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Being naughty, gets you into trouble
F/m, magic, shrink, insert, condom, FM/m unaware, oral, vore.  N/c.

Being naughty always got Jack into trouble. He was one of those kids who while growing up, always got caught and always got punished.  Perhaps it was nature's way, to keep him good and pure. But if he had been meant to have taken the hint, he did not.

Now over the age of 21, he found himself still living at home, with his mom and older sister, Anna. At that age, all Jack wanted was to sow his oats, everywhere and anywhere. He longed for a girlfriend and to experience the passions with someone to share them with. But he was ugly, and shy, such that he could not talk to strangers easily, especially women his own age.

His sister seemed to have no problem. She was older and she was very pretty. Men adored her, and she was always out clubbing and partying full of confidence.

His mom, a woman in her late forties, had struggled financially bring up two children, after their father had walked out and gone off with a younger woman. Whilst it was never spoken about, his mom had several "boyfriends", after her husband left, and this new-found freedom had taught her to be quite skilled in the bedroom department. After all, if her husband could find someone younger; why should she be home alone, with two kids ?

One day, Anna had asked Jack to fetch something from her bedroom. Normally, Jack was never allowed to enter his sister's room, but he was happy to comply with her wishes, for it would give him the opportunity to snoop, legitimately, if that is not an oxymoron.

When Jack opened Anna's bedroom door, his nose was assaulted by the smell of her heavy perfume that hung in the air. The place looked like a bomb-site, as Anna was never a tidy person. How was he supposed to look for the item she wanted amongst this mess ?   It was not obviously on sight, as Jack looked around the room, at clothes strewn around, and her fashion magazines on the floor.

Jack had heard all about sextoys from the internet, and his thoughts naughtily wandered to wondering if Anna possessed any. He sneaked over to her bedside cabinet, and went rummaging through the drawers and their contents as quietly as he could.

Alas, he had become so engrossed in his search, Jack failed to notice Anna standing in the doorway looking at him.

"What the fuck, are you doing going through my underwear drawer Jack, my hairbrush is over there on the table !  Are you blind, or did you simply want to have a look through my things, you pervert ?"

Jack blushed.  He had been caught being naughty again.

"Wait until I tell mom about this !" Anna shouted.

"It was not like that....  But....  " Jack tried to mutter.

"Well luckily for me" continued Anna "the girls have taught me a trick to play back on men like you".

With that, Anna mumbled some words that Jack did not understand, and immediately Jack shrunk to a few millimetres high.

"Wow !"  Anna squealed with delight "I never thought that would actually work !"

Anna climbed down on her hands and knees searching for Jack on the carpet, taking great care to be gentle as she unravelled his still warm clothes, that he had disappeared out of.

After a short while, she found him, still dazed. Before he could run, Anna picked Jack up in her hands and placed him in her jewellery box as a make-shift prison, while she devised a plan to pay back her brother.

Then she remembered her underwear drawer, that Jack had shown interest in, and that fact she often kept a small supply of condoms in there, for her nights out clubbing with her mates.  There were two condom sachets left.

"Good" sniggered Anna "One for tonight's nightclub and one for Jack".

Jack had no idea what Anna intended to do, but he saw her gently open one of the sachets that contained a condom. Anna pulled the condom out, picked up a shrunken Jack, and simply popped him inside the vast latex tube, until he arrived in the teat of the condom. Then Anna rolled the condom back up, and returned it to the sachet.

Anna spoke to Jack (not that she could see him) "I am going out tonight with the girls. You can stay here in my underwear drawer all night, as I don't expect to be home until dawn. I cannot wait to tell the girls what I have done with you. But I have to go now, or I shall be late. Maybe tomorrow, one of my mates can borrow a condom from me, I don't have to tell them where I put you - obviously !   I think I shall just say you got lost. And mom sucked you up in the vacuum cleaner, when she hoovered my bedroom carpet that you fell on earlier. Bye Jack !"

Shortly afterwards, Anna closed the drawer, and left the house.

Jack was absolutely petrified. Surely Anna does not mean it. I was only fetching her stupid hairbrush after all.

For the next hour or so, Jack's mind raced thinking about how would he survive.

Then Jack heard his mom's voice. "Anna ! Jack !  Are you home ?"

"I think we are in luck Simon, I think we have the house to ourselves !" his mom continued.

"But I forgot to bring the condoms" Simon replied.

"That is okay, I think Anna keeps some in her bedroom". his mom answered.

"Oh crap !"  Thought Jack. "I hope she does not find me. Or worse still use the condom that I am inside."

Then to Jack's continuing horror, he felt someone pick up the condom sachet containing more than latex. It contained him !

"There is only one here" said Simon "I don't want to use her last one".

"Phew !"  There is a God, thought Jack.

"That is okay" his mom continued "I'll pop to the shops first thing tomorrow and buy her some replacements. I am SURE she will not mind !"

"Not mind ! I am in here !"  cried Jack.

His mom took the condom out, and Jack saw he was now him his mom's bedroom, and the naked guy next to her, must be Simon, he thought.

"Help mom !  I am in here !  No. Don't do this. I'll be killed or drowned !!" shouted Jack at the top of his voice. But no one heard him.

His mom held the teat of the condom, briefly trapping Jack between two of her fingers, as the latex held him fast.

Then Jack watched in disbelief as his mom placed him on the head of Simon's penis and rolled the condom down the shaft, sealing poor Jack inside.

Jack continued to shout and holler, but no rescue was in sight.

Then Jack saw his mom's face get very chose to the condom. For a moment Jack hopes were raised, as he thought his mom had seen her son, and he would be rescued.

"Yes mom, it is me Jack, I am in here. Anna shrunk me !"  Jack shouted.

But his mom's face loomed ever larger as it came even closer. Then Jack screamed in horror as she opened her mouth, and proceeded to wet her lips, as her head went down on Simon's latex covered cock.

As the daylight was extinguished from Jack's field of vision, he felt her lips go up and down, each time narrowly missing squashing Jack, as he became the filling in a cock and latex sandwich.

"Oh my god !  Mom is giving him oral and I am inside the condom with his penis !"  thought Jack.  This was not what he had hoped for his first sexual encounter !!

The up and down rhythm of his mom's mouth and lips and tongue, were amazingly hot; and Jack knew it was wrong, but being trapped inside the condom as the latex surrounded his naked body turned him on also. As her lips kept going passed him, so he was pressed into the latex further. He could hear her slurping sound as her saliva coated the outside of the condom.

Inside it was getting hot too. Simon squirted out some pre-cum, as his penis become fully large, and the condom became a tight fit.

"Oh help !  He is going to cum ! Stop. Help. I am going to drown !"  Jack shouted as he remained going in and out of his mom's mouth as she gave the best blowjob of her life, as she deep throated the condom covered Jack, and Simon's penis.

As Jack went in and out, he could almost visualise her throat, in the darkness, as she took him deeper with every thrust of her head.

Moments later, Jack was met by what seemed to him to be hundreds of gallons and gallons of hot, sticky, cum. It filled the teat of the condom, the force of the ejaculation sending Jack floating backwards in a tidal wave of sperm until he was washed against the inside of the condom.

After pumping Simon dry by hand, his mom then carefully removed the condom with Jack and the sperm still inside. At least now, Jack could breathe again, as he floated to the top of Simon's sperm, and the open end of the condom that brought in fresh air.

His mom smiled at Simon, and then without warning, up-ended the condom and Jack's world went upside down. He started to fall out of the condom.

"What is happening !"  Jack blurted.

But through the opening of the condom far below Jack, he could see her waiting open mouth, to drink Simon's cum !!

"Oh no, help !" Jack screamed again. He tried to hold onto the vertical, wet and slippery insides of the latex condom. but his mom sensing that she might miss some of Simon's delicious cum inside the condom, held the now empty condom teat in one hand, and ran two fingers on her other hand down the condom, squeezing all the contents out, as the latex tube was squashed together. Jack was powerless to stop falling along with Simon's cum, as the entire contents of the used condom slithered out.

Plock, plock, plock, it dripped from the condom into her waiting mouth, and Jack fell with it.

Jack landed on her tongue, which caused him to scream again. Not that anyone ever heard him.

Her mouth was full of Simon's juices, and she swilled the contents around her mouth with her tongue, making Jack tumble and fall as he was mixed with her saliva and Simon's cum.

High above him, he saw his mom's lips close, there was another tongue movement, and down Jack was swallowed with Simon's cum.

The next morning Anna returned home after her night out partying.

"Oh Anna" said her mom "I bought you some more condoms. Simon and I had to use your last one last night. I hope you don't mind."

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Loved it!! It caters for lots of my fetishes :) shrunken, eaten, unaware etc etc. I really hope you write more like this! Thanks for making my lunchtime fun! One of my kinks is feminine hygiene... imagine if Jack had been turned into a tampon or sanitary pad.. mmmmm...! Wish that could happen to me ;)


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Hi Jennifer52,

Many thanks for your really kind feedback. I am so pleased that someone liked it.

After I posted it, I looked at the Giantess Section feedback on stories and realised that not many stories are lucky enough to receive any feedback. So I did not keep my hopes up. But you have given me hope again, so a BIG thank you.

A previous writer had written about feminine hygiene, so whilst I like that topic too, I wanted to try something new.

Having written the story, I was not sure where best to post it. Arguably, it could have fitted Devoured, Latex, or Erotic.

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You’re most welcome! Just read it again. Awesome!!


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Thanks dear Jennifer52.

I am really delighted that you liked it so. Thanks for writing and telling me. It makes every writer's day to know someone out there likes it.


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