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My Own Giantess by Gromet
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MF; F/m; giantess; roleplay; shrink; swallow; tease; oral; climax; cons; X

We met via an online giantess forum, she was looking for males to shrink and play with, whilst I was looking for a female to do the same to me. We messaged each other a couple of times via the forum, I know that she got many replies from men looking to be shrunk by a woman and used or swallowed. Then we moved to a more private form of messaging whereby we started to get to know more about each other, I didn’t hit her up for the ‘shrinking’ part it was more like chatting with a female friend and occasionally we’d roleplay when she offered.

Through the roleplaying we began to get to know each other more and what we liked and disliked, she loved shrinking men down to be her playthings or food, I liked being kept as her shrunken man to play with and for me to play with her beautiful big body, especially her breasts, which she liked and later her genital area and being nestled down there to service her clit and bring her to orgasm.

I wanted to attend to her needs and please her which would give me greater pleasure, she liked this and our roleplays developed more along this line. I would spend many hours online describing how I would be moving across her body and playing with the sensitive flesh, licking, sucking and rubbing her various parts to bring her pleasure.

She did wonder why I didn’t bring up the usual 'being swallowed by her' routine, as most men she chatted to online wanted this, to be shrunken down and dominated by this powerful woman and then picked up and placed in her mouth, there played with by her moist tongue in the warm enclosure of her mouth and then swallowed just as they cum on her tongue.

I stated that whilst that sounded great I wanted to have more of a relationship than a one-off event, plus there was the downside of being in the stomach and being digested. I wouldn’t mind being the food part, maybe on the plate and being teased about being eaten but not being swallowed. I did confess that I had another fetish that fitted along with this desire to be food but not be eaten and that was to become trash.

I told her my desires about being trash and bagged up to be thrown away, I also said that I had done this at home and spent many hours just bagged up and being trash. I thought that she would run away at this idea but she seemed accepting of this and did include this in a roleplay we did later.

One day during our online chat she asked if I would like to meet her for coffee or lunch sometime, we’d discovered that we lived in the same city and only a couple of suburbs apart. I agreed and we met for coffee at a place she recommended, she said that she would be wearing jeans and black leather jacket. She also sent me her photo which I reciprocated with mine.

I arrived on time to find her waiting there for me, we hit it off straight away, after all we had gotten to know each other during our sessions online and meeting in person was the next logical step. She was even better looking in person and I said that her photo didn’t do her justice, always bonus points for a bloke to compliment a woman on her appearance. We sat and chatted, drank our coffees and ordered more, time seemed to stand still as we talked, we shared more of our likes and dislikes and agreed on many good films we’d seen and some bad ones too, we seemed to share the same tastes.

After that day we met several times and went on dates, we didn’t talk about shrinking or little men and swallowing, we shared each experience as it came without bringing up the obvious topic of how we met online and our shared interests there.

Eventually our dates turned more to dating, and doing things that lovers do, kissing, fondling and being silly, though I didn’t press the sex thing whilst 'he' did raise his head many times, which I think she knew about, but I never pressed the issue of sex with her until she invited me home one night and things just flowed that way, we had great sex that night and we both enjoyed the experience so much that we repeated it in the morning. That’s how I spent my first night with her.

It’s been six months now since I moved in with her and we are both deeply in love, though the topic of shrinking has come up sometimes, we haven’t really played with the idea much, I think I wanted the more stable relationship side first and as it turned out so did she. But I noticed that she got a bit strange once a month, I put it down to her periods, but she wouldn’t have sex anywhere near this time and she usually spent a couple of days away.

When she came back she was her normal happy self, I didn’t bring up the subject as she seemed able to deal with it on her own and she was wonderful to me when she wasn’t in this mood. One day after coming back she even bagged me up in several trash bags, I thought that she’d forgotten about that, I had been playing on my own when she was not around but she said that she’d found out that I was doing this and not sharing the experience with her, which upset her. So she bagged me up and left me in the corner of the kitchen.

Later she came and brought me off before releasing me from the bags and we went to bed where I treated her to some great oral sex and a couple of climaxes. Things went well after that and we would do things together, whether it was bondage or bagging she was okay for me to be tied or bagged as long as we did it together.

A couple of months later and she was starting one of her moods, she get’s domineering and has a strange look in her eye like she’s eyeing you up as her next meal. She tries to stay away from me during this time and likes to go off elsewhere until it passes. Don’t get me wrong I love the dominating part, I like it when she ties me and makes me do things, I don’t even mind the looking at me as her next meal part, it has a certain sexual predatory look and feel about it.

When she came back from a couple of days away I asked her if I was doing anything wrong or if I could help her as she helped me when she tied me in the trash. I thought that we agreed to share everything and that nothing would be secret between us. She said that she had dreaded this day and knew that it would come up sometime; she was waiting for this day when I would ask her about it.

She broke down in tears and I rushed over to comfort her, her head on my shoulder as I cuddled her close and telling her that she didn’t have to tell me unless she wanted to. I did my best to reassure her that I would be okay with whatever she wanted, or whatever she was doing whilst away even if it was with someone else, though I hoped in my thoughts that she wasn’t seeing another man and that she would leave me.

During sobs of tears she started to explain about what happens every full moon, she gets this hunger and a need to eat men, that she is part of an ancient race of females that can shrink men down in size and devour them during the time of the full moon. She sat me down to explain further.

“I am 130 years old and by eating the little men I can remain young & beautiful and replenish my life force by absorbing their energy. During the time of the full moon I can shrink them down to a swallowable size and pick them up with my hands and gulp them quickly down. That’s why I was on the shrinking and giantess forums looking for men to become my next meal.” She said.

“Then why haven’t you eaten me?” I asked.

“That’s because I fell in love with you, you’re very special to me and I couldn’t eat you and that’s why I stay away from you during the full moon, I cannot control myself at this time and any man will do for my next meal, though I do have feelings for you and I think these enable to me to exert some control and not shrink you and swallow you.” She said.

“So when you go away, you met up with other men and eat them?” I asked.

She had a guilty look about her, like I’d found out about a lover that she had been seeing and became upset and embarrassed about it. More tears fell down her lovely cheeks and I moved over to dry her skin with a cloth.

“I don’t want to, it’s just that I have to, if I didn’t then maybe you would have been in my tummy a long time ago. I have the overwhelming need to feed during this time, I have to eat to remain alive just like anyone else, it’s just that I need to feed on men to satiate that desire. And these men that I meet have the desire to be shrunk by a woman and swallowed. “she stated.

“Yes but that’s just fantasy, they don’t realise that it can come true.” I said.

“But that’s what they want to do with their lives and to become my next meal, they want to be absorbed by my body and become one with me, many of them tell me that on the forums, I just make their dreams come true.” She said. “plus it fulfils my desires and needs so I can come back safely to you.”

“Well yes I suppose I don’t really want to end my days inside your tummy, no matter how delightful that may sound.” I agreed. “But how do you do it?”

“During the time of the full moon my body changes, you may have seen the predatory look I sometimes give you, that’s when my desire to feed comes on and I need to eat. My fluids change in a way that I can use them to shrink down a man and then swallow him whole, I don’t chew them like some of my Sister’s do, that’s just being nasty!” she said.

“There are more of you?”

“Yes we are an ancient female race, no males are born, we have developed beside you and lived, worked and shared with you for many centuries. You did hunt us in the 1600’s as part of the witch burnings that occurred about that time. My Grandmother told me of the time she escaped burning when she shrank and swallowed the jailer holding her.”

“Wait your Grandmother was alive in the 1600’s?” I asked.

“Yes silly, she’s still alive today, we live a great many more years than you do, I told you I was 130 years old and have seen many, many things in those years. Absorbing the life energy of the men that I swallow enables me to live a very long life and remain young.”

“So now that I know about your secrets will you shrink and swallow me?” I asked.

“No silly, I said that I love you and have no desire to eat you, even though you do wish to become my food, I do remember our online chats, I may shrink you if you wish at some point if you still desire but I don’t want to hurt you in anyway. That’s why I need to get away from you during the most intense part of my desire and I go fulfil my needs with another man or two.”

“Or two?” I stated.

“Yes sometimes I need more than one man and the desire is far stronger then, I doubt that I could control myself with even you and that loss would be too much to bear for me, I love you dearly and would never wish to hurt you.”

“So is this why we don’t have sex near this time?” I asked.

“Yes, the fluid I spoke of is vaginal fluid, I have to have sex with these men to make them shrink, it’s all to do with the desire to control and devour them, an overwhelming sexual lust to consume them and I have to use my sex to do this. So I usually meet these men that I have enticed online at a motel and have sex with them, they then shrink & I then swallow them whole. Not chew or bite them into smaller bits like I have seen my Sisters do. That’s disrespectful in my opinion.”


“Well yes,” she said matter of factly, “they are giving me their life energy and I do it in a way that is enjoyable and what they desired in the first place when meeting me, they have the desire to be shrunk and swallowed, not be bitten in two or torn apart when being eaten. I think they deserve a more dignified ending.”

“Well it’s sounds better to be swallowed than chewed.” I said.

“Exactly!” she said, “I try to give them what they want.”

There was a brief lull in the conversation at this point, like one of those awkward silences you get when someone guilty secret is discovered.

“So I guess that you’ll be leaving me then.” She asked.

“Why would I do that?” I queried.

“Because I have been having sex with other men and eating them and now you know my secret.” She said.

“I may not like the sex with other men part but that’s part of what you are and have to do to survive and have been doing for more years than I have been alive.” I stated. “Or the weird fact that my beautiful girlfriend has just confessed to eating people, but I do love you very much and I have enjoyed our time together and want to continue to live, love and enjoy life with you.”

She flung her arms around my neck and smothered me with kisses, her tears running down her cheeks like a torrent, her body shaking and pressed tightly against mine.

“You mean.. (sob) that you want to stay with me?” she said between more sobs of tears.

“Well yes, despite the fact that you eat other men and have sex to shrink them, I still love you, you are my whole world and I could forgive you anything, other than eating me I think!” I said, “Hey your tears don’t shrink people do they?”

“No silly!” She said, “why do you want me to shrink you?”

“No not at the moment, I’d rather take you to bed and eat you!” I exclaimed.

During the next couple of months I learnt more about who she was and what she did, we even had a visit from one of her sisters during a ‘safe moon’ as they called it. I was pleased to find out that I did impress her sister and that she was happy for us to be together. Something unusual in the way they have relationships, men are usually not around for long if you get the meaning, I being one of a handful of men that maintained a relationship with one of the sisterhood without ending up on the menu.

She did have a saying ‘Men to menu only needs U!” meaning that I could be on the menu and end up in her tummy if it were not for the fact that I made her sister happy.

Things continued as they had been and I became more accepting of who and what she was, we developed ways for her to continue, I would be bound tightly to the bed or bagged up whilst she got online looking for her next ‘meal’, she would then come and ravage me as her sexual desire had been building during her online activity and she took it out on me, much to my delight.

During the times of the full moon we avoided sex and she continued to stay away for a couple of days until the desire was abated. I didn’t ask who or how many she had swallowed, I didn’t need to know, I wasn’t happy especially that she had to use motels which I considered unsafe, unsafe for whom was another question, if anyone did attempt to attack her they’d be in for a nasty surprise and I think the no bite rule would not apply!

For some reason her body sometimes produced her shrinking hormone out of cycle and it was during one of these rare occasions I found that making love to her would lead to more and better things. I awoke the next morning, stretching my arms as usual only to find the covers over me, a big white sheet overwhelming me, and under me was what felt like a field of marshmallow, it was the mattress. I quickly got to my feet and walked stooped down until I got out from under the covers.

In the daylight I could see my beloved laying there on the bed still asleep, she towered over me and I sat down on the bed to take in the sight of her sleeping, she looked beautiful, even more so now that she was very much bigger than me. I looked down her face to the very lips that many men had passed through and thought that now I had been shrunken that I would be following.

Maybe we’d made a mistake and it was now the full moon or maybe that she’d tired of me and that I was now going to be lunch or breakfast in this case. Maybe her desires had overtaken her and that she’d shrunk me down to devour me. But then why hadn’t she done this last night straight after sex as she would normally do with her victims. It seems strange to say normal for her to have sex with other men and then devour them, that’s how much my life had changed since meeting her.

Well if she was going to eat me then there was little I could do about it I thought, at the word ‘little’ I chuckled for now I was now a little man, something that had brought us together all that time ago on the forums and one of my desires had been now fulfilled. I continued to sit there and look at my goddess in front of me, her cute nose, her beautiful lips and her hair softly falling against the mattress, cascading down her head. She was stunning and I desired her more at this point than any in my whole life.

She eventually awoke, her hand reaching out to where she would normally find me laying next to her, finding I wasn’t there she opened her eyes and at first she didn’t see me sitting there, it was only when I moved that she realised what had happened and sat up surprised at what had happened during the night to me. I was now only four inches tall and sitting there naked in front of her thinking that I was now her next meal.

She opened her mouth and I thought that my life was now over. But she spoke, “What happened? It’s not the full moon yet!”

Realising that she hadn’t shrunk me deliberately I said, “I thought that you’d shrunk me as your next meal, that it was my time!”

“No silly man or should I say silly little man now!” she laughed. “although you do look delicious standing there, maybe I could eat you for breakfast!” she laughed.

“Just don’t bite!” I replied.

“Mmm! “ she very sexily said, “ maybe lick you all over first!”

“But no I didn’t shrink you to eat, there are certain times when I get a hormonal change that triggers the shrinking, I don’t know when they are and they have never been a problem in the past.” She said as she stretched her long limbs on the bed matter-of-factly as she always found little four inch men in her bed.

“Oh!” I said, “I did think that something may have gone wrong or that you only keep men around for so long before moving on.”

“You sound disappointed that I don’t want to eat you!” she said. “If you want to I could?”

“No! I don’t wish to be eaten, you know of my desires in that department, I don’t mind being food as long as I don’t end up eaten.” I exclaimed.

“Good my delicious little man” she teased, “then let’s get up and eat something else, you sure you don’t want to be my breakfast?” she laughed and got up off the bed.

She disappeared into the toilet, then the shower as she did each morning, I tried to move from the bed but the height down to the floor was too great and so I sat there waiting for her to finish. By the time she came out again my bladder was busting.

“Still there waiting for me to eat you!” she laughed.

“No I can’t get off the bed and I’m bursting too!” I urged.

“Little man afraid of heights is he?” she giggled and held her hand for me to climb on, which I did quickly and she took me into the bathroom and placed me down in the sink. “There safer than letting you perch on the toilet, I’m not rescuing you if you fell in there!” she laughed again.

“And don’t get too close to the sink hole!” and she left me.

After relieving myself I managed not to fall down the hole, she returned and gave me a damp tissue to wash myself. Then she picked me up and carried me down to the kitchen and placed me down on the workbench, she moved around the kitchen making coffee, toast and breakfast as usual, not concerned with the four-inch naked man sitting there.

After she had everything ready she came and picked me up and brought me to the dining table, she placed me down on the edge of the plate, she’d made toast and boiled eggs and had a steaming cup of coffee off to the right of the plate, the cup was as tall as me. I sat down on the plate’s edge and watched as she ate the toast, dipping it in the egg before moving it to her mouth.

I couldn’t help it or hide the fact that I was turned on by the sight of her eating, my little man was standing upright and she soon noticed it.

“You like what you see it seems!” she said. “Maybe you do want to be eaten!”

“No!” I feared still not sure if I was next on the menu, “It’s just so erotic watching you eat, it’s very sensual from this point of view.”

She broke off some toast that had some egg on it and handed it to me, telling me that even little men needed to eat to maintain their strength, smiling at me seductively as she said it.

I sat there munching on the offered toast and continued watching her as she ate, the food entering her mouth, the movement of her jaw as she chewed the food and then the vision of her neck as she swallowed her food down. All got me more excited as she continued doing this to tease me.

The toast was soon finished and she drank some of her coffee before looking back at the plate to say, “Oh bother all the toast is finished, however will I eat the last of the egg?” she said mockingly and then looking down in my direction. “I have an idea my little man, maybe you could be of use here!”

She picked me up between her fingers easily, she then lifted me and took me over to the open boiled egg, I could see a little bit of the egg left inside and she dipped me down inside the egg and moved me around just as she had done with the toast, covering me in the leftover egg. Once happy that I was covered she lifted me out of the egg and brought me closer to her mouth. I could see her lips form a smile as she brought me closer and I thought that is was my time to be eaten.

Her mouth opened as her hand got closer and I could see her tongue and passed that her throat and knew that soon I was going to be going down there. She pushed my egg coated body into her mouth legs first, and closed her mouth around me when my arms entered her warm mouth. I felt her tongue start to run around my egg-coated body, licking me, her saliva washing the egg from my flesh and tickling me in the process. Her tongue felt smooth but with small bumps, which I guess is the taste buds and the moisture in her mouth made it slide over my body easily.

I was surprised when she pulled me out of her mouth, not only because it now felt cold after being inside her warm mouth, but because she was moving my naked body back down to the table and the egg cup. Again she dipped me in and made sure I was good and coated in the egg before she again lifted me and placed me in her mouth as before.

Her tongue running over my body felt nice and my erection grew greatly inside the warm enclosure of her mouth, especially when she deliberately ran her tongue over him, teasing me and sending shivers throughout my body. She repeated this scene until all of the egg was finished and then she held me in her mouth and ran her tongue over my erect member until she felt me release on the upper side of her tongue and my body twitched in orgasm within her mouth.

She brought me out and sat me down again on the edge of the plate, I was still in the afterglow of the most wonderful climax I had ever had. She sat there looking at me as she licked her lips, like a cat that’s got the cream, which in this case she had!

“That was a delicious way to end breakfast!” she exclaimed rubbing her tummy.

“That was amazing!” I said. “I thought that you were going to eat me, then when you made me cum that was incredible.”

“I’m happy to have pleased my little man!” she said, “And please be assured that I have no plans to eat you, I want you around me for a long time.”

“So how long am I going to stay this way?” I asked.

“I don’t know, it’s never happened to me before other than when I eat.” She replied. “But I can find out. Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

I was sitting in the lounge when she walked in, she said that she’d rang her sister who didn’t know either, but would find out.

“So what do you want to do?” she asked.

“Well I’ve already climaxed this morning, I was thinking that maybe we could act out another fantasy of mine and maybe bring you some pleasure too!” I smiled.

“What do you have in mind, my naughty little man?” she smiled.

“Could I spend sometime in your underwear, you always read those stories of the woman placing the man in her knickers and the man playing with her to orgasm.” I asked.

“Mmm! That sounds kinky but delicious.” She purred. “But I have to work today.”

“And the problem is…?” I asked.

“Well you’ll be down there for sometime.” She replied. “I do have to work”

“You’ve read the stories and we even acted this out once roleplaying, I don’t mind spending the day in your underwear, treat me like the women do in those stories.” I urged. “And it would give me great pleasure to be close to you today, even if it’s just laying there.”

“Just because it’s one of your fantasies I’ll do it to please you, but if you get too distracting you’re coming out, you understand!” she said.

“Yes” I said and added “Mistress”.

“Good just so you understand who’s boss around here – little slave!” she laughed.

She picked me up and took me back to the bedroom where she got dressed for work, she laid out her skirt and jacket, shoes and pantyhose. Then she stripped off her dressing gown and picked me up, “Last chance little man?” she asked.

I nodded and said, “I’m yours to command Mistress.”

She held open the elastic at the top of her underwear and dropped me inside, I fell down until I hit the fabric and fell against her flesh, she keeps herself shaved so there were no hairs to grab onto and I slid down until my feet hit her little nub, I could feel it with my toes. Soon the light was gone as she let go of the elastic and the underwear closed over me, I was now next to her skin pressed there by the fabric and elasticity of the underwear.

I felt her moving about and get dressed, at one point she sat down and soon I felt more pressure against me as the pantyhose was pulled up her legs and up over her crotch. Soon it was completely dark, I guessed that she had her business skirt on now, once her shoes and jacket were on and her makeup done we would be off to her workplace.

I forgot that she drove to work and as soon as she sat in the car seat I was squished tighter against her soft folds, I had moved down as she walked to the car, each step moving me further down in her crotch, I could feel her labia with my legs and even wiggled my feet at the opening of her vagina, which got me a smack from her for trying to turn her own.

I couldn’t hear a thing as she sat there driving the car, the air was becoming stale too and it did become difficult for me to breath at one point, I think she realised this and open her legs to let some air flow down to me. The drive soon ended and again she was walking and I was sliding, she had become moist at this point, maybe I was having an effect on her as I wiggled and played with her.

By the time we entered the building I had managed to get my face directly opposite her clitoris and began using my mouth to play with it, causing more moisture to leak around my legs and body from her sex. She made it to her office and sat down, crossing her legs to stop me from continuing what I was doing in her pants. As she squeezed her legs I got the message and eased off her clit, only gently licking her to keep her aroused.

I spent sometime down here, exploring her up close and personal, it looks so much different when you’re this small and this close. I decided at this point to try to enter her hole with my legs, the moisture made it easy to slip my feet into her, with a bit of wriggling and pushing I managed to get my legs part way in, then up to my thighs. Again she squeezed me to let me know to stop what I was doing as she was getting too distracted by now.

Unfortunately as she un-squeezed her legs she moved in the chair she was sitting on and this pushed my hips and tummy into her moist hole, I had to grabbed at her labia to stop myself sliding further in. Even this was slippery to the touch and I hoped that she didn’t make any more sudden moves or the rest of me would follow. Because I had stopped moving she continued what she was doing and forgot about me being down there. It wasn’t until she had to use the toilet that she discovered what I’d done and she pulled me out. She was angry as I could have suffocated. She said that she had a meeting to attend to and that I would be too much of a distraction, that I was going to spend the rest of the day in her handbag.

She cleaned me with a tissue and wrapped more around me before placing me down in her handbag; I was there next to makeup, her purse and other feminine requirements, something that no man desires to share – the contents of her handbag. Looking around you wonder why she had all this in here. The bag closed and I was left in the dark, I could feel movement as she went around the office but otherwise I was left alone.

There were a few things in here that looked like they could jab me or injure me, so I decided to look around for a safer place. I soon came across a small box, the top flap open slightly. Looking inside I realised what these white objects were, her tampons. Well they’re made of soft material and the box would protect me from the metal implements of her handbag, so I climbed in. The white packets looked about the same size as me, and I soon got comfortable in the box and fell asleep.

I awoke when the bag moved, the meeting must be over I thought, but as she picked up her bag she dropped it and it fell to the ground, only a matter of inches but enough to close the lid of the box and being in the enclosed space it lodged up against her purse, I was now stuck in the box inside her handbag. There I stayed until she released me.

She later said that I deserved it for being such a naughty little man.

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