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two birds, one stone
« on: September 02, 2019, 06:09:33 am »
(F/m F/f)
Machine, tricked, m2f, tied, gagged, bagged, messy, curb, truck, compacted, near-death, transgender.
TRIGGER WARNING This story depicts a trans woman who struggles with coming to terms with her identity.

“Yeah. Nervous, but...yeah.”
“Let’s begin.”
“Calibrating mental lock. Syncronizing brain wave patterns...3...2...1...mental link established.”
“Begin the transfer.”
Mellisa watched anxiously as her beloved fiance faded out of consciousness on the table. Next to him...a perfect clone.
Mellisa and her research team had been testing a new technology which allowed a person to swap their consciousness from their original body into a newly cloned body. So far the tests had run smoothly on animal subjects...but this was the first time they’d tested it on a human.
And her fiance was the only one willing to volunteer. The way he put it “either it works...or it’s not my problem anymore.”
Mellisa wasn’t very fond of his reckless nature. She loved him...but the way he threw himself into her tests with zero regard for his own life grated on her. Of course she understood why. He didn’t hide from her his innermost secrets...she just always wished she could help him with them.
Sadly...there was no way to fulfill his wish, which was to become a girl. Without surgery, or lifelong drugs, that is.
As far as she knew...these desires of his had been with him from a young age. He’d always been different, always had a more feminine streak. It’s one of the reasons she was so attracted to him. When he finally came out to her about his secret desires, she took it upon herself to help him. From a closet full of dresses, to professional makeup lessons, she did it all. Just for him.
Still...even after coming out he didn’t seem willing to embrace his identity. He always said that if he could just wake up one day...and find that he’d turned into a girl over night...he’d be the happiest girl on earth.
Sadly, it just wasn’t possible.
“Mellisa!” mellisa snapped back to reality, unsure of where these thoughts had come from. “I said the transfer was a success. Should we wake him up?”
It was a success…?
“Wake him.”
Slowly, the clone began to wake up, looking around the room. Mellisa smiled, watching her aides run diagnostics on him, making sure he was okay both physically and mentally…
Her smile grew wider…impossible…?
Good thing that was her favorite word.

4 years had passed since the first successful test of a mind swap of a human subject. I had been the first, and now the entire world knew about the wonders of this incredible technology. Medical science advanced by leaps and bounds. Had a terminal illness like cancer? Just get yourself a more healthy clone and transfer into it.
Just one step closer to immortality.
My beautiful wife led the research. Doctor Mellisa, with a PHD in neuro, medical, and computer science. Thanks to her and her team...humanity had taken a huge step forward.
We were filthy rich.
We were happy.
And life just kept getting better and better.
Mellisa had contacted some of her Doctor friends and arranged...a little operation for me. Nothing serious, just a little breast augmentation. That way i wouldn’t have to keep relying on breast forms when i went out. The new look was amazing.
Yup. life just kept getting better and better.
“Babe?” Mellisa called to me from the kitchen. “Can you help me with this? This bag is far too heavy…”
“Sure, i’ll be down in a minute.” I admired myself in the mirror for a moment longer before descending the stairs to go help her.
“Hey, what’s the trouble?” I asked as i reached the kitchen to find her trying to lift a bag of trash from it’s bin.
“This...oh you.” She shook her head with a smile. “Why are you wearing that dress? We’re not going out anywhere tonight.”
“I know…” i said sheepishly, spreading the front of the dress out. “I just wanted to see what it looked like…”
“With your new boobs? I get it.” She chuckled, waving me over.
I joined her, holding the can while she pulled the trash free. I had to bite my tongue to keep from letting the smell overwhelm me.
See i had this rather strange fetish. The fetish of being thrown out as if i were just a piece of garbage. The smell, the feel, the grossness of everything was all part of the experience.
It was one of the few things i kept from Melissa. She'd accepted me as i am...but God only knows what she'd think of me if she learned THIS secret.
“thanks." She said, hefting the rather large bag over her shoulder and making her way to the door.
"Don't you want some help carrying it?" I asked, about to follow her.
" no. Thanks, though." She disappeared through the front door for a moment before finally coming back in, pulling me close. Her lips met mine and we kissed…
I broke the kiss in shock, looking down at my newly cuffed hands. Melissa giggled, dragging me by the handcuffs she'd produced from seemingly out of nowhere.
I wasn't too distressed. I'd always been a bit of a submissive in bed. That's just how i was. Being tied, chained, or cuffed was one of my favorite things in the whole world…
If i only knew what she had planned…

Melissa rode me until we could barely breathe. Sex with this woman was the most amazing experience in the world.
"Don't go anywhere." She said, getting up.
As if i have a choice, i thought as she left. She'd cuffed my hands together, then my feet, tying both to the bed frame. I wasn't going anywhere.
I didn't really want to try.
Melissa returned, carrying a roll of duct tape and some rope. She grinned, approaching me with a predatory look in her eyes. "Open." She ordered, picking up a pair of panties from the floor.
I complied and she quickly stuffed the panties into my mouth, effectively gagging me.
"So many interesting things can be gleaned from the mind while it's in the process of transference. Did you know that, Dillan?" I tilted my head as she spoke, lifting it slightly so she could wrap the duct tape around my head to hold her makeshift gag in place. "Many many things are held out in the open, waiting to be discovered. And boy did i discover quite a bit." My eyes widened slightly. There was a dangerous tint to her voice which served to both turn me on...and put me on edge.
"Such as your rather...interesting fetishes." She untied my cuffs from the bed, forcing my knees up to my chest. More duct tape, and i was trapped in the fetal position. "I honestly couldn't believe it. I had to do a little digging. So during your surgery i decided to play with your phone. Imagine my surprise, and honestly my disgust, when i learned that my lover...fantasized about being thrown away? Like trash? About being crushed in compactors, and dumped into trucks…” she paused, just long enough to gag. “Well...i decided that enough was enough. I’m not going to entertain a coward who not only refuses to accept the obvious truths about his...or i should say HER...personality, but someone who is so sexually depraved they get off on the idea of being literally DISPOSED of.” my heart sank at these words. Coward? Me? And she knew about my filthy, depraved fetish…
Still, despite the pain in my heart i couldn’t deny the arousal her words brought to me. I knew exactly where she was going with this. And it turned me on more than I’d ever been turned on before.
Of course she noticed. She shook her head, sighing. “I knew it. You really are a pervert. Oh least i know I’ll be getting rid of you in a way that you’re SURE to enjoy.” with that, she leaves, coming back moments later with a can. It took some doing, but she finally managed to get me inside it. “Look at you.” she said as i squirmed, trying desperately to break free of my bonds. “I think you look quite at home in there. Oh, and one more thing before we finish…” i looked up at her, just in time to see her produce some kind of device i didn’t recognize. She placed it on the back of my head, a sharp pain bursting from my skull as she pressed a button.
“This should keep you alive until your heart can’t beat any longer. I imagine it’s going to be a rather painful experience, but it IS what you wanted.” My eyes met hers, pleading for mercy. She pouted. “Don’t look at me that way. You think i want to do this to you? I loved you...but you’ve been nothing but dead weight for me. Useless...cowardly...and now this...I’m sorry love...but you’ve got to go.” without another word, she pulled a bag out from underneath our bed, proceeding to empty it out into my can, which was quickly filled with putrid smelling trash. She covered her nose, turning away. “Ugh...i gotta take this out NOW.” with that...she tied up the ends of the bag, plunging me into darkness.

Kinky as hell.

Despite my situation i was having the time of my life. Was i heart broken that she had decided i was trash? Well yeah. But i’d be damned if i wasn’t going to enjoy every second of it. I still held out hope that she was going to bring me back inside from the curb upon which she’d left me.
Where have i read that before?
Being left to wait for the truck gave me plenty of time to myself. Time to reflect on what she’d said. Was she referring to my femininity? I could admit...there was so much about myself that i knew...but didn’t want to face...things i was ashamed of...even more ashamed of than my fetish. Of course she knew. I’d confessed to her ages ago that i wished to have been born a girl. I just never got up the nerve to admit to myself that it was more than just a was a powerful desire that held me back. Not because the desire was there...but because i was too scared to face it.
And here i was...coming to terms with who i have always been...while waiting for a truck to come and dispose of me once and for all.
A fitting end, in all honesty.
Trash belongs in the trash, after all.

Several hours passed with no truck appearing. It occured to me that i didn’t know when the truck picked up trash. Perhaps she’d set me out on a day when they don’t pick up at our house?
Immediately upon thinking that, the squeal of air brakes caught my attention. The unmistakeable sound of bags of trash being hefted into a hopper...the roar of an engine as the truck inched its way toward me.
This was it. She was serious.
The truck arrived before me and my previously pounding heart froze. Someone approached my can...i felt myself being lifted...and suddenly i was weightless. I came down hard in the hopper, and immediately the roar of the compactor was all i could hear. The compactor came down...and what little light was left within my bag was cut off.
And the blade retracted.

The smell was the first thing i noticed, right before the pressure.
It was disgusting. The most horrendous, rotten smell i’d ever experienced.
It was...delightful. I couldn’t contain myself. The desire to satisfy my rock hard cock was irresistable. But what with the restraints, and the pressure of the rest of the trash around me it was all i could do to even hump the trash.
More trash was added to the hopper, finding me flopping back down, only to be scooped up once again into the compaction chamber.
And my arousal only grew.
Once again the hopper was filled, and once again i dropped down only to be scooped up. This happened several more times until i had been compacted so deeply gravity could no longer take me.
More compactions, more pressure. Soon, the alluring smell was drowned out only by the pain in my bones as the compactions grew tighter and tighter and tighter.
Suddenly, unbearable agony flooded my whole body...a bright light filled my visions...then nothing…
Nothing but an all too familiar tunnel...and the pull of another life for me to occupy…….

Immediately upon setting my lover on the curb to be collected, i returned to our house, descending the stairs to the basement. There, my little secret awaited me.
A perfect clone of my Dillan. With one minor adjustment.
This dillan was a woman. A very attractive one, at that.
I’d planned on surprising Dillan with this new body weeks ago. I’d ask him to help me with a new prototype for the mind transfer system, a remote transfer. No need for giant complex labs. In truth, i already knew it would work. It had been tested rigerously.
Dillan didn’t know that.
Then i found his search history. Doing a little digging i learned of his rather unorthodox fetish.
And a new plan arose.
I’d give him his new body...and fullfill his wildest fantasy in one fell swoop.
The device i’d attached to his head was designed for just this purpose. Soon, the moment his heart stops will transfer his consciousness from his old body…
Into HER brand new one.
A smile crossed my face. I already knew she’d love it. This is what my years of research have led up to. Giving my obviously-trans-but-too-scared-to-admit-it girlfriend the body and life she deserved.
Everyone important had already been informed of the change. Money does wonders in keeping secrets, and changing names on birth certificates. Dillan’s parents were no longer in the picture...and there weren’t many friends, either. All loose ends had been taken care of.
All that was needed now was for…
Before i could finish the thought, the life support chamber holding my lovers new female body sounded a small alarm, signalling me that the transfer had begun. I couldn’t help but bounce in excitement.
“Transfer complete in 3...2...1…”
A couple taps on a few buttons...and her eyes flew open.
“Hello Jasmine.” i said as she looked around in shock. “Are you surprised?”
Briefly, she glanced around the room. “I’m...alive?” I nodded, ecstatic. “oh...WAIT! What’s up with…” she raised her hand to her throat, confusion etched on her face. “Mellisa...what have you done to me?”
I grabbed a large mirror from the wall and brought it over. “I thought you could use a new look.”
She looked herself over, eyes widening as she took in the whole package. Breasts...a adorable, female face...her eyes welled up with tears at the sight and my heart skipped a beat. Crying wasn’t part of the plan...was i wrong?
She paused a moment, before finally bursting into tears.
“Thank you!”
I smiled, relieved and overjoyed at the same time.
“Of course.” I said. “Anything for the woman i love.”

The end
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Re: two birds, one stone
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Thanks for posting this! Always a fan of your work - but this feels special.

I like that Mellisa is acting from a place of love, and that ultimately the act of disposal serves as a means of Dillan's rebirth.

Thanks, again, for sharing!

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Re: two birds, one stone
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Thank you. ^-^ i was nervous about howthis one was gonna be received.
W...wait, don't throw me away! I'm your cute little femboy! Don't you wanna play with me?


B...but......*Slam.* oh. Okay.

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Re: two birds, one stone
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this was a good story femboy


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