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Who Still Uses Paperwork
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:04:07 pm »
This is a rough draft, and I don't feel super comfortable putting it anywhere where I can't make that obvious! Involves machines and some mind control and some packaging.

Did an audio reading here:


Lilah hummed to herself as she smiled at the lady in the labcoat. A little x-frame was attached to a strange looking conveyor belt right in front of her, and it had places for her wrists and ankles to go into once she was ready. “Okie! So is there anything I should be worried about that wasn’t covered in the paperwork?” Lilah asked.

She flipped through the lengthy ten pages. Details about her transformation, about how long it would last, what effects it might have on her mind, who was supposed to be responsible for her, all sorts of important information! And of course all of it was surrounded in legalese to make sure she definitely understood 100% what she was doing. After all, it wasn’t like a company who could turn you into a sex doll for a week or a month or forever wasn’t going to make sure to cover their ass.

“Hm. Well. You might feel a little stiff when you come back through the process. We’ll make sure to install a bit of a trance program to help you pass the time. You won’t be seeing quite as much activity after all. Oh, and of course, we’ll use the time to sequence your DNA and adjust any long term health conditions that might be expressed to get rid of those. Think about it like the best medical checkup and a weird sexy vacation.” The lady with a labcoat wore a name tag -- Elisa -- answered. “I’ve done it myself, before. I even have some pictures. My boyfriend only used me once, but it got rid of my acne!” she beamed.

“Oh, that’s pretty neat,” Lilah chirped. “Well then, okay!” she said as she handed over her papers. “I’ll strip down and get ready while you look through all that!” She didn’t mind in the least what she was about to do. Utterly shameless, the green-haired half-elf started taking her clothes off, folding them and laying them in a neat little pile to be collected later. Once fully naked, she hopped up onto the stopped conveyor belt and started fiddling with the cuffs, slowly strapping her legs and her left arm in.

Elisa worked through the papers. “Mmhm. Okay. One week. Lovedoll, fantastic choice. Similar features, understood. Basic time passer, excellent. No hypnotic training, fair enough. Normally people like to get some just to experience it. Should I try to convince you?”

Lilah giggled. “No! I think I’ve got it covered!”

“Well alright then. And you will be delivered to a Ms. Robins, correct?”

“Yep. She’s a friend! She has weird parties and stuff where she dresses up like a dolly herself, so I figured I’d join as one of her toys for a bit and see what happens.”

“Oh my,” Elisa laughed. “Well, I hope you have a full week. And she is expecting you, correct?”

“Oh, of course!” Lilah chirped. “I wouldn’t just surprise her. She knows I’m going to be coming by in a box soon enough!”

“Oh, and I see you chose our deluxe packaging options. Good call. It’s a nice keepsake. I still have mine too.” She flipped through the last few pages. “Well, alright, this looks perfect. I’ll just help you out here,” she stepped up and helped Lilah’s last free limb into the X-frame. “And perfect. Let me just run up to the control room, and you’ll be started in just a few. I hope you enjoy your time as a toy, and I can’t wait to hear about your experiences on the other side.” She actually leaned up and kissed Lilah on the cheek, sending the girl into a little spurt of giggles.

Lilah started humming to herself, her big ears wiggling as she waited patiently. The half-elf knew what she was in for and couldn’t be more excited. Everyone she spoke to only had rave reviews about the process and how fun it was. She was eager to get started on it!

Elisa walked up the nearest flight of stairs and into the control room. She kept looking over the paperwork, thumbing through things as quickly as she could just to double, triple, and quadruple check things. Unfortunately, that meant she wasn’t keeping her eyes on where she was going, and she ended up running right into her coworker, Amy. The two collided, and paper went scattering everywhere.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Amy said as she scrambled to start piling the papers together. “I’m really, really, really sorry. I just wasn’t paying attention and--”

Amy was new. Very new. Like, third day on the job new. She knew how to operate the control room and could do so alone now, but she was so terrified of getting fired there was a constant sheepishness to every action she took. She scrambled with the papers as quick as she could and hopped on up with a single big stack, her own mixed into them. She looked down and let out a little embarrassed squeak. “Oh! I-I think I mixed them up.”

Elisa sighed. She looked over the papers and then to Amy. “It’s fine. Just, set them on my desk, okay? I’ll sort through them real quick.” She patted herself off and checked her rump for any bruising from the fall. “Mm. Actually, tell the girl in the waiting area to just wait four or five minutes. I’ll be right back, okay? I think--Well. Don’t worry about it. She’s sweet. Just tell her to be patient.”

Elisa didn’t want to admit she had to go to the bathroom really badly.

Amy nodded. “Okay! Sure thing,” she said as she started walking back to the control area. All she had to do was tell the girl in the waiting area to be patient! Easy enough!

She sat down in the big, comfortable leather chair with all the monitors and layouts in front of it. She always felt so powerful looking over it. She spotted the girl Elisa must have been talking about -- a cute half-elf with green hair looking quite peaceful and ready to go. And pretty. Wow. She had some good muscles and… she looked really good. Amy could just imagine licking across her belly and snuggling into her. Gosh. She was so pretty.

Amy hopped on the mic and, like the complete idiot she was, simply said “Hello!”

Lilah looked around with a bit of confusion before she nodded. “Hi! Who are you?”

“Oh. I’m Amy.”

Lilah let out a little laugh. “Oh? What happened to Elisa?” Lilah squirmed in the bindings a little. They weren’t the most comfortable in the world. It kind of pinched her wrists a little bit!

“Uhm. She had to take care of something.”

“Awwh, that’s too bad! Does that mean you’ll be handling this? It’s going to be super fun! I super can’t wait!” Lilah chirped.

Gosh. She was just so precious. Amy didn’t want to just leave her hanging there. The smile on the half-elf’s face just sang to her. She looked so sweet and cute, seeing her trussed up and squirming uncomfortably didn’t suit her. Amy looked down to the paperwork. hard could it be to make sure she got the right one? Even if it was all mostly filled out codes and stuff. The computer scanned them anyways.

She nodded before realizing that Lilah couldn’t see her nods. “Well, then let’s get you started!” Amy quickly said. A tinge of embarrassment crossed her cheeks. “Okay, I’m just going to scan these documents and get everything in order. The computer should take care of the rest, okay? So just… one more minute. Is there any custom thing you would like? Like, would you like me to pick out a dolly name for you, or do you want to just stay as…” She looked down at the top sheet. “Lilah Lace. Oh. Cute.”

Lilah was used to people complimenting her name. What Amy was actually complimenting was that Lilah did her front page entirely in green ink. *Unfortunately* and due entirely to horribly unlikely circumstance, she only did her first page in green ink. Every other page was in black. And the pages that Amy had so clumsily mixed in shared Lilah’s color. Which meant, well. They were done in green ink. Whoops. But who uses green ink anyways aside from dumb green-haired half-elves?

For Amy, that made it pretty easy to start scanning through things. She simply spotted the color of the ink and separated the papers as quick as she could before running them through the scanner. It wasn’t until she saw all the options start popping up that she thought something a little unusual was going on. She read through them real quick and considered bringing them up to Lilah, but… She didn’t want to offend her.

“Mm! Yeah! Pick a good name for me!” Lilah chirped.

Amy looked a little stunned. She was so cheerful. She must have really liked the idea. Amy felt her face turning beet red. This girl was so kinky. Maybe she could…

Amy felt a tightness in her bra as her nipples became harder and harder. No, no, even if the job was kind of sexy, she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it like this. She didn’t have dibs on the girl anyways.

“Yeah! I think I have a great one for you!” Amy said, a little arousal clear in her voice. “Uhm. Everything is all ready to go here, so… are you ready?”

“I sure am!” Lilah cheered. “Let’s go! I can’t wait! This is going to be so much fun!”

Amy bit her lip as she looked over to the “start” button. This was the first time she got to see a permanent conversion done. She felt a little strange. Could she really do this? She knew these customers were rare. Her heart felt like it was beating in her throat. The customer was always right. She reached over and pressed the start button.

“Process lockout beginning. Safety protocols disengaged. All attendants have ten seconds to remove themselves from the factory floor.” A feminine machine voice slowly counted down from ten to zero, and when it hit zero, it blared out again. “Path locked. Process beginning. Step One: Cleaning.”

The conveyor belt lurched forward. Lilah let out a little squeak as she headed toward the first station. She heard the cleaning process was really nice. They smothered you in all sorts of fruity chemicals and scents and made you feel so good! She was more than eager for it.

As she was moved into the first station, she smiled. A mask was put over her mouth and nose, and some strange chemical poured into her lungs. She started to giggle, feeling a strange euphoria flooding her senses. She hadn’t heard about this.

“Close eyes to begin,” the mechanical voice said. Lilah, not wanting to be stubborn, did as she was told. A cold liquid splashed over her entire body.She almost squealed in shock as she was drenched in the liquid. Another, much warmer, stream washed over her. The device over her mouth and nose started to ooze a strange fluffy almost foamy like substance onto her face that tingled.

Large bundles of towels pressed against her body, soft and cottony and warm. They felt wonderful, especially after the shock of the cold water. It was probably some weird chemical soup that was required to clean her. Sudsy brushes started pressing against most of her body, some between her thighs, some between her toes, making sure every inch of her was getting sudsed up in a similar foam to what was covering her mouth and nose. With her toes being tormented by little brushes, she was pushed into a cacophony of laughter and useless squirming.

Tears freely rolled down her cheeks, but that hardly disturbed her with the strange gas still filling her lungs. It was almost over too soon as more warm water rinsed her off, and the gas mask was finally removed. Blow dryers started to dry her off as more towels rubbed her dry. Before she knew it, she felt cleaner than she ever had in her life!

“Open mouth,” the robotic voice said again as a strange tube came toward Lilah’s mouth. Lilah, being a good girl, did as she was told. She opened her mouth wide. The tube pressed into her mouth and started oozing a strange liquid. It tasted rather minty, and Lilah wasn’t sure if she was supposed to swallow or not, but she wasn’t left with much of a choice as the liquid started filling her mouth up. She eventually swallowed some down, and as she did, the tube shut off. She let out a few little coughs, surprised by the taste.

She licked her lips. “Mm! Minty!” she giggled.

“Physical cleaning complete, moving to step two: mental programming.”

Lilah looked a bit surprised. “Mental programming?” She pursed her lips. “Uhm, but wait, I didn’t volunteer for any of that.”

Unfortunately for Lilah, the factory was in control now, and while Amy and Elisa debated what they should do to try to save the girl, the truth was coming that there was little they could do if they wanted to.

The factory, of course, didn’t care about any possible pleas from its current subject. It moved her along on the conveyor belt toward the next processing station. Even as Lilah started to squirm and wriggle in her bonds, it proved entirely ineffective. As she pulled to the center of a small little room. A pink helmet with a visor sparked to life and was sat on her head.

Immediately her mind was assaulted by bright lights, subliminal messages, and all sorts of strange stimuli that worked on overloading the poor girl.

It spoke to her. About how she wanted to be a good dolly. About how she wanted to be a happy sex dolly. That she loved to be used. She was just a toy. Toys needed owners. She needed an owner. She should be a good dolly. Such a good dolly. Didn’t she want to be a good dolly?

The visor worked on her as she was pulled toward the next station. “Step three: biological conversion to rubber.”

“Huh?” Lilah squeaked, barely hearing what was going on past the helmet around her head teaching her how to be a good dolly. What she should think. What she should feel. What she should be like. It was getting really hard to think about anything else than how it would feel to be used. How it would feel to be helpless and for someone to fuck her perfectly designed fuckholes. Of what it would be like to fulfill her only purpose like a good dolly.

She watched through the visor -- at least as best she could see through it -- as she entered a pitch black room. Only the light from the visor let her see, and that just focused her more and more on all the pretty colors in front of her telling her to not worry. To not fear. To be a good dolly. Good dollies could trust their factories. This is where all good dollies are made. This was where Lilah was being made. Lilah was such a good dolly. So nice to just stare at the silly visor and be a good dolly. So good to obey.

Lilah started to drool. Her mouth hung open. Perfectly in time as a hose connected to her mouse. A strange device a bit like a harness pushed against her waist, two obvious protrusions against her ass and her slit. She was too busy watching the visor to pay attention to what was happening as a strange, warm, sticky fluid started to pour inside her. Right into her mouth, right into her ass, right into her pussy.

It almost felt alive. It squirmed inside of her, filling every last bit up. She could taste the rubber going down her throat. She questioned, briefly, why she wasn’t breathing before the visor told her. Dollies don’t have to breathe. Dollies don’t have to eat. Dollies don’t have to drink. Dollies only need cum. Dollies only want to be fucked.

She started to feel a strange pressure in her insides as she filled past the point where she should be able to take anymore. Thankfully, the liquid stopped. After just a moment, it started to drain out, leaving her feeling light and hollow. Strange mitts slipped over her hands and tight latex socks over her feet, sealing her fingers and toes together as she felt the substance almost binding to her. Her entire body was feeling strangely… stiff. And cold. Even her head felt strangely empty.

Because dollies don’t have anything inside their heads. Dollies are empty headed and only exist to be played with by their owners.

Yeah. That made sense. Lilah was just a dolly after all.

As she was emptied out more and more, she felt… almost disconnected from her body. She couldn’t move her fingers anymore. They were stuck. Stuck in gracefully cupped hands. She couldn’t move her toes either. Her feet were perfectly arched, each toenail now painted a pretty green. Her fingernails got similar attention, painted a lovely green once some fake nails, soft rubber nails were put on to make her seem a little more realistic.

A strange pressure started at her breasts, pushing them outward, sucking her waist in just a little bit, giving her a comically exaggerated shape. Some more liquid was pumped in, filling her ass into an absolutely outrageous shape as her thighs thickened.

Dollies need to look sexy. Dollies want to be played with. Dollies have to please owner. Owner is only happy if dollies look sexy. Good dollies are sexy. Lilah is a good dolly. Lilah must be sexy.

Lilah tried to move her tongue, but it seemed trapped against the bottom of her mouth. At least. That’s what she assumed at first. As she tried to move it, she realized that… she didn’t have a tongue. Or teeth. She couldn’t move her mouth. She felt something poking at her lips before a pressure started there, making them start to puff out and up, becoming much, much thicker and being forced into a perfect O-shape.

Not that she was even close to being finished with her molding. A phallic tool pressed into her forced open mouth and pushed into her. She felt it push almost all the way into her throat where it started to meet some resistance before it started to vibrate and move about, slowly causing the texture of her mouth to be ribbed as it tightened up around the device. With a wet, sloppy schlorp the tool pulled back, leaving Lilah’s mouth forever available and always ready to dispense a little special lube that would make any skin it contacted tingle just a little.

But that was because dollies only had holes for fucking. And Lilah only should have holes for fucking. But that meant…

Lilah felt similar phallic tools enter her ass and her pussy. The one in her ass stretched it, forming a little ring as something was quickly injected into her. It bulged slightly, looking larger than any real star would, but as her insides were vibrated and molded into perfect ridged areas even tighter than her mouth or her pussy, she knew that was for making it feel better than a real ass.

Her pussy didn’t get to escape the treatment either. Forced in with the tool, it was quickly molded, the deepest of all her holes with even her cervix -- now entirely rubber and highly sensitive -- rebuilt to take any cock that could reach that far back. A special reward for those with a big enough package.

When the tool was pulled out, several little injections occurred, plumping her pussy to make it look extremely juicy and unnatural. Good enough that someone might want to lick it even though they would only be servicing a toy.

Lilah’s legs and arms remained slightly posable, easily keeping any position they were put in so she could be put into any position one might want. Her eyes still took in every last bit of the visor in front of her, but that too was about to end.

The visor had more than done its job reducing Lilah’s brain to only caring about pleasing her own and being played with. She’d even forgotten her name and been given a new one. Lace Lovedoll. A perfect name for her. Though, she could only think of herself as Dolly now…

The visor slid off her head and a mask quickly affixed itself to her face. It clamped around most of her head and shaped her expression, leaving her with a blissed out expression with stupidly rolled eyes like she was constantly in the middle of the greatest orgasm of her life. Her ears were forced to take an excited upward angle, but they had enough material to make them wiggle if they were flicked or bounced.

Finally, the machine opened as the machine blared out. “Step four: packaging and shipment.”

Shipment? Packaging? Did that meant Dolly would have an owner soon? Dolly was so happy to know that. Dolly really wanted an owner. She wanted nothing more. She wanted to be played with. Dolly was already so horny. She wished she could play with herself.

The conveyor belt moved forward and mechanical limbs lifted her and set her in a box, standing perfectly still, legs spread, face forward, hands up. A label quickly printed across the top of the box marking where it was going to.

Amy and Lisa stood to the side as they watched Lace Lovedoll get packaged up and grabbed and loaded into a truck. They looked at each other with worried looks in their eyes. “We should… make sure to delete the footage. There’s no coming back from that program.” Lisa nodded.

“Gosh, I feel awful…” Amy pouted.

“Oh. Don’t. I mean, she’s going to a Desire’s Toy Palace. She’ll be played with a lot there. She’ll be happier than me or you, promise you that.”

Amy looked toward Lisa. “Really?”

Lisa smiled knowingly. “I spent some time there myself,” she murmured. “We need to get another doll for her friend. Make her look like Lilah. We’ll figure this out. Don’t worry. I’ve made the same mistake like five or six times. One time even on purpose.”

Amy gasped. “W-what? Really?”

Lisa laughed. “Well. Yeah.”


Dolly waited patiently on the beanbag for someone to come play with her. So many men and women came by. They all said Dolly looked so beautiful. She got played with every night. Dolly loved all of owners friends. They all loved her too. She loved when owner made them play with her. Sometimes for hours and hours, fucking her mouth or her ass until they couldn’t go anymore. But Dolly could keep going. Dolly could keep going forever.

Dolly especially loved when everyone was done and owner came over to her. Owner was so pretty. She had big black boots on most of the time, but she loved to get naked with Dolly and take Dolly to bed. That’s when Dolly was really happy. When owner let Dolly lay on owner’s bed and owner groped and squeezed and hugged her during the night.

Dolly was such a good doll. She loved being played with so much. <3

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Re: Who Still Uses Paperwork
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thanks for the audio rendition, it was most excellent!

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Re: Who Still Uses Paperwork
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Great story, loved the mistake in the transformation process.


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