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Story Ideas
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The story behind this episode of this series is there is magical painting with a man trapped inside of it. Everytime a woman acquires this painting they are drawn enticed inside by the artist. They are basically seduced by the artist until they dont desire to leave and become the new subject of the painting. It the series one the main characters get drawn inside by the character and almost fall prey to him. In the end trying to go back in save someone recently entice by him she is almost trapped but barely manages to escape before destroying it forever. My idea is what if she failed to escape. would make a great story- poltergeist the legacy Painting

the story behind this one is that she was a struggling artist who was drawn to a mysterious studio and invited to see some unfinished painting. Invited to paint one of a girl and a ballerina dancing. she envisions herself dancing in it and desire to finish the painting. The owner however is into black magic and once she finishes and signs with the painting with the brush provided she is basically sucked the world of the painting and becomes the girl in the painting dancing nonstop with a partner. Ive often imagined a better story like what would happen for example if the painting she was drawing had the main female i dont know as soon as she was pulled inside her hand had just been handcuffed behind her and handcuffed to a table she was sitting at while her partner mad love to her or perhaps she found herseld tied spreadeagle to a bed while either a man or woman had there way with her. The series episode ended with her managing to destroy the brush the she luckily held on. but what if she didnt or could get to it- are you afraid of the dark unfinished painting

What would happen if in the movie in this scene instead of just being trapped but if the cycle wasn;t finished each year she was trapped in that world unable to die or anything but slowly she was broken down for a year by the marquis de sade -Waxwork


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