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Yui at Sci-Kink World - ch.1: Welcome to the Park!
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This is where the story starts! Enjoy!

It was a morning like any other, waking up to the daily workload to keep my apartment secured. Washing my face, applying some very light make-up, brushing my hair, the works. Grabbing a toast for breakfast, and sitting down in front of my computer. Booting it up, I wasn’t expecting a mail from the official mailer at Sci-Kink World, and I certainly wasn’t expecting an invitation to the park. I opened the email.

“Dear Yui,

We, here at Sci-Kink World, would like to formally invite you to visit the park, as a submissive attraction tester. We know that you are a submissive both mentally, and physically, and have deemed you eligible for testing the various existing attractions, as well as new, yet to be revealed, attractions.

Should you decide to accept our proposal, we will offer you a discounted entry fee, and the ability to stay in the park for as long as you want.

In the case that you are unable to pay the fee, we have a service, offering newcomers to auction themselves to highest bidder, and gain entrance this way, although you will be owned and controlled by your buyer. You may request specific genders to be able to buy you.

If you are interested, simply show up at our reception at the park. If you are able to pay the fee, please do so before arriving, credentials for the payment account is attached. In case you have not paid the fee when you arrive, we will assume, that you have chosen to enter yourself into the auction.

We hope to see you soon.

Director of Sci-Kink World,

I was completely flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been invited to the adult theme park of my dreams, and even better, I was offered the position of attraction tester. There was no way I could decline this offer, I knew that immediately. I was quick to grab my phone, and call my parents to tell them that I was offered a new job opportunity, while “accidentally” omitting the details of what it was, and where.

First things first though. Considering what I’d been doing to earn money the past few months, there was no way for me to be able to pay the entrance fee. There was no other way, than to auction myself. I wrote a reply to the email, stating that I’d like to enter myself into the auctions, and that I’d like to request only women to be able to bid on me. Next, I bought a ticket for the busline headed directly for the park, leaving in an hour.

Considering what I would be doing at the park, I didn’t feel the need to dress up at all, and just wore a grey hoodie, some hotpants, and a pair of vans. On the bus, I couldn’t help but think about who would be buying me for the park, and several times, I caught myself thinking of Sarah. I kept fantasizing of her being my mistress, yet at the same time, I didn’t want to lose her as my best friend.

When I arrived at the park, it was slightly anticlimactic, the entrance was just a grey facade with a few windows, as well as an old school wooden door. I tried the door, and once inside, a counter with a receptionist met my eyes. I walked over, and asked where to go for the auctions, and was promptly told that auctions were to the right.

The woman at the auctions counter asked for my name and basic information, before handing me a bag for my clothes, and told me to go through the door behind her, and strip down completely. After I was done, I was to stand on a marked panel on the floor.

As I entered the room, I noticed that all the walls were pearly white, and brightly backlit, so there was no lighting outside of that. I decided to get the clothes out of the way fast, and put them in the bag I was handed. I put the bag near the door I entered through, and walked over to the panel I was supposed to stand on. As I stepped onto it, I felt the panel lowering slightly into the floor, and a whirring sound came from above, as a circular metal object was lowered just above my head. The white wall in front of me suddenly had an image on it, showing me that I was supposed to lift my arms, and put my hands through two openings in the metal. As I did so, I felt some fabric inflate, and tighten around my wrists until I could no longer pull my hands back. Next, a click could be heard from the device, as it detached from the ceiling, and my hands were now effectively handcuffed in front of me. The door behind me opened up, and the woman from earlier entered, told me to open my mouth wide, and immediately snuck a ballgag behind my teeth, and buckled it tight. She told me to just stay put for the time being, then proceeded to grab the bag with my clothes, after which she exited the room.

At this point, I was already getting wet with anticipation for what was about to happen. I didn’t have to wait long either, as the panel I was standing on suddenly starting elevating itself, and I noticed the ceiling had a square opening directly above me. After a little while, I noticed the walls of the shaft were disappearing, and a dim light suddenly shone on me from above. A robotic female voice told me to lift my hands above my head, and once I did, I heard another click, and suddenly, my arms were now stuck above my head again. Whatever had grabbed my cuffs, was now dragging further up, and I was now standing on my toes.

The room I was standing in was suddenly brightly illuminated, and I noticed I was standing in a elliptical room with mirrors covering the walls. I didn’t realise how sexy I looked until now, and it certainly didn’t help my horniness at all.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, tonights auction is on the road, and let me be frank, it is quite the catch tonight! The men will be disappointed to know, however, that they will not be able to bid on our first item!”

The sudden outburst of the auctioneer, startled me a bit, but I was relieved to know they had taken my wishes with regards to my buyer into consideration. It seemed like I was quite popular, because the bidders were constantly outbidding each other, and it was getting quite heated. All of a sudden, when it seemed like the bidding had slowed down, someone bid ten times the amount of the highest bidder. Everything went quiet for a few seconds.

“It would seem we have a winner, folks! Who would’ve thought that ‘She’ would be outbidding everyone tonight, how exciting!”

I had no idea what he meant, but as soon as he finished speaking, the mirror directly in front of me was lowered into the floor, and a stunningly beautiful woman stepped out. She was wearing an all black shiny satin dress and shiny black stiletto heels. Her hair was scarlet red, and bundled up behind her head. I couldn’t make out her face though, as she was wearing a mask covering her eyes.

She walked up to me, took my chin in her hand, and held it up to force me to look at her. She took off her mask, and I was absolutely speechless when she did, although, not just because of the gag I was wearing. The face of the woman I was looking straight at…

...Was Sarah.

I was completely captivated by the pair of blue eyes I was staring into.

“Hi Yui.” She whispered seductively. “Didn’t expect to see me here, did you now?”

She planted a kiss on my gagged lips, and I melted. I hadn’t noticed her hand moving to my breast, and her other hand to my crotch. Suddenly, she was putting her fingers inside me, and fondling my breasts. After what I had just been through, it didn’t take much for her to make me cum. And so I came, hard. She took off my gag, and kissed me deeply. I felt myself being intoxicated by her scent, and gradually losing consciousness.

“Oh dear, were you that excited to get some action?” I barely heard her, I was too far away in my orgasm.
“That’s alright, there’s plenty more where it came from…” As she finished her sentence, I felt myself passing out.

When I woke up, I found myself naked in a large bed. I immediately recalled the events from before I passed out. Sarah bought me? Sarah? Was it really her?
The door to the bedroom opened, and Sarah walked in. “Morning Sunshine, slept well?” Once again, I was completely speechless, and just stared at her. She suddenly burst into laughter.

“Pfft… Hahahaha, you should see yourself right now, the look on your face is absolutely priceless!”

“Yeah, sure, very funny, what’s going on here?” I asked.

“You mean, you haven’t realised yet? Oh dear, I’ve got some explaining to do, it seems.”
She sat down next to me on the bed.

“I was the one who bought you at the auction last night. Well, not that it could have turned out any differently, considering I was the one who sent you the invitation to the park.”

“YOU were the one who invited me? I’m confused, How did you know I was into being tied up?”

“Oh Yui, it was obvious during college, when we were roommates. Your makeshift gag was pretty cute on you, when you cuffed yourself with fluffy cuffs before rubbing one out.”

I felt myself going bright red from embarrassment.

“Y-You knew..? For how long?”

“Oh, pretty much since the first time you did it, but I also always had my eye on you, I’ve been wanting to tie you up, tease you, and fuck you ever since you first walked through the door to the college dorm.”

She waited for my reaction before continuing, which was basically me hiding myself under the blanket.

“And now… I’ve got you right where I want you, Yui. My beautiful girl, all for myself. Which reminds me, there was a reason you came to this park, wasn’t there?”

I tilted my head at her, as if I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh, come on, Yui. You’re here to test our new attractions, and help us improve them! Why would I know that? Well, my mother is the director of the park, so I get some benefits with that.”

It all made sense now, how she was able to orchestrate all of this. Everything just clicked. As well the collar she had just locked around my neck, while I was dumbfounded at the information I had just received.

“Now, I’m not 100% into the ‘Call me mistress, or get punished’ thing, I just want to enjoy some good times with you, so you don’t have to worry about any of that jazz. I will, however be verbally shaming you. Now, that collar basically shows other park attendees, that you’re already owned, so nobody should try to lay their hands on you, unless you, or I by extension, explicitly allow them to. Who am I kidding though, you’re mine, and only mine.” I blushed again, I didn’t realise she thought so much of me.

“Today, you’ll be testing out “The Dark Hall”. The reception is already expecting you, so you should get going.”

“What, stark naked? For real?”

“Yui, you’re my slave now, are you not? Slaves, or pets, don’t get to wear anything their owners don’t want them to, and today, you’re naked until you reach the attraction.”

“Well, shit, alright then…”

And so, Sarah paraded me like her prize, al the way to the Dark Hall, after which she said she had some business to attend to, and left me to my own devices.

Dark Hall, here I come...


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