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Coast to coast - pt.2
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We checked into the hotel later that afternoon, and after a quick stop to leave the baggage, I followed Dawn to the exposition floor, which is in another wing of the venue.
I was amazed, it was a flurry of activities, with a lot of dealers unpacking their stuff in the booths and a lot of workers finishing installations and details on the exhibition floor.
She told me Markus had reserved one of the most coveted places, in a central aisle, with a lot of walking by. As we got there we were met with a mountain of boxes, placed in the center of the place, while a couple of venue workers were busy installing glass cabinets on the side. On the far side of the booth, they were building a sort of enclosed room, a sort of office, where things could be stored.
“Let’s get going.” Dawn said, sporting a pair of pliers to open the seals.
As we got through the boxes, I could see that there were a lot of metal pieces, most of which I could not understand the function. Then there were marketing things, posters, leaflets and so on.
All the promotion material went into the room, while I got the task of fixing the posters to the walls; finally we got to the business of organizing the displays, and then it got really interesting, at least from my point of view.
The first thing that came out from the boxes was Dawn’s original harness, that was mounted on a plastic mannequin.
“Markus did it with my measures.” She told me with a laugh. Even if she was enthusiastic about the whole thing I could spy that she was cringing sometimes, especially when she sort of forgot what she was wearing, and made strange movements against the harness she was restrained in.
Since I got the chance to see the other the night before, I could see that the finishing was very different. Not crude, mind me, but it was done in a more practical way, without all the jewels and gold of the other one.
We placed it in the most prominent place, with a written explanation and the request to ask for more info at stand’s personnel. That would be us, I would imagine.
It was really a discovery for me, I was handed some elaborate handcuffs, other chastity belt models, a pair of steel heeled-shoes. The more I saw, the more I was amazed at the beauty of Markus’ workmanship.
By dinner time, we had more or less prepared the booth, there were a lot of devices that I still could not understand, but I was tired from the night before, and from the trip and also I was starving, so we went to the hotel restaurant.
“Ok, so tomorrow you are going to man the shop?”
Well, I sort of expected that but hearing it aloud was another thing.
“Er… Yes.”
“Having second thoughts, are you?” Dawn seemed upbeat after dinner, and she laughed at my hesitation.
“No, I was just thinking that I know nothing of these fairs, of these things…”
“Do not worry…. I’ll guide you.”
This time it was my turn to laugh.
“Excuse me, lady, but in your current predicament, how should I feel safe?”
“Good point…. I promise I will do better.” Now we laughed together.
We returned to our room and this time Dawn was obviously more at ease with me, because she shed the dress she had worn for the whole day and went around the room with only the restraint on. While she was getting things out of her luggage, I must admit that I had a very long look at the chastity armor locked on her.
It was an amazing tight fit for her body, all the bars that enclosed her torso were just her right measure, enclosing but not pushing. She seemed to be able to move with ease, notwithstanding the amount of metal that was burdening her, and she did not seem to be embarrassed by my perusing.
I got a clear view of the panties section of the whole contraption. It was wonderful, it was like some of those  bikini bottoms where the central part, to cover the nether regions, is large enough, but the rest is flimsy and nearly non existent.
There was a cover on her pussy, shaped like her curves, from which some flat bars protruded to her side and upward to meet the waist bar, parallel to another bar further up, tight enough to create a beautiful hourglass shape. Apparently, on the center of this second bar, there is the lock, a metal circle where the magnet should be placed to open the whole thing.
At least, so I understood from her explanation.
Then I had a look at her ass and the result was more spectacular. The cover was following her perfect butt, shaped to go deep into her crack. It was a marvelous device.
Finally I saw the breasts, the domes covering which were again a copy of the tits hidden underneath, areolas included.
And the details, the jewels, the golden fixtures were absolutely beautiful.
I must have had a strange face, because she was looking at me.
“Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower. But you can come with me, if you prefer.”
I immediately got red in the face.
“Oh my….. I’m so sorry…. Sorry.”
“Don’t be.” And with that she went into the bathroom, and in a couple of minutes I could hear the sound of water.
Later, as she was drying her hair, it was my turn to shower. Under the water spray, my mind wandered about the turn the whole experience was taking. I was sharing my car and all of a sudden, I got a job in a fetish convention. What a strange turn of events. And then I realized that the thing Dawn was forced to wear had a purpose: it was specifically designed to be enforced on a woman to seize her chastity. It's certainly embellished by diamonds and gold, but that is the purpose. And even if the woman is willing, or so Dawn reported, it is still something very imposing and troubling.
Yet again, it is strangely arousing not to be able to access some parts of your own body, especially the centers of libido and sexual urges.
As when I was staring at Dawn's device, I found myself more and more curious about it. And also there was some sort of tingling in my pussy, just thinking of it.
I was not into bondage or fetish in any way, but to brush with such interest was unequivocally waking up something in my mind.
Mechanically, I finished my shower and when I came into the room, Dawn was rummaging in her luggage.
“Well, let’s set you up for tomorrow, shall we? Try it on.”
On my bed there was a beautiful black catsuit, and on the side there were some high heeled boots, I picked some underwear on and proceeded to squeeze my body into it.
Started to put it on by the legs, obviously, and proceeded upward. The fit was tight but the result was beautiful, since it was done with a sort of heavy rubber, with a sort of padding inside, it form-fitted my legs in two marvelous black pillars. Feet were attached to it, and once I had reached my midriff, I realized that my whole body was being transformed into a black statue, a beautiful black statue.
The top part was a little bit tricky since the access to the whole suit was situated in the middle of the back, with a zipper going in an arch from the sides upward. I thought it would be really a chore to wear it, but I could put it on like a shirt, and the result was amazing. The suit was shaped to get the most of my figure, support my breasts, slimming my belly and compressing my butt.
As I was thinking that it would be very difficult to go to the bathroom with that on, I felt there was a crotch zipper just for that.
As if reading my mind, Dawn said:
"You should go commando, under that. Trust me."
Then I tried the boots, the heels were higher than the one I'm used to, but the leg was stiff and the fact they were knee high made wonders to my equilibrium.
I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and the whole ensemble was so skin tight that I could easily go around naked and get the same effect. Wow.
With a little help I squeezed out of the suit and after a little chat we went to sleep.

Next morning, I woke up with a mind full of doubts and a knot in my stomach.
Dawn was not in the room, but she entered as I was leaving the bathroom with two passes in hand. She had already gone to the organizers to get clearances and passes.
I could feel that she was buzzing with excitement for the whole thing, I noticed that she had already done her makeup but she was still wearing the plain dress that she sported on the journey here.
I could clearly see that it was wrinkled from the car, and it would be a big contrast with my uniform.
Speaking of which, I put myself to the task of wearing it, by starting in the nude and covering my body inch after inch.
When I came to the part that I could see myself in the mirror, I was breathless. The girl looking back at me, was not me. Definitely. We may share something, but I felt so different from the image I reflected.
I did not have the time to have a clear and critical view of my outfit, because Dawn pressed me to wear the boots and get ready to go down.
While I was latching them on, she was busy doing something else, and once we were leaving the room, she gave me a bag.
“Keep it, there are keys to the stand, showcases, room and everything. You can also put your ID inside. It must always be on you, Do you understand?”
“Why can’t you keep it?” I asked.
“Because it does not fit with my outfit.” And she shed the dress and went out of the door, wearing only the chastity harness, the thigh cuffs and a beautiful pair of high heeled shoes.
I went with her in disbelief, she seemed completely at ease, and when we got to the exposition floor. I could see that her outfit was actually making a lot of heads turning her way, yet it was amazing how she was acting casual, in a very bizarre way, I was the most dressed but I was more ashamed of myself.
Truth be told, the outfit I was wearing was really beautiful, and comfortable as well, but so revealing I could be nude as well. The simple fact that I was to be in an adult fetish convention, amongst men and women, dressed only in a skintight suit, made me queasy.
As we came to the booth, there was still a lot of work to do. We had to prepare leaflets and business cards, and then Dawn told me something about the products.
She said that most of the people we were going to meet would be into this sort of thing and that they were more than conscious of what those restraints were supposed to do. Most of the job would be to schedule an appointment for those interested to commission Markus something, because there would be the chance to measure them up and then prepare a quotation, once we returned back home.
"Don't worry, I will take measurements in the back room, you use these sheets to get phone numbers, details and whatever."
Then she added.
"This is a peculiar environment, but if you feel in danger or uneasy, please tell me. And I will think of a way to solve the problem. Ok?" I just nodded, wondering what she was meaning by that.

The first hours were pretty sloppy, just the hardcore enthusiasts attended the event from the morning. So we had more than enough time to adjust and to deal with things.
As I had to go to the bathroom, I appreciated Dawn’s advice. If I had worn some kind of underwear under the catsuit, it would be very difficult to manage it. And from what I had seen up to that point, my outfit was not nearly as difficult as the ones I had seen through the exposition.
By mid afternoon I started to see more visitors, sometimes men browsing the booths, and some couples.
I was surprised to see a man leading a woman, maybe his wife, by a leash. She was tied up with rope and she could take tiny steps, but they were smiling and laughing together.
When they came in front of our stand, Dawn complimented his ropemanship, and the girl was swooning on her metal device. They were so open about their passions and this made them perfectly acceptable, well it sure helped me to get the hang of the normalcy of the situation.
I have had a little shop experience when I was young, so the way to treat a customer returned to me pretty quickly, but there was a little more to it. I got the hang of a sort of power play, in which I was the master and the customer were the subjects. Was it my outfit, was the tone of their request, I got a sort of mask on as I went to show them the restraint
As I understood it, I asked Dawn if it was something normal or if I was the strange one in the lot. She laughed and told me that it was all going well, and it was the suit. She said it with a smile, and I could not understand if she was telling the truth.
The other thing that got me, were the devices, as I got to put something on a girl, following Dawn’s instruction.
The customers were a couple, he was a tall middle aged man, and she was younger than him, but they looked at each other as if they were on the verge of fucking like rabbits there and then.
I could feel the sexual tension, yet they were dressed casually, with jeans, a white shirt for her and a leather jacket for him.
They had asked for something for her upper torso, and Dawn told them she had something for them. Finally the man asked if she could try it on Kitty, that was her name.
Then I noticed that around her neck there was a golden chain closed by a padlock.
As Dawn collected the parts of the restraint, it seemed to me like a bunch of metal thingies, and when I helped Dawn I realized how devious it worked.
It started with a collar enclosing the victim’s neck, with two flanges behind that once closed created a sort of recess, thru which a pole was passed, from the top down.
At that point, we fitted her arms with a couple of strange cuffs over the elbows, and each was fitted with a pole protruding. One of these poles was empty and the other fitted inside it, so when they connected, there were holes that could be aligned to let the pole pass, connecting the elbows in the back. The last piece of the contraption were some manacles where we inserted her hands, with a hole for the pole to pass in.
The pole had a thread and as we nudged a nut from the lower end, the manacles were lifted along the pole capturing her wrists and forcing her forearms outward in those cuffs.
“It is like a box tie, but stricter.” She explained as the girl’s neck was being pushed back and down, by her tightening the nut.
Before we applied this device to her, “Kitty” was a tall girl, dressed in sneakers, jeans and white shirt that was browsing the stalls along her partner. And now, trussed in steel, her demeanour had drastically changed. She had embraced the victim’s role, moaning and whimpering as her partner got hold of the pole and used it to move her around.
Her man asked, "Can I keep it for a while?"
Dawn's response was quick. "Yes, of course. Let me lock it, can you leave her your name?"
As I went to write his name down, Dawn fished a padlock and used a hole on the pole to prevent the nut from being unscrewed and free her hands.
"I will lock this and keep the key…."
"Wait a second." The man interrupted her.
I could hear that his woman was starting to protest but he gave no attention to that. Instead, he turned her around and picked her shirt out of her trousers, in the rear.
To my surprise, I found out that in the middle of her back there was a metal pole protruding from under her jeans.
"You are a bastard." She told him, obviously imagining what was going to happen. He picked a piece of chain from a pocket and thread it on a ring that was at the end of the pole.
Then he locked the two ends of the chain to the padlock Dawn was closing on the contraption.
As the girl moved in protest, she found that all the movements she would make with her neck and arms, would add tension to that pole.
"Roger, I will kill you." She was saying, but there was lust in her voice, like whatever discomfort she was experiencing was also the fuel of her libido.
"You see, ladies, Kitty here is a gorgeous woman. Very attractive."
And with that he proceeded to unbutton her shirt, exposing a white bra containing a pair of well endowed breasts.
With a hand he was continuously grabbing her by the collar limiting her ability to escape, and with the other he got one of her tits out from the bra, and then he started to lick her right there in front of us. Instantly all her protest turned into moaning of passion. I saw her hands blocked in the back, flailing trying to grab something.
It was Dawn that, jokingly, interrupted the course of action.
"Ok, guys, there are some playrooms on the other side of the room, or may I remind you that we are indeed in a hotel?"
They stopped on their track and as she was fidgeting with her legs, he thanked us for the assistance and marched with her in the direction of the play areas Dawn mentioned.
"What was that?" I asked.
"It is a couple playing. She hates to be displayed like this, but at the same time she loves it. Why else she would go around with an anal hook up her ass? He knows perfectly her limitations, and I would not be surprised to find them actually doing love on one of the stages in front of a lot of people."
"And you have also the key to her anal hook?"
"Yes. And it goes right into your pouch."
She put that in my bag, and there and then I realized how important it was to keep it safe.

After a while, she came to me and asked, with a glow in her face: “Want to do a walk? I need a mistress.”
I must have looked a little strange, because she immediately started to quake with fits of laughter.
“I will be your slave, and we are going to make a tour of the con. It’s called PR.”
“Errr… ok.”
“Do not worry, it will be fun.” She was smiling so much that I started myself to feel some enthusiasm, but clearly in my mind, I had no idea of what she meant by this.
And, truth to tell, I watched with mixed feelings as she donned a collar with an attached leash and put it on her neck, and when she closed a pair of handcuffs on her wrist, locking both hands behind her back.
She told me to control if all the showcases were closed and if all keys were in the bag, then I grabbed her leash and we left the stend’s relative safety.
I could immediately sense that she was at ease being displayed like that, and this was exquisitely apparent, when we both were approached by people while walking in the aisles. Some asked to look at her harness, some asked to touch it, one asked his girlfriend to take a photo while he was grabbing Dawn by both breasts. As I got more confident, I agreed to someone asking to take a picture as we were making out. Just for fun, I used the leash to force her face to mine and jokingly put an innocent kiss on her lips. She followed me without questions and in the end we were both giggling in embarrassment and laughter.
At first, I was minding that I could be included in the photos they were taking, but after a while I realized that it would be not very troubling or important.
Over all, the stroll was really illuminating, I had not seen most of the things that were sold in different shops. Leather, latex and spandex clothing were strewn on the racks and I could see people trying them out for measure or for comfort; as we had done sometime before, a lot of shop owners were fitting their customers with the merchandise.
And Dawn, I realized, was known, so we had to stop at a few of the patrons, to greet and chat a little. I got to know a couple of models, one leatherworker whose shop was full of very peculiar items of clothing, a steelworker that could not lift his eyes from Dawn’s harness.
We were returning back to the stand as we saw some stages in a part of the big exposition area. 
All these stages were taken by professionals: some were tying down models to the joy of an audience, some were demonstrating their devices. In one of the stages I could see Kitty, the girl that we had closed in the steel armbinder before, and now her situation had gone for the worst, or for the better, depending on which side you are looking.
She was strapped down on a bondage horse, her neck locked to one end and her legs on the other. Her jeans were pulled down revealing the anal hook they told us before, still lodged in her bum.
On her pussy there was a machine with a dildo attached that was pumping in and out. So blocked she was literally squealing in pleasure, howling.
On her side there was her partner, looking at her with pride and joy, then there was a look between them and, apparently oblivious of everyone else, he started to unzip his pants and she eagerly went on his throbbing erected dick. In front of everyone. I was astounded.
“See, told you so.” Dawn said, and without thinking, I suddenly jerked her leash.
The master-slave relationship that I had just witnessed stirred something in me, I did not know why.
We finally got back to the stand, to find a couple of girls that wanted to be sized for a belt, and they went into the fitting room with Dawn.
While she was there measuring, I tended to the stand. A lot of people approached me, interested in the mannequin that was fitted with Dawn’s harness, asking if it was possible that someone could walk around trussed like this.
I just smiled, and told them that if they stuck around they could see for themselves. At one point, while I was on the front of the stall, I was approached by a tall woman dressed in a black leather coverall. She was tugging another woman by a leash, a tall amazon, totally bound in rope, to the point that she was forced to take tiny steps to walk about.
By that point; it was clear to me that it was a Mistress-Slave relationship. And if not, it would be more clear by the fact that, while the Slave was keeping her eyes down, the Mistress was the one looking straight at me and talking.
Once again she asked about the harness. And while I was telling her the talking points that I had learned from the sheet, Dawn appeared by my side, after a trip to the bathroom.
The Mistress was startled by her vision, and I could see that also the Slave, inspecting the harness without getting her head high, was excited from what she was seeing.
“Oh, it is beautiful indeed. How does it work?”
“Well, quite well, I must say.” Dawn reported smiling.
“I do not suppose you can model it for me? I wish to see it installed.”
I could see that Dawn was on the verge of telling her that it was not possible, and I blurted out.
“Well, I can wear it.”
Now they were both looking at me.
“Are you sure, Monica?” Dawn was the first to talk.
“Yeah, we have the key, right? And you can put it over my suit, so it is not a problem.”
I must have had a very convincing face, because she simply told me: “Ok, if you say so.”
Then we fished in the bag for the magnet and she opened the harness taking apart the two halves. I set the mannequin aside in the fitting room and then went in the middle of the stall. I was to be a show for everybody and whatever caution or pruderie I had at the beginning of the day I was obviously past that point.
“Ok, the first part is the back, if there was the butt plug option installed, this would be the time to insert it. But this model does not have it.”
The back of the harness rested on my shoulders, while the front was actually dangling between my legs. Then the Mistress asked: “Are there any options that go with that?”
“Yes sure.” And she opened a box to take out a couple of large cuffs, telling me to spread my arms.
She then proceeded to put those cuffs over my biceps up my elbows, and then I noticed there were links from them. She put those links in indentures in the harness, and after that she fished a pair of tight cuffs similar to the ones she was herself wearing.
Also those links went into some indentures at the waist of the suit.
As she was fitting them on me, I realized that a little audience had gathered around us, some of them with a camera or a phone in hand, and were catching the scene.
So finally as she closed the front half on the second half, I heard several clicks, and I took stock of the situation.
Now I could move pretty easily beside the additional weight of the restraint on my shoulders, but I could not open my legs due to the cuffs. I paraded in front of them and while moving I found the purpose of the cuffs over my elbows. I could not raise my arms any more, not even to touch my face.
So simple, yet so constrictive.
It seemed like the Mistress was drinking my figure with her eyes and I understood how Dawn must have felt when I was perusing her harness in our room the night before.
I heard her explanation of the harness, what could be fitted and what could be the options. I noticed that she was professional enough not to tell anyone that one of the most constrictive options, she had on her that very moment.
Then, after what seemed to me a long time, the crowd dispersed towards other stalls and products, but the two making the request were still there. One willingly, one less so.
“This is a very interesting thing, no less. Don’t you think, Two?” and yanked the rope to force a response. A grunt and a nod were the only things coming from the tied woman.
“She is so worthless, she doesn't even deserve to be called One.” To us, and then.
“I was thinking that this could be an improvement for your situation. Do you agree?”
She just nodded.
“I have just decided that you two will be my guest tonight for dinner in my suite. There Two will be measured for her harness. Is it clear?”
Dawn looked at me, I looked back and then she got.
“Yes, it may be acceptable. Do you wish that we bring something to review?”
The Mistress inspected the rest of the booth.
“My slave is industrious with her hands, and I want something to stop that. And also her feet are prone to get around freely if not contained. So you should provide something for that, too. And I think that I’d like to see the whole ensemble on your model, here. I like her restrained.”
They were talking about me, without talking to me. I was speechless by the shift in roles that had occurred so suddenly. But I could also tell that it would be very important for Dawn if I accepted the situation, finally I opted to shut up and play along.
“Let’s see… something like this?”
Dawn had just picked up the handcuff I had paraded her around with and poised them near my hands, as if it was a fabric to be chosen.
The Mistress stood there for a moment, pondering.
“Close, but not that. I want something more conspicuous.”
Hearing those words, from the display, Dawn took another set. It was actually a pair of large cuffs connected by chains, seemed massive.
“Well, well, well. Try them on.”
There were some screws that had to be fitted to get them closed, so she used a tool to block me in.
“Can they be soldered in place?” The Mistress asked, and her slave shuddered under her bondage.
“If needed be, but we advise our customer not to make these kinds of decisions.” Dawn got a very diplomatic response.
“Do you have something similar for those too.” She hinted at my legs.
“Yes, sure, they are an ensemble.”
Dutifully Dawn crouched to fit me with these leg cuffs.
Now I could feel the weight of all those metal on me. It was a restriction on top of the movement restriction.
Dawn was also flustered, because to screw the cuffs she had to crouch down, not an easy feat with that harness. And also, I should imagine, the change in position was doing wonders with the intruders in her.
“Wonderful, that is what I want you to wear tonight, my dear.”
Without thinking, just following the flow, I lowered my gaze and responded.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Suite 1748, 8 sharp.”
And with that she turned on her heels and went away pushing her slave with her.
It was so quick we were left astounded.
“Do you know who she is?” Dawn asked me.
“How could I? Can you free me?”
“Is it painful? Does something pinch?”
“No, not at all. Who is she?”
“Ok, do you know the family of oil dealers that was in the newspaper last month?”
“She is one of them. She is really ready to pay for a suit.”
“How much are we talking about?”
She took a pen and a piece of paper, and quickly scribbled something on it. It was a number, with capital n, a Number!
“That’s what the Sheik paid for the thing I’m wearing.”
“There is a slice for you also, interested?”
“Hell, yeah.”
“Ok, stay here while I close the booth for the day, then we have to get prepared.”
“Will you free me?”
“And then I have to go around with all those things in my hands? No, you start in the direction of our room, I will follow you as soon as I have done the things here.”
“I’ll be waiting for you for ages.”
“You think? Try to walk.”
She was right, the leg cuffs let me take tiny steps, and also I had to be very careful with my balance, since I had no hands available to cushion the fall. Moreover, I had to stop every few steps, because there were men and women that wanted a photo with me.
I had just reached the entrance to the exhibition hall, as Dawn got to me.
“Good God, you are slow.” she said and then exploded into a joyful laugh.


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