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Getting to Know Myself
« on: October 11, 2019, 07:31:38 pm »
My name is Helen, I've always been the tall girl in the classroom, and still this is a thing. When I was younger I used to play basketball, and I've kept my shape since. My height, combined with ample breasts and wide shoulders, has always made me self conscious of my appearance and also choosy on partners and I've been going out with Thomas for the better part of last year. Muscular and tall, just my type, we met at a friend's party in March and by the beginning of summer we were joined at the hips, doing all sorts of things.

After all this time, I can confirm that I found in him a person able to excite, surprise and pull me out of my comfort zone. We did sex, good sex, and he introduced me to something that I have never ever taken in account before. One night, for example, he brought me in what can be described as a shibari parlor, where a little Japanese woman proceeded to tie me as a sausage and taught him how to touch my entrapped body to a mind-blowing orgasm; on another occasion he brought me to a sort of De Sade-Esque sort of party where all women, me included, were masked but otherwise completely nude and males conducted their partners with a leash attached to a collar.

Needless to say that my libido, that night, was on the verge for the whole event, stopped only by the prospect of humping him like a bitch in heat in front of a lot of strangers.

So today, waking up, I just knew that the plan for the night could comprehend the fact that I could end doing something strangely exciting and erotic. But, as usual, Thomas did not give me the flimsiest hint. All I got is that he would pick me up directly after work, and since I would have no time to prepare myself, I choose a formal pants and shirt outfit, with a jacket on top, and some heels not too impervious to clinch the whole package. Fashion but comfy.

In my bag, I packed a change of underwear and, finally, in my desk at the office I had enough to redo my makeup for the night.

Being organised is the key, that's what I'm saying.

And yet, despite all preparations, when in the middle of the morning I got a text from him, inviting me to dinner in a posh restaurant near my office, all my organisation went out of the window.

Thinking it would be an early start of the evening, I responded that I was not able to take the afternoon off, and he replied that it would just be a light meal to get some arrangements for the night.

Ok, so we set a time and I turned to the files on my desk. I work an unexciting job on accounting, and usually I'm very thorough and focused. When I'm on the job I can tune out anything else. So when the alarm I had set for dinner went off, I closed the folder I was sifting through, freshen up and went on my merry way to meet him.

It is indeed a very elegant place the restaurant he chose, and he was already waiting for me at the table. As I got in, he spotted me, got up and we hugged and kissed.

He told me that he was glad that I could make the time, and I could see from the beam in his face that he was really happy to see me.

The waiter came and we ordered a couple of salads and as he was leaving, Thomas said:

"I brought you a little present, for tonight."

"Oh, my... You shouldn't have." I blurted as I was sipping some water. A bag appeared on the table, and caught me completely off guard, I think I grabbed it way too quickly, as I was really excited..

He was smiling, so I was sure he did not take it in stride.

I peeked on the bag, ready to take out whatever was in there, in my hands, but as I got a hint of black latex, I immediately stopped in my tracks.

The restaurant was not packed, but was not empty as well and I was not ready to be embarrassed, so near my office.

As he saw my face, his smile grew wider.


"I really think you will like it, but I have some doubts on the size. If yuo will, I'd like if you go to the bathroom to try it, so if it is the wrong size, I can return it this very afternoon."

"Are you sure?" There was some doubt in my voice.

"I insist. Seriously."

He had a mischievous grin on his face. I knew right there that he did not have any doubts on the measurements, he wanted me to put whatever was in that bag on, in the restaurant's bathroom.

"The waiter is going to return with the salads in ten minutes, and after that you have to go back to work, so it would be better if you start right away."

"Is it something that..."

"Yes, I'm sure." He did not even let me finish the phrase.

"And you will probably need this." And he slipped a tube of cream into the bag. I knew the thing, it is a lubricant that we used when I gave him my ass. That was definitely a new experience to me, and I have to admit that I was somewhat aroused from an act that touched new areas of my body.

But there, full of doubts and fears, I got the bag and went to the bathroom. It was a fairly large room, sometimes restaurants' bathrooms seem like an afterthought, little spaces, cramped and difficult to reach. This was different and there were also an accessible stall. I was the only one there and I took it since it was larger and full of places where I could put the bag. As I sat on the toilet, I finally had the chance of taking a peek at the contents.

The black latex thing turned out to be a high waist panty, shaped like a sort of a corset, and that was not all of it. Fixed inside there were two, I repeat TWO, latex dildoes. One large in the shape of an erect penis, the second with a shaft formed by balls starting at the tip and becoming slightly larger in the end.

"What the fu..." I blurted, then remembering that I was in a restaurant's bathroom and that someone could enter the door anytime, I forced myself to shut up.

Ok, the problem at hand was somewhat important. I could refuse to do it, return the bag and tell Thomas that it was not my size. He would understand that I did not trust him as I have done many times before and there would definitely be a change in our relationship.

Or I could play ball as I had done many times and everytime he was there with me. And discover where he will lead me this time. I had grown fond of him and of our relationship. He has been great helping me to discover limitations and boundaries. And most importantly he let me discover things I never ever thought about, about me, about my sexuality, about my body. He is not the first, but sure he is the most important, for all the discoveries I made, on myself mostly.

So picture me, in an accessible stall, sitting on the loo, getting philosophical in front of a pair of latex dildo panties. Funny, isn't it?

There went nothing, before I could argue further with myself, I was out of my trousers and underwear, and then sat on the toilet to do my thing. As I tried to relax, I inspected the panties closely. The cock shaped one was reserved obviously for my pussy, the other for my ass.

Since I was in an accessible bathroom I could use a little side douche to clean myself very well, then I rinsed with the toilet paper. Then I fished for the lubricant in the bag and proceed to smear it on the panties' inside with particular attention on the two dildoes.

I applied then on my fingers and proceed to coat very profusely either my vagina and my butthole. I was so immersed in this task that I did not realise that I was not alone in the bathroom, as I could see shadows of people moving around from under the stall door.

As I noticed that, I started to pay a lot of attention to the noises I made, and suddenly it seemed as all the little burps the lubricant made as I got it out from the tube, were the loudest in nature.

Finally I got the courage to put my legs inside the panties. As I pull them up to my knees, I got to understand two things: the first is that latex creaks, the second is that just this thing was exciting to me. I got a kick at the risk of being found.

So I got to pull them up slowly, inch by inch, putting my attention to noises that could attract the attention of the other women in the bathroom. After a while, the door closed and it seemed to me I was again alone.

I was terrified that someone had got suspicion that something fishy was going on and so she was waiting in silence to find me. And also I was aroused by this possibility.

By then, the hem of the girdle was at my hips' height, and I thought this would be the tricky part. With one hand inside the panties I directed the dildo tip in line with my anus. The other hand on the outside started pushing the base. To make things easier, I tried to spread my buttocks with my fingers, but it was so slippery, with all the lubricant, that I ended up with my fingers up my hole. Lucky for me, this was in a.way helping the whole thing and I found little to no resistance for the first two balls that formed the plug. I held a yelp inside my mouth, while keeping the whole ass situation "in my hands", and I moved to position the frontal intruder.

I was so excited that it seemed really easy to slide it in place.

My god, it was huge and as I got it in, I jerked my body quickly upright, without thinking.

From the shock, I let out a huge moan, and this was because the sudden movement led the buttplug deeper in place. Immediately I took my hand out of the panties and proceed to bring the hem the girdle up on my belly. It was very form fitting and it shaped my midriff in an amazing way.

Then I heard someone thumping on the door of my stall.

"You ok, lady?"

It was a woman's voice. Shit, they found me.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming out."

Frantically, I pick up my trousers and got them quickly up my legs.

"Do you need any help, miss?"

"No, no, it's ok."

I flushed the toilet and cleaned my hands. Then proceeded to pick up bag, lubricant and before opening the door, I caught my panties strewn on the edge of the sink.

As I got out in the common room, I found an elder woman with a cane that was waiting to enter the stall. I stepped out and found that the two dildoes lodged in me made my walking look funny, making my hips sway with every step. As the lady went in the stall, I inspected myself in front of the mirror. The panties were partly covered by the trousers except for the high waist, but I could easily mask it tucking my shirt.

I also found that the thing was cut in a way that the girdle part was literally hugging my abdomen and in this way it applied pressure to the dildoes' bases, pushing both in place. I tentatively walked back to the table, to Thomas' amused smug. While I winced as I was sitting, he said.

"I see that the size is right, is it?"

I blushed, and tried to respond in cheek.

"Well, I needed to work a little to get them on. But, you are right, the size is right. They cling to my body."


As a matter of fact, they were hugging my midriff, shaping my ass and my belly. The trousers' belt was a little loose, now, but this I could cinch. At that moment I failed to adapt myself to these two intruders. So I continued to shift on my seat, actually worsening the whole situation.

While eating, I pestered Thomas about what he had planned for the night, but he deflected all my questions. The only thing that I was successful in getting from him is that he wanted me to keep the panties for the rest of the day, and for the night.

Rolling my eyes, I promised him that I would.

As we finished our salads, he took the bill and offered his company on trip back to my office.

I was panicking, while we were sitting at the table, it was something of a controlled situation, out in the street, a part of my brain was crystal clear that everyone could see right through my clothes and understand that I was walking around with two sexual toys lodged in my cavities.

As if reading my mind, Thomas said: "Do not worry, no one will be able to see a thing."

"Are you sure? I feel so exposed."

"Well, that's part of the thrill, don't you think?"

His laughing was doing absolutely nothing to ease my embarrassment, but I did muster some courage and leave the table to go out in the street.

Thomas looked around and picked up the bag I was leaving behind.

"There you are, are you already forgetting something?"

Inside there were still tucked my underwear and the lubricant, as he peered in that he told me:

"Maybe something here will be useful in the future, don't you think."

At first I thought he was referring to my panties, but I would understand his suggestion later in the day.

The walk to my office was pretty uneventful if not for the continual prodding that I felt by the two things, and I quickly found that the presence of something up my butt and pussy, led me to swagger my hips while walking, could not help it.

As we arrived, he hugged and kissed me, while looking at me straight in the eyes.

"Well, I will see you later. I see that you are already set for tonight."

"You are a devious bastard, don't you know?"

"Absolutely" he responded with a smile and a grin.

I went to work and needless to say, it was a long afternoon, where it was growing ever more difficult to concentrate on the job at hand, since every time I was moving on my seat I could feel the two dildoes shifting position inside me.

In the middle of the afternoon, I had a meeting in the conference room, and I swear I was able to follow less than half of it. I still was living under the impression that my thing was really apparent for everyone to see. Sometimes also, my left hand went casually to the crotch to touch the base of the dildo through the fabric of my trousers. That gentle and short touch was enough to send chills down my spine and to get my libido going.

I was so worked up that I went straight to the bathroom after the meeting. On the way, I finally understood Thomas' suggestion and got to my desk to retrieve the lubricant, just in case.

As I went in a stall in the bathroom I found that I was so excited that the dildo was sliding easily, I had more problems with the buttplug but I succeeded to contain any messy around. In that moment I fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm, it was the first time that I did something like this while at work. Lot of first times, that day.

The problem was that I would have to put them back in before leaving the bathroom. This time I smeared especially the plug with a lot of goop and it went right in. While the plugs were out I felt a sort of emptiness that was immediately replaced as I put on the panties. This second time I found that the buzz they gave me was more sustainable and in the last part of the day, I could be able to focus more and to fidget less. Yes, they were definitely present, but less distracting.

It was nearly time to wrap things up when one of the secretaries, told me that I had a visit. And I found Thomas following her to my desk.

I blushed immediately, but he was sporting a smile.

"I was around and I've come to pick you up, if it's okay."

"Err.. well yes." I blurted, while in my mind I was asking him to take me right then and there, to release my pent up frustration.

We were some of the last people in the office, and I got a crazy idea.

"Would you come to take a coffee before we leave?"

"Yes, sure."

I closed my computer, clear my desk and then directed him to the coffee corner. By now there were complete areas in the dark and I knew that there would not be any cleaning staff for another hour or so.

As we were approaching the coffee corner, I steered him into a conference room, with seats and a big conference table in the middle. Once inside, I closed the room with the key and then I hugged and kissed him fiercely. If he was not prepared for something like that I could not say, since he grabbed me by my butt and his hands were right at the base of the buttplug, pushing and shifting the thing in me.

In a breath I implored him to take me, while I undid the belt of my trousers, he let me down and with a firm grasp he moved me to the table face down.


"Shut up, they will hear you."

He grasped the hem of the latex panties and pushed it down until he could grasp and dislodge the butt plug. He jerked it out, catching me by surprise and then he started to pump the tip of his hard rock cock at my hole.

The presence of the plug for the last hours must have relaxed the part, because there was no resistance from me, and as he started coming and going, I could feel that the shaft of his dong was thumping the dildo still lodged in my pussy. Since I had my feet on the ground and my torso on the table, everytime he pushed forward, the edge touched the base of the front dildo thus penetrating further my pussy.

All these sensations were assaulting my body, tipsy from the afternoon stimulation, and I came in a huge mind blowing orgasm. At the same time, I felt him flooding my ass with his cum and in the aftermath, while I was still gasping for breath, he replaced the buttplug sealing all the contents in my anus, he placed the panties again and proceeded to clean his dick with a tissue.

"We have to go, the car will be here in ten minutes."

I was paralyzed, I felt filthy with my bum clogged with semen and closed by a buttplug. Yet I reacted in a sort of haze, and standing again proceeded to place my clothes in a some kind of order.

"Can I go to the bathroom? I will be quick!"

"Nope, there is no time."

I could feel my knees buckling from the aftershock of sex, and my nostrils were full of the smell of our coitus. And again, I started thinking that all the others would be able to smell it.

In a couple of minutes we were leaving my office and there was an Uber on the street waiting for us. I was totally embarrassed, feeling the utter fullness of my ass, so uptight that once in the car, I kept my eyes on my toes, unable to get eye contact from the driver.

I was certain that my naughtiness would have appeared crystal clear in my face.

On the other side, Thomas made small talk with him, completely oblivious of what we had done just minutes before.

Looking at my breast, I could see that they were pecking under the shirt, then I realized that the car's swerving and movements were having an effect on my two latex cocks and in the end to my nether regions.

The whole situation was strangely exciting and terrifying. I felt humiliated and in a way humbled by the way Thomas was controlling me. He forced me to wear these panties, he was swinging me around with my butt full of his semen and I was not able to release myself properly. This put me in a situation of humiliation and longing. And since we are in a car with a stranger, I could not even talk to him about this.

As I was immersed in these thoughts and in my 9wn embarrassment, the driver stopped in front of a theater. There was a queue of people waiting to enter, and we approached fast to reservation counter.

The whole thing was extremely troubling for me, and it made my nervousness reach new and unexplored levels. Yet I was aroused by it, the sheer fact that I stood in a line of people that could realize I was an over sexed slut, made my tits bulge and my libido tingle.

The night could also even stop there, but Thomas had something else in mind. After what seemed to be ages, we showed our tickets and we were directed to a private box on the second floor. It would be an opera, and I could not really think to pass the next three hours in that way.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"Yes, I imagine so. So take this."

And he gave me a little bag, which I saw contained something else in black latex. He was smiling.

"Should I check the size?" I seemed to have gotten the game.

"Yes, please."

I left the box looking for a bathroom but all of them seemed to be closed or packed with people. Finally I found one and got in. As with the other one, I first inspected the bag. Inside I found four things: some baby wipes, another tube of lubricant, a vibration ring that I suspected should go around the dildo, and a latex bra.

Oh, boy. I had to get to work before the show started. First I got off the panties without making a mess. As soon as I got the buttplug off my ass I could feel Thomas' semen oozing from there.

I used the wipes to clean the panties and myself, then I could relax and do my thing. While I was there I inspected the bra, and I found some surprises out of the ordinary.

There were no cups for my boobs, there were two rings through which they would have to pass. As I kept it in my hands I wondered if this was too small for my torso, and without thinking too much, I started to peel off my shirt and my bra and put on that thing. It hugged my torso very much, and when I tried to accomodate my breasts I found that they should pass in a couple of holes that seemed a little too tight for them.

As I maneuvered them, I came to realize that this was done on purpose, because when I forced the ring to the base of my breast, it pushed them forward bulging and actually forcing them to engorge and grow larger.

This augmented my breasts' skin feelings, they seemed to have become over sensitized. Oh, boy.

Then I put the vibrator on the dildo before using a lot of lubricant to put it all in place. As I got the panties up I realized that the ring had a prong that rested directly on my G spot. All of a sudden I saw the light flickering, it is a signal that the show is about to begin, and a signal for me to get moving. Without having any more time to adjust anything, I put my trousers on and then my shirt. As the fabric passed over my nipples I gasped, surprised on how sensitive they were.

Next thing that took me by surprise, was how pressed they were on the shirt itself. Luckily for me, I had a jacket to put on and hid their arousal for all to see.

After a little survey appearance, I left the bathroom in a hurry, rushing to the box were Thomas was expecting for me.

The rush that I had used to put everything in place, made it that when I was walking the dildoes were shifting more than usual as if they were going to find the best placement by themselves. This made my very sensitive orifices jolt with sensation and when I reached my seat I was already flustered. Thomas greeted me and hugged asking if the size was right, also for this one. I swiftly opened the jacket, so he could appraise my tits pressing on the shirt.

"What do you think?"

His look was a telltale sign that he was pleased with the result. As the lights went down we sat to look at the opera, but my mind was really miles and miles from there. So, I was really startled when I felt his hand creeping under my jacket to fondle my engorged breasts. I did all I could not to yelp loudly and masked it all with a cough. Then I lean from my seat in his direction to make it easy for him to tease me.

I could not say how much he went on with it, but I was really just dwelling in sensations. Then he whispered.

"Can you crouch inside my legs?" and there was a zippers' noise. Silently I came down from my seat, and shuffled until my knees were under his, and as he opened his legs I could see in the dark, the outline of his rising cock. Before he could complete his hardening, I got it in my mouth. If there is something to like when giving mouth, for me, is to feel it expand over your tongue, it is something that drives me nuts.

As I got to massage his shaft with my tongue, I was startled by a vibrating coming from my vagina. I had completely forgotten about the cock ring!

I made a huge effort to strangle the yelp coming from my mouth, but between the position and how much it was full, it came out only a muffled moan.

Again I found myself in a world of sensations, and also since the ring touched the buttplug base on the back, part of movement was transmitted directly in my behind.

I worked hard to keep him on the edge, partly using the tip of my tongue to apply pressure to a place at the shaft base, while moving. This blocked his orgasm and I could sense his legs twitching in pleasure spasms.

I was so focused on this task, and when the light went up, for a break, it caught me completely by surprise.Thomas was quick enough that he picked up his jacket and placed it on his legs, covering me completely.

"Stay right there." he told me, forcing my head down with his hands.

I was ashamed and terrified of the whole situation, I could hear people around us, in the nearby boxes, discussing the first part of the opera. Then, on a whim, I started again to suck at Thomas.

Since he was completely in the open, he could not stop me without revealing the whole setup. I felt his hands on my shoulders trying to get me to wait. But I was relentless, so after a while I could feel the vibrations ramping up.

He was moving on his seat trying to flee, but I had his cock between my teeth, and it worked to keep him there.

As I heard again the bell signaling the second part of the opera, I could also feel that he was on the verge of coming. I'm not exactly a fan of swallowing, but it seemed that I had no other choice, so I let him come while his legs were kicking and spasming, and in the end I cleaned him with my tongue.

As I came, slowly I left my position and regained my seat in the dark, hoping that no one had taken notice of me.

I fished for a towel in my bag and then told him.

"Go to fetch me a drink, it is the least you can do!"

He rose up, and went out kissing my in the mouth. The mojito he came back with, was the sweetest I had ever drank. Sure, the rest of the night would be amazing as well.


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