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I'm trying this method while Gromet is on A Walk About.
Hope this goes right ?? /
Can't wait for Halloween Stories to start, have one waiting.

Wanda was bored in life and needed a new challenge
She was an adventurous girl in life. And would take any dare.
So she was looking threw the Adventure life Magazine when she spotted the ad.
Tired, in a rut, need a challenge then try a Little Kidnapping Adventure to spice up your life.

So Wanda picks up the phone and calls Kidnappers R Us this is Wendy talking.
Hi, my name is Wanda I was interested in your service, Sure let me tell you about us.
We offer a safe and secure Kidnapped Fantasy catered to your desires. From easy to a hard-nosed full blown 3 day weekend. We will pick you up and hold you in tight inescapable Bondage and Torment you into sexual ecstasy. When will this happen?? We do not tell you when and where. It adds to the experience so do you want to sign up for an experience of a lifetime. OK sign me up, Great just need a few details, send me an email pic of you and what you want Mild or Wild. The wild of course. How much does it cost? Rates are very reasonable, a week goes by Wanda forgets about what she signed up for and was looking forward to the upcoming long weekend ahead, she was going to rent a secluded cabin by the lake. She was sent it in the mail, Perfect Wanda thought. Finally here and no one around. But this cabin was worth it, peace quiet
and no one to bother me all weekend. Wanda thought it was a long drive I could use a nap, I will unpack a little later so a glass of wine and pop down on the couch. A few hrs later Wanda begins to stir.

Wanda feels a little groggy and very stiff. What's going on I can't move!! That's because I chloroformed you and tied you up silly. Wanda looks up to see Wendy standing over her holding more rope in her hands.
Welcome to your Kidnap Fantasy Three Days of Bondage and Sexual Torment. What! Wait! How did you where to find me? I sent you the brochure about the cabin. What!! OH But I forgot all about your service, can't we do this another time Wendy and untie me now. NO, and I'm going to tie you even tighter. Wanda after you sent me a pic of yourself, I knew I had to tie you up myself you are so beautiful thanks. Now let us begin No wait !! Too late as Wendy wraps a long rope around Wanda's elbows and begins to pull until her elbows touched. Ugh, That's too tight! It is supposed to be tight and escape-proof silly, and you are making too much noise time for a gag, NO!! Wendy grabs two long silk scarf and balls them up and then stuff them into Wanda's mouth, Let's see, another scarf or tape? Definitely Tape and a Blindfold too!!

Now Wanda, A very tight Hogtie. Wendy ties a rope to Wanda's ankles threads it to her hands and back again, then takes the rest of the rope up to her elbows. Then up and around her shoulders and neck back down to her elbows up again to her neck rope, back down to her elbow rope pulls all the slack out of it thus making poor Wanda into a very tight bow with no gap between her hands and ankles. Poor Wanda, all she wanted this weekend was a quiet restful 3 days in her cabin. Now here she is tightly tied up in a very strict hogtie and mouth stuff full of silk scarfs and secured by Medical tape about to be sexually tormented by a Beautiful Dominatrix.

OK, Wanda time for me to get into costume. Be back soon don't go anywhere Wendy laughs.
Poor Wanda all she could do was a struggle and fall off the couch onto the floor. Wendy comes back and removes Wanda's blindfold. Standing before Wanda was a beautifully dressed Wendy in full Dominatrix Mode a Catsuit Outfit all in black leather, thigh-high 6 inch Boots, a very tightly tied leather corset which reduced Wendy's, waist a full 4inches into an hourglass look, but the last thing she had in her hand was a riding crop OH I see you staring at my Riding Crop don't worry I also brought other toys with me, after all, you wanted a wild weekend.

Ready Wanda, want to see what I brought you for the weekend, there are nipple clamps, vibrators and a very big and long strap on, Wanda screams NO!! and tries to escape again, But Wendy knows how to tie up a Beautiful Women. Now Wanda, time to cut your clothes off. Wendy pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts all of Wanda's clothes off, there that's better. You won't need them for the rest of the weekend. WOW!! I see you are enjoying yourself, Wanda could only blush, that her nipples were hard and erect and her panties are soaking wet at what was happening to her.

Wendy says you, naughty girl, you. So let's get started, let me tell you what I plan to do to you.
First, you will be Bound and Gagged at all times. And the ropes will only get tighter as the weekend goes on, Hogties, Ball-Ties. Pole-Ties and Bed-Ties you will experience it all. Weighted Nipple clamps. Strap Ons and the Riding Crop. I plan on giving you a personalized service from Kidnapped R Us
And so it went all weekend long. Wanda endured a total sexual experience, brought to Ecstasy and many Torments, Wendy knew how to push her buttons and have Wanda wanting more.

Day two,
After a mind-blowing night with Wendy taking her to new sexual heights of passion and Ecstasy. Wanda is still helplessly bound and gagged, Wendy left her tied to an overhead rafter in a merciless hanging Strappado to twist in the air. Wake up my pet, today is Toy Day, Chasity Belt, and Nipple Clamps are the choice of the day. But first, let me show you this new type Dildo and Butt Plug.
It has computer controls to them I don't have to be around to torment you. So we will slowly slide the Dildo in first followed by the Butt Plug. To hold it all in is a locking Chasity Belt. It cant be removed without the code to it. No need for a key. Wanda to go along with these toys there are a set of permanent locking nipple rings, my gift to you no charge. One more piece of equipment then I will tie you to the pole for the day. A full head tight leather Hood with gag and earplugs. No sight or sound or speech for you while I'm gone, OK let's get started tieing you to the pole. When Wendy was done binding poor Wanda to the pole, she was wrapped in rope all over her body. Ankles, Knees, Thighs, Waist, Chest, and Boobs. Wendy did not forget her arms either. Wrists, Forearms, Elbows were all-welded to the post, she also added a neck rope.

Poor Wanda was not going anywhere any time soon. OK, Wanda, I have to go out and check on another girl in the area. But before I go I will set the timers to go on at random times and intensity so enjoy I will be back later to play with you tonight. BYE, for now, Wanda could not hear, speak or see Wendy, leave but a few seconds after she closed the door the toys turn on. Wanda would have to endure a 12-hour long session today until Wendy got back. Well, Wanda, I'm back and I have you know my other client booked another session with me so the business is picking up. Here let me take that hood off, WOW!! Wanda, you look like a mess I'm so bad, Wendy laughs. So Wanda time to play with you now, Wanda was treated to another night of intense passion. with the weighted nipple clamps, Vibrating Chasity Belt and the Riding Crop threw out the night.

Day 3

Wanda, I will go easy on you today just 24 hours of being mummified, first in leather and then traditional silk wrappings but let me get you out of that cage I left you in last night.
Wendy Please!!, No more!! Nonsense I pride myself on a thorough job.
OK, let's see what I need for this one. Arm Binder, leather Corset, Ballet Boots, High Neck Collar, Inflatable Gag, Strapped Body Harness, more straps and chain. When Wendy was done putting Wanda into this outfit, she hung her up by a head chain to twist in the air all day. If Wanda thought this was bad wait till she finds out about the Silk Wrapped Mummification.
Three layers of wrapping her up. A wet canvas came first, then a plastic film wrap and heat shrink to her body, crushing her into a form-fitting mummy. Then three more layers of silk wrap with her eyes left uncovered, but to top it all off, Placed into a Sarcophagus with a body cut out and of coarse she still has the nipple clamps and Vibrating Chasity belt on too. The heat inside was intense and unbearable. All Poor Wanda could think of was yes!! the best life-altering adventure ever as the vibrators kick in again. Causing Wanda to scream and pass out again.
Wanda's weekend came to an end when she woke up from chloroformed sleep. Wanda was free of all ropes and gag, but her permanent nipple rings will still remain along with her Chasity Belt too!! A new pile of clothes was left for her to wear with a note from Wendy. Wanda, I enjoyed our time together if you want more pleasure to feel free to use my service again. I will send you the code to the Belt when you get home. This is also a gift from me. You were very special to me this weekend. But Wanda wanted more.
Three months later the phone rings. Kidnapped R US, WANDA speaking.
( a lifetime adventure begins ) 


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