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Billy part 7
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Robyn didn't know it was coming but suddenly she jumped, someone had
swatted her behind with a flogger. Dozens of stings made her want to rub
her butt. She turned in time to see a stern looking man ready to swing
again. He stopped and pointed to her sign. "Bend over that counter please,
I want to try a few of these to see if I will be happy with it." Robyn was
sort of in shock, she knew if she bent over, she was offering her behind
for a whipping, if she didn't, who knew what would happen.

She bent over the counter, her skirt rode up and in seconds the man had
swung the flogger a few times across her already red behind. each one left
so many stings, in seconds her bum felt on fire. "Oh I think I like this
model. Thank you," he said, happily heading to cash to make his purchase,
Robyn was still bent over when a woman approached with a whip.

Billy was walking carefully, he was not accustom to the tail that wiggled
when he walked, the plug in his behind was wiggling so much, he could
think of nothing else. He also didn't see as someone approached and was
surprised to feel the sting as a large strap smacked across his lower
cheek. "Not so fast missy," he heard. Turning he saw an older man holding
a large black strap. He led billy to a bench in the center of the room, he
didn't know it was called a spanking bench but it seemed to be
conveniently  located.  He was bent over the overstuffed brown leather
bench, his tail was pointing straight up. The man swung the strap very
hard, and billy screamed. "Perfect," he said and wiggled billy's tail.
"Would you object if I gave you a few more? Your ass just looks so cute
sticking up like that."

Billy wanted to stand up, to tell him no, but he was still gasping from
the smack, so when the next one arrived, it took his breath away, This man
was just cruel. Before he could give another a woman came over and asked
if he was finished, she wanted to try a pair of paddles. He begrudgingly
let her take over. Just as billy felt the paddle strike his right cheek
her heard a crack in the air and robyn yelp loudly.

Billy and Robyn spent an hour, circling the room the target of overeager
customers anxious to test the spanking implements. Sales were booming.
Billy and Robyn had such tender behinds by the time Kathy took them in tow
that they felt a feather would hurt now.

The two school girls, in their tiny skirts, white stockings and red
behinds were led out of the room into a back office, Neither one was
released from the cuffs at their wrists.

Kathy started, "Billy you are going to be here two days a week, You will
be cleaning up, dusting, polishing and sweeping. If customers wish to test
an article we sell, it will be very handy to have you available. I will
also put you in the window at times in various poses to demonstrate things
we sell. Your mother will be able to bring home so many items this way,
soon you will have almost everything we sell at home. Isn't that

Billy was not so sure.

"Robyn I want to offer you the same deal, or rather I will offer it to
your mother, instead of taking items home, I can fill a college fund for
you. I am sure she will think that a wonderful idea."

Robyn, unfortunately felt the same, that her mother was going to pounce on
this idea.

"When you are both here, I will keep you chained, ankles and wrists, with
collars and leashes, it lets staff and customers know your position here.
There will be times you may be chained to something, possibly as a display
item or a demonstrator for our products. I think you can both increase our
sales magnificently. Billy that website recommended that humiliation is
desirable in your treatment, so we will strive to find as many ways to
humiliate you as possible. We have some very cute French maid dresses in
our costume section, I think when you are on cleaning duties you will be

Billy squirmed with the word adorable.

"Robyn I am sure we can find some very cute things for you to wear as
well. We have a nice latex section that you haven't seen yet." It can be
very exciting wandering around in a very snug fitting latex catsuit with a
remote controlled vibrator nestled out of sight. It was Robyn's turn to

She led the pair into another room with many devices, odd looking things
Billy thought. "billy come over here please." She was standing by the
wall, billy walked over, his tail swishing and stockings pulling on his
garters, he was starting to lose it again he thought. When she stepped
aside there was an item protruding from the wall, it was a bit fancy with
springs and brackets but what caught his attention was the penis that was
glistening at the top of an arm, it wasn't very thick, but it looked very
real and somewhat long.

"This is my incentive room, I trust my employees but there are times when
mistakes are made and punishments are warranted, sometimes it is wise to
have employees spend some time in here, just to make them more careful."
She bent down and gently tugged at his tail, with a twist and a click it
released. Billy started wondering, Robyn wasn't wondering she was

Kathy turned billy around and tugged him back until he felt something push
against his behind. She bent him over and with skill that could only be
developed with a lot of practice, that penis billy saw disappeared. billy
knew where it was though, he wiggled in surprise. Well part of it
disappeared, as only the tip had vanished into his bum, there was still a
lot of the shaft showing. Kathy then attached a chain that went around his
waist and was fastened to part of the device, with clicks, Robyn was
looking on in shock her legs pressed together tightly, squirming a bit.
"There you are billy you will find that you are able to walk forward quite
a bit, maybe half way across the room, give it a try," Kathy told him with
a smack to his bum.

Billy took a step, he wondered why he was doing this as he took another
step, the tip of the penis was not in deep but it felt strange tugging it
along, the device stretching out allowing him to walk across the room,
suddenly the chain at his waist stopped him, that was as far as he would
be able to go, so in essence he was locked to the wall. He looked at Kathy
curiously, wondering what was next.

Robyn looked on quietly, seeing the penis sticking out of his bum, also
wondering what was next.

"As you can see billy you are locked to the device, I do not have keys to
that lock, the device must unlock you. Back up now, until you are stopped
by the device."

Billy backed up, the penis wiggled in his bum now as it was the penis that
must push the long arm back against the wall. It offered a bit of
resistance and he felt the penis enter him a bit more as he kept pushing
backwards, this was quite humiliating that he was forced to insert it
himself with them watching.

He suddenly felt it go in much deeper, he had reached the wall, he
stopped, but the penis was much deeper in his bum now.

"If you push back a bit harder billy, the arm will lock into place," Kathy
said to him smiling.

Push? The only way he could push was to insert it more, why did he want it
locked in place, he just stood still, he didn't want it in deeper and he
didn't want to be locked to the wall.

Kathy then told him. "The device can be unlocked with different choices,
reps or time. I will explain, It can determine how many thrusts are made,
when the desired number is reached it will unlock you, or it can be set up
for a time period, but it will insist during this time that thrusts are
made non stop at a set rate, if you don't keep up the device has the
ability to punish. Quite clever isn't it?"

Billy looked confused. Thrusts?

"I am going to set it up for a random number of thrusts, the device will
decide how many will be necessary. I like that there is no control, you
get what you get. the device doesn't care if you like it or not, it will
just ensure that you comply. With this setting if thrusts are not made
correctly or timely, it also punishes. There are two methods it uses, one
is a shock, and the other is from this wheel," Kathy said pointing to a
wheel mounted in a strategic position. The wheel had a number of leather
paddles on it, obviously if it spun it would also smack his behind, as
this is where it was mounted.

"A correct thrust is one where the probe is inserted all the way, then you
must squeeze your cheeks together tightly as you pull it out, if you don't
it removes ten from your count, and administers a shock, If you do not
reinsert promptly the wheel spins to spank you, it spins for as long as
the device feels necessary to motivate you to comply promptly. I know you
are confused, but the learning curve is very short, I am sure you will
figure it out."

She started the device, nothing happened. Billy looked at Kathy.

"Oh you have to get things going, you do have the choice of doing nothing,
but then you remain locked to the wall as I can't unlock that chain.
Eventually you have to start the program, to do so, you bend down and
press the probe in, the device will know if you have done so to the proper
depth. Then you simply stand up again, pulling it out, but be sure to
squeeze it as you do."

She waited. Billy sighed and bent down, feeling the probe, funny name for
a cock he thought, slip into his bum. It filled him, it was rather bumpy
too he thought, there was a lot of texture to it. He stood up slowly,
feeling it slide out, he squeezed it. He heard a ding.

"That is one, good job, remember to squeeze it as though you are trying to
pull it away from the wall, if you don't the machine will deduct ten from
your score."

Billy went again, bending, it slipped back into him, he stood, squeezing
and it slid out.

Robyn watched.

The machine dinged, he paused, then the wheel started to spin, it spun
fast, he was smacked so many times, he quickly bent down but the spanking
continued, he pulled out, he forgot to squeeze, and there was a buzz. The
wheel coasted to a stop, He didn't bend down again, so the wheel
immediately started to spin again, he yelped and bent down, taking the
'probe' back into his bum. The spanking hurt quite a bit, he stood,
remembering to squeeze, he quickly bent again and the wheel stopped. He
stood, squeezing, Billy got into a rhythm, in out, ding, in out, ding. He
built up speed, the machine seemed happy.

"Very good billy," Kathy said, then looked at Robyn. "There is another
machine beside you, would you like to try it too?"

Robyn shook her head quickly, no she did not wish to 'try it.'

"Very well, you don't work for me, so I can't force you to, but when you
do work for me, then I will not ask, you just will be locked to it like it
or not."

Robyn shivered, she watched billy as he was, well, she didn't want to say
it, but he was doing it to himself.

Then there was a humming, it was loud. Billy gasped and stopped, the
machine buzzed, ten were taken from his score, the wheel started to spin
and the humming  stopped.

"Oh sorry billy, I forgot to tell you, if you perform correctly, the
machine rewards you with vibration, it can be very distracting though, I
think the machine just wants to trick you, like it just did, so it can
punish you longer."

"That's very mean, you are cruel," Robyn piped up, annoyed. "You are
making billy fuck himself." There she said it, and then blushed, billy did
too, he knew what he was doing, but to hear Robyn say it aloud was

He paused, the wheel started again, this time it went on longer, he was
yelping as he maintained his pace, finally the wheel stopped.

"Robyn, you have a very sassy mouth," Kathy told her, quite annoyed. I was
wondering what to do with you while billy finished, I wanted you to watch,
because it is more humiliating for him if you do, knowing what he is
putting in his bum over and over," She grabbed Robyn by the hair and led
her over in front of billy, quite close, so they could see into each
others eyes.

"Stay here," she was told.

Kathy rolled over another device, a long pole, there was a penis
protruding obscenely near the top, sort of just below eye level. Kathy
took Robyn's cuffs and unlocked them, then tugged her hands behind her
back and locked them there. Then she took a short chain and locked it to
her collar, tugged robyn toward the pole, and the penis.

Robyn struggled but she was no match for Kathy, the penis rubbed against
her lips as Kathy tugged her more, it was hurting and she opened her mouth
to tell Kathy to stop, the penis slipped in.

Kathy locked her collar to a ring on the pole, just below the base of the
penis. "That will shut that sassy mouth up for a while," she told her,
then she ran another wire from the pole to billy's device and plugged it

"Let's see if you really like poor billy," Kathy said to the confused
Robyn who was standing there with a very large penis protruding out of her
mouth. "I want you to keep busy and learn not to sass. I expect you to
suck on this, to take it into your mouth more and bob your head back and
forth, sucking at all times. This is a clever unit as well, it will know
if you are sucking, it will know if you are bobbing back and forth."

Robyn groaned, not another cock in her mouth, this one was quite thick
too. "If you decide not to suck or not to bob your pretty little face back
and forth, the unit will turn on billy's wheel to spank him, it will run
for a while, it will also shock him the entire time. Now we will know if
you like him and will humiliate your self to keep him from being

Robyn looked at Billy in shock this was so mean. She watched him, pressing
the penis into his bum, standing up and letting it out, blushing when she
looked at him.

"Start now sassy mouth," Kathy told robyn, turning on her device.

Robyn took the shaft quickly into her mouth, it was so thick, and she
blushed deeply as billy watched, then the wheel started and he was
spanked. "You are not sucking dear," she was told.

She stomped her foot and sucked on the cock. She also started to get wet.
Billy was having a harder time maintaining control too, it was so
humiliating having Robyn watch him do what he was doing, the clothes he
was wearing were not helping, the tight corset was rubbing at his swelling
member, the stockings were squeezing his legs with each bend, the garters
were tugging, and robyn was sucking that giant cock inches from his face.

Kathy smiled at the pair, see you in an hour or so, and left.

During that period, Billy  was spanked and shocked a number of times as
Robyn would fail to suck or fail to bob her head quickly enough, then she
would be embarrassed that she caused billy to be punished. He would moan,
he was looking quite dazed she thought, but watching him do that over and
over, in his bum that thing sliding in and out, being forced by the
machine to keep going was doing something to her too, she was sucking with
a bit more passion now, for some reason, she was also very wet now, she
felt the wetness on her leg. This was very embarrassing.

Billy was fighting it very hard, he was so close, the vibration that the
machine triggered was so tormenting, if he kept the rhythm going properly,
the vibes started, if he didn't he was shocked and spanked, the vibes were
almost worse though, they were loud so Robyn would know what was happening
in his bum her eyes would open wide when she heard them. He watched as she
kept sliding back and forth on that thick shaft, trying to keep him from
being punished more.

Kathy returned, just moments before billy's machine dinged and released
him. Good timing  billy thought. Kathy sniffed the air and looked at robyn
who was standing there with the shaft still locked in her mouth. Robyn
blushed telling Kathy just where that smell was coming from. Kathy lifted
the front hem of her skirt and watched her dance a bit in embarrassment.

"Oh we can't have you going back into the store with that mess on your
legs," Kathy told her watching her panties drip.

Robyn wanted to crawl under a rock.

"robyn has made a bit of a mess billy," Kathy told him, pointing to her
crotch and the large wet spot on her pantyhose.

Billy looked, he knew that smell.

"I can see by the readout that she kept sucking to keep you from being
punished, that was very kind of her wasn't it?"

Billy didn't know what to say, so he just nodded, Kathy was still holding
Robyn's skirt up, the smell was stronger, Robyn was still locked to the
pole the shaft still in her mouth and she was blushing deeply, squirming a

Kathy told him, "We don't want to embarrass her, sending her back into the
store like this do we?"

Billy shook his head.

"We don't have a wash basin or sink in here though, hmmmm."

Robyn squirmed, she knew what Kathy was going to make Billy do.

"I think you need to help your girlfriend out billy."

Billy looked at her, he hadn't thought of Robyn being his 'girlfriend'
though he liked the sound of that.

Robyn was wiggling her legs back and forth, all of this talk and the what
she suspected was coming, was triggering her a lot more, she was about to
make a much larger mess if it continued.

"I am not going to release her until she is cleaned up. You two can decide
how this will be done, I will be back in a while, and I bet you will
figure something out," Kathy said with a smirk and left the room.

Robyn danced more, wiggling her pretty legs, the penis still filled her
mouth, and her eyes were wide as she looked at Billy.

"Uhm, do you have any ideas?" he asked, he sort of had one, but thought
that may be a bit personal.

Robyn rolled her eyes at him, sometimes he was such a twit. She stomped
her foot and looked sternly at Billy, well as sternly as a pretty school
girl in a very short skirt, complete with stockings and very high heels
could look when her wrists were cuffed behind her and she was locked to
pole by a giant dildo that was in her mouth. It was an interesting image.

Billy looked at her, he looked around the room, there were no rags in the
room, no tissues, just him.

"I guess I could do what I did last night?" he asked her.

She nodded as much as she could, blushing again too. She seemed to be
blushing an awful lot the past few days.

He quietly knelt in front of her, lifted his skirt with a trembling hand,
his cuffed wrists that were held together raised her skirt above her
waist, exposing her tiny panties and a very large damp spot, well not damp
it was dripping on to her leg.

He was blushing deeply now too, the smell was so captivating. "Robyn, you
will have to spread your legs a bit," he whispered.

She did, her high heels clicked on the floor as she spread her legs open.
Her mouth still filled with the giant cock.

She felt billy's tongue brush against her leg, a long lick, she shivered.
Billy swallowed, she heard him. He licked again, she shivered more, he
swallowed again, this was repeated a few times, and he worked his way to
the inside of her thigh. Licking the nylon covering her leg, the nylon
that was holding all that dampness. The smell was overpowering now as his
nose was just inches below her crotch. His face kept pressing against her
legs, it soon became wet too, he took long slow careful licks, until each
area lost its taste. Robyn was moaning he thought.

She was indeed moaning, the penis keeping her from crying out, force to
stand there while billy licked closer and closer to her sex. She knew that
the tiny thong Krissy made her wear was not covering her much she could
feel it pressing between her lips, if at all. She shivered, how high and
how much would Billy lick?

Billy heard Robyn moan again and she arched her back a bit. She had such
pretty legs he thought, and he was licking them. He sort of liked the
taste too. His nose brushed against her, it was not planned, it just
happened as his head moved while he lapped up her wetness. His nose slide
between her legs, it brushed over her slippery sex.

Robyn opened her eyes wide, no one had touched her there before,
especially when she was so sexually charged, but she knew it was his nose
that had just slipped between her wet lips. She tightened and trembled,
her legs quivered, she almost collapsed, but the gag held her up, well
billy did too as she slid lower, his face supported her while she fought
for composure.

Billy face was pressed tightly against her now, as she moaned and dropped
onto him, suddenly his face was very wet too, she was leaking a lot, it
was flowing it seemed. He felt her tremble. She even mumbled into that
huge gag, it sounded like 'sorry billy'.

He rubbed his face on her leg, looked and saw he soaked her pantyhose,
there was a lot more to lick up now. There was that spot he hadn't licked
yet either, where he could see how her panties were tugged in, it was very
wet there, and he so wanted to lick there. His tongue made its first dash
across her lips, she moaned loudly, he lapped over and over, his tongue
slid between her panties and lips, slipping in a bit. She was shaking,
more fluid was leaking out.

Kathy returned, watched the kneeling girl, in the short pink plaid skirt
that was not covering her bum as she pressed her face into the other girls
crotch, holding her pleated skirt above her waist, her tongue was lapping
at her crotch, the girl standing had her eyes closed, her face was
scrunched up, there was a large cock in her mouth, she was sliding her
head back and forth on it, lost in some sort of trance, she trembled
often, the kneeling girl would lap faster when that happened. Kathy
wondered how many times that trembling had taken place.

"Is she clean yet billy?" she called out, both of the girls jumped.

Kathy went over and checked, Robyn's legs were still quite wet, she
pointed to spots and told billy to lick that up, then lick this up. She
swatted robyn's behind, you are quite the slut aren't you?" she whispered
in robyn's ear. "Keep sucking on that until he has finished," she told her
as robyn did just that, totally

Billy continued to lick Robyn's legs, he never wanted this to stop, when
he thought he could get away with it, which seemed any time he wanted, he
would lick at her sex, feel her tremble and hear her moan. Then he would
lick her legs more, still tasting her but the taste was fading. He knew
his face was wet with her juices though.

Kathy pulled him to his feet. "That is enough," she told him. His face was
glistening, there were obvious wet spots shining, not just damp.

Kathy removed the chain at robyn's collar. Robyn slid off the gag, the
obscene penis in her face. "Your turn to clean up," Kathy told her and
pointed to billy's face. Robyn gasped.

Kathy waited. Robyn stepped forward and she moved in like she was going to
kiss billy, she actually did, she was so charged now, his lips were soft,
and wet. She tasted herself for the first time on his lips, her tongue
danced over them, she looked in his eyes. Hers were so glazed. She looked
a bit wild.

"Clean your boyfriend up," Kathy told her, watching. Both had such
beautiful faces, their makeup was waterproof obviously as the two 'girls'
kissed again. Then Robyn licked his cheek her tongue taking in her juice,
as billy had done on her legs. She shivered. Maybe working here would be
fun. She gently lapped at billy's face, removing all the moisture, which
had originated between her legs.

Kathy took a short chain and locked their collars together, then cuffed
billy's wrists behind his back. She led them back to the display window
and had them stand in it. "You can wait here for your ride home, I think
they will be finished shopping in the next hour or so."

The two pretty school girls in their short pleated skirts and white
stockings were bound together by their collars where the town could see
them again. It wouldn't do to stand there kissing, as much as each wanted
it, their faces were so close together, so they just stood there staring
into each others eyes. They attracted a lot of attention again, Kathy was
pleased, when Debbie and Krissy returned she told them that she would
employ billy in exchange for merchandise. Debbie was very pleased. Kathy
put the items she had selected in a bag for her to take home today, she
suggested the pair be left locked together like that until bed, and they
would just have to do things together. Krissy laughed. They will just end
up kissing each other all day.

"Not if you gag them," Kathy said with a wink. She pointed to a double
ended gag, two sets of straps, a penis protruding from both ends. "They
could share that," she whispered to Krissy.

The chained pair were led out of the shop with Krissy tugging, billly's
tail had not been put back in, it would have been difficult to sit on in
the car they decided. As Krissy buckled them up she looked at robyn who's
lips were brushing billy's. "Someone has been excited?" she whispered in
robyn's ear. Krissy lifted robyn's skirt, noticed how wet things were,
slid her finger between robyn's thighs, her finger grazed over robyn's
pussy, robyn jumped. Krissy lifted her finger to her nose and sniffed. She
giggled when robyn blushed. Krissy pulled the gag out. "Look what I have."

Sorry thats all I have, looking for an ending if anyone has it ??

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Re: Billy part 7
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It's missing the last chapter. I'll try to post it but I'm not sure that all could be included.
I've had some personnal lines at the end, hope you will enjoy.
The truth : What it really happened, CONCLUSION

Billy stretched and slowly woke up, the sun was drifting in his window
announcing mornings arrival. He tried to clear his foggy head, such
dreams. He had been having them for a while now, very erotic dreams.
They started with an idea he had and went out of control as dreams often
do. He sorted through the dream from last night and became very hard
again. He slipped into the bathroom to clean up and take care of

As he showered he debated again creating the website that founded all
his crazy dreams. He still felt if he was careful that it would really
work, he just had to maintain control and not get too wild with his
plans. As he toweled off he decided to do it. He slipped back into his
bedroom, it would be a while before his mother and sister woke up. A few
hours later he felt he was ready. He was almost shaking with excitement
and nervousness.

Through the morning his hip still bothered him, it was a real condition
and walking on his toes really did help, it was just hard to keep
walking on his toes. If he knew that dancing was going to make snapping
hip syndrome a real thing for him, he wouldn't have danced. When his
mother came down to the kitchen, she noticed him grimace as he walked
across the room.

"Is your hip bothering you again honey?" she asked him.

Billy nodded. "It is really grinding this morning." She walked over to
him and placed her hand on his hip, as he walked she could feel it
snapping, she knew when it did this that it bothered him, it also would
often pop out and he would stumble or even fall down.

"I wish I knew how to fix this for you Billy," she told him quietly.
"Have you looked online to see if there is any help?"

She knew he was online often and computers and he were a team that often
solved many problems for them. Money was an issue, as it is for many, so
finding ways to do things for themselves helped a lot.

"Not yet, I was thinking I should look," Billy told her.

"Why don't you get your laptop and take a peek now while I make
breakfast, your sister should be down soon, I heard her in the shower."

Billy got his notebook computer and connected to the internet, she
watched him browse for a while.

"Any luck yet?"

"Nothing yet... oh wait, maybe something here."

She walked over to read over his shoulder.

The site described quite accurately what he was going through, there was
a long page with diagrams. Billy announced he needed to use the wash
room when his sister Krissy came into the kitchen.

"What are you looking at mom?" Krissy asked.

Sara filled her daughter in quickly, Krissy knew Billy suffered a bit
with his hip, it often burned through the night. She sat down and
started to read, they both noticed at the bottom of the page there was a
follow up page, with helpful hints to help contend with the snapping

"Oh Billy didn't see this page," Sara said, reading intently.

Krissy groaned. "He won't want to either mom, look at this," she said
pointing to the screen.

Billy was outside the room, listening carefully, he was astounded, it
was going so much like his dream had done.

"Oh dear," Sara said, reading the paragraph Krissy had pointed out, then
they continued and Krissy giggled a bit.

Sara smacked her on the head, lightly. "Stop that Krissy. This will be
hard enough."

"You mean you are going to do this?" Krissy asked astounded.

"If it is going to work, yes. We have to do something," Billy quietly
gasped, it worked!

Billy chose that moment to return to the kitchen. He saw them huddled,
whispering in front of his computer.

"Billy did you see the second page to this article?" Krissy asked him.

He shook his head, grabbed a glass of orange juice and looked at the
screen. Krissy got up so he could read. "No way!" he exclaimed.

Krissy giggled. "I told you mom."

"Billy, some of this makes a lot of sense."

Billy shook his head again, but his mother continued. "Let's take it
step by step ok honey?"

He listened but didn't say anything. His heart was pounding, it was
working. He couldn't believe it.

"Your muscles contract when they are cold, your legs ache a lot, you are
always complaining about that, even in the summer, when the muscles
contract they pull and this is helping to cause your hip to pop. That
makes sense right?"

He nodded.

"So wearing pantyhose will keep your legs warm the support hose will
really help with blood circulation too, this alone will make your legs
feel better and I am sure will help your hip. That makes sense too

"But long underwear will keep my legs warm too," Billy pointed out.

"Billy you hate long underwear, you never wear them without moaning at
how uncomfortable they are. They also will do nothing to support your
legs like the pantyhose will, besides do you have any long underwear?"

He shook is head and then continued, "I am not wearing pantyhose Mom!"

"We will see, can we continue with the article?"

He groaned and read on with her. "High heels?!? NO WAY!"

"Billy calm down, now when I came into the kitchen this morning I
watched you walking around, you were walking on your toes."

He nodded. "It is the only way to keep my hip from grinding."

"I know honey, but even with your dance training, waking on your toes
all day is a bit tiresome isn't it?

"I can't do it for too long," he admitted.

"Imagine if you didn't have to, it is so easy too, just wearing a pair
of shoes with a high heel will take the strain off your legs and you can
do it all day."

She let that sink in.

"Dresses too Mom?" he asked, pointing.

"I am not sure about that part," she admitted. "It makes a bit of sense
though, the short dress will keep you from bending, if that is an issue,
but it will also keep your legs from overheating with the pantyhose on.
So that makes a lot of sense, you will want to wear shorts or a skirt or
Yes, a dress if you are wearing pantyhose in the summer. Shorts will be
okay but your crotch will become quite warm, with a skirt or dress that
won't happen. I know you don't want to be too hot there," she told him,
pointing at his groin.


She laughed, well it is true Billy, it is not good to be too hot there,
I have read a lot of articles. You will also get a rash in the summer if
you are hot and sweaty all the time. Not a nice place for a rash."

"You are talking like you have already planned this out and for the
summer too," Billy said, looking at her.

She nodded.

"Mom, you can't be serious."

"Billy who would even see you? What if it works and you can sleep with
no burning, walk with no limping and not fall down all the time?"

'Well that would be great mom, but to be prancing around the house in a
dress and heels is going to make me feel like a goof."

"You forgot the pantyhose," Krissy added helpfully.

Billy smirked at her.

"Kids come on, Krissy don't tease your brother."

"Sister," Krissy said.

"Stop it Krissy, you need to help not be a pain."

"Oh Mom I was just teasing, I will help Billy prance about the house in
a dress and pantyhose," She looked at him, "come on champ," she said
tugging his arm giggling.

"What, why? Come on where?"

"Well I am pretty sure you don't have a closet full of dresses or a
drawer full of pantyhose," she told him, tugging him up.

Billy looked at his mother. "Mom, tell her to stop."

"No Billy, I want to see how this goes, we will make a deal, if at the
end of the day you feel it hasn't helped at all, then we can try
something else, okay?"

"One day only?" Billy asked.

"Yes, the website said after just one day you will notice an
improvement, so let's give it one day. Deal?"

Billy grumbled. "One day Mom, but Krissy has to promise not to tease

"Well Billy, she is your sister, you just know she is going to tease you
a bit, so take it good-naturedly okay honey?"

Billy looked at Krissy, she looked like she was getting ready to burst.
He sighed and nodded.

"Oh wow, I get to play dress up with my little brother, you will be so
cute," she told him, pulling him out of the kitchen before he could
change his mind.

Sara watched them head off to Krissy's room where she knew Krissy was
going to have a lot of fun dressing up her brother. Billy hadn't
probably realized with pantyhose came panties. Krissy didn't wear plain
panties. Billy was going to moan again, she giggled and peeked more at
the website.

Browsing through she became curious, Sara was not quite as dense as her
children believed. She looked up the domain and saw the owner. She
grinned more, that explained a lot, her closet and drawers were often
not as she had left them, she suspected but was not sure. Now she was
sure, he was quite clever making this site and the story, but she also
thought there was more truth to the cure than he realized. He may find
that the heels and pantyhose really did help his hip. Well he was about
to find out, because she was going to go along with it. She snapped the
lid shut on the computer and went upstairs to see how things were going.

Just as she stood outside Krissy's bedroom door she saw the pile of
clothes she was handing him, a cute dress, one she hadn't worn in years,
it was quite short on her, it would be incredibly short on Billy, a pair
of beige pantyhose were atop the dress and a cute pair of bikini panties
in a bright pink tipped the pile. Billy looked at the panties, which
were almost in his face. He blushed deeply.

Krissy was grinning. "Panties too?" he whispered.

Sara called out, "Come on Billy, did you think your boxers would feel
very nice above the pantyhose, not to mention how they would look under
your dress.

Your dress, it stuck in his mind. He took the clothes from his sister.
His heart was ready to burst from his chest, he had no idea it was going
to work so easily. It was just like his dream.

He slipped into his room and slowly got dressed. He didn't want to rush,
it would not bode well if he 'managed' the pantyhose so easily, he
didn't want to put a run in them either, he went very slowly. Krissy
called out, "Problems sis?"

"Uhm no," he answered. "These pantyhose are a pain though."

She laughed. "Don't tug on them too hard, you don't want to put a tear
in them, they rip easily."

"I am trying to be careful." Billy was already wearing the panties, the
pantyhose and the dress as he called through the wall to his sister, he
was looking in the mirror, twisting and turning, the dress was one he
hadn't seen in a while, he really liked it. But it made him look like a
little girl.

"Are you dressed yet Billy? Do you need help?" his mother called through
the door.

"I am dressed but I can't fasten the top of the dress," he answered.

Sara opened the door and peeked in, she smiled and went over to him.
Lifting his long blond hair she did the row of buttons up, right to the
top, there were so many and they were so tiny. She fluffed out his hair
when she finished and turned him around. "There you go, how does it

"The dress?" he asked her.

"Everything silly, it will all feel different to you, have you tried
walking in the pantyhose yet? It will feel strange at first, lots of
tugs and squeezing."

Billy shook his head. "We really need to do something with your hair you
know, maybe Krissy can do something with it."

Just then Krissy came into the room, she had a pair of heels in her
hand. She bent down and lifted Billy's foot, slipping the pump on. Then
she watched as he held on to his mother while she lifted his other foot,
slipping the pump on there as well, the heels were about four inches,
with his tiny feet he was almost standing on his toes. She grinned as
she stood up. That dress was so short on him.

Billy stood, wobbling a bit in the heels. He looked at his mother. "Mom
do I really have to wear this?"

"Yes Billy, all day. Besides you couldn't take the dress off if you
wanted to. Try."

He reached around but couldn't reach the tiny buttons. "Your sister
could never take the dress off either, I had to do her buttons up in the
morning and undo them when she wanted to change later. So you are stuck
in that dress today missy."

He shivered a bit at the thought of being 'trapped'.

"Take a few steps now, to get used to those heels, take tiny steps, heel
to toe, be very careful," Sara told him.

He followed her directions. Taking care steps, his dress swished back
and forth, it was a light summer weight dress with a flared hem in a
pretty floral pattern. Sara and Krissy watched him walk not so
gracefully across his room.

"Mom he is going to need a lot of practice in those heels or he is going
to break his neck."

Sara giggled. "You are probably right Krissy, why don't you walk with
him up and down the driveway for a while, it won't take long if you are
there to catch him before he catches on.

Billy froze. The driveway? Outside? He looked at Sara in panic. "Mom

"Yes Billy, the drive is paved and long, a perfect place to learn to
walk in the heels, your sister will catch you if you stumble. No one is
going to see you, hardly anyone drives down this road."

Hardly anyone, but some did.

"No arguments Billy, I want you to keep going up and down until you are
walking gracefully, no matter how long it takes.

"Mom that is not fair," Krissy said, "I will have to go up and down

Sara nodded, "Another deal then, when you are finished Billy can give
you a foot rub to make up for it."

"Mom I could do up Billy's hair, maybe some make-up then if anyone saw
him they wouldn't think anything of it?"

Sara thought for a moment, Billy held his breath. "I don't think so, not
for now. Billy is going to try very hard to gain control over the high
heels if he is worried someone will see him, it will be incentive for
him to try extra hard." She smiled at Billy.

Billy let his breath out slowly, it was just as she said, he didn't want
to be caught dressed like this outside, he was going to try very hard.
But outside, he had never been outside dressed before.

Krissy held his hand, guiding him along, to the front door. He was using
her for balance, she was moving faster than he liked though. He kept
looking down at his feet,  seeing his legs encased in the beige
pantyhose, peeking with each step he took. He could feel the pantyhose
squeezing and massaging his legs with each movement, the sensations were
powerful. He was tugged out of the house, the door closed with a loud
bang. The sun flowed over him, his legs felt different as the breeze
tickled them and the sun warmed them. He felt the wind blow up his
dress, raising it. Krissy laughed.

"You have to be careful now don't you? Such pretty panties you have on."

Billy blushed. She was holding his hand and turned it. "Maybe later I
can do your nails? A nice high gloss pink perhaps?"

"Krissy, stop it please. This is bad enough."

She pulled him down the few steps and on to the driveway. He followed
along nervously. His heels clicked on the pavement. He did this walk so
many times in his dreams, but now it was real. His heart was ready to
explode, he was looking everywhere, so he of course stumbled. Krissy
caught him, holding his arm.

"Concentrate Billy, it will take a bit of practice. Heel to toe, she
demonstrated. She had put on heels as well, under her jeans she wore
pantyhose, he could see them below the cuff of her jeans. She was so
graceful. He tried as she did, taking careful steps, shorter ones, heel
to toe. She giggled.

"What?" he asked her.

"Your bum is wiggling," she said grinning.

They continued down the drive and then back up, Billy was doing better,
so she let his hand go and they walked side by side for another trip.
Billy was still very nervous and they watched a car go by. They were no
where near the end of the drive so there was a lot of distance between
them, he was safe. This time.

After walking the drive one more time she told him to go down again, on
his own this time. He balked, he didn't want to be seen and not alone,
but she insisted. So off Billy went, his cute bum wiggling beneath the
tiny dress.

When he got back Krissy clapped. "You are doing great Billy, let's go
show mom."

They went into the house, finding Sara finishing making their breakfast.
She noticed right away he was walking much better. They sat in their
chairs and were about to start eating.

"Wait a moment," Sara announced. "I told your sister you would give her
a foot rub in thanks for her help when you finished your walk."

Billy looked up. "But breakfast is ready."

"Yes it is, but a promise is a promise.'

Billy sighed and got up from his seat, he knelt on the floor beside
Krissy and slipped her shoe off. She sat there munching on her bagel
while he massaged her nyloned clad foot. Of course it was a bit damp
too, it was warm out after all. His feet were damp too, but he would not
be allowed to take his shoes off he was pretty sure. Billy removed her
other shoe and she rested one foot on his leg, He was quite adapt with
foot rubs and enjoyed giving his mother and sister them, they of course
loved them too. He felt different today though, kneeling wearing  a
dress, a dress that he couldn't take off, being told to rub her feet
before eating. Krissy was eating and enjoying the attention. She sort of
liked having a sister. Her feet didn't stink, but they smelled like,
well feet. Billy continued to gently massage her nyloned clad foot.
Her foot was rubbing on his leg, the nylon... it felt so different.
Krissy ate very slowly, enjoying the attention. She teased him too,
telling him she liked having a foot slave.

Sara watched, thinking he was much more obedient today, usually he would
fight them on any suggestions on any subject. She wondered if she could
get him to do some chores.

Krissy finished eating, wiggled her toes and thanked Billy for the foot
rub, he was now allowed to eat. He could smell his sister's feet on his
hands as he ate his breakfast.

 When they finished their leisurely breakfast Sara asked Billy to side
the table. He did without any comments. Krissy opened her eyes wide in
shock. Sara winked.

"Billy after that could you vacuum the living room?"

"Sure Mom," he answered.

Krissy was about to interject when Sara grabbed her hand and shook her
head. She put her finger to her lips in a shh sign. Moments later the
vacuum was running in the living room. "What's going on Mom?"

"I think wearing the dress has put Billy in a more submissive mind set
Krissy. It is a big change for him, he is more vulnerable right now. So
he is not fighting us."

"Do you think it will help his hip?" Krissy asked.

"Oh I am certain he will find at the end of the day that the pantyhose
and heels have helped. He may find his summer is much different than

"You mean you are going to make him dress this way for the summer?"

"Or longer," Sara said with a grin. "We could go to the thrift shop and
pick out some more dresses for him, if he finds tonight it has helped
his hip."

"I have lots of dresses and skirts that will fit him Mom."

"I know, but I think we will get him some that are his own too, if they
are too long I can shorten them, he looks cute in that short dress, but
we will go through your dresses and skirts too."

"Oh he will like that, the dress he is wearing now is so short I can see
his panties most of the time." Krissy rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Well tell him when you can see his panties, so he stands up straighter.
That is what the website said to do."

Billy returned, he had put the vacuum away after finishing, Sara
couldn't remember the last time he had actually done chores.

Sara watched as Billy sat down at  the table with them, being careful to
keep his legs together, he even tugged his dress down a bit when he sat.
"I would like to keep you on your feet as much as possible today Billy.
To see if this is helping your hip, you were limping a lot this morning,
let's see if the heels help you walk without having your hip pop. Do you
think you would mind terribly doing the dusting?"

Krissy grinned, that was one of her chores today.

"No Mom, I don't mind," Billy told her, getting up to collect the dust
cloth and wax spray. He bent over to get them out of the lower cabinet.

"Billy!" Sara called out.

He stood quickly. "What Mom?"

"We do not bend over like that when we are wearing a short dress, you
exposed your panties for all to see, that is not proper behavior. Please
use your legs to bend."

Billy was blushing.

"Be careful when you are dusting too, I don't want to catch you showing
us your pretty pink panties again, do you understand?"

He gulped, she seemed very stern about this. "Yes Mom," he said quietly.

"Yes Mom what? I want to be sure you understand."

"Yes Mom I will not bend over."

She prodded, "And why is that?"

He was blushing hard now. "So you don't see my panties," It was almost a

"Good. See that you don't bend. Start in the living room please, you
should have dusted before you vacuumed."

Billy slowly walked out of the room, his legs swishing together, the
nylon rubbing on nylon. His heels clicked, just like in his dreams. His
feet were sore too, he didn't dream about that. He felt a lot different
than he had in the dream too, the dream had felt so real but this was

It was close to lunch time before he finished dusting, moving from room
to room, mirror to mirror, sort of liking being forced to do these
chores. His feet were really getting sore though.

He was resting in the living room, debating pulling out a video game
when Sara walked in. "Sitting down? That isn't going to help your hip."

"I was just resting Mom, my feet are getting sore in the heels."

"Has your hip popped out since you put them on?" she quietly asked him.

"Uhm, no it hasn't," Billy said thoughtfully, it really hadn't. Actually
it wasn't hurting at all. Weird.

"I would like you to take the laundry out and hang it on the line for me

His smart mouth burst open before he could tame it, the old Billy
briefly surfacing. "Mom that is woman's work." Then he stopped.

"Pardon me?"

"That is one of Krissy's chores Mom."

"Hmmm, but that is not what you said, you said that was Woman's work."
She stared at him.

Billy squirmed on the couch a bit.

"Well you are dressed the part today, so I will fill your day with
'woman's work', let's see how you feel at the end of the day. After you
hang the clothes you can make and serve our lunch, clean up then mop the
kitchen floor."

She stormed out of the living room. Billy got up and followed her
instructions. Outside again, but behind the house, where no one would
see him. It still felt strange though, being outside in a short dress,
it was the pantyhose and heels that really made him tingle, the heels
forced him to walk differently, but the pantyhose were always moving,
squeezing his legs, he liked the feeling.

Krissy smiled when he came back in. "Mom said to set the table in the
dining room, for two settings."

"Two settings?" he asked.

"Yes, she said you were going to wait on us," She giggled and left the

Billy stood in the kitchen, his feet were quite sore now, he just was
not used to walking in such high heels, he loved the feeling of the
pantyhose though and being able to walk the house wearing the dress,
free to do so, well not so much free as being forced to. He liked the
dress too, it was so cute. He looked down at his legs that were
shimmering with the nylon. He shivered.

He heated soup and made sandwiches. Then set the dining room table, for
two places. He called out that lunch was ready and Sara and Krissy came
into the room, sat down and looked expectantly at him. He brought the
soup and returned with the sandwiches. He looked at his mother,
wondering what she expected of him now. She pointed to the wall. "Stand
there please, in case we need anything you will be ready," Then she
dismissed him and as she ate she talked with his sister, as though he
was not in the room.

Once she asked why there was not water at the table, he went to get two
glasses, she scolded him for forgetting them. He stood against the wall
again, quietly with his hands held before him. Waiting.

When lunch was finished they both just left the room, nothing was said
to Billy and they didn't even look at him. He quietly sided the table
and washed their dishes. He ate a sandwich in the kitchen.

Sara walked into the kitchen as he finished up, she told him the laundry
on the line could be brought in now, folded and put away. Then to find
her for more chores.

She was still quite stern, his comment had really annoyed her and she
was teaching him a lesson. Billy took the laundry basket outside and
removed the clothes from the line, he knew the short dress was lifting
now, exposing the panties Krissy gave him, but no one was around to
notice, he still kept tugging the dress down though.

When he finished yet another chore, the laundry was back in their
drawers and closets he found his Mother in the living room. "All
finished Billy?" she asked him.

He nodded.

"Krissy and I are going into town, there is a large thrift shop there,
we can get you some dresses and skirts of your own. Some panties and
pantyhose for you too."

Billy squirmed, "I thought we were just doing this for the day Mom, to
see how it went? Why do I need my own dresses?"

Sara looked at her pretty son, who looked more like her pretty daughter.
"Are your legs aching?"

Billy was about to answer no quickly, but realized that they really were
no aching. "No Mom."

"Has your hip popped out at all since you put the heels on?" She asked.

This too, was true. "No it hasn't."

"When you made that website, you didn't expect that your cure, would
actually help you did you?" She asked, noticing he took a very short
breath and froze, then turned a very deep red.

Billy was stuck, he didn't know what to say, there was no sense denying
it, she obviously some how knew he had made that website.

"I am not totally computer illiterate Billy, I know how to see who owns
a domain," She watched him absorb that information. "So then I pondered
why you would do so, perhaps you really wanted your legs to stop aching
and your hip to not bother you so you made the site hoping we would try
you in pantyhose and heels, thinking that it was such a way out idea we
would not try it, but then, I just asked you if you thought the cure
would help you and you didn't say yes," She watched him squirm.

"So that means you wanted to be forced to wear pantyhose, high heels and
short dresses." She looked him in the eye. "Didn't you?"

She waited, he still hadn't answered, and looked like he wanted to run
away. "Billy answer me please," she said quietly.

He nodded and looked down.  She lifted his chin. "It is okay Billy.
Really it is. You want to dress as a girl don't you?"

He nodded.

"You want us to force you to dress that way though, don't you? To keep
you in pretty clothes all the time?"

He was quiet. "Billy answer me please, it is okay to just nod or shake
your head."

He nodded.

"Did you like being forced to do our chores?"

He nodded again.

"What if I told you, that from now on, until further notice, you will be
dressed in panties, pantyhose, high heels at all times, and dresses or
skirts, mostly short. Possibly some shorts but always wearing

"Well Billy, that is what is happening. From now on, you will be dressed
just that way, we will choose your outfits, you may be told to change
often through the day, in fact I will let Krissy use you as her dress-up
doll, she can tell you to wear any outfit she wants, you should really
like that, and we are getting you some more pretty dresses and skirts
today at the thrift store in town."

Billy squeezed his hands together, it was overwhelming.

She watched him shiver and look at her. "You will be kept busy too,
doing all of the household chores for us."

Billy squirmed and gasped.

"Now go upstairs, and put on the pair of shorts and the top I left on
your bed, keep the pantyhose on but you can wear your sneakers."

He looked at her confused.

"Oh you are coming shopping with us Billy. The pantyhose you are wearing
are skin toned, unless someone gets close, they probably not notice you
are wearing pantyhose, when they get close then they will wonder if you
are a boy or a girl, with your long hair you will keep people confused.
Won't that be fun?"

Billy squirmed, a lot. He was thinking how exciting it would be, but
also how humiliating too. He went upstairs to see his mother had left
him one of Krissy's tops and a cute pair of cotton shorts that showed a
bit of cheek on Krissy when she wore them. He groaned, they were not
even close to being unisex. Krissy peeked in his room and giggled, she
had a pair of her pink sneakers in her hand. "Want to borrow these?"

He looked at her, "Krissy, I can't wear this," he said holding up the
tiny shorts.

Krissy came into his room and put the sneakers on his bed, "If you wear
these it will make you look more like a girl, but you can wear those if
you want and then people will know you are a boy," she said, pointing to
his brand name running shoes. I wanted to put some lip gloss on you and
do your hair, but mom said no.

A few minutes later Billy came downstairs, he had on a teal top that had
scalloped sleeves. The shorts matched, and no matter how he tried, his
cheeks were peeking  out from below the hem of the tiny shorts. Sara
noticed he had pink sneakers on too. She grinned.

Billy sat in the back of the car, he looked at his legs, he couldn't
think anyone would not notice he was wearing pantyhose, they were not
exactly a skin tone and they seemed so shine a bit. He slid his hands up
and down them slowly, they were so slippery, they felt amazing. But he
didn't look like a girl and he didn't look like a boy, shopping was
going to be very strenuous.

They pulled into the parking lot, as they got out, he noticed how far
from the building his mother had parked. There were spots closer, he
wanted to park closer. That was not happening though as he was led
across the busy parking lot, he felt that everyone was looking at him.

It was not much better in the crowded store, the aisles were filled with
thrifty shoppers, young and old, children running unattended and teens
trying to find kewl outfits. He jumped when he felt a hand brush against
his leg, a young girl was playing hide and seek with her brother, she
chose to hide behind Billy and had clutched his legs. Krissy was
giggling. Billy kept squirming to get away and the girl matched his
moves, hiding from her brother. Her hand kept sliding along his nylon
encased legs.

Billy sighed, she was not going to give up, then Sara held up a cute
little dress, "How do you like this one Billy?"

He blushed deeply again. The girl looked up at the dress and then at
Billy. "It is very pretty," she told him and then ran off laughing.

Sara took the dress and held it up to him, he shivered, it was a little
girls dress but would fit him. "Hold your arms up Billy," she told him.

What? In the store?!?

"Now Billy," she said, looking sterner.

Billy reluctantly held his arms up and she slipped the dress on him, it
fit perfectly. He looked to be eight now. Krissy was giggling, quite
loudly. People glanced over, Billy blushed again. "Oh you look adorable
Billy," his Mother told him.  She tugged the dress off and folded it
over her arm.

"What are you buying that?" Billy asked, dreading the answer.

Sara grinned. "Oh yes Billy.

Krissy was by school outfits and had a short plaid school girls skirt in
her hand, she looked over at her brother and smiled, he gulped.

Standing in the aisle, trying to look unnoticed in the tiny shorts
wasn't working, Sara dumped a few dresses in his arms, he noticed the
tiny skirt Krissy had was in the pile. "You may as well be of some use,
you can carry your outfits." She head out across to a more open area and
called for him to follow, he was not shielded by any of the clothes
racks now, he was out in the open, holding some very cute dresses. Both
arms were filled so he couldn't tug the hem of his shorts down, he knew
they had been creeping up and exposing more of his behind, maybe even
his pink panties. He gulped.

Krissy walked by and added another outfit to his growing pile, she
whispered in his ear, "Cute panties," and patted his behind.

Oh great, he could see in a mirror how much of his panties were showing,
it was a lot! He was also helpless to do anything about it.

When he tore his eyes off the mirror he saw a beautiful girl about his
age staring at him from across the store. She smiled when she caught is
eye. Billy's attention was taken away from her when more clothes were
dumped into his arms. "Let's go Billy, I want to go to the mall to get
you some panties and pantyhose too," Billy gasped and looked around, she
wasn't speaking very quietly at all.

Krissy patted his behind again as he was standing in the line to the
check out. There was a boy in the line behind them. Krissy giggled and
bent down to whisper in his ear. He giggled too. Billy wondered what was
up when he felt a sharp sting on his behind. The little brat Krissy
talked to had a toy pistol that shot darts with suction cups on them,
one had just smacked his behind. Krissy started to laugh louder and
challenged the boy to do it again. Billy squirmed trying to get out of
the way but eagle eye managed to hit him again. Leaving another red
circle on his other cheek. Krissy gave him a high five.

The mall was even worse, walking though the center court in a crowded
mall filled with teenagers milling about was torture for Billy, eyes
followed him, some girls smirked as if they knew. Guys were not sure and
just looked. The department store was at the opposite end from where
they parked, what was up with that? Billy wondered. There was a parking
lot by that store too.

Sara was smiling, this would make him tremble she thought, paraded
through the mall, wondering if people saw a girl or a boy dressed as a
girl. The outfit was not unisex, just as she wanted, if he wanted to
dress as a girl, she would oblige him.  Maybe they should visit a shoe
store too, let some clerk fit him with shoes, watching him squirm as his
stocking clad feet sliding in and out of numerous pairs of shoes could
be a lot of fun.

Sara had noticed the pretty girl watching him too, little did he know
she would be attending her summer courses at their house next week. How
much Billy would squirm dressed in that pretty dress she tried on him at
the store when she rang the door bell next week. She was going to find
out soon. So was Billy.

She selected some very pretty panties for him, making him hold each pair
and tell her if they were to his liking, she only offered him bikini
panties, in soft silky materials, all brightly colored. She had him
carry each pair too, as they moved over to a large rack filled with
pantyhoses. Shiny, silky, energizing. Beige, black, some patterns
too, soon his arms were filled again.

Billy's summer was just starting and he was getting exactly what he wished
for. Once they were back home, his mother called him. He saw her pulling
a pair of shiny hinged handcuffs and short metal leg irons from her purse:
“ Turn around, put your hands behind your back and join your feet together”
she told him. A few seconds later, Billy’s wrists were handcuffed in his back
and his nyloned ankles were hobbled in a very short manner, forcing him to
walk by very little steps on his high heels. Sara locked a steel collar around his
neck and connected a leash. She called Krissy: “ Krissy, you can hold your
brother by his leash and you can hook him wherever you want, if you want
to fix him. With his hands cuffed in his back, he willn’t be able to unhook
himself  and he’s forced to stay where you want”

    ***************************  end   ***************************


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