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The Bondage Twins - f+/f+ cons.
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The Bondage Twins

Twins Jasmine and Jenny are the best of friends and the friendliest
of rivals. Like most siblings, each tries to out do the other
in academics and athletics. Over the course of time, each
tends to win as often as she looses. When it comes to looks,
there is really no way they can compete. Both 20 year olds
are gorgeous. Each has shoulder-length blonde hair, sparkling
blue eyes, and a smile that could light up the darkest night.
Both are a little above average height with figures that
reflect their gymnastics and dance backgrounds and above
average breasts. Since it was mid-July, their summer tans
were at their peak.

Their competitive nature took an interesting twist one
night when they were watching a TV show in which a couple
of the characters found themselves tied up. Jasmine commented,
"They really didn't do a good job of tying them
up. I could get out of that easily."

"Prove it!" her sister shot back with a grin.

"OK, but we don't have any rope."

"A quick trip to Wal-Mart will fix that."

"Let's go!"

As they were checking out with their supplies, they found
themselves in front of Stacy and Katie, who had been their
friends since elementary school. Stacy is a little shorter
than the twins, dark-haired, and brown-eyed with medium
breasts. Katie is a redhead, petite but with large breasts
for her size, and fair-skinned. Both share the twins’ background
in gymnastics and dance and their popularity.

"What in the world are you doing with all that rope?
Planning a kidnapping?" joked Katie.

"Sort of, " Jenny replied. "My sister
here made a comment about being able to get out of a tie up
we saw on TV. I told her to prove it, so were getting what we
need to give her that chance."

"Blabbermouth!!!" Jasmine shot back in thespian
anger. "You don't have to tell everything you

"I'm sorry, " whimpered her sister as
their friends fought to keep their snickers from exploding
into laughter.

"I don't think, 'I'm sorry, '
is enough to make us even. Let's see if our friends agree.
What do you two think?"


"No way!"

"OK, " Jenny conceded. "What'll
it take?"

"I think she deserves a spanking, " Katie offered.

"Likewise, " Stacy added.

"Great idea!!!!" Jenny agreed.

"OK. I know when I'm out numbered, " Jenny
admitted. "You can spank me AFTER we finish what we
came here to get the stuff for."

"Sounds fair, " her sister replied. "Let's

"Hold it, you two, " Katie interrupted. "I
think since it was my idea, we should get to watch the spanking."

"Yeah, " added Stacy, "especially since
we were on our way to rent a couple of movies to bring to your
house and watch. No need to do that now."

"OK, we've shared a lot more embarrassing moments
than these with you two, " Jenny chuckled.

When they reached the twins' home, Jenny and Jasmine
busied themselves preparing to reenact the scene that
had started the adventure while their friends tossed a
couple of bags of popcorn in the microwave and iced the root
beer they had purchased then parked themselves on the couch.
A few minutes later, Jasmine, the "victim",
emerged wearing a pink halter top, denim miniskirt and
nude pantyhose. Her sister, the "villainess",
wore a black minidress and black fishnet hose. As always
at home, both were barefoot.

"OK, ladies! Let's start the show, " Stacy
said with a smile.

"Just a second, " Jenny replied. "I need
a weapon to make this authentic. I'll be right back."

"If were going to go that far, we might as well record
this for posterity, at least temporarily, " her
sister added. "I'll get the digital cameras.
Katie, Stacy, you might as well make yourselves useful
as well as ornamental"

When Jenny returned she was carrying a very large squirt
gun. As soon as Jasmine had passed the cameras on to Katie
and Stacy, Jenny ordered, "Get on the floor, face
down ankles crossed. Put your hands behind your back and
cross them. NOW!!!"

Jasmine quickly did as she was told. Jenny made quick work
of tying her wrists and elbows. Next, she blindfolded her
sister then teased, "Open wide."

"No way you're going to gag me!"

"Oh, yes, I am! You seem to be forgetting that all three
of us know how ticklish your feet are. Either you open up,
or we tickle you until you do!"

Knowing far too well how right Jen was, Jasmine immediately
obeyed, and a wash cloth was stuffed into her mouth then
secured with several strips of adhesive tape. Finally,
ropes were tied and cinched around her ankles, knees and
thighs. "Alright, Miss 'I Could Get out of That',
you've got 10 minutes. If you're not out in that
length of time, you get shot. This thing is fully loaded,
and I am NOT afraid to use it!"

To the amazement of all three onlookers, Jasmine quickly
rolled over and raised her legs, butt, and lower back into
the air. Next, she bent her knees and easily slipped her
legs through the loop she had created with her arms. With
her hands now in front, she had no trouble removing her gag
and blindfold. She then used her teeth to loosen the knots
in the rope around her wrists. That done, she made quick
work of the other ropes. In just five minutes, she was free.

"Wow!" Jen exclaimed. "I'm impressed!
Where did you learn to do that?"

"Actually, I didn't. As you were tying me up,
I just kept thinking of a counter move to each one you made.
Of course, all those years we spent in gymnastics and dance
classes didn't hurt a bit!"

"Jas, I've got to hand it to you, " Katie
commented. "You made that look mighty easy. There
is no way I would have gotten loose."

"Me, neither, " Stacy added. "I was actually
hoping you wouldn't get loose. I really wanted to see
you get soaked!"

"I have an idea that will guarantee that someone will, "
Jen proposed. "First, how long are you to free to play"

"I've got nothing scheduled until church Sunday
morning, " Katie replied.

"Likewise, " Stacy added.

"I think I'm just as smart and flexible as my sister
here. Here's the deal. You two tie both of us up exactly
the same, no holds barred except that you have to give us
a chance to get free. The first one tied has to wait until
the other's done. We both start trying to get loose
at the same time. If both of us get loose in 10 minutes, you
two get drenched in ice water. If neither of us gets loose,
we get it. In either case, the second one loose is the other
three's slave until Sunday morning. The mistresses
can do anything they want or make her do anything they want.
If we both get stuck and give up or take over 30 minutes, we're
yours. If we get out at the same time, you’re ours. What do
you think?"

"Good idea, but there's a small problem. Whoever
gets tied second will have a big advantage because she'll
get to see how she's going to be tied, " Stacy

"Good point. How about whoever is going to be tied
last gets tied up in the big closet in our room? She's
already blindfolded when she comes out so she can't
see what's coming."

"Sounds good to me, " Katie replied.

"Likewise, " added Stacy.

"I'm game on two conditions, " Jasmine
agreed. "One, you seem to be forgetting that my sister
agreed to a spanking. She gets that first. Second, since
our clothes might give one of us a bit of an advantage, we
change into bikinis before we start."


Turning to her sister, Jen said, "I'm ready for
my spanking. Since I embarrassed you, you can embarrass
me. I deserve it."

"OK. First take off your dress. Now, take this rope
and hobble your legs a little less than shoulder width apart.
Since there were four people at the cash register, you need
to find four things for me to spank you with and bring them
back to me."

"Darn! I was looking forward to feeling your hand
smack my butt."

"That's cool. Make it three things then and bring
the Yahtzee, too. You have 10 minutes. If it takes longer,
you get an additional punishment."

Jen struggled to move with her legs bound but managed to
meet the deadline. Two of the tools she collected came as
not surprise: a ping pong paddle and a hair brush. The third,
a small flogger, shocked even her sister. "My, my,
my! Little Miss Kinky here!" laughed Stacy.

"I resemble that remark, " replied Jen. "Actually,
I didn't buy this. Our friend Andrea gave it to me when
I was tutoring her in physics. She said that I was such a slave
driver that I should have a whip. Honestly, I've been
wondering how it would feel to have it used on me but couldn't
get the nerve to ask someone to use it. Since I'm going
to get a spanking anyway, I decided what the heck! What's
next sis?"

"Get the cup and dice out of the Yahtzee box then get
on your knees on the tile in front of the fireplace. Now,
you are going to tell me which tool you are rolling for then
dump out the dice. Whatever number comes up is how many swats
you get with the item mentioned. OK. What's first?"

"Is the order I choose the order you're going
to use them in?"

"If you like."

"OK. This is for your hand...10...the hairbrush...uh
oh!...20...the paddle...21!...Why can't I get rolls
like these when we're actually playing this game?...the!!!...a Yahtzee in sixes on one roll!!!...30
swats!...Oh, well. I agreed to this and a deal's a deal."

"Jas, would you consider a suggestion from an observer?"
Katie asked.


"By the time you get to the flogger, her butt's
going to be mighty sore. Fix her so you can reach other parts
of her anatomy and spread things around."

"Fine with me, but that's up to her. She agreed
to a spanking, and that implies butt only."

"Thanks, sis, but Katie's right. Her idea is
fine with me."

"OK. Now, crawl over to me. Stand up, untie one ankle,
wrap the rope a few times around the bar between the front
and back legs of this chair then retie the ankle. Good girl!...Take
these and blindfold and gag yourself. Now, Katie, I need
your help. Jen, lay over my lap and stretch your hands over
your head...Katie, tie her wrists together then to the
bar on that side...Are you ready?"

Jen nodded. "SMACK!" Though she was not and
in fact had never been angry with her sister, Jasmine came
down as hard as she could on Jen's right cheek. For what
to Jen seemed like an eternity, Jas gently squeezed and
rubbed her butt and thighs. Suddenly, "SMACK"
right where the first blow had landed. Jen strained to scream,
but her gag proved quite effective. The next eight smacks
landed with varying degrees of force and location as Jasmine
did her best to do the opposite of what her sister expected.
When the last swat had had time to sink in, Katie unhooked
Jen's hands from the chair while Stacy removed her
gag. "Anything to say before we move on?" Jasmine

"Yes. Thank you for giving me the punishment I deserve.
Please continue when you are ready."

"Will do. Stacy, take her loose from the chair then
hobble her ankles again. Leave the blindfold on. Jen, do
exactly as I say."

"Yes, ma'm."

Using the rope on her hands as a lead, the three girls walked
her around enough to throw off her sense of direction then
headed for the kitchen. "Pull your gag back into place.
Bend over and grab the rope between your ankles and tie the
one around your hands to it. Make sure you've got enough
slack out that you can't stand up." Using only
hand signals, Jasmine instructed both the others to grab
a handful of ice from the freezer then firmly grasped her
sister's shoulders. "NOW!!!!" On cue,
Katie and Stacy quickly pulled Jen's panties away
from her butt and shoved the ice inside. Every muscle in
Jen's body reacted to the sudden stimulation, and
it was all the three of them could do to keep her from falling.
When she had calmed, Katie and Stacy took over supporting
Jen as Jasmine got the hairbrush. The 20 smacks with it were
delivered as those with Jas's hand had been. By now
Jenny's butt and thighs were glowing pink.

Once again, Jen's gag was removed and Jasmine's
question repeated as was the answer. Removing the blindfold,
Jas looked into her sister's eyes. "Jen, hon,
I've got to tell you the truth about some things. I was
never mad at you, and you really didn't embarrass me.
We all got caught up in the moment back at Wal Mart, so you've
taken two rounds of punishment for something that you didn't
do. I'm going to untie you, and we'll forget about
the whole thing. You can even make me take the rest if you
want. I should never have lied to you."

"Nope, " Jen said bluntly. "I knew you
weren't mad or embarrassed from the beginning. I played
along just to see what you would do and how it feels to be punished.
It's been a long time since Mom or Dad spanked me, and
I have to be honest, I miss it. The last few times they did,
I set them up. I did something I knew would get me spanked.
Today created an opportunity I've been looking for
for a long time. Katie, Stacy, if that makes me too weird
to still be your friend, I understand. By the way, I LOVED
the ice. That was great. Now, please, let's get going
while I'm still stinging. And Jas, you don't need
to be so gentle in your instructions. I'm being punished,
remember? Sound like Mom and Dad did when they were mad."

"Jen, there's no way we think you're weird, "
said Stacy as she gently hugged the still-bound beauty.

"Right, " Katie agreed.

"And I have to admit something, " Jasmine added.
"The last few spankings I got were on purpose, too...OK,
Jen, sit down on the floor. Now get your hands behind your
back, just reverse what I did to escape a while ago...Stand
up!" Jasmine tied a rope around Jen's waist,
secured the rope around her hands to it then pulled the rest
of the slack up between her legs and tied it off, leaving
enough rope to use as a lead. With Stacy holding a cotton
ball over each of Jen's eyes, she was blindfolded much
more securely than before. Similarly, the gag was made
more strict by stuffing a small washcloth into her mouth.
Jen's legs were left unbound to allow her to negotiate
the steps down to the basement. When they reached the ping
pong table, Jas ordered, "Spread your legs. Put your
feet on the outside of the tablelegs. Stacy, Katie, would
you do the honors there while I secure her hands?"

"With pleasure!"

Jas then released Jenny's hands from her waistrope.
"Bend over the table!" The free end of the rope
then went over a beam in the ceiling and was tied off on itself,
pulling Jen's arms away from her butt.


Enthusiastically, Jen nodded, "yes." SMACK!!!
on her right cheek. This was followed by two quick ones to
the left. Despite her limited movement, Jen was clearly
reaching her lovely ass out to meet each stroke. "21, "
Jas announced as the last one landed. With that Jen let her
body go limp onto the table. Katie quickly reacted to this
and removed her gag. "Oh, that was incredible, sis!
Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to feel that flogger!"

"OK, but you need a few minutes to rest and cool off.
You're soaked with sweat."

"Then give me a cold shower! But put my gag back in so
the neighbors won't hear me scream."

Wasting no time, the trio freed her from the table and guided
her across the room. Jas quickly threw the rope around her
hands over the shower head and turned the cold water on full
force. Jen's suggestion proved to be a wise one as her
initial reaction would definitely have been audible outside
the house.

For the next 10 minutes, Jasmine varied the temperature
and force of the water to keep her twin off balance. "Had
enough?" When Jen nodded, she was released from the
showerhead. Fortunately, Stacy was standing directly
in front of her as she collapsed in exhaustion. She and Jas
then gently carried Jen across the basement to an old couch,
laid her down, and released her completely. "I guess
that flogger and our escape challenge are going to have
to wait until another day, " Jas commented.

"Not a chance! Just give me a few minutes, but tie my
up first. You can leave the gag off if you want, but put the
blindfold back on. I don't want to see how you're
setting up to use the flogger. Besides, I can rest easier
if I'm in the dark."

"I've got a better idea, " Stacy commented.
"You tie yourself up. When you're done, the three
of us will vote. If the majority think you did a good job,
you get the 30 swats. If not, you get double. Are you up to
the challenge?"

"I would be except that I have no idea how to tie my hands."

"Sis, do you want me to get the handcuffs we used with
our costumes last Halloween?"

"Good idea...In that case, yes, I'm game. Hey,
wait a minute! I forgot about them and the leg shackles.
Grab all of that stuff."


When Jasmine returned, Jenny began by taking one pair of
the shackles and locking them on her ankles. Next, she tied
a rope around her waist then took one pair of the cuffs and
attached the chain on the shackles to it. This secured her
feet against her ass. Despite some difficulty balancing
herself, she managed to secure a rope both above and below
her breasts. This was cinched together between them by
one shackle on the other set. She threaded the second chain
between her legs and secured it to the first. One more rope
went around her knees to keep the chain from slipping. After
carefully threading the second set of cuffs through her
waist rope, she secured her blindfold then locked her wrists
into the cuffs.

"Well done, " Jasmine acknowledged. "Ladies,
I hate to say this because I was really looking forward to
giving you a few extra swats, but I think she's done
too well to justify it."

"I couldn't agree more, " said Stacy.

"It's unanimous!" added Katie.

As they began to look around the basement for a way to make
Jenny as vulnerable as possible to the flogger, Stacy suddenly
turned to her partner. "Katie, strip. Get on your
knees, put your hands behind your back and cross your ankles."

"Yes, ma'm."

"Good girl! Jasmine, I noticed several rolls of duct
tape on a shelf over there. Would you get them for me. I'll
pay you for the cost of them a bit later...Thanks!...Katie,
arms over your head, hands clasped...Now, Jas, please
wrap the duct tape around her tits like a halter top. Make
sure it's on tight...Good. Katie, on your feet, you
may use your hands to help balance yourself. Spread your
legs...Now, Jas, make her a bikini bottom with the tape.
Pay particular attention to her sweet spot. We want that
tape on their good and secure. Now, Katie, get a piece of
the rope and tie your ankles shoulder-width apart...Here
are the keys to the car. You know what I want you to get."

"Yes, ma'm. Do you want to tie my hands before
I go? I could easily escape this rope."

"Not this time. I think you know what's coming,
and I don't think you want to miss it."


"I can't believe she just obeys you like that!"
Jasmine commented. "What's the deal?"

"It's simple. She is my slave, and I am hers. It
could just as easily be me going out to the car. We trade off
roles whenever we feel like it. I had something else in mind
at first, but when I saw the duct tape, that was just too easy
to pass up. Now, let's get things set up for Jen."

After moving the ping pong table from under the beam, they
arranged two saw horses about three feet apart and connected
them with a 2*4 nailed into them. By that time, Katie had
returned with a large gym bag. "Please tie me up tighter, "
Katie requested.

"In a minute. We need to take care of the rest of Jenny's

"PLEASE!! At least fix me so I can't run away.
Remember, I still have the car keys."

"Tell you what. I'll let you take the tape off
then handcuff yourself to that post over there."


Returning their attention to Jen, Stacy and Jasmine released
her from her bonds. "Jenny, this is your last chance
to bail out if you wish. You've been a real trooper this
afternoon, and we all agree that that's earned you
the right to choose. If you want to continue, strip, "
her sister instructed. Without a second's hesitation,
Jen pealed off her bra and hose. "Put your handcuffs
back on, hands in front of you...Now, follow where I lead...Now,
Stacy's going to spot you. Lean all of your weight onto
her and give me your right foot...Just go with me, but don't
take your weight off her until I tell you...Now, sit down."
A faint gasp was heard as the board split her crouch and ass.
At the height the board was, Jen could take a bit of her weight
off it by standing on tiptoes, but that was all. Jasmine
then connected Jen's handcuffs to the beam above while
Stacy shackled her ankles. In this position, all parts
of her were open to the flogger. "Ready?" Jas

"No. I can see a bit under the blindfold, and I need
the gag."

"Then ask me to do what you want."

"Please blindfold me so I can't see at all and
gag me so I am completely silenced."

When this was done, Jasmine again asked the question, and
Jen nodded that she was indeed ready. SMACK!!! came the
first blow across her stomach. Jasmine followed this with
two quick ones across her thighs. The next five fell on her
tits with varying degrees of intensity. As Jas contemplated
her target, she suddenly heard, "Jas, strip!"
For a moment she froze not sure if she had heard correctly.
"Jas, I said, 'strip!' and I meant it, "
Stacy repeated.

"Yes, ma'm, " she replied as she began
to remove her clothes. "Get on there with her, blindfold
and gag yourself...Put these cuffs on, and reach over your
head." Soon both twins were secured in identical
positions facing each other. "Since you two love
to share so much, I have something that will let you share
each other's experience here, " Stacy told
them. Silently, she took two pairs of nipple clamps and
connected Jas's right to Jen's left and vice versa.
Jen's remaining swats were divided equally between
the two of them as each one that Jas received resulted in
a tug on her virgin nipples. When the last blow had fallen,
Stacy began releasing her three friends. When Jas, the
last of them, climbed off the board, she told her, "Thanks!
That was quite an experience. I haven't been so, shall
we say, 'stimulated, ' in quite some time."

"I think we can arrange it so you don't have to
wait nearly so long to be stimulated again, " chuckled

"Unfortunately, though, you and I kind of got left
out of that part, " Katie observed.

"Jas, do you think we can take care of that oversight?"

"Yes, Jen, I believe we can."

"There's still the matter of your one-on-one
escape contest, " Stacy reminded them.

"True, but we need to address the fact that you have
something the rest of us don't, " Jasmine commented.
"Strip, Stacy!"

"Yes, ma'm, " Stacy replied.

"Now, both of you, put your clothes in the washer and
start it...Put the nipple clamps on, " Jasmine ordered.
"Back to the contest. I think we all need a break before
we start. Tell you what, Jen and I will go up and get a quick
shower and into our bikinis. You two can use the one down
here. We'll have some clothes for you in the kitchen.
We can catch our breath, relax, grab a snack, then get on
with the festivities."

"Great, let's do it!"

When Katie and Stacy arrived, nipple clamps still in place,
their hostesses were waiting for them. The twins, dressed
in matching red thong bikinis, had organized several types
of chips and pop for themselves and their friends. "What,
no booze?" Katie asked with a smile.

"You know we never mess with that stuff! We want to
remember the fun we're going to have. Besides, if you're
going to do a good job of tying us up and we're going to
make a good attempt at getting loose we have to be sharp."

"We know, " Stacy chuckled. "We're
still drug-free, too! Now, what wonderful outfits did
you choose for us?"

"Since you're going to tie us up, we decided you
should be wearing more than we are, so we picked out catsuits
for you. Here you go!"

"Good thought, ladies, but I can see you're new
to this. We've established that really all four of
us are switches but prefer being subs. Care to learn a little
something before we start?" said Katie.


"Do you have any Velcro?"

"Yes, it's in the big tool box downstairs."

"Great. Would one of you go get it and our bag and the
other get two pairs of pantyhose. Old ones would be good
because they'll probably get torn up. I need some duct
tape, too."

"I'll get the stuff downstairs, " Jen

"I'll get the hose, " added Jasmine.

When the girls returned, Katie continued, "Normally,
we would order each other to do this, but we'll skip
that part...First, we take a strip of the hook side of the
Velcro and put it face-up in the feet of the hose. Now, ladies,
put a pair on over your suits and walk around for a minute...How
does it feel?"

"It's not really painful, but it's definitely
uncomfortable, " Jenny replied.

"Right, now take them off and give them to Stacy and
me...Now, we're going to put them on, and it will be
up to you two how long we leave them on."

"How are we going to control that? All you have to do
is take the hose off. Both of us are going to be tied up in a
few minutes, so there won't be anything we can do to
stop you."

"We'll show you." With that, Stacy and
Katie each slipped the hose on followed by the catsuits
and pulled them up to her knees. Each then took a pair of leg
irons from their bag and put them on. "Here are the
keys. We're not finished yet, but when we are, you're
going to blindfold us then hide these keys along with some
others we're going to give you shortly...Now, this
is why I asked for old hose...Watch." To the twins'
surprise, their friends then took three large strips of
the Velcro and taped it into the crotch of the pantyhose
and pulled the hose and suits up to just above their waist.
Next, each took a chain from the bag, wrapped it around her
waist, locked it in back with a padlock, then pulled the
remainder between her legs and locked it into place so that
it was pressing very tightly against the Velcro. After
tightening their nipple clamps a bit, each then taped another
piece of Velcro inside the bra cup of the suits and pulled
them the rest of the way on. A second chain was then locked
into place over the top of the suit so that the clamps and
Velcro could not be reached without removing the chain.
Katie then took all the keys from the bag along with two blindfolds
and two pair of handcuffs. "Ok, ladies, blindfold
us then cuff our hands behind our backs and to the chains
on our waists. There are gags in the bag you can use if you
want. Then, go hide the keys to everything but our cuffs,
come back, take off our blindfolds, cuffs, and gags if you
use them. When you do, we'll get on with your contest."

"If you want to be gagged, you'll have to ask us
to, " Jasmine told them.

"Please gag me, " Katie responded.

"Please gag me, too, " added Stacy.

"OK, " Jenny told them as she strapped a ballgag
into Stacy's mouth. For safety, the twins then helped
their friends lay on the floor. As an added security measure,
they placed Stacy's legs on top of Katie's and
tied them tightly together.

A few minutes later, the twins returned to their friends
and helped them get free. "Ok, who gets tied up for
the contest first?" Stacy asked.

"I say we draw cards for it. High card gets her choice, "
Jas suggested.

"OK by me, " her sister agreed.

Jasmine drew first and got a king. "Going to be hard
to beat."

"True, but I did! Ace of spades!!! OK, ladies, put
me in the closet. Tie me up good and tight. You don't
want me getting loose."

"Gladly!" her sister replied. "Hands
behind your back...Stacy, Katie, would you shackle her
ankles and blindfold and gag her then do the same to me after
I get her cuffed?"

"Sure, " they replied.

With that, the twins were taken to the site for their contest.
There, Katie sat Jasmine in a chair, unlocked a wrist and
an ankle cuff, wrapped the chains on these around a rung
on the chair, and re-secured them. She and Stacy then lead
Jenny into the large walk-in closet and helped her to the
floor. Pulling a short chain and a padlock from their bag,
Stacy then pulled Jenny's ankles to her wrists, wrapped
the chain around the cuffs and shackles, and locked it in
place. They then rolled her onto her side on top of a longer
chain that Katie had placed on the floor at waist level.
This chain was wrapped through the others and secured.
Finally, a chain was looped over the clothes rod around
all the others and locked. "I don't think you're
going anywhere, do you, Jen?" chuckled Katie. Smiling
as best she could through the gag, Jenny shook her head,

Katie and Stacy then turned their attention to Jasmine.
"OK, Jas, I'm going to take out your gag for a minute.
Do not say a word until I ask you a question. Understand?"
Katie told her. When Jas nodded her agreement, Katie continued,
"To keep this fair, I'm telling you now that if
you do anything but follow our instructions and breathe
before we get both of you tied, you will be punished. That
punishment will be applied to your tits or your butt and
pussy. To make that possible, we are going to strip off the
part of your bikini covering the selected part. Your sister
will be under the same threat until we get her secured. You
will choose for both of you. Which comes off, top or bottom?"

"May I ask what the punishments for each part will
be to help me decide?"

"No, you may not."

"OK. Since her butt and pussy got a workout earlier,
I should choose top, but I think bottom would be more of an
incentive to her, so I'll choose bottom on the condition
that if you have to punish me I get more than what you plan
for her."

"Agreed. Now, you must ask us as you made us ask, "
Stacy told her.

"Please put my gag back in and tie me up for the contest."

As Katie replaced Jas's gag, Stacy released her ankle
and wrist shackles from the chair then the two of them helped
her to the floor. "Spread your legs wide!" Katie
snapped. She and Katie each took an ankle and lifted them
up until Jas's butt was in the air. "Get those
panties off now! When we put your legs back down, don't
close 'em until we tell you!" Again, Jas did as
ordered. "This is for answering my question with
a question." "Thwack!!!" Jas did her
best to scream through the gag as the flogger cracked into
her defenseless pussy. "You may close your legs now,
at least for now...Roll over on your stomach, and put your
hands behind your back, palms out..." Given the rules
of the game, Jas was stunned to feel handcuffs being snapped
onto her wrists and protested as best she could through
the gag. Immediately, she was rolled over. "Spread
'em!" Katie ordered. Realizing what she had
done, Jas meekly complied. 10 sharp swats fell in rapid
succession on her pussy. These were followed by a like number
on her inner thighs. "You are to remain TOTALLY silent
until your gag comes off, either by your hand or ours! Understand?"
Jas nodded her agreement. "We went easy on you this
time because we know you think we're breaking the rules
we agreed to. We aren't. The keyholes on these cuffs
are facing your hands, and the key will be where you can reach
it. Now, roll back over on your stomach…Good slave!” Stacy’s
voice now became that of a friend rather than of a mistress.
“Jas, we’re going to tie your legs so we think you can’t get
loose but don’t want to hurt you. If you feel like you are
in danger, shake your head, ‘no.’ Understand?” Jas nodded
that she did. She then felt her legs being gently pulled
toward her shoulders. All her years of gymnastics and dance
now became both a blessing and a curse. They were a blessing
because she was in no pain at all and a curse because she had
no reason to stop her friends from what they were doing.
As her toes touched the top of her shoulders, Stacy again
checked, “You OK?” Jas again nodded. Immediately, she
felt ropes being wrapped around her ankles, pulled through
her armpits and tied off. Next, Katie tied her knees together
while Stacy added a rope around her waist and through her
crotch. This rope was then used to cinch her knee bonds so
that even the slightest movement with her legs would be
felt in her most sensitive spot. “Done!” Stacy said cheerfully.
“Any questions or requests before we take care of your sister?”
Jas nodded.

When her gag was removed, she said, “Please lay me on my side
so I don’t accidentally move and break the rules while you’re
tying Jen.”

“Fair enough, ” Katie replied as she replaced the gag.

Jennifer’s identical tying was completed in a matter of
minutes and without incident.

“The cuff key or keys, we won’t tell you which, are where
you can reach them. There may or may not be other keys mixed
in. The time starts when I say, “Go!...Ready?” The twins
nodded. “OK, go!”

The twins immediately began to squirm and feel for the keys.
Jas found the right one quickly but could not maneuver it
into position to release the cuffs. By the time she realized
this, five precious minutes had passed. Communicating
with her sister as best she could through the gag, she managed
to get into position to remove Jenny’s blindfold and signaled
to her that she would have to unlock the cuffs. The girls’
flexibility then came into play as this was accomplished.
Her hands now free, Jas quickly removed her blindfold and
freed her sister’s hands. By now, the ten minutes had passed,
so the twins would receive the ice water shower. The matter
of who would be whose slave(s) for the weekend was still
very much in doubt. Jenny was the first to get her gag off
and asked her twin, “OK, kiddo, you’re the one who got us
here. It’s your call. Do you want to be the slave, do you want
me to be, do we tie and make them our slaves, or give up and
let them make both of us theirs?”

“I’m not about to make that call! We know we can get free in
the time we have left, so unless you want both of us to be theirs,
we race to the end and let things fall as they may. However,
since you broke the rules by asking me, I expect you to submit
to the punishment I got regardless.”

“You’re right. I deserve that punishment. Now, back to
the race!”

Both girls immediately began to work their bonds. To no
one’s surprise, they each removed the final restraint
at the same time! “Congratulations!” Stacy told them.
“We gave it our best, and you won fair and square with five
minutes to spare. We’re yours to do with as you like.”

“Not just yet, ” Jen reminded her. “You still owe me a flogging
and both of us an ice water shower. THEN we take charge!”

“Which do you want first?”

“My flogging. I want exactly what my sister got plus a bit
more. She shouldn’t have had to tell me I broke the rule.”

“If you want more, you’ll have to do it to yourself. The deal
was the same”

“Fair enough. Give me the nipple clamps” Jen attached the
clamps to herself. “OK, how do you want me?”

“On the floor, legs spread…Open your mouth.”

Jen meekly complied, and Stacy quickly gagged her and administered
the swats to her pussy and thighs. Then she removed her friend’s
gag as Jen removed the clamps.

“I’d say that Velcro is getting pretty uncomfortable, ”
Jas observed. “Are you ready for the chains to come off so
you can get rid of it?”

“After your shower, ” Katie replied.

“Let’s get going with it!”

“Ummm, Katie, there’s a small problem, ” Stacy interrupted.
“In everything that we were doing, we neglected to put any
water in the refrigerator. There is no ice water to shower
them with.”

“That’s not such a bad thing, ” Jas commented. “It’s getting
pretty late, and we’ve all had quite an evening. You two
can tie us up, blindfold and gag us, and put us to bed wherever
you want. Then put the water in and go find your keys. You
did an awesome job of tying us up for the contest, so you deserve
to sleep in our beds. In the morning, you can use the shower
to help us wake up, then we’ll switch roles. What do you think?”

“Good idea, Katie agreed, “but I’ll add one thing. Whoever
finds our keys gets the choice of being tied up or tying the
other up for the night. If we can’t find them, we stay like
this all night plus you get to give us an ice shower, too.”

The others quickly agreed.

“Do you two want to be comfortable or uncomfortable?” Stacy

“I said you could pick the location, ” Jas replied.

“Right! Let’s make this fair…Jen, pick a card. Red you get
comfy, black it’s the basement on the 2 * 4…Ace of spades!...Ladies,
hands behind your backs!”

With that, the twins were blindfolded, gagged and led to
the basement.

Reaching the board, Katie and Stacy spotted the twins as
they straddled it. To their surprise, their hands were
not released and brought in front of them. Instead, a rope
was placed around the handcuffs and thrown over the overhead
beam and pulled so their arms were parallel to the board
splitting their legs. Another rope was tied around each
of their waists and the rope holding their wrists wrapped
around the back, run through their crotches then secured
in the front. Any movement with their hands would put instant
pressure on their already tormented pussys. As a final
security measure, ropes were wrapped around their thighs
and ankles. Katie then removed their gags. “Ladies, this
is what you agreed to, but we’re still your friends. If you
think spending the night like this is too much, just say
so, and we’ll tie you however you ask.”

“Thanks, but no thanks, ” Jas responded. “I have to accept
the consequences of my decisions, and this is what they
are. Honestly, though, thanks for caring, but I’m fine.
I’d give you a hug but am not in a position to. Would you give
me one so we can end the day on a good note?”

“Sure, ” Katie and Stacy both replied.

“Jen, how about you?” Stacy asked.

“What she said goes for me, too”

“OK. Ready for your gags again?” Both girls nodded, and
the gags were replaced.

Once this was done, Katie and Stacy headed back upstairs
to get the water ready for the next day’s activities. While
looking for containers, Katie stumbled onto their keys,
and the two of them quickly stripped. “I love the feel of
that Velcro, ” Katie commented, “But I’m ready to get it

“Likewise!” her friend replied. “You want to be tied up
or to tie me up for the night?”

“What do you think?”

“You have to say it.”

“OK. Stacy, put me to bed and tie me up tight.”

The girls then walked to the twins’ room. Tired as she was,
Stacy decided to go the simple route. After replacing the
chain her partner had worn earlier, she threaded the chain
of the leg shackles through it and closed the cuffs around
Katie’s ankles. A short piece of rope secured her wrists
to the chain. Nipple clamps, a blindfold and gag were added,
and the job was done. Not wanting to let her friends have
all the fun, Stacy looped the chain of the other shackled
around the bedrail, locked her own ankles, nipple clamped,
blindfolded and gagged herself, then laid the keys on the
nightstand. Exhausted and anxiously waiting for what
the twins might do to them, these two were soon asleep. Despite
their discomfort, the twins in the basement had long since
gone to sleep as well.

Part 3

Despite her blindfold, Stacy was awakened by the sun beaming
through the twins’ bedroom window. She quickly freed the
herself then Katie. Seeing no need for clothing since the
twins would likely order them nude after receiving their
shower, the duo made their way to the refrigerator and loaded
two Supersoakers with cold water. Silently, they made
their way toward their still-sleeping victims. Despite
their gags, the twins’ screams were clearly audible as
they were sprayed. Enjoying their final moments of freedom,
Katie and Stacy took their time in emptying their weapons:
sometimes hitting the twins with large, drenching bursts
and sometimes in short quick ones. All came from different
angles and to different parts, although the shooters paid
particular attention to the girls’ tits and crotches.
When their guns were dry, they quickly released their friends.
The twins’ first move once freed stunned the duo. Each grabbed
one and gave her a huge hug. “That was awesome!!!” Jas beamed.

“It certainly was!” Jen added. “I’m sore, wet, and cold
all over, but I love feeling this way. And I’m certainly
as awake as I’ve been for a VERY long time!”

“Thank goodness!” replied Stacy. “I was afraid you’d be
mad at us for being so cruel to you.”

“You weren’t cruel at all, ” said Jasmine. “You followed
everything we agreed to straight down the line. We appreciate
you helping us explore our abilities and limits.”

“Hey, I know you two are supposed to be in charge now, but
I’m hungry!” Katie interrupted. “Can we continue this
conversation over breakfast?”

“Sure!” Jenny agreed. “Let’s do that with all of us not tied
up then we can take charge afterward.”

The others gladly concurred. As they ate, their conversation
moved away from the events of the last few hours to things
they normally shared. That changed when Katie said, “I
know I’m going to enjoy what you do to us today, but the weather
is so nice, I wish I could work on my tan.” The gleam in Jenny’s
eyes told her that she had just given her friend an idea.

“I think we can arrange for you to do both! Jas, would you
grab eight of those tent stakes from the basement?”


“You aren’t thinking what I think you are!!!” Katie said.

“Yes, I am. The neighbors on both sides went with our parents,
so there is no way anyone can see into the back yard. And don’t
worry. We have plenty of sunscreen for your tan lines. Now,
so you don’t chicken out, hands behind your backs, feet
at shoulder width.” Katie and Stacy quickly complied. As Jen finished handcuffing
and hobbling them, her sister returned with the stakes
and two beach towels.

“How long are you going to leave us tied?” asked Stacy. “Since we’ve decided everything else by chance how about
we do the same now?” Jas replied. “You two are in no position
to do anything, so I’ll take care of it. Three Yahtzee dice
roles ? two minutes per spot. That makes a maximum of three
hours. Half-way through we turn you over ? no trying to escape.
Deal?” Jas informed them. “Deal!” “Just so you know we’re not lying to you about no one being
able to see, we’ll stay nude and work on out tans beside you, ”
Jen added. The dice total would up being 70 of a possible 90, so the two
slaves would be tied for just over an hour on each side. To
add a bit to the scenario, the twins blindfolded and gagged
them then took them out to the yard. A heavy rain the night
before had softened the ground to the point that the twins
were easily able to force the stakes into the ground. The
captives offered no resistance as first Stacy then Katie
was carefully helped to the ground, ordered to spread-eagle
herself, then tied into place. After giving them a few minutes
to wonder, the twins dutifully covered the duo with sunscreen,
did the same to each other, then spread out their towels,
started a timer, and laid down to catch up on the sleep they
had lost over night. Shortly before the alarm was to go off to end the tanning
session, the doorbell rang. “just ignore it, ” Jasmine
suggested. “It’s probably some salesman selling something
we don’t want.” Before her sister could answer, they heard a knock on the
gate to the back yard, which thankfully was locked. “Hey,
you guys out there?” came a familiar voice. “Oh, good grief! It’s Bethany! She knows we’re here and
no doubt saw Stacy’s car out front, ” Jenny whispered.
“It’s been too long since we’ve seen her, but her timing
now is terrible!” “We’ll just have to ad lib and hope one of us can stall her
long enough for the other to get those two loose…I’ll get
the door, you take care of them, ” Jas replied. Grabbing her towel, she yelled, “I don’t have the key for
the lock on me, so meet me at the door!” “OK!” “Hey, Jas! How are you?” “Great! It’s been a while! How about you?” “Not bad. I just have a small problem that I need Stacy’s
help with, no offense intended to you and Jenny.” “None taken, my friend! She and Katie are out back with Jasmine.
They’ll be in shortly.” “I see, ” replied Bethany with a sly grin. “Wait a minute!
Are those what I think they are?” Even with her tan, Jasmine’s face immediately turned crimson
as she looked at what her friend was pointing to. Trying
her best to hide her feelings, she explained, “Yes, those
are shackles and leg irons. Remember? They were part of
our Halloween costumes last year.” Before Bethany could respond, the other three came into
the room. Contrary to what Jas expected, Stacy and Katie
were nude and gagged and their hands were tied behind their
backs. “They insisted on it!” Jenny told her sister. Sensing her friends’ embarrassment, Bethany said, “Calm
down! You two aren’t the first to share in Stacy and Katie’s
bondage play. I’ve had the pleasure myself. I’ve been so
busy that it’s been weeks since I’ve been tied up. To be honest,
I was on my way home to do some serious self-bondage when
I saw Stacy’s car and decided to get her to do it for me. Obviously,
you guys have something going on. I don’t want to interrupt,
so I’ll just go ahead with my original plan.” “You don’t have to do that, ” Jenny told her. “These two
lost a bet with us, so they are ours to do with as we like for
the rest of the day. You’re welcome to join us.” Jas replied.
“PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t want to join
you and Jenny. I want, no I NEED to be tied up.” “Who are we to stop you?” giggled Jasmine. “You said you
were going home to tie yourself up, and there’s plenty of
stuff here. Go for it!” “It won’t interfere with you?” “No. We’re ad libbing this whole game any way! We’ll just
see where it goes from here with you involved.” That was all Bethany needed. Quickly, she stripped and
chained her ankles together, put the clamps, which had
also conveniently been left with the irons, on her nipples
and pussy. She started to gag herself but Jenny interrupted,
“If you gag yourself, you can’t tell us when you want loose.”
“I’m not going to tell you. I want loose when you’re ready
to let me loose as long as it’s at least an hour from now. By
the way, I’m going to hogtie myself. Please don’t just let
me lay here. Tickle me, spank me, do whatever you want. I
love to be surprised when I’m tied up. That’s why I wanted
Stacy to do it instead of doing myself.” Before the twins
could even process what she had said, Bethany had added
the blindfold and gag and locked her wrists into the ankle
chains to complete her restraint. By now, the twins and their slaves were ready for lunch and
knew so were Katie and Stacy. As Jas removed their gags,
Jenny asked, “What do you two want to eat?” After exchanging a look of surprise with her fellow captive,
Stacy replied, “You two have never been mistresses before,
have you?” “No, ” replied Jenny. “We’ve tied each other up a few times
before but just for fun.” “I thought so. You two have A LOT to learn about that role.
You two seem to be having fun, and I know Katie, Bethany,
and I are. I think the five of us have found something that
we may want to enjoy together for a long time to come. But
there are some things we need to talk about. Would you two
like to do that?” “Count me in, ” Jas answered. “Same here, ” said her sister. “Good! Hogtie us on the floor beside Beth, make sure it’s
good and tight, and we’ll do that.” The twins did as she had
asked, then she continued, “When you are in the mistress
role, you make all the decisions. That’s the reason we like
being submissive. It takes all responsibility from us.
Katie and I like both roles, so we switch as the mood strikes
us. From what I’ve seen, I think you two are the same. Beth,
on the other hand, is totally submissive. The worst punishment
you can give her is to make her be the dominant one. She’s
actually pretty good at it but HATES it! She, Katie, and
I have chosen to give you 100% control of us for as long as
you want to have it. We trust you not to do us any harm, but
we expect you to push us. If we do something you don’t like,
punish us! Honestly, we may do something just to get you
to punish us. Understand?” “Sort of, ” Jas replied, “but I know I can’t stand the thought
of either of you three being mad at me. I’m sure Jenny feels
the same way.” Jenny nodded her agreement. “Don’t worry about that. The three of us have been doing
things like this for long enough that we know that we’re
taking a risk you’ll do something we really don’t like,
even though it won’t hurt us. We’re taking that risk freely.
If it happens, we’ll talk about it when our turn as submissives
is over. So, for this afternoon, what Bethany said a while
ago goes for us, too.” “Sounds good to me!” Jenny replied. “One thing first though,
and be honest! Do you want to get some lunch before we start?”
“As long as I’m tied up and you pick the food, yes. Make it
something safe but unpleasant, and don’t tell me in advance
what it is, ” Katie told her. When the other captives nodded
their agreement, the twins quickly gagged them and headed
for the kitchen. To Bethany’s surprise, they soon returned, untied her
ankles, then led her into the kitchen. “We have a problem, ”
Jas told her. “We have no clue what to fix you three that fits
what Katie said. So, here’s the deal. You’re going to fix
their lunch then we’ll fix yours based on what you give them.
It may or may not be the same thing.” “No way! You heard what Stacy told you. I hate being the dom,
and that’s what that amounts to!” “I don’t recall asking you, slave! I told you what to do,
and you WILL do it. Not only that, but you will choose a punishment
for arguing. If we don’t think it’s good enough, we’ll make
you choose two. Understood?” “Yes, mistress. Do you have any Ben Gay or anything like
that?” “Yes.” “I need that and a pair of old pantyhose that I can tear up
a bit for my punishment. I also need a rubber glove since
I’m going to be handling food in a few minutes.” Though confused,
the twins quickly rounded up what Bethany had asked for.
“Mistresses, in order for my punishment to be effective,
I need to put these hose on with the legirons over them. May
I?” The twins agreed. Bethany then took the heating cream and
put a heavy layer of it around her pussy and ass. Next, she
took one side of the clamps she had been wearing and used
it to tear two small holes in the crotch of the hose. After
slipping them on, she dropped the clips through one hole,
brought it up through the other, reattached it to her pussy
lips, then put the legirons back on. The reaction on her
face said that the cream had quickly begun to take effect.
“Bethany, are you sure you can handle this? That’s a pretty
severe punishment for arguing, ” Jenny told her. “I’m fine. Like I said, it’s been a while, so my pain tolerance
has slipped a bit. I really need this to bring it back up.”
With that, they moved to the kitchen. After an inventory
of the frig, they settled on peach ice cream with hot sauce
and mustard for Katie and Stacy. At Beth’s insistence,
they blindfolded her and bound her to a chair. Her lunch
would be a bowl of cereal with the same two toppings. With
the meals ready, the twins brought the other two in. Now
emboldened in their roles, they sat their captives on a
bench beside the table, interlocked their elbows, then
secured their hands behind them. To further the suspense,
they left the blindfolds on. “OK, ladies, your food is in
front of you, ” Jas told them. You have 10 minutes to eat.
Whatever you can consume in that time is your sustenance
until dinner. Also, if one of you happens to spill her bowl,
you WILL pay!” Within a few minutes, Bethany’s bowl did indeed find its
way off the table and all over her. Jasmine accused her of
doing it deliberately, and she freely admitted that she
had. When the other two had finished eating, the trio were
disconnected from each other and ordered to clean up the
kitchen. Once that was done, all three were freed from their
restraints and torture devices then ordered to take a shower
and bathroom break. Still nude, they reassembled in the kitchen and stood at
“attention” to await further orders. “Slave Bethany,
you have admitted to deliberately spilling your food.
Why?” Jenny asked. “Because, as I stated earlier, I wish to be treated more
harshly than Stacy and Katie. This was my way of assuring
that that will happen.” “I see. Well, you shall have your wish! The sun will be up
for another few hours, so all of us will work on our tans.
You, however, will do so most uncomfortably! On the floor,
on your stomach, hands behind your back!...Stacy, tie
her legs! Katie, get her hands and arms, but no hogtie…Now,
you two pick her up and carry her outside.” At just over 5’
and 120 ponds, Beth was no problem for the girls to carry.
When they got beside the clothesline pole, they gently
laid her down. The twins, now nude themselves to avoid tan
lines, ordered the stakes used earlier brought there and
placed close together. Beth was then untied and placed
on her back. Taking a long piece of rope, Jenny wrapped it
around her waist and through her crotch. Her limbs were
then tied to the stakes. Because of their proximity, this
forced her into a severe arch position. To complete the
punishment, Jenny tied the free end of the rope to an eye
hook on the pole. “I thought you were new at this!” Stacy joked. “Opps, I’m
sorry! I’m not supposed to be thinking!” Slipping out of character momentarily, the twins gently
hugged her. “It’s OK, ” Jas chuckled. “Despite our roles
here, we ARE still friends!...Remember when we did that
magic act for the school talent show?...We rented a DVD
to get some ideas, and it turned out to be more about bondage
than escapes. For some reason, Jen and I both thought of
a scene like this when we were talking about a punishment.”
“No good idea ever went unstolen!” Katie replied! “Right!...OK, you two, put your posts in the ground plus
four for Jas and me then get spread-eagled!” “Permission to ask a question, Mistress, ” Stacy said.
“Granted.” “If you two are tied up, how are we going to get loose?” “Fair question. Jenny and I are going to use handcuffs on
one wrist. We’ll each have a key on a string on that wrist.”
“Great idea!” With that, all four girls were soon secured for a relaxing
afternoon. Three hours later, they were sitting in the twins’ living
room. All but Bethany were unbound and wearing shorts and
tube tops or bikinis. At her request, Beth w


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