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An Education by Unknown
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:28:49 am »
FF/m; giantess; naked; breasts; tease; oral; climax; swallowed; cons/reluct; X

Ms Summers placed her hand into the Tupperware and pulled out the tiny little naked man. He wriggled between her long fingers, and Ms Summers graced him with a warm smile from lips impossibly big. She never took her eyes off him as she addressed him. Whatever he said was too quiet to be heard, but he struggled with more vigour and beat futilely at the huge fingers that held him.

Gradually he realised the pressure wasn’t increasing. In fact it wasn’t as bad as fear had made it seem. He was covered, that was true, and could see little, but the material was silky soft, and he realised still warm from being wrapped round a giantess’ assets for a long hot day. He was under one edge of a cup of her bra, and small as she said her breasts were, they must be monstrous still, for it easily covered his fragile body. He moved slightly and the sight of it caused laughter to boom deafeningly from above.

“What’s it like in there little one? Have I given you a taste for what is to come?”

The bra was carefully lifted away and discarded, leaving him suddenly cold and scared. He shivered involuntarily.

“Aaah, the poor little one is cold,” said Susan almost affectionately, and she made a gentle fist round him. She brought him towards Ms Summers’ tall erect nipples. He had never seen anything like them, straight and strong and beautiful, and each one bigger than himself.

“Why don’t you show Ms Summers how much you like them?” encouraged Susan with a strange excitement in her voice.

She held him so close he could reach out and touch them. He did so reverently and lovingly. Stroking them and kissing them. They seemed to be growing even bigger before him, and he longed to wrap his little self around one of them. Susan cupped her hands for him to stand freely on, and he hit and beat and kicked the massive teat before him. The sweat poured off him as he hammered away.

“That’s it. I can almost feel your feeble efforts… better and better” moaned Ms Summers. Susan looked into her half closed eyes, and smiled.

By now the tiny man had collapsed in sweaty exhaustion, and was desperately cuddling one nipple. Susan gently pulled him away, “You’ve done well little one, now do something more.”

She placed him between both breasts and cupped them to take his body. He was facing outwards towards Susan’s face.

“Now little one, I’m going to give you a treat. Today is your lucky day, you will join with one of us very soon. I’m going to give your minuscule manhood a little blow job until you cum fit to burst, and then, for our climax, you can lean backwards and I’ll slowly crush you between your owner’s wonderful huge breasts, or you can lean forward into my loving mouth and be swallowed with your cum.”

She looked up at Ms Summers who was beaming. “Agreed” she said to the little man, not that it would make any difference whether he did or not. In many ways frantic struggling and screaming only added spice.

Her pretty face loomed closer, her bright blue eyes burning him with the light and anticipation behind them. Her long mouse brown hair teased him and blinded him, engulfing him in it’s forest. Then through the impossible mass of hair a giant pair of red lips emerged smiling, glistening, opening. He indeed screamed and wriggled, causing the wonderful flesh surrounding him to shiver with his owner’s enjoyment.

The giant lips closed gently and firmly about his whole lower torso, and upended him so that his head and shoulders disappeared into breast. She moved her lips slowly up and down him, gliding smoothly over his straining manhood. He breathed in the overwhelming scent of his mistress’s bosom as it pressed about his face, while all the time he cried out in joy. And he felt, oh how he felt… a huge sucking that threatened to pull him whole into her mouth, that made his penis stand on end pointing deeper into her throat.

He could sense his tiny body sliding towards her huge gullet, but even his fear could not overcome these wonderful sensations. Then the tongue, giant and rough, pushed his manhood the other way, and played with it with a tip that dwarfed his penis, indeed could have pulped both it and him without effort or hesitation. Suck and release, suck and release. And all the while playing, playing, playing, the massive tip and his tiny penis. Overwhelmed he moved his body rhythmically against her lips, her tongue, that is when he was not left overcome and motionless by her powerful ministrations.

Finally after a short eternity he burst. He came and came like he never had before, shooting into her mouth. How much of his tiny load she felt was impossible to tell, but something about his body, or taste evidently told her he had cum. She lingered still, her warm wet glorious mouth still all around him.

Then his legs and penis were left cold, and he felt himself eased up into the light. His head emerged from between his owner’s breasts, and his lower body was again embraced.

Susan’s massive smiling face was inches from him, “I’ve done my bit little man, now it’s your turn.” He was still wrapped in his wonderful orgasm, but something about the quality of her smile was sounding alarm bells, and bringing him back to earth.

Susan opened her huge mouth, and he saw just how big it was and how small he was, and how easy he could just disappear inside. “Take a good look, at my lips that have already embraced you, my moist warm mouth that would take you forever, and my bright shiny teeth, like boulders that would block your way back to the light. I want to eat you, and I know you loved being inside me once.”

He looked dumbly up at this wonderful dangerous landscape sized woman before him.

“All you have to do to come back to me is reach out towards me.” She cooed, “come back to me and stay in me always.” She dazzled him with her warm sexy smile, and one huge eye winked suggestively.

He paused. Not knowing what to do, part of him longed to go back, but he knew a second visit would not be like the first. He did nothing.

“You have chosen.” pronounced Susan while she laughed low and gleefully.

With that she leaned forward and gently took the man in her mouth and kissed him.

He felt, rather than saw, the movements of her lips. They blocked out the sky, filled his world, and with the slightest gesture could kill him. She moved him to her enjoyment, as her giant lips teased and caressed him. Her hot breath at times washing over him.


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