Author Topic: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl  (Read 5956 times)

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The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« on: June 14, 2019, 08:45:23 am »
F/f,F/f, sex bot, surprise, accident, dumpster, truck, buried, landfill, rescue, compaction Consenual/nc

The new Love Bot, recently released by tech magnate BotNet, had gotten quite a lot of attention. In addition to their usual products, such as their MaidBots, Operators, and ServiceBots, the Love Bots offered a new and exciting option for BotNet’s...more adult clientele. To say that the Love Bots were a hit would be an understatement. People couldn’t get enough of them, and it didn’t take long for more bizarre customer requests to pop up. Soon BotNet devoted an entire devision to keeping the adult side of the world happy. New and more interesting features began popping up, catering to every fetishists needs.
Until finally, BotNet unveiled their latest and greatest Love Bot feature: the mind jack.

Lily couldn’t wait.
She had sent her fiance, Brittany, a text, informing her of a wonderful surprise in store for her when she got home. It was a bit of a treat for having received a much needed promotion at brittany’s job. All Lily needed to do was set everything up.
Laid out before her was her new Love Bot. she had just purchased it last week, though it had been a pain to hide it from brittany. It was designed specifically to please Brittany in every way. And while the Love Bot was impressive, it wasn’t the best part of the gift.
Lily had gotten the Mind Jack feature.
By far the most innovative addition to BotNet’s impressive technological achievements, the Mind Jack allowed the user to implant their consciousness directly into an elligible Love Bot. a tiny ear piece was all that was needed.
“Oh Bri is going to flip.” Lily thought to herself with a grin as she picked up the instruction manual.

Thank you for choosing Love Bots! Before you use your Mind Jack system, there are a few safety features you must be aware of.
Your Love Bot must be within 250 square feet of the user’s body in order for the users consciousness to return to the users mind.
Every Mind Jack eligible Love Bot comes with a fail safe. If ever you feel uncomfortable, or threatened, Love Bot will automatically return you to your body.
If your occupied Love Bot is away from your body for more than 72 hours, Love Bot will go into fail safe mode, in which the bot will shut down, and you will enter a hibernation state. This is to preserve your consciousness so that you may be returned to your body when able to do so.
Ensure your body is in a safe, secure location before using Mind Jack.

Having finished reading the instructions, lily proceeded to get everything ready. First she wrote a note to Brittany, explaining the situation, and set it on top of the Love Bot, along with the manual. Next she curled up in the closet, placing the ear piece in. Immediately she could feel everything the Love Bot felt, though she was still not inside it. The system needed a verbal command.
“Authorize Mind Jack. designation Lily Bot, serial number 34668.”
The result was instantaneous. A brief flash, and Lily Bot opened up her eyes.
“System check. Host vitals: good. Sensation receptors: good. Motor systems: good. All systems nominal. Consent recieved. Free will restricted to “strict”. Voluntary action restricted indefinitely until termination of Mind jack.”

Lily couldn’t believe it. Her life long fantasy of getting to be a sex doll for her lover’s enjoyment was finally coming true. She needed only wait for her lover to come home.
She didn’t have to wait long.
“Yeah, she hasn’t given me any hints as to what she has planned…” Brittany’s voice floats up the stairs, growing nearer every moment. “What? Oh, i don’t know, we don’t have the money for that...No i don’t think so...hey, i’m home now, so I have to go. Yeah, i love you too sis. Good bye.”
The door opened. If Lily were still capable of breath she’d have held it in anticipation.
“Oh my God...lily you didn’t…”
I did! Lily wanted to respond, but the system wouldn’t let her. It seemed she would only be allowed to speak if asked a question or directed to do so. Oh well. She was safe here.
“Lily...i don’t know how you were able to afford a love bot, but my God i love you…” she shook her head, smirking down at the motionless Bot. “now where are you, anyway...hmm?” She picked up the note, reading it out loud. “Brittany. Congradulations on your promotion! I’m a lot closer than you think right now. In fact if you’re reading this where you found it i’m right in front of you! I didn’t just buy a Love Bot...i also included the Mind Jack system.
The robot is me. I’m inside it. Even now i can see you in the room, reading this. I can hear everything you say...but until one of us terminates the mind jack system...I’m nothing more than a sentient doll for you to play with however you like. So have fun! Love Lily.
P.S. the safety instructions are in my hand. My body is in the closet. Don’t take me too far away. I need to be in range of my body to return.”
Brittany tossed the note down laughing. “Well this was not what i expected, but’re the greatest.” she leaned down, kissing the bot on the head. “You went to so much trouble to put this need to keep you waiting any longer, right?”
And so began the greatest experience of Lily’s life. Completely at Brittany’s mercy, forced to do anything Brittany commanded of her, Lily felt it all. Her tough exterior, and lack of pain receptors meant that Brittany could be as rough with her as she liked. By the time brittany was done playing with her new bot, Lily was covered in Her orgasmic juices. Completely spent, Brittany collapsed on top of Lilly bot.
The two slept soundly that night.

The next morning, Brittany got up, same as always, to get ready for work. Memories from the night before brought a smile to her face. She turned to the bot beneath her, checking to see if she was still inside.
She was.
“Hey Lily, you don’t work today, do you?” Brittany asked.
“I do not.” came Lily’s automatic response.
A twisted smirk formed on Brittany’s lips. “In that case, you are forbidden from returning to your body until i get home from work.” leaning down, brittany whispered in Lily’s ear. “I want you to feel what a real Sex Bot feels. Imobile, unmoving...just a simple hunk of plastic waiting to be used again. I know ordering you to stay in the bot wont prevent you from leaving it...but if you do i just might have to punish you.” giving her a kiss, Brittany got up, heading for the bathroom, leaving Lily as breathless as a robot could be. Moments later she came out, ready for the day. “I love you. I’ll see you later, Lily Bot.”
With that, she left, leaving Lily alone with nothing but her thoughts.

Several hours passed, completely uneventfully. Lily couldn’t help but be bored at first, having to settle for simply fantasizing about everything her lover could do to her when she got home. Her thoughts were interupted by a rather loud, familiar voice. “Yeah mom, I know. I’ll let her know when she gets home. Okay, i love you.”
This...could be an issue.
Brittany’s sister had just walked into the apartment. This normally wasn’t an issue, she was allowed to come and go as she pleases. She and Lily were even good friends. But this wasn’t the best time. In fact, the timing couldn’t have been worse.
“Lily! Hey, where are you? I need your help!” of course Lily couldn’t respond, she was stuck in Lily bot mode. She could end the program, but this wouldn’t be the first time Brittany’s sister had caught her in a questionable situation.
“Lily?” She walked into the bedroom and swore at the sight of Lily Bot. “God this is not what we need right now…”
Lily couldn’t help but be confused. “Mom is coming by today, the place is a mess, and now they’ve got one of these THINGS??? Mom is going to flip.”
Suddenly, lily couldn’t help feel a twinge of concern. Brittany’s mom was nice...but very judgemental, esspecially of Brittany. And she HATED the Love Bot’s. Claimed they were disgusting.
It was okay, though. Nothing to panic over, right? Clearly sister had other plans.
Lifting up Lily, Sis made her way to the door. “Gotta get rid of this. Mom’s gonna flip. I’ll just buy them a new one. Last thing Bri needs is mom trying to ruin her’s and lily’s relationship over a silly little fetish.”
Get rid of...oh no… no this wasn’t good. Crushing down the moment of panic, Lily decided ending the program was the right move.
“Terminate Mind Jack Program.” she thought.
“Command denied.” replied the system. “Current order: remain within Lily Bot until further notice.”
Fuck! Somehow, the Mind Jack program was taking Brittany’s order seriously and preventing Lily from terminating the program. Lily couldn’t return to her own body!
Suddenly, what started out as a fantasy come true had turned into a nightmare. She had no idea where Brittany’s sister was taking her, but she knew it would be too far away from her body to wake up in.
As for where...she was about to find out.
“Sorry sis...i’ll buy you a new one when mom leaves.”
A stench suddenly filled Lily’s nose, the smell of days old garbage. Lily knew where she was. She was being taken to the dumpster. Lily desperately tried to resist the program, but it was no use. Only Brittany could release her. Sis heaved, and suddenly Lily was falling...falling...falling…
She landed splat on a pile of trash bags. The smell from within the dumpster was far worse than outside.
Lily knew she was in trouble. There was no way this could end well, unless brittany somehow beat the garbage truck and rescued Lily…
No soon as lily thought that, the sound of a garbage trucks airbrakes signalled Lily’s demise. Panicking, Lily tried one last time to escape.
But even if the system would let her go..she was too far away from her body to return.
The dumpster suddenly shuddered before being lifted in the air. Lily got one last look of the sky before suddenly finding herself hurtling toward the open maw of the garbage truck.
And then everything was dark.

“Woah woah, calm down, seriously, it’s just a Bot. I’ll buy you a new one i swear.”
“Kaitlyn, Lily’s mind was in that bot! She can’t return to her body if she’s too far away!”
Kaitlyn’s eyes widened, her mouth dropping. When she had called Brittany to tell her what was happening, this was the last thing she expected. “WAIT WHAT??? WHEN DID LILY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GET A MIND JACK???”
“I can’t...the truck already came...Oh my God.. Brittany I’m so sorry...I didn’t know…”
“Stop apologizing. She’ll be fine, it’s not like she’s going to die, those things are sturdy as hell. Go find out what company picks up those bins, then call them immediately!”
Kaitlyn wasted no time rushing back down to the bins. Hanging up, she quickly dialed the number on the bin.
Answering machine.
“ no no no no no…”
Kaitlyn tried several more times, with the same result. By now, the reality of the situation had finally set in. Kaitlyn burst into tears as she called Brittany back.
“Brittany they’re not answering…” She sobbed.
“I’m on my way home. Told my boss what happened, he let me go early. Go get Lily, she’s in my closet, and put her in your car.” Brittany responded. “Then look up where the trucks take the trash they collect. It’s going to be okay...It’ll be okay…”

It was not okay. Not for Lily.
If she thought the smell in the dumpster was bad, it was nothing compared to the stench of rotting garbage within the truck. With every load a new fresh wave of disgusting filled her nose.
And she was powerless to do anything about it.
She had lost count of how many loads had been dumped into the back. By now the trash had all been compacted into one solid block, with her somewhere in the middle of it. One big trash brick that she was a part of.
It was a good thing she didn’t need to breath. Though she was starting to regret including scent receptors in the bot.

Several hours later and the driver arrived at the landfill. No one paid any attention to the lone Love Bot that descended into the trash pit. Why would anyone care?
Lily landed face up, half buried in trash. She watched helplessly as truck after truck backed up to the edge of the pit, dumping their load. Finally, one truck backed up right over her...a loud roar filled the air as the trash dropped on top of her...burying her away forever….

In a flash, her eyes opened. She took a deep, gasping breath. The first thing she noticed was llight. Several people surrounded her. Gradually, as she became more alert, her senses returning, she became aware that someone was speaking to her.
“ hear me?” it was a man. “If you can hear me nod your head.” she complied, her faculties now almost fully restored. She could see that the source of the light was a super bright flash light held up to her eyes. The man holding seemed to be some kind of doctor. “Do you know what year it is?”
“2...2019?” Lily replied.
“Good....alrighty, Lily, we’re going to take you to the hospital, okay? Get you checked out. Do you know how long you were out for?”
Lily shook her head. “i ...just remember...getting dumped…”
“My God that must’ve been some experience... “
Before Lily could respond, Brittany’s voice snatched her attention. “LILY!” Brittany rushed over to her, breaking through the crowd to wrap her arms around her lover. She was soon joined by Brittany’s sister, Kaitlyn, both of whom were sobbing.
“I’m so sorry Lily. I’m sorry...i didn’t know it was you…” Kaitlyn wept. “I thought it was just a bot…”
The doctor gently pulled them off, telling them Lily needed her space. “You can hold her hand…” he said as Lily was lifted onto a stretcher. “Ride in the ambulance even...but be gentle.”
The next few days were a blur. Lily quickly learned that she had been in the bot for 5 days. Brittany and Kaitlyn had arrived at the dump with several police officers. All operations within the dump were halted until Lily could be found. Eventually, they got lucky. They had decided to try bringing lily’s body to the dump, hoping she could be brought close enought to the bot to simply return lily without having to find the bot. Miraculously, it worked.
Several law suits had been taken out against BotNet. The fail safe on Lily’s bot failed to ignore an off handed command, and several other safety systems had failed as well. Brittany’s simple command to not wake up had caused the system to completely ignore the safety features, which was a giant loophole in the system. BotNet eventually shut down the mind jack program...and settled out of court for several million dollars…
Enough for Brittany and Lily to buy the mind jack program for themselves...enough for them to pay off the dump lily had been taken to, so that they could continue to induldge Lily in a newly acquired fetish.
The fetish of being a doll just casually disposed of.

The end.
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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2019, 11:48:44 am »
Loved it, becoming a sexbot and then getting stuck  :-* only to be thrown away into the garbage and disposed of, the true life of a sexbot.

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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2019, 12:46:55 am »
it was a nice story and thank you for makeing the story based on the idea i gave you
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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2019, 06:55:47 am »
This story is wonderful! What a great way for Brittany and Lily to discover a new fetish. I only wish that my story of getting into this kink was half as interesting as theirs!

So... what exactly does it take to get one's hands on one of these Love Bots, anyway? 'cause after all the fun Lily had being inside the one, I'm feeling a tiny bit envious of her. Might even like to give it a go myself someday...

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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2019, 07:35:36 am »
This story is wonderful! What a great way for Brittany and Lily to discover a new fetish. I only wish that my story of getting into this kink was half as interesting as theirs!

So... what exactly does it take to get one's hands on one of these Love Bots, anyway? 'cause after all the fun Lily had being inside the one, I'm feeling a tiny bit envious of her. Might even like to give it a go myself someday...

Sadly the LoveBot line had been shut down after this fiasco. Lily's near death experience had gotten so much public attention that people were returning their LoveBots. you could acquire a LoveBot online through people trying to get rid of theirs, but the MindJack program to get inside one was sadly completely erased. only Lily has access to it.

if you like i can work on a story for you. ^-^ fair warning it might be a super long time before i write it.
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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #5 on: June 18, 2019, 01:42:03 am »
Oh, that's a bummer the whole line got shut down. Lucky Lily having access to the best part of it!

No need to write me a custom story or anything... I'm sure I'll already love any story you post here, judging by this one and the past ones you've posted! Write what you wish, and when you wish to, and there will be readers here to enjoy it.

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Re: The trashing of a LilyBot. inspired by Trash Girl
« Reply #6 on: June 25, 2019, 12:14:37 pm »
Good story  :)
Garbage bag Diaper :)


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