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Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:47:37 AM »
Dear friends,

I have written a Part 2, as your requested. I hope you enjoy.

Life In A Dustbin - Part 2 (The Wheelie Bin)

F/m, giantess, insert, wear, bag, dump, collection. Cons/Nc  X

Once Kate got me home, in her handbag, she got me out and decided to interrogate me.

"I must say I am quite disappointed that a) you managed to survive your time inside Peter Pugger being squashed and mixed with the clay and that blasted Jenny (the name of the student that had used her rolling pin across my tiny body) had found you"  said Kate. "You could have easily have ended up in the kiln !"

"How did you manage it ?" Kate continued "Yes, I know you can miniaturise yourself small, but how did you stand being crushed and survive with no air ?"

It was clear Kate would not stop pestering me for answers, until I confessed all. So I told her about the other two wishes, the witch had granted.

"But why ?" continued Kate, her thirst for knowledge being unquenched.

So I was forced to tell her about my trashcan fetishes and how Peter Pugger had been a test whether I wanted to go further with living out my fantasies for real.

"Yuck. You dream of being crushed in a garbage truck with everyone's trash. How revolting !" Kate concluded. "No wonder Ruth was having second thoughts about your relationship. True, some girls do go on dates with men who are trash, but not men who want to be trash !!"

I hung my head in shame. I was never going to find a girl who understood me.

"Lucky for you" said Kate "I enjoy treating my men as trash. I love seeing how much they are willing to endure in order to worship my body."

"So if you can shrink yourself and survive crushing and no air; then you are perfect for a giantess fantasy of mine. I have always wanted to insert a small guy into my pussy" exclaimed a very frank. Kate, as if this is what she told all of her boyfriends. I admired her willingness to share such fantasies with me. It had taken so long for me to get the courage up to speak to Ruth; yet here was Kate with no such qualms. Sometimes I think girls are more forthcoming than us shy guys.

"In fact" Kate continued "I have been thinking about nothing else all the way home !"

Kate removed her skirt and her knickers also fell to her ankles. "Come on !" she commanded. I felt I had no option but to obey her every wish.

Kate grabbed hold of me, whilst I was still very small. You are going to have to get larger than 5 mm, or I am hardly going to feel you inside me. I cast another spell and became 4 inches tall. Kate placed me in the gusset of her satin knickers that to my horror was lined with a clean sanitary pad. She laughed "Yes, I get horniest when I am having my monthly !"

She drew her knickers up her long legs, and I was fitted snuggly in place. Squashed against her sex.  I could smell her musky scent, and I was aroused by it. The view of her pussy lips so close and so large against my tiny body, I found very sensual. I decided to rub my body up and down as I buried myself in her love crack. I reached my arms up, and found her waiting clit, wanting to be caressed.

Kate was overcome by feelings she had never experienced before. She thought "I do like it when a partner gets fully into pleasing me. His hands and arms are very skillful. I can feel him wriggle against me. Ohhhh !"

I crawled up higher, so my face was near her clit. I gently licked her. My tiny tongue as light as a feather on her love button.

Kate went and laid on her back, on her bed, her legs widening as she enjoyed being serviced by her tiny slave.

Then I felt pressure from the other side of her sanitary pad, as her own hands got in on the action. Her pussy lips opened, and she pushed me with her sanitary pad, legs first inside her. She cooed with delight, her heart rate quickening, her body being moist with sweat and pussy juices.

I was shoved inside, and 'eaten' by her pussy easily. Her pussy muscles tightened abruptly, and held me firmly in place, as she shot her cum all over me.

It was lucky I could withstand compaction or I would have had several large bones snap like dry twigs.

It was lucky I could manage with no air, for shortly afterwards Kate fell asleep, and during the night she bled upon me.

The next morning she woke up, and laughed to find her sanitary pad used and still in place, as she recalled where I was.

"Oh you have been there all night" Kate said as she removed her sanitary pad, and I came off her sticky body, stuck fast to her used pad.

"Now for your fantasy" she said "After all one good deed deserves another".

I wondered what she had in mind, but I think I could guess.

She simply dropped her used sanitary pad inside her bathroom bin, with the rest of them.

I was simply part of that trash now. I did not bother to try to escape.

There I stayed, and stayed.

I had no idea how much time had passed.

Then Kate collected her household waste.

Without saying a word (for who talks to their trash), I was picked up, and emptied into a polythene garbage bag. I tumbled inside, and landed on some tissues and other soft items. I looked up to watch her hands as she pulled the mouth of the trash bag closed above me, as I laid there. It was clear what she was doing. I was being bagged with her trash.

Kate carried the bag out of the house, and plonked it down at the bottom of her wheelie bin. She closed the lid.

Then moments later, she grabbed several heavy bags of trash, and one by one, these were dumped on top of my bag. Their weight pressing down and I became the filling in a tissue and sanitary pad sandwich inside the bag of bathroom trash. Kate had not seen what had happened to me inside her trash bag, nor did she care. To her, I was clearly just part of her bathroom waste.

The wheelie bin lid closed again, and the contents of the wheelie bin shifted as she wheeled me and her domestic waste to the kerb for collection.

I could not believe how cold and heartless Kate was. One moment I had been her sex toy, now I was her trash.

Inside the house, Kate washed her hands, and then returned to playing with herself, as she pictured me waiting in her wheelie bin for the dustmen to come and empty me into their garbage truck. I would enter the hopper, the compactor ram would descend, and scoop out the bags, and moments later they would be flattened against her neighbour's trash. Then the truck would move to the next house, and her other neighbour's trash would be compacted onto me.

Kate wondered what trash I would be mixed with, as I was crushed and flattened.

She smiled as she knew no one would ever know what she had done. Kate wondered if I would regret fulfilling my fantasy to be bagged inside smooth, shiny polythene and treated as her trash.

Kate hoped I would enjoy it, as much as she did thinking about my plight.

Inside her wheelie bin, I could hear the rear loader garbage truck make its way down her street.

I got aroused at the thought, and wanked furiously as I knew I would shortly become part of the council's waste stream as it made its long journey to garbage disposal. I knew I would be repeatedly compacted in the garbage truck for hours; I just hoped it would not end inside an incinerator !

As the dustmen, grabbed her wheelie bin, and moved it behind the truck to be emptied, I shot my load into her used sanitary pad that accompanied me inside her bag of bathroom waste.

As the truck's bin lifter grabbed her wheelie bin, and I was picked off the ground and upended, so Kate said "Oh my God !!!" and her orgasm hit and rocked her world.

Kate saw her wheelie bin be rocked back and forth, as the truck's mechanism shock all her bags loose from within the wheelie bin, and she heard them hit the steel floor of the hopper.

As her wheelie bin was lowered to the ground and the dustmen, waiting to return her bin to her front garden; Kate heard the bags pop and burst and she knew her trash was gone.

Kate wheeled her bin back to beside the house, and opened the lid.

There at the bottom was her bag of bathroom waste, still attached to the puddle of superglue she had squirted inside the bottom of the bin, prior to loading me and her bags inside.

The weight of the bags above had pushed the bag of bathroom waste (and me) flat against the glue, which had set hard. Then as the garbage truck unloaded the bin, I had felt weightlessness as I was tipped and I watched the other bags fall into the truck's massive jaws.

I could not believe I was not sharing their fate. I also had heard them pop and burst as the garbage truck's packer descended as her wheelie bin I was in, was lowered.

Kate removed the bag of bathroom waste from the bin, by cutting it free.

"Well I hope you enjoyed your ride." Kate said. "I know I enjoyed watching you. Just be a good slave or you may not be so lucky, next time !"

"Next time ?"  I asked.
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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2018, 11:46:24 PM »
I didn't expect that ending! Very good surprise there. Definitely sounds like an enjoyable experience!


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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2018, 10:15:54 AM »
Hi DumpsterLife,

I am glad you liked the story and the ending. It is very hard to dream up new scenarios. I am tempted to write a Part 3, but I need to get the creative juices flowing. (Pun intended.)

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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2018, 06:50:22 AM »
Absolutely loved this! Loved how our hero was trapped on the pantyliner and later disposed of. Thank you for writing your stories :)


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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2018, 10:26:44 AM »
Hi Jen,

I am glad you liked my story so much. Many thanks for your kind feedback.

I included the panty liner, just for you (and a few others). LOL.

All the best.

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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2018, 06:55:38 AM »
Aww bless you for thinking about me and the glorious pantyliners xx I just love it when feminine hygiene products are used in this kind of story. For me it’s like the ultimate sort of trash. Perhaps some tampons might enter the frame next time ;) Perhaps our hero is hiding inside a box of them, trapped and unsure where he or she is... waiting t be pulled out the box by an unaware lady... thanks again x


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Re: Life in a dustbin - Part 2 by popular demand
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2018, 04:04:44 PM »
Hi Jen,

It is my honour and my pleasure !

I always try to please. It is my submissive behaviour !

Many thanks for suggesting a great story line. Although I am aware a similar story was writing by another author, once upon a time. Maybe he hides inside an empty wrapper, and a short-sighted lady inserts him ?  I suspect that it might have to be posted under Giantess rather than Trashcan.

I am struggling to write a Part 3, although it is becoming like "War and Peace" I might have to break it into manageable chunks.

Thanks again for posting such nice feedback. It is a major reason why we authors publish.



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