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Yui at Sci-Kink World - ch.2: Dark Hall
« on: June 01, 2019, 04:57:50 pm »
This is the 2nd chapter.

From outside, it seemed to be just yet another boring old warehouse building, but once I entered the building, I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight that met my eyes. Even though the majority of the massive open hall was very dark, and it was hard to make out fine details, you could still make out girls standing in awkward positions, moving ever so slightly, as well as the multiple metallic rails passing along the ceiling across the hall. The smell of sex, and the sounds of orgasms layered on top of each other, immediately had me turned on.

The guard checking my choker told me to go to booth 132, where I would be spending the next 4 hours, but not until I had passed through the preparation room, which was just to my right. The guard also explained that once I was set up in my booth, nobody would be able to enter my booth, unless I had personally given them permission in advance. Instantly, Sarah’s face popped into my mind’s eye, as I remembered how she had promised to check in on me while I was testing the attraction. Entering the preparation room, a lady greeted me, gave me a small black box, and told me to go get changed in one of the small cubicles. At this point, my excitement had reached quite a high level, but as I was soon to find out, it could get even higher. Once inside the cubicle, I opened up the box. The contents aroused me greatly, as i took them out of the box. First was a pair of long black latex gloves, these would almost reach my shoulders. After putting on the gloves, I picked up the black latex stockings, that went halfway up my thighs, locking them on with a specially made ankle cuff and thigh cuff on each leg. Lastly, a shining black ballgag was put at the bottom of the box, and although i wanted to put it on right away, a note in the box said that this would act as the key to my booth, and as such i should hold off on putting it on. Once finished I exited the preparation room, and walked further into the building. As I was following the designated path along the LED-illuminated floor, I couldn’t help but notice that all of the booths were looking the same.

The rails passing along the ceiling, crossing the room, were split up into parts, with visible booths beneath them. Each booth seemed to have a small touchscreen surface just outside of it. The booths were not actually separated, but it was clear where one booth ended, and another began, thanks to the dim lighting in the floor. When i got to my designated booth, i noticed that there was a hole in the floor, shaped like the number 8, and it was quite obvious what would be emerging from that hole once I was locked in place. The actual restraints were quite different from anything I’d ever seen before. The restraints for my hands looked like one of those grips you grab onto in the subway, to maintain your balance, but orbiting the grips was a small black rubber band, with small beads sticking out from it. I didn’t yet know how this would work, but I knew that I would soon find out. There were no restraints for my feet, it seemed like, which i thought was odd, but i paid it no mind.

I went to look at the touchscreen pad at the entry to my booth, only 3 options were available, and I would have to choose one. The options were “Denial”, “Orgasms Galore” and “Mixing It Up”. There was no detailed description for any of the 3 options, so I just went with the 3rd option. The screen displayed a message to insert the ballgag into a hole on the small pedestal the surface was connected to. The moment I did so, the screen flashed green, and told me to go inside the booth. Once I had moved inside, the pedestal sunk into the floor, completely disappearing. A soft feminine voice from my choker told me to go stand above the hole in the floor, facing the direction i entered the booth. Once in position, I was told to grab the handles above my head, and without hesitating, my hands were firmly gripping them. Suddenly, a robotic arm descended in front of my face, holding a familiar object to me, my shiny black ballgag. I opened up my mouth, and allowed the arm to push the ball into my mouth and behind my teeth. Shortly after, I felt the gag tightening behind my head, and the ball pushed further inside my mouth. I was now completely unable to spit it out, which was exactly how I loved to be gagged.

With the gag now inside my mouth, I suddenly felt something touching my hands, and as I looked up, i saw the black latex ring swelling up around the handles, and the small beads were forming black rubbery spheres around my hands. As i was still wondering what was happening, the spheres stopped inflating, and it was at this point I realized, that i could no longer move my hands at all, they were completely immobilized by the black spheres, which had at this point merged into one single black sphere, that was completely encapsulating my hands, and i couldn’t move my fingers at all, or move my hands. I was impressed and incredibly turned on at the ingenuity of this restraint.

Suddenly, the black sphere moved forward, and my hands were forced above my head, and drawn away from me. I was now arching my back, and wiggling my ass behind me. The next instant i felt my legs coming together, completely out of my control, and stopped just before they were on top of the hole in the floor, but i couldn’t move them at all, they were completely stuck with only about 10 centimeters between them. I imagine this must’ve made my ass look quite amazing, if you looked at me from behind. As I looked down to figure out what the cause of this was, i saw my ankle and thigh cuffs emitting a dim blue light, and it suddenly dawned on me, that they had powerful electromagnets embedded, that were keeping my legs locked down.

As I was now stuck in this position, pulled forward by my hands stuck above my head in the black sphere, back arched, legs kept close together, my C-cup firm breasts strutting out from my chest with rock hard nipples, and my ass inviting a spanking or a good fucking, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What was next?”.  I mmph’d into my gag as a sudden whirring beneath me startled me. As I looked down, I saw two quite sizeable black latex dildos coming out of the hole in the floor, the one clearly intended for my pussy, was a tad larger and thicker than the other one, and before i had a chance to react to what was going on, each of the dildos were at their respective entrance of my behind. I could feel that they had been lubed up already, although for my front entrance, it really wouldn’t have been necessary.

With as much of a gasp as I could get through my gag, the dildos entered me, going slowly in and out of my holes, alternating their approach. It felt heavenly, and I was soon brought very close to an orgasm, only for the dildos to completely stop in their tracks. I instinctively started thrashing about to get the dildos to push me over the edge, but the way i was restrained, kept me from doing anything but wiggling my ass slightly, which would not cut it.
I could do nothing but wait for them to start again, and luckily, I didn’t have to wait long. This time, i was allowed to cum, not just once, but i was being forcefully fucked continuously for 30 minutes, the dildos switching between alternating their thrusts, and going in and out both at once. I completely lost count of the amount of times I came during those 30 minutes, and i must have made a lot of noise as well, just hanging there from the black sphere, gagged and fucked completely silly. But my ordeal was far from over, this had only been the first 30 minutes!

The machine allowed me to catch my breath by retracting the dildos, and leaving me hanging for 5 minutes, but the show had to go on. The dildo’s penetrated me once again, but this time they didn’t move in or out, instead, they started vibrating intensely, alternating in their intensity variously, and for an entire hour, I was continuously being brought to the edge, only to be constantly denied when I was just about to orgasm. I thought I was going mad, but at the same time, this was an amazing experience, and it felt incredible.

I was completely immersed in my own world of pleasure, when suddenly…

“Oh my, someone is having a load of fun without letting me in on the action, huh?”

I snapped open my eyes, my vision being met with a stunning redhead standing directly in front of me, Sarah.

“Wow, you’ve been holding out pretty well for the last hour, it would seem! You haven’t been allowed to cum at all? Let’s fix that, huh babe?”

I watched as she went behind me, and suddenly I felt a sting on my ass cheeks. Sarah was giving me a good spanking, and she was not holding back either. My muffled voice was distorted by every slap she delivered to my delicate bottom. She stopped spanking me, and i heard the sound of a phone camera snapping a shot, and i knew it was my ass she was taking a picture of. She then went back around in front of me, showed me her phone, and with it a picture of my freshly spanked, bright red ass being penetrated by the dildos. I immediately blushed, and felt embarrassed, which Sarah definitely noticed. She started fondling my breasts, pinching my nipples, sucking them, went back to kneading my breasts, while nibbling softly on my ear. The dildos had started thrusting again, although they had not stopped vibrating, the intensity of the vibrations had been lowered. I was once again in pleasure heaven.

I had the largest orgasm of my life, being penetrated in this position, while being caressed by Sarah.

“There we go, it seems like my little kitten finally found some relief.” I nodded meekly, and she smiled and kissed me on the cheek, “See you in a few hours, Emily”. She disappeared down the hall again, and I was once again left to the mercy of the machine. The machine was still going, and kept switching between fucking me, granting me many orgasms, and teasing me for periods of time without letting me cum. The last thing I remember is having an earthshattering orgasm, and losing consciousness…

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Re: Yui at Sci-Kink World - ch.2: Dark Hall
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Interesting story, I'm curious how it will go on.


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