time as I struggled for an escape I didn't really want. Ironically, these same sounds and their accompanying deep gasping breaths were likely universally understood for what they were; a woman in the deep throes of a passionate climax. It might have sounded to one not watching this spectacle as if Sam were strangling me to death right there in our living room, but I couldn't help myself as I'm quite vocal in such things.

My husband never came out of the shower to rescue me however, even though he surely had heard my anguished sounds in there. What did this tell me? I wondered later. Was this expected as something that might happen, or perhaps even something specifically planned to happen?

The bucking and tremors of my orgasm eventually subsided, but my sense of time was lost in the process someplace. This was something completely new for me, but as evidence of it's duration and intensity my long hair was now matted to my sweaty face, and I felt spent and exhausted.

I then slipped off of Sam's lap cooperatively and onto my knees beside him, His own eyes closed and he looked like something profound had happened to him, above and beyond simply paddling me to a full blown orgasm.

Sam was breathing heavily himself, and as my eyes traced downwards from his face I noticed a huge wet spot about half way down his right pants leg. I smelled it at the same moment I saw it  - my nose not all that far away - Sam apparently had a rather large orgasm of his own about the same time I had mine. The unmistakable smell of fresh cum just confirmed what my eyes had concluded, the precise positioning of that telltale stain curious though.

The picture, and the resulting unanswered question stuck in my mind though...

I got up with my full debt yet to be paid off to Sam, kissing him on the cheek by way of a thank you. His eyes popped open when I did, and he looked embarrassed at what had just happened. I for my part had felt the same way, until I had seen the reaction I had caused Sam to have himself.

I had just excited a man other than my husband to an orgasm without even touching him sexually. It was hugely empowering, what a power to have, but more importantly, what to do with it?


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