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F/f; lesbian; offer; stables; F+/f+; ponygirl; naked; corset; harness; collar; bitgag; armbnder; boots; bridle; enema; tattoo; training; outdoors; cart; enslave; captive; drug; hypno; cons; X

F+/f+; captive; bond; hypno; piercing; ponygirl; corset; harness; collar; bitgag; armbinder; boots; bridle; enema; stables; training; outdoors; cart; enslave; dehumanise; cons/reluct; X

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Thanks  ;)

It's fortunate Linda keeps an open mind and has a very trusting and accepting nature, otherwise her involuntary transformation from young woman to pony girl might have been somewhat traumatic. But then there's the drugs and hypnosis to consider ...
Anyway, it's a great story and I enjoyed reading it immensely!
Cheers, Absolutist

i also enjoyed this one a lot!  it's presents such a harsh scenario in a way that's sweet and loving.

i hope the author writes many more stories!

Many thanks for liking this. There is a Part 2 which is with Gromet. Hopefully, it expands and gives some explanation.

Enjoyed it. Waiting for part 2 to be published.


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