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New story - Life in a dustbin
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Life In A Dustbin
Solo-M, dustbin, F/m, witch, spell, transform, FF/m, admire, fantasy, F/m, hum, shrink, giantess, machine, processed, F/m, used   Cons X
When Ruth and I had got together, after a while, we had taken the step to discuss our fantasies. She knew all about my desire to be treated as trash, and get inside waste bins and dumpsters to image myself discarded as trash. I had always taken care to avoid collection, although in truth this was the sexiest bit, the desire to crushed and processed by machine. The fact the machinery would simply carry out its programme as instructed by its human owner or human operator. The machine itself would just obey its master's will, just like an obedient slave.

Machines had no consciousness. If a person was trapped inside, it would just carry on operating as programmed. If you got yourself inside, it would just treat you like the rest of the garbage !

When Ruth was away, I would sneak inside our own dustbin and live out many hours with the bagged household waste from the kitchen and bathroom. I loved the feel of shiny polythene against my skin, and aroma of her sanitary pads from the bathroom. Perhaps if I was one, Ruth could even wear me tight up against her sweet pussy and bum crack, as her jeans and knickers would pull me around the contours of her body. Afterwards, she could simply bin me, and I could experience trash compaction inside the council's rear loader truck that came each week. I knew it would be a one-way journey, but the thoughts filled my mind.

As luck would have it, I found a witch on line, who could, for a large fee, grant three wishes.

Mine were :-

1. To miniaturise to any size so I could be processed safely inside machinery.
2. To be able to withstand any amount of crushing without death or injury.
3. To be able to live without air (as I suspected there would be hardly any inside a garbage truck trapped amongst the plastic bags, or buried in landfill).

The witch could not care what I wished for. To her, this was simply a business transaction. I handed over the cash. No awkward questions were asked.

Ruth worked with her friend Kate, as pottery teachers in the local girl's college for 18 to 21 year olds.

After work, I often met Ruth, and we joked about the large array of dustbins in her classroom. Ruth immediately twigging, that I liked the idea of being inside such bins.

"Well" explained Ruth, as she lifted the lid on each dustbin "This one is for wet clay, as you can see it is mostly clay and water. This one is for dry unfired clay, which we recycle. This one is for the finished pugged clay that we issue to the students for their work. We are very proud that we generate little waste, as unwanted clay is simply made into new clay."

Ruth them introduced me to her pug mill machine, called Peter Pugger. Although, most of the time, I noticed Ruth and Kate simply refer to it, or should I say, him as Peter. I watched in fascination as Ruth showed me how Peter worked.:-

My thoughts going to wondering what it would be like to be crushed and processed inside this machine. I knew my new abilities granted by the witch, could be tested here. If I found I did not like the helplessness of being inside a machine, then perhaps a garbage truck might not be for me. Afterwards, I would end up inside one of Ruth's dustbins, and maybe one of her girls would even use me.

To start with, I decided not to share all of what the witch had granted.  I chose only to confide to Ruth my ability to shrink.

I naively thought Ruth would be pleased. I could play giantess sex games with her; but she was just repelled by the whole idea, frightened that she might squash a tiny me. I half wanted to tell her the rest, but she stormed out in a huff, before I could explain more.

When Ruth arrived at work, she told Kate all.

"Yes David is sick, he even saw a witch so he could shrink !" He is just so perverted, I don't think I can be with a man like that !"  Ruth sobbed.

Kate comforted Ruth, but unknown to Ruth, Kate had a much nastier side. Kate had seen me come and go, collecting Ruth from work, and she had partly been jealous of Ruth, for Kate had no boyfriend. As time had gone on, so Kate had become rather bitter towards me, as if I had chosen Ruth and not her.

I arrived at the college and went to find Ruth in her classroom.

"Ruth" I called "I want to explain."

"What is there to explain ?" snapped Ruth. "You want to play some sordid game involving a giantess and trash".

"Well not just trash...."  I mumbled.

"What else !"  asked Ruth.

"Well I wanted to have a look inside Peter" I got the courage to ask.

"Inside the pug mill ?!"  barked Ruth. "You know what is inside, large paddles that turn and mix the clay".

"Yes, but...."  I continued.

Ruth realised what I was hinting at. To be INSIDE the pug mill WITH the clay !

"That is way too dangerous. you would be killed. I don't want any part of your kinks !" said Ruth, as she walked out, again.

Behind a cupboard, I had not noticed Kate in the classroom.

"Women eh ?" Kate scoffed "Can't live with us. Can't live without us !"

I was not sure how much of the conversation Kate had overheard, so I played dumb. Which is not hard for me ! LOL.

"Fancy seeing a witch, and asking to be able to shrink !" beamed Kate. "I can think of a few places to put you !"

I was shocked that Ruth had told Kate everything. Thank heavens I did not tell Ruth about the other two wishes, I thought, or I would simply be mocked even more. What woman is going to understand my trash fetish ?

"Anyway" Kate carried on "Who is going to believe you that you can shrink ?"  She laughed as to belittle me further.

"I can shrink" I replied, unconvincingly.

"Prove it !" squealed Kate. "Seeing is believing !"

"Well obviously, if I shrunk now, you would not find me inside my clothes....."  I said.

"That is not a problem, take them off. No one is around. The college is shut, Ruth has gone home. It is just you and me !" said Kate happily,

Reluctantly I stripped off.

"Well that is one part that has already shrunk !" Kate roared with laughter, as she pointed at my small, limp, cock.

I felt totally humiliated standing there in my birthday suit. I had lost Ruth. And Kate just made fun of me. What woman would love me for myself ?

I spoke the spell, and immediately shrunk to 5mm high.

Kate was amazed. "Wow that is a good disappearing trick, Dave !"  Then she spotted me, on the floor.

"OMG, you are so small !" Kate said.

Kate picked me up.

I felt her hot hand wrap itself around me as she held me tight, so that escape was not possible.

"What was it you were asking Ruth ?  Kate teased. "To see inside Peter ?"

Kate opened Peter's lid, and lowered me inside. I screamed.

"But I thought that was what you wanted David" Kate said ignoring my cries for help.

Kate closed the lid. I was still screaming, only now I could not be heard.

"There is just no pleasing some people" Kate laughed as she turned Peter on !

Inside the pug mill, the massive paddles rotated around their drive shaft, and I was pushed into a wad of grey clay. Splat !  The paddles continued and I was rotated around in the pug mill, as I submerged into the clay, and got mixed with it.

Kate hearing someone return, grabbed my clothes and hid them out of sight.

"Have you seen David ?" asked Ruth, "I have calmed down now".

"Nope." said Kate lying "He left shortly after you did."

"Okay" replied Ruth "I expect he has gone home".

Kate smiled.

"You are staying late, Kate" asked Ruth.

"Yes. I thought I would pug the clay for tomorrow's lesson." Kate replied. Thinking to herself, there is another lesson being taught, but this one won't finish for hours yet !!

"Don't stay too late, it is another busy day tomorrow. Thirty more girls to teach". said Ruth.

"I won't. See you tomorrow Ruth", replied Kate.

"Good night, Kate" said Ruth, and left.

After ten minutes being thoroughly mixed in the pug mill, I had been hit this way and that by the paddles, as I became one with the pottery clay. I had hoped Kate's lesson might be brief, but Kate was enjoying the thought of me being processed.

Once Ruth had left, Kate sat there listening to Peter process me and the clay, as her hands wandered to her love button, and she brought herself to a powerful orgasm, picturing my plight.

Then Kate opened the lid, and looked for me. But could not distinguish me from the grey clay that surrounded me. Kate inserted more clay, and pushed down the lid, and immediately I was flattened into the clay. It was a good job I could withstand compaction and no air. However, Peter continued to rotate me, as I spun around, like some trash in a Rotopress garbage truck.

Finally Kate, set Peter's controls to "pug" and I felt myself being pushed out of the pug mill along with the clay. I was forced through an auger, and squashed through a round opening as the clay was extruded out. I was pushed out inside a long roll of clay, buried deep inside. Kate did not even notice me as she lowered my clay roll into the dustbin for the next pottery lesson.

All night I stayed inside the girl's dustbin along with the recycled clay rolls.

The next day, the clay rolls were sliced into two inch discs, and I only narrowly escaped being cut into two.

Either Kate or Ruth, I could not tell who, handed me to a student, and I was taken to her workbench.

The students were instructed to use a kitchen rolling pin, to flatten the clay out on the desk.

I felt a heavy pressure from above. as the girls' rolling pin went back and forth, As I was laying on my back, the rolling pin went up and down my flat body, running over my cock as it went. The constant rubbing as I was being rolled flat, excited me.

"Excuse me miss", said my student to Kate "There appears to be a lump in my clay".

Kate looked down and recognised me.

"Oh it seems that piece did not get milled properly. I'll exchange it for another piece." said Kate to the student, as Kate put me to one side, and when no one was looking, Kate put me inside her handbag.

After the lesson, Kate and Ruth cleared up, and Ruth got chatting.

"When I got home, there was no sign of David. I think he has left me". sobbed Ruth.

"What did he want you to do, when you steamed off, yesterday ?" asked Kate with fate concern.

"He wanted me to put him inside the pug mill, as a prelude to experiencing trash disposal in a garbage truck with all the polythene bags as they are crushed." said Ruth, still baffled at my kinks.

"He knows that if he fell inside Peter, even miniaturised, he would most likely die !" Kate replied. "There is no air to breathe and he would be crushed".

"Just like a garbage truck", answered Ruth. "Plus I think he has a crush on you, and the girl students".

"Oh, I am sure he is crushed now, without you, dear." Kate said pretending to console her.

Ruth left.

So did Kate, as she collected her handbag.

"I think this is going to be the start of some fun" Kate said to herself as she patted the handbag, to tell the occupant, if it was trash he wanted to be, she had no problems arranging that !"

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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 10:55:19 PM »
Good storry, thanks
Hope there comes a part two  ;D

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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2018, 01:58:32 AM »
thank you so much for putting up new storyes i hope for a part two to this


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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2018, 12:14:43 PM »
Hi je_77de

Thanks for posting your kind feedback. I am delighted that you enjoyed it.  Cheers for taking the time out to say so.

I have left it so that a Part 2 can be written. I might well do so, once I get inspired....



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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2018, 12:16:21 PM »
Hi Trash Girl,

Thank you also for kindly posting your feedback. It does encourage authors to write more, so thanks.


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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #5 on: August 15, 2018, 12:38:34 PM »
Hi je_77de

Thanks for posting your kind feedback. I am delighted that you enjoyed it.  Cheers for taking the time out to say so.

I have left it so that a Part 2 can be written. I might well do so, once I get inspired....

Good story :) I would enjoy a part 2 :) especially with a Garbage Truck :)
Garbage bag Diaper :)


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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2018, 09:46:09 PM »
Cheers GarbageBagDiaper.

That is three kind votes from the audience (all of which is really appreciated) for a Part 2, but I am still waiting for inspiration...….

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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #7 on: August 15, 2018, 11:14:31 PM »
ok, hope you get some, watch Garbage Truck's on You Tube  dumping Dumpster's/ can,s/ at the awesome Garbage Dump :) Hope this helps :)
Garbage bag Diaper :)


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Re: New story - Life in a dustbin
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2018, 10:01:18 AM »
Thanks for your suggestion, GarbageBagDiaper. You are very kind.

I do use Youtube for ideas, and that is why, like in this story, I have included a video link.

There are so many excellent authors out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to write a trashcan story that has not already been covered elsewhere on the Plaza. I think it is important to try to come up with fresh ideas, as no one wants to read the same old stuff again and again.

Wish me luck !


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