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Steel obsessed after all this pt.2
« on: November 28, 2019, 03:26:23 AM »
Still wondering if I have told too much to a complete stranger, I leave the phone on the couch and decide to take a walk, just pacing my basement. My predicament allows me really tiny steps, so it takes a lot of time to get on the other side of the room. There I lean on the wall under one of the windows, listening to the world outside. There is the sound of a lawnmower trimming some bushes, cars passing on the street. All the neighbourhood seems busy and alive. And waiting for me, damn them all.
I'm pretty certain that, if I will venture upstairs, someone will see me, and probably call the cops or the local hospital psychiatric ward, or both.
I close my eyes and feel the utter humiliation of this possible outcome, burning my mind, too much for ever thinking of going up the stairs. So I have to wait, I tell myself.
How crazy must I be to end stuck in this damned situation? To think that I did it all by myself, is maddening.
In a fit of fury I try to get free, but as I look at my feet, pushing my head down, my hands are tugged apart and the chain connecting them to the chastity belt waist is pulled taut. All my trashing against my restraints makes me lose my equilibrium, but lucky for me, I was leaning on the wall, so instead of falling, I slowly slide to the floor.
In desperation, I cry, and then my body starts to arouse again. And I wonder how sane is this as an emotional response to the whole situation.
But bundled here, in a corner of my basement, I come again and at the end I am really exhausted, to the point of dozing off.

I wake up still in this hunched position. No idea how much time I have spent here, collapsed on the floor, but this time I can lean on my back to get leverage to stand up again. I’m cranky, fed up of this. Yet, I do not want to humiliate myself further, the sense of shame that last night dreams left me has yet to disappear and, even if I really want to use a vibrator to orgasm myself to kingdom come, I still do not feel desperate enough.
These thoughts make the trip back to the couch very frustrating. I seem not able to see another exit strategy. I see that the phone is blimping. Messages.
Is it Thomas? Maybe, and I get the answer after returning to sit on the couch, he has replied to the photo I sent before.
“Are you in trouble? Call the firemen, do not risk.”
My response is very direct.
“Not going to do that. Tomorrow morning I will try to slide up the stairs. It will work.”
As I send  the message, I wonder if it was written for him or for convincing myself. But I understand he is got a point, a very good point.
Phone bleeps.
“Where are you?”
Ok, this is huge. Should I tell him my address. Sarah told me he is trustworthy, but still this is a big step. I resolve to just tell him the city.
He replies in minutes “I can be there in two hours. Let’s make a deal.”
“What kind of deal?”
“I’m going to send you my mobile phone. If you feel that this whole thing is over, it is not fun anymore, you call and I will come to you. Deal.”
“No call, just messages. I’m wearing a gag. Deal.”
He sends me his phone number, then silence. I’m once again on my own. Well, it is somewhat comforting to know that there is someone out there that is actually willing to help me. Question is: do I want him here?
I message Sarah, again, and ask here for all the info she has on “Smith89”.
In the meantime, my mind wanders, and I try to imagine how it would be to actually in the hands of a stranger. Needless to say, this arouses me once again and budging the chastity belt I try to move the dildo inside my pussy. It is enough to get me going, but after a lot of pushing and pulling I shout in frustration. Most of the sound is suppressed by the gag pushing down my tongue and just a wail leaves my mouth.
The effort is just too much for me, and as I calm down, I collapse by exhaustion, on the couch.
Time passes and it nearly dark as I finally return to my senses. Sarah replied to my message as I was sleeping.
“Do not worry. I really trust Thomas, he knows the value of saying no. In the past he has helped a friend of mine…. But he is also mischievous. Are you in for a ride?”
After thinking about it, I respond.
“Well, I’m in a bit of a tight spot, I’m thinking of contacting him. Be my witness.”
In this way, I tell her that I want her to acknowledge that I will be meeting Thomas, as a precaution. For the future.
“Ok. Noted.”
I’m exhausted, but now my mind is set. I write him a message.
“Ok, were I to summon you, what are your rules?”
The reply is swift.
“No rules, nothing. The only thing I want is your safety. My word.”
Well, this response jumps a little my trust. Well, you live only once.
“I’m in the basement, you can enter the front door. I cannot come to greet you, but the code is 4287. The door to the stairs is the second on the left.”
Then I look at the phone, waiting to see the “Sent” message, and as it confirms transmission, the screen turns black and the phone shuts down.
Nononononono, no, that can not be possible!
The battery dies in my hands, and as I try hard to think, two info come to my mind: first, I did not send the address to Thomas. Second: the charger is upstairs and in a while the basement will plunge into dark, because the lights have been turned off by timer.
I’m royally stuck, I can imagine they are going to find me dead by dehydration and they are going to trace back what happened here.
I get caught by a panic attack, my breath grows shallow and immediately I start crying my eyes out. Trembling in desperation I slide down from the couch and go to the floor wrapping myself in a fetal position, as it is allowed by my restraint.

I’m still sobbing as the room falls into darkness, I’m trapped with no way to access the stairs, and no way to evaluate the passing of time. I wail in my gag and cry abundantly until all strength in me is gone.
I’m not able to say how much time has passed but I really think that it is the middle of the night, when I hear some noises from upstairs.
Oh my God, thieves! What can I do?
I try to stand up, but between my exhaustion and the position I’m it, I really can’t get up from the floor. I finally hear the sound of the front door lock, opening. Someone is coming in. Even if they are chained together, I use my feet to backpedal to the farthest corner of the room, in terror.
There are other noises coming from upstairs, but my ears are full of the sound of my own heart beating like a locomotive.
I’m looking at the stairs, terrified as I see a light dancing around. Then, above the pounding of my heart, I hear someone, a male voice, calling my name and I see a shadow descending the stairs, seems to be taking a step at a time, exploring the wall.
As he reaches the light switch, he turns on the lights.
The darkness in the basement is instantly cast away. I squint my eyes and shout with all the air in my lungs, in a mixture of fear and relief.
He immediately rushes at my side, I can see him through the tears, he seems a muscular guy, dressed in jeans and a jacket. I see the keys in his hands.
“Shhhhh, you are ok. I’m Thomas. I do not want to harm you. Calm down.”
His tone is soothing, I remain in his arms, relaxing my body, still trying to figure out the whole situation.
“Ok, if you want, I’ll leave the keys here, in your hands, get out of this house and go away. As long as you are safe, I’m ok. Do you want me to go?”
My senses are returning to normal and I can smell him, he smells good, masculine, and he emanates calmness.
I move my head sideways to tell him that he can stay, he shuffles the key ring, until he finds the one that opens my gag.
As he takes it out of my mouth, it seems like a huge boulder has been taken off me.
Before I can say anything he looks around and grabs the last bottle of energy drink and helps me drink all of it.
I did not realize that my throat was so dry, but as I gulp it all down, it is really better. Then I get him a good look.
He sports a beard, dark eyes, a little scruffy hair, but he is sexy nonetheless. I have to say that I really felt his preoccupied stare on me.
“Hi, thank you. Can you help me get on the couch?”
“I can open the other restraints.”
“Later. I’m fine.”
He helps me stand up and then he keeps me by my arms as I shuffle my way back to the couch. I sit and he sits near me.
“Well, how did you find me?”
“Sarah. I called her, explained part of the situation and she gave me your address.”
“What’s the time, now.”
He looks at his watch and says it’s two thirty in the morning.
“How long did you stay in these?”
It takes a while to get the answer.
“28 hours, more or less.”
“Do you understand that this is crazy? You could hurt yourself?”
I simply nod.
“Can you explain to me why you put yourself in this situation?”
“No, not really. I can tell you that the helplessness is like a drug. The final click is a jolt to the spine. Then the fantasies, I imagine to be captive of a malicious king, kidnapped by a sexual predator. I should say that, most of it, it is the inability to satisfy myself."
I move my hands to strike the point, and I see that Thomas is aroused by my words. His engorged cock is clearly visible under his jeans. Then I decide once again to follow my feelings, and with some effort I stand up and move to the bathroom.
Thomas is looking at me as I pick a condom from a cup near the sink.
As I return to the carpet, he is staying up too.
“In the box there, on the floor, find a pair of handcuffs and tie your hands behind your back.”
He is looking at me as if I’m crazy, yet he let his jacket down on the couch, he looks for those handcuffs and I clearly hear the clicks of the bracelets on his wrists.
I shuffle in front of him and, with my restrained hands, I fumble with his belt, open his trousers and my fingers find their way into his briefs.
All the while, our eyes are locked together, like he is challenging me to see where I can go, I feel like I’m somewhat demonstrating something to him.
Once his engorged cock is out, I rip the condom package and start to dress his shaft with it. As I push it down, I feel he is twitching with pleasure, and he becomes even harder when he sees me going to my knees. The height is right for taking it in my mouth.
This is definitely one of the craziest, reckless and dangerous things I have ever done, but I feel a sense of trust and safety at first sight.
In my mouth,he is hard as a rock and I immediately start to play with it. His dick is big and hard, as I pump, it bounces on the back of my mouth and his cock starts to lift up even more.
Actually it drags me up with the force of his erection. I can grab only his knees, and from down there I can see his face distorting in the throngs of pleasure.
My fantasy, one of them at least, has finally come true as we all come with power and lust. In my mouth I sense the condom filled by his cum, while my pussy comes in force around the steel phallus locked inside me.
Then he goes on his knees and with his hands still restrained behind his back, he starts to tongue kiss me. We close lips for a long time, until exhausted we both collapse down on the carpet.
I used the last drop of my energy, so I do not react as he fumbles for the keys to open the handcuffs. Then, leaving his pants down, goes to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. As I hear the toilet flushing, he returns to me, completely naked, picks me up and brings me in the bathroom, under the shower.
Water is already going, it is not too hot, and helps me to wake up,sort of. I kiss him once again, and he responds, while his hands are going through the key ring to find the right keys.
First to go are the ankle cuffs, and immediately I feel lightness in my feet. Then he finds the key to the manacles, and in a whiff, my hands are free, for the first time in more than a day.
My elbows are still restrained so I have a limited reach of his muscles, I’m teasing him and his erection makes another appearance.
We are under the water stream, this is giving me another loan of energy. He shots his arm out to grab another condom, and I see him wearing it on his cock.
I let him turn my body and as I lean forward on the shower wall, he places his member at my butthole’s entrance.
I just whisper: “Yes.” As he enters me from behind, and then I lose it. The rhythm of his pounding is in time with the cups of my chastity bra clicking on the shower’s tile.
Between water and the condom lubricant, he does not hurt me too much, but the sensation of being penetrated from behind along with the dildo still in place under my chastity belt is overwhelming, to say the least.
He sees that I’m trashing my head, and he leaves my hole, again turning my body around.
Quickly he opens the chastity belt, practically ripping it off me, before entering my wanting pussy.
We came together, looking at each other in the eyes.
Thoroughly spent I lean on him after descending the peak of the orgasm.
I barely cooperate as he opens the bra and the elbow cuffs, then he closes the water and rinses my body using all the towels he can find.
After that, I’ve a partial recollection of him, still naked from the shower, carrying my limp body upstairs and deposing it on my bed, covered in sheets and towels.

I come to my senses and there is sun peeking from the windows.
I’m naked in my bed, and Thomas, also naked, is at my side. He is gently snoring. With the light of day, I finally take a good look at him. He is tall, muscular, a shade of beard and brown hair.
I decide to get up, and as I leave the room, I see that he has been busy while I was sleeping.
Curtains in the living room, the one on the street, have been drawn, on the table there are all the metal restraint that I was wearing in the larger part of the last two days.
All of it, had been cleaned and serviced. Ready to use.
I’m sure that he has also cleaned the downstairs bathroom.
I’m staring at all the restraints, wondering what possessed me to get all of them on me and concocting that impossible plan.
“What are you thinking? It’s not safe to think on an empty stomach!”
I turn around and he is here, still naked, on my bedroom door. I immediately feel conscious of my own nakedness and try to cover myself with my hands. He laughs at my pruderie.
“Seriously? Care to go out to lunch?”
I shot my eyes at the clock on the wall, it is half past one, in the afternoon! And I get that I’m starving, I’m on energy drinks for two days now!
“Yes, definitely!”
He laughs, he has a nice laugh.
“Well, let’s get dressed, don’t you think?”

In less than an hour we are out of the door, I get him to a mexican restaurant that I really dig. We are laughing and I feel really happy. Over dinner, we talk, he is single, as I am. I work at a marketing firm in town as a graphic designer, sometimes I get to work from home, especially when I’m drawing or designing some project. He has a workshop at his house ground floor and he tells me that he works in metallurgy and special projects.
“And what are we?” I ask after having wolfed down an entire plate of nachos.
“I do not know. What do you want us to be?”
“Well, I’d like you to be my safety net. It worked just fine, tonight.”
He makes a serious face.
“I do not know, you are too crazy for me. Maybe you can prove to me that you can be really responsible.”
“How?” I can see that he is thinking about something in his mind.
“Well, first I need to understand how much you are committed. Then I want the exclusive.”
“I want the exclusive on you!”
Oh my God, another fantasy clicks in. I may have found a boyfriend, or at least a fuckfriend!
“What do you mean?” I ask him.
But he changes the course of the discussion, by asking me how I got hitched on self bondage. I tell him, between morsels, that it is something that got me when I was a kid, and it evolved as I went to college and found a pair of steel handcuffs in a friend’s room. It was a revelation: from that moment, no more rope, no more silk, nothing else than steel.
“Can you explain why you are so attracted to steel?”
“It’s unyielding. It fights against me. It creates a barrier.”
“Have you done it in public.”
“Well, I have sometimes gone to work in the belt. Or sometimes I have driven my car with some ankle cuffs. One time, in a cinema, I handcuffed myself during the film and remained in the middle of the whole audience. I had to wait for the lights to find the key, but then I had to wait for the people to leave, before freeing myself. I was nearly discovered by the cleaning crew.”
“Have you ever got a keeper?”
“No, I live alone. And my mother would go crazy if she knew of this.”
Then we continue to chat on motives. I open to him about my experiences and fantasies, he let me talk without interrupting. He is studying me.
After dinner we walk in a park nearby. I really need to move, between the restraint and all the things I have eaten, it’s beautiful to walk in the sun.
It’s afternoon when we get back at my house. Once inside, we start kissing and then we make love,once again. It is fantastic, he is fantastic.
Outside is growing dark.
“I should return to my house.” he says at my side on the bed.
“Or you should stay for the night, just in case I get stuck, again.” I reply joking.
“Well, you could let me see how you do it, I’m really curious.”
This startles me, does he really want to see me getting stuck? Well, if it goes as when he first saw me, I may be in for a lot of sex.
“Ok, help me to set up in the basement, would you?”
“Yes.” He has a smile on his face.
In the next half hour, we carry all the restraints from the living room back to the basement. He sets all the things on the coffee table, then he sits on the couch as if he is in a theater looking to a show.
Then I start with the chastity belt, he had already set the dildo in the front shield. The thought that someone had taken the time to prepare it was enough to warm me up. I’m so wet that there is nearly no problem inserting it in.
I close the belt with a click and then I move to the ankle cuffs. To close them I used the padlocks with the unique key. Then, it is the turn of the tight cuffs, to anchor them to the waist belt i use another pair of those locks. The last pair I use to close my wrist in two cuffs.
After that, I pick up my chastity bra, inserting my tits in the steel globes and adjusting the torso strap and the collar. With two clicks, it is also closed shut.
As I figured before, I got my elbows cuffs in place and closed them with the final pair of those padlocks, the ones with the same key.
I took another padlock and fix the one meter chain to the back of the collar and then I arrange once again the chain on my ankles, this time paying close attention on crossing the ends. Before locking the chain I try to move my feet, and I’m satisfied they have enough movement to climb the steps, if needed be.
I’m about to complete the tie, as I prepare the chain for my wrist cuffs on the d ring in front of my own waist belt.
I wriggle the chain behind my back to link my elbows, and then finally, with some struggle I tie my wrists in front.
As the last padlock is closed, the sound seems deafening to me. I look at Thomas, still sitting on the couch and he stands and he takes the keys from the table.
“What are you doing?”
“Shhhhh, do you want the gag, also?”
Thinking of it, the gag was the worst part of all, all those hours with a piece of metal pushing my tongue down was really too much.
I’m shaking with excitement as he opens the padlock on the back of my collar and tightens the chain, thus pushing my elbows back and forcing my head up. As he closes the lock, I realize how much stricter this is for me.
Then he moves to the front and tightens the chain linking my wrists to the waist belt.
Now my arms are truly blocked, as I explore what movement I have, I find that I can just move my hands but my wrists are stuck in position and, more, the simple fact that my head is forced back, means that I can barely see in front of me. The keys are back on the table as he grabs me from behind.
“What do you think?”
I’m in heaven, subject to a strictness I have never been able to accomplish by myself. I moan in excitement as I feel his hands roaming on my body. Being tied so fiercely just heighten all the sensations, until, overwhelmed, I slide down on my knees, aided by Thomas that is keeping me.
As I kneel my head is at his crotch’s height, so I see up close as he moves in front of me and opens his trousers and briefs, showing an engorged cock for me to take, no condoms this time.
I oblige and start to lick his shaft, he is rock hard and spasming in his erection.
Once his cock is totally covered in my saliva, he moves my body on the couch and pushes my butt upward.
I realize immediately what is going to happen, and beside being out of myself from anticipation, I force my ass to relax, as he forces his rod in my butthole.
His pumping is fierce, violent and steady. I’m reaching fast a sensory overload, all my senses are screaming in my brain, my hands are trying unsuccessfully to break their restraints, a scream starts to surge from my mouth but I push my head in the couch pillows to suffocate it.
From what I sense we come together. I close my eyes thanking him.
Swiftly he opens the chains holding my elbows and wrists, and I rise to go to the bathroom to clean myself.
As I return into the basement he is fully dressed.
“I have to go, now, two hours to home. But I have a proposition for you.”
I’m still returning back from the sensation overload that my body has just experienced.
He then opens the chain holding my ankles together.
“If you want to find the limit of your passion, I can give you one. Right now you are wearing cuffs on ankles, wrists and upper arms. You have a chastity belt, a steel bra and a pair of tight cuffs. All of them can be opened by these three keys.”
And he shows me the keys to the belt and bra and the unique key for all the padlocks that I’m wearing right now.
“Do you want these keys to come home with me?”

It’s dark, I’m in my bed, alone, Thomas took the way home a couple of hours ago. I really have to digest all that has happened this weekend. It has been a real rollercoaster: danger, despair, trust, lust, sex, obsession. All mixed together in a strange succession of events.
But now I have to calm myself, tomorrow morning I have a job to do, a role to play to the others in the office, to the others in my life.
By the way, I said “Yes” and all the keys to my restraint are in Thomas’ pocket on the way to his house. Next Friday, after work I will go there too, I have the address. I will call him tomorrow on my train to work. I know it’s pretty soon to say, but I feel that I love him and I can’t wait to be again together with him.
Until then only the memoirs of the last two days will help me to explore how obsessed I am.

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Re: Steel obsessed after all this pt.2
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I already read this one on boundforum. Well done story.


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