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Billy part 5
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What if someone drove by and just saw a
pretty girl that was almost helpless, even chained, and took her?

As he was leaving the house, for his long trek in these punishing boots,
his mother reminded him to walk with a wiggle, she would be watching, and
promised a punishment if she he did not. He debated forgetting on the way
back. She didn't specify what that punishment would be though, and he had
been caught by surprise often enough this past few days.

He wiggled carefully, leaving the sheltered area of the long drive the
hot sun found him as he left the trees. The bright sun made the pink
dress and white stockings brilliant. There would be no missing him if
anyone went by. He was a site, taking tiny steps, wiggling, the tiny
dress swishing back and forth over his bum, the corset holding him so

No one did see him though, he made it to the mail box with no cars, which
was normal for them as they were so far from other homes. He was pulling
the mail out of the box when his luck failed. He heard a car. It stopped
of course, he froze.

"Billy," he heard called out, turning he smiled, Robyn was hanging out of
the car window, Debbie was waving and Amy was rolling her window down.
Phew. "We were just going up to your house, would you like a ride up?"
Robyn asked.

He had been on the treadmill a lot today, he felt his mother would not
freak if he accepted the ride instead of walking, besides it was his day
off, so he went to their car smiling. Robyn looked at him very intently.
"You are very pretty billy your dress is very cute," He blushed. In the
moment he had forgotten how he was dressed. Amy opened her door and
scrunched over so he could get in. His dress was so short it barely
covered him and his stocking tops were much below the hem of his dress
now. Amy felt the lace at the top of the stocking, her finger brushing
his pantyhose, sending tingles through him. "They are very pretty billy,"
she assured him.

"Uhm, thanks Amy," he said. She smiled at him, his soft pink lips were
very accented by the makeup, and Krissy had really applied a lot of
mascara to his lashes. They were very thick, his lashes fluttered.

The car only took moments to arrive at the house and as they piled out of
it, Robyn took his hand, to help him balance as he got out, she kept
holding it as they stood there watching Sara and Krissy come closer. Cars
didn't usually arrive every day, so it was a big deal when one did.

Krissy saw that Robyn and Billy were standing close together and holding
hands, she grinned. Robyn was very pretty, it would be nice if he had a
girlfriend here she thought.

"We found billy at the mail box and ran him back up, I hope you don't
mind?" Debbie started.

"No, of course not," Sara said smiling.

"I almost kidnapped him," she continued. "Our house has never looked so
clean and the girls loved having him cook for us." She smiled.

"I am happy he helped," Sara told her. "We have found him to be very
helpful here too. So much more so since we started this program"

"Would it be possible to borrow him a couple days a week?" Debbie asked

"I think that would be a great idea, we don't have enough chores here to
keep him busy at all times, loaning him to help out at your place would
keep him busy full time, that would be much better for his hip," Sara
said nodding.

"Wonderful," Debbie said. "I know the girls would love that."

Krissy glanced at Robyn who caught her look and blushed. Oh my, Krissy

"Actually I was coming up to see you, I have a favor to ask," Debbie said
again to Sara. "Amy is off tomorrow for an overnight trip with some
friends and I have to go out of town too, could Robyn stay here while our
house is empty?"

"Of course she can, she can sleep in billy's bed, as he will be in that
carrier you left, so his bed will be empty," Sara told her.

Billy tensed up, he was going to be locked in the cage overnight, like a
pet. Robyn squeezed his hand then let go and stepped closer to him, her
hand slid under his short dress and across his behind playfully. Then she
pinched him hard and giggled quietly. Billy wanted to jump but held
still. He thought, two could play this game and his hand traveled over
her tight jeans, feeling the curves of her behind, slipping down to the
soft lower cheek he gave her a hard pinch, she jumped a bit. Krissy
glanced over and smiled.

"When do you have to leave tomorrow?" Sara asked Debbie.

"Early in the morning I am afraid," she answered.

"Well then, why doesn't Robyn just stay here now, she can spend tonight
with us too, that will make it easier for you and Amy to get ready
tomorrow morning and speed things up for you."

"Really? That would be great," Sara said. "Two nights won't be an

"No we would love to have her visit," Sara assured her. She was liking
her new neighbors, they were so friendly.

Billy was still rubbing his hand over her tight bum, really enjoying
doing so with everyone standing there unknowing what was going on, Robyn
was doing the same thing to him, both of them caressing each other, hands
sliding over soft curves, tight jeans, slippery pantyhose. Pinching,
feeling, grasping. They were being quite naughty.

"Krissy, if Robyn acts up, you have my permission to turn her over your
knee," Sara said looking at Krissy smiling. Robyn blushed deeply and
clutched billy's cheek. Billy looked at her surprised, Krissy looked at
Robyn too, seeing the blush.

"Oh I will," she said nodding "I have some clothes she can wear too, so
you don't have to run anything over. Now I will have two girls to play
dress-up with" she added with a smile that hinted of trouble to come for

"Oh do you have more cute outfits like billy is wearing?" Amy asked.

"Actually I do," Krissy told Amy. "Shall I make them twins?"

Amy giggled and nodded.

Sara looked at Robyn. "You do everything Sara and Krissy tell you to do
Robyn." Turning to Krissy. "I am not kidding about giving her bum a smack
if she doesn't listen to you."

Billy pinched her just then, she gasped quietly, he looked at her, she
was in a deep blush again and very quiet, he suddenly knew. Whispering,
"You like to be spanked too, don't you?" he asked her.

She nodded slowly. He gave her a little smack while everyone was looking,
no one saw it but she felt it, deeply.

Debbie and Amy drove off leaving Robyn behind, Sara told her billy had
the day off but if she saw his panties to give him a smack and to try to
get him to wiggle when he walked as he seemed to forget a lot. Krissy
looked at the two of them standing side by side and started planning.

Sara had gone inside leaving the three of them behind. "How do you like
billy's makeup Robyn?" Krissy asked her.

"Oh he looks very cute," she nodded giggling a bit. "I love the soft pink
you used on his lips, it makes them look very pouty, very kissable," she

Billy blushed, Krissy noticed. "OH! You two have kissed haven't you?" she

Robyn blushed now too. "Show me," Krissy demanded.

Robyn leaned closer and her lips met billy's, they exchanged a soft kiss.
Krissy noticed how obedient Robyn was.

When they finished Robyn looked at as if awaiting another command. "Let's
go sit out back on the patio," Krissy said leading the way, Robyn and
Billy followed, she heard a giggle and then a loud slap. Turning she saw
that Robyn had just given billy a slap on his behind.

Robyn blushed being caught so covered with, "I saw his panties."

Krissy looked at billy. "Well one slap is not enough." She waited.

Robyn grinning, raised the hem of his dress and smacked his bum once
again while his sister watched on.

"Robyn, it is a punishment, if you don't give him a good smack he won't
learn anything. She walked over to them, leaning in she smacked Robyn's
tight behind very hard. Robyn squealed and turned red. "See? Like that,"
Krissy told her.

Robyn was breathing much harder, she raised billy's hem and gave him a
much harder swat.

"Closer, but still not quite right," Krissy said. Robyn looked at her
quietly. Krissy noticed the look. "Bend over so I can show you," Robyn
was told by Krissy. She put her hands on her knees bending her bum toward
Krissy. Krissy gave her a hard swat on one cheek, then the other, she
repeated them. Robyn's jeans were incredibly snug, every curve was
highlighted, and she saw her cheeks quiver when she smacked them. "Now
you try it," Krissy said pointing toward billy who was watching quietly.

Robyn was flushed, her bum was tingling, and she raised his hem again and
gave him a few very hard swats.

Krissy watched them. "I don't know Robyn, he didn't yelp or cry out, I
bet he can even give a harder smack than what you gave him."

"He can not," Robyn challenged.

"Show her billy, bend over again Robyn," Krissy commanded the two of

Robyn bent over again, her legs tightly together, her taunt behind facing
billy. He grinned and smacked it very hard, Robyn yelped. "Give her ten
billy and then she can give you ten, I will bet hers will be much harder
after you give her ten," Krissy told her brother.

Billy needed no encouragement, it was an excuse to feel Robyn's tight ass
again, and he really liked that. Robyn looked back at him and wiggled her
behind invitingly, teasingly at him. He smacked it very hard, she mewed
at him. Krissy laughed.

He smacked her harder, his hand stayed on her bum after the smack,
sneaking a feel. She wiggled her bum. He swatted her once again, this
time she yelped a bit and bit her lip, he nailed her again and again, she
was grinding her bum in the air waiting for each smack. Krissy watched on
very interested.

When she had had her ten, both of them were breathing slowly, deeply.
Their eyes seemed glazed too. "Your turn billy," Robyn said quietly
taking a step toward him, her behind tingling, no stinging. She raised
his hem again and her first swat made billy's eyes pop wide open. He was
squirming and yelping by the time she reached ten.

"There is nothing like a competition to get things right," Krissy said
grinning. Both of them had behinds that were stinging now. She wondered
if they would be stinging for the next few days.

They continued on to the patio, Krissy sat down and then before the other
two did, asked Robyn if her bum was stinging. She rubbed it with both
hands, billy watched as her hands slid over her tight little curved bum.
"Well yes it is a bit," Robyn laughed.

"We should make billy kiss it better then," Krissy said grinning.

Robyn tuned to him, still rubbing her tender behind. "Yes billy, you
should kiss it better," she said feeling playful.

Billy looked at Robyn and then Krissy. "Do I have to?" he asked his

At first it was just a tease but now Krissy wanted him to do it, she
simply said, "Yes."

Robyn folded her arms. "I am waiting," she told billy who wanted to do
nothing else. He slid to his knees behind her, his face was inches away
from her crack where the tight jeans separated her cheeks so clearly. He
leaned forward and kissed her right cheek tenderly. Robyn watched over
her shoulder, it felt incredible having the power over him to make him
kneel behind her and kiss her ass. "Both cheeks billy," she told him

Billy kissed her other cheek, a bit more slowly this time. Krissy
watched, she bet she could get this going more. "Did that make the sting
go away Robyn?" she asked.

Robyn shook her head, her soft curls bouncing around her face, she bit
her lip.

"billy, again, keep kissing until she is all better," Krissy instructed.
Robyn nodded and bent over a bit arching her back, her cheeks became even
more defined as her jeans tightened. Billy raised his hands to hold on to
her leg. "No hands billy," Krissy told him. Billy, dressed in the pretty
soft pink and blue dress, which wasn't covering his panties now, kneeling
behind Robyn with his wrists chained together, pressed his face against
her bum again, kissing soft kisses over all the spots he spanked moments
before. She wiggled her bum in his face and his nose slipped into her
crack, it filled with her scent as she bent over a bit more. He kissed
between her cheeks, a long slow kiss. Robyn stopped moving, Krissy just
watched. His nose was deep in her crack, no one was moving.

"All better Robyn?" Krissy asked, breaking the spell. Robyn looked back,
almost bent over, her back arched with billy kneeling there, face pressed
deep into her taunt ass. It was quite the scene Krissy thought. These two
may be fun to play with. Robyn nodded, not really wanting billy to stop,
but Krissy was watching and that made her tummy tingle. She slowly stood
up and looked at billy kneeling there, his dress was so cute she thought.
She reached down and took hold of billy's chin and raised it so he was
looking at her, chained hands resting on his thighs, his face was
flushed. Oh, maybe he liked that too, she thought.

She was standing very close to him, she let his chin go and looked around
the patio, billy's eyes dropped, looking straight ahead at the tight
crotch that was just inches in front of his face, the jeans had pulled in
there snugly too, he could see definition clearly, what was more
influential to him though, was how powerful her scent was right now, with
him so close.

"Those jeans are going to be hot today Robyn, would you like to put on a
cooler dress?" Krissy asked the pretty teenager standing before her

"One like billy's?" Robyn asked joking.

"Actually I have one almost the same as billy's dress, you could be

Robyn took in a sharp breath, she was kidding, but she noticed Krissy

"Come on," Krissy said, turning Robyn around toward the house. "Billy can
wait here for the unveiling."

Robyn realized she didn't have much choice, Krissy seemed to be taking
command, but then Robyn thought, she had been told to obey Krissy, or she
could spank her. She shivered.

Billy got up and sat in a chair, the sun felt good and he was happy,
Robyn was just so cute and was going to be spending a few days here,
already he had kissed her, and her behind too. He wondered what she was
going to look like when Krissy brought her back. He was very excited. The
tight corset hid that though.

Krissy brought Robyn into her room, started going through her closet and
drawers, making little piles of clothing. Over her shoulder she told
Robyn she could strip down to get ready. Robyn didn't move. Krissy looked
up, noticing Robyn had not started. "Robyn?"

"Oh sorry, I just don't know about this, that dress looks very short."

"I didn't ask you if you liked it, I just told you to strip down, this
dress is no shorter than billy's, I think I will see how you make out
with some higher heels on too," Krissy teased.

"What? You are going to make me look exactly like billy?" Robyn asked,
her heart was beating faster.

"Yes, I think that would be so cute, I can play dress up with the two of
you, it will be fun."

"I suppose you are going to add chains to me as well?" Robyn said

"Well I hadn't thought of that, until now, but the answer to that is,
Yes!" grinned Krissy.

Robyn shivered again, Krissy noticed. She also noticed Robyn still hadn't
moved. "Are you looking for your first spanking already?"

"First? You are planning on spanking me often?" Robyn asked trying to be
more assertive.

Krissy smirked. "Uhh hmm. Actually I am."

Robyn bit her lip. She still hadn't moved.

Krissy stepped over to her, turned her around and pressed her shoulder
until she was bent over a bit. "Arch your back," Krissy said.

Robyn did, her tight jeans stretched, she felt the first swat sting her
right cheek, she yelped. Krissy gave her another on her left cheek. It
stung too. Krissy had her hand on Robyn's back keeping her bent over. She
gave her five more on each cheek and let the flushed girl stand. "When we
get outside, I want you to look billy in the eye then tell him you were
spanked and then look down at your feet. If you don't do that I will
spank you again in front of billy."

Krissy waited, to see how much control she had over her. Robyn nodded,
blushing deeply.

Krissy smiled. "Good girl, now change," she directed pointing to the
clothes on the bed.

She watched as Robyn slipped off her shoes, socks, jeans, she had to peal
them off, and her cami top. Her bra and panties matched, a cute flowered
set in a light pink with darker pink florets.

She looked at the dress there was a pair of tan pantyhose on top. There
was no need to ask if she had to put them on, it was a hot day, they
would be uncomfortable, the answer would be obvious though or they
wouldn't be in the pile. Carefully tugging the pantyhose up her legs,
wiggling to get them over her bum and blushing again when se saw Krissy
was watching.

She took the light summer dress, it was almost the reverse of billy's a
softer blue with pink accents, and slipped it over her head. She tugged
it down, but it didn't really go down very far, she had never worn such a
short dress. The skirt of the dress flared out, the wind would catch it
easily. Then she saw the black stockings. "I have to wear stockings as
well?" she asked.

"Billy is, and these are just like his, the ones with high compression,
you will be able to feel what he says he feels with them on."

Robyn slipped the stockings over her pantyhose, they really were tight
but slid on easily over her pantyhose, she saw a garter belt that was
also black, and It fit tightly around her slender waist. She fastened her
garters on her thighs and then stood, she twisted trying to fasten the
garters behind her, She wasn't having much luck when Krissy bent down and
helped her. Her fingers felt cool against Robyn's nylon covered legs, as
she stood she gave Robyn's bum a pat. "Don't you look sweat," Then she
snapped her garters across her lower bum. Robyn jumped, even offered a
bit of a yelp.

Robyn looked in the mirror, she did look hot she thought. The stocking
tops showed clearly below the hem of her short dress. Krissy pointed to a
pair of heels she had placed beside the bed.

"No Way!" Krissy said looking at a pair of black ballet boots, just like

"Another spanking already?" Krissy asked.

Robyn gulped. She wasn't wearing jeans now, a spanking would hurt a lot

She sort of wanted to try the shoes though, uhm boots. She saw there were
tiny locks on the bed too though, again just like billy's. She was
obviously going to have those boots locked on her feet. She tingled.

Krissy helped Robyn lace on the boots, then reached up quietly and took
one of the tiny locks. The lock clicked shut, she held out her hand,
Robyn picked up the other lock handing it to Krissy. That action seemed
to have a lot of meaning. The click of the lock fastening seemed very

Krissy went to her dresser, there were the chains that billy was not
wearing. She took the little collars they used for billy's ankle cuffs,
and the shorter chain that billy was not wearing. She locked one cuff
around Robyn' right wrist. The short chain rested in her lap, on the
black stockings. Robyn was looking at that chain when Krissy fastened the
other cuff. This too, seemed to have a stronger meaning.

Krissy helped Robyn stand, she took her chained hands and led her over to
her dresser, where she had a chair, the same chair billy sat in to have
his face made up. She quickly went to work. Using the same soft pinks,
applying makeup almost the same way she had done billy's face not that
long ago, she transformed Robyn into his twin, well almost.

Robyn watched quietly, it felt so odd to have Krissy putting so much
makeup on her, especially with her wrists bound in her lap. When Krissy
finished, she helped Robyn to her feet. She wobbled a bit so Krissy held
the chain between her wrists and led her out of her room, down the stairs
and out to the patio where billy was waiting, she led her all the way.
Robyn was taking short steps on her toes trying to keep up with Krissy
who was tugging her along by her cuffed wrists. Wow this was really hard
she thought. The stockings were squeezing her legs tightly, massaging
them, they made her legs tingle almost, with each step, and with each
move she was reminded that she was wearing stockings. How did billy stand
it? She wondered. They sort of felt good though, but odd. For a boy, it
would be a very strange feeling she thought.

Billy saw Krissy round the corner into the sheltered patio, leading a
beautiful young looking girl in an ultra short dress, with black
stockings, chained wrists? And those boots with the amazingly high heels!
OMG, billy almost had another accident watching. She was just so pretty.
Krissy led her right over to billy. "I should chain you two together, so
I know where you are," she teased. But neither of the pretty girls said
not do to that, they were both quite quiet.

Until Robyn stammered. "Billy I was spanked," and then she looked down
blushing. Billy's mouth dropped open.

Sara found them just then, noticing Robyn was twinned with billy. "What's
going on?" she asked looking confused.

"Robyn wanted to see what it was like for billy, to do chores and to
manage in those heels and even the shorter dress, she asked if I could
make her billy's twin," Krissy told Sara. Robyn just stood quietly, she
was not going to challenge Krissy. She was finding this to be exciting.

"Oh so she is going to do our chores today, on billy's day off?" Sara

"That's what she wanted," Krissy told her again grinning.

Robyn looked at the two of them this was so unexpected, the wind came
along and lifted her light dress high on her waist, Billy looked, and he
saw her panties under the pantyhose, framed by the garter and stockings.
Wow! He thought.

"Eeeeeeps" Robyn said, trying to smooth her dress down, but with her
wrists cuffed together with the short chain she could only hold down the
back. Krissy giggled and Robyn turned her back to billy. Another puff of
wind showed billy her cute little bum, also framed nicely by the
stockings and garters running across her cheeks to the stockings.

"Oh oh, you know, billy would be spanked if he showed his panties to
everyone like that," Krissy told her.

Robyn blushed. "It was not my fault, the wind lifted my dress."

"It doesn't matter, there is no excuse accepted for billy," Krissy told
her, she was teasing but wondered where it would go.

Sara was laughing. "That's right Robyn. If you wanted to see what billy
was going through, then you have to accept a spanking now. It is up to

Robyn was wishing she could pull her dress down, the wind was holding it
up and she knew billy was just inches away, looking at her bum. It made
her tingle, but not as much as what Sara had just said. If Robyn accepted
the spanking now, then she knew she would be setting herself up to be
spanked all day long. Just as billy was.

"Billy stand up please," Krissy said.

Billy rose to his feet, standing beside Robyn, the same height, looking
so cute in almost matching dresses, their faces looked so similar too.
Just like Robyn, billy's dress flipped up in the wind. Krissy giggled.
"Oh both of them need spanking now Mom."

Robyn looked at billy and noticed his dress was blowing in the wind as
well. She wished she was going to be the one to spank him, then shivered
as she remembered they were still waiting for her decision.

Krissy came over and gave billy a few hard smacks then looked at Robyn.
She just quietly nodded. Krissy raised her hem and smacked her bum just
as hard as she had done billy's. Billy watched carefully. He saw her bum
get mashed in with each of Krissy's smacks. Sara laughed again at the
antics of the girls. "There you go Robyn now you will know at the end of
the day how billy feels, how dedicated he is to help cure his hip. Billy
is lucky to have a friend like you, one that wants to experience what he
is experiencing to understand him better. Your reward will be to have
billy give you a nice foot rub, I bet your feet will be very sore when
you take those boots off."

"Her bum may be sore too Mom," Krissy joked.

"Well maybe he can kiss that better then," Sara said laughing.

Billy's heart froze, he was sure it stopped beating. He also heard Robyn
gasp, then she turned to billy and smiled. Oh she wanted that too he

Krissy and Sara left the two 'twins' on the patio.

"You liked being spanked didn't you," Billy asked Robyn.

She nodded quietly. Her dress rose again, he grinned.

"What are you grinning at?" she asked, trying to be assertive.

"I can see your panties."

"So? You saw them a few minutes ago, quite closely too I may add."

Billy was not to be swayed by her attempted diversion. "Yes, but now I
get to spank you."

"Oh you do, do you?" Robyn said with not as much bravado.

"Bend over," he told her hopefully.

She surprised him, by doing just that.

Turning, with his heart in his mouth, glad he had the cuffs with the
longer chain on, it allowed him to get a much better back swing. She
wiggled her bum, waiting.

Billy looked at her cute behind wiggling, her panties barely covered half
of it, and he gave her a smack. She yelped a bit, but kept bent over. He
wondered how many he could give her. She gave him quite a few he

He smacked again, her back arched and she made that mewing sound again.
Billy rubbed her bum a bit, sneaking a feel, getting ready to smack her

"Hey," she called out as his hand rubbed over the edge of her panties,
she really couldn't stop him though.

He didn't stop either, he rubbed a bit more and then smacked her again.
"Quiet," he told her. "Or are you complaining?"

She remembered when she had asked him the same thing, oh oh.

"Uhm no, sorry, please continue." She wiggled her bum again, tantalizing

Billy continued to smack her, alternating cheeks, hearing the occasional
yelp, then some soft moans. She didn't try to stand up, so he didn't
attempt to stop. He noticed her skin was turning pink, then almost red.
So he stopped and rubbed her bum again.

"Ok you can stand up," he finally told her, flushed.

He still had his hand on her bum as she straightened up. She was flushed
as well. He rubbed again grinning. "Sore?"

"A bit yes," she said, standing still as his hand still rubbed her bum.
"But then, tonight, you get to kiss it all better." She reminded him
smiling. "Now, how long do you intend to feel me up?"

He turned a dark red and dropped his hand. They walked back into the
house, holding hands as Robyn claimed to be more unsteady than Billy was.

When they went into the living room, both of them making loud clicks with
their heels, Krissy gave them a dirty look. "Shhhhh, I am trying to

They of course couldn't help it and continued to click as they moved more
into the room. Krissy grumbled more. Billy stuck out his tongue. That did

Krissy thought for a moment. "Well you need to stand, for practice. But I
don't want all that clicking disturbing me. What to do?" she pretended to

"Be right back," she told them, running up to her room.

Moments later she was back, Robyn saw a flash of pink in her hand.

Krissy went to billy first and took the black choker that billy wore the
first day, fastened it to his neck carefully, the lock clicked shut.

Then she dangled another one, billy's pink collar. She put it about her
neck. The lock clicked shut. "Hey!" Robyn said reaching up and clutching
the collar.

"Hey nothing," Krissy told her. She took a tiny chain that was left over
and fastened it to her collar, she tugged her over to billy, she stumbled
in the ultra high heels. Krissy quickly, before either of them figured
out what she was about to do, clicked the other end of the chain shut on
billy's collar, they were connected. The chain was a bit short though, as
they looked into each others pretty eyes, their noses had to slip past
each other, there wasn't room to pull away. This meant their lips were

Krissy laughed. "Sort of helpless aren't you both?" I bet I can make you
do anything now.

Robyn feeling billy's soft pink lips brushing hers told her, "No you

"Oh yes I can, kiss billy," she ordered.

Robyn played stubborn. "No way."

Krissy raised the hem of her dress and smacked her hard, kiss him," she
whispered. Robyn risisted more, she was swatted again, harder.

Robyn moaned, it was a hard smack, her eyes closed and she kissed him.
Billy kissed back.

"First one to stop gets spanked," Krissy said, and sat down again to

She watched the two pretty girls, chained together, kissing with more and
more passion, both locked in chains, locked together too. But they were
quiet now. She read for quite a while.

"Ok that is enough," she told them, unlocking the chain and separating
them. She left the collars on though. Both were breathing hard and had
glazed eyes. Collars were handy to have for playthings.

Billy was very much enjoying his day off.

Krissy told them to sit on the couch and to be quiet, if they made noise
she would find chores for them to do, they both enjoyed some time off
their feet, so they sat quietly, pressed against each other. Both looking
so cute.

Krissy looked at her watch a while later, the afternoon seemed to have
zoomed by, the two girls were still sitting quietly. Very obedient she

"Billy, I know it is your day off, but would you like to make dinner with
Robyn as your helper?" she asked him.

He nodded. "Off you both go then," she told them. Billy stood and did a
curtsy. Krissy looked at Robyn expectantly, she blushed and did a curtsy
as well.

They both left the room, billy leading, Robyn following along behind him,
both clicking and mincing as they walked. "Robyn, you are not wiggling
your bum like billy is," Krissy called out to her.

Billy wished he could see, but he was leading, but he knew Robyn was
wiggling her bum now too, walking behind him.

They worked well in the kitchen, Robyn was distracting billy often though
as she stole a few kisses. Billy was feeling bold and when she was
working at a counter, he came up behind and play with her behind. She
wiggled it provocatively and pretend he should stop. "Billy you are
feeling me up again," she admonished.

He stopped, she turned and smiled, whispering, "It's okay billy, I sort
of like it." Billy grinned and reached up, cupping her behind and
rubbing, feeling the nylon covering her tight panties, over her tight
ass. It was a spectacular ass he thought.

They both served dinner to Sara and Krissy, Both were kept standing
beside the table, both looking so cute in their tiny dresses, hand folded
in front, chained.

After dinner they cleared the table and were allowed to eat themselves
before they washed up. Billy didn't take too longe before he was
caressing her bum again. She bent over the sink and allowed him free
reign for a few minutes. "You really like that don't you billy?" she

He blushed but nodded. "I like feeling your ass too," she grinned.

Then the family retired to the living room for the evening. Krissy met
them with sets of keys. "Your feet must be very sore. I think we best
take those shoes off for the rest of the night," she told them.

Robyn sat on a chair and Krissy removed the heels, Robyn sighed and
wiggled her stocking clad toes.

When Billy sat down, Krissy removed his shoes too, she reminded him he
would have to crawl as she was sure his feet would be very sore with no
heels on. She was right, he tried to put weight on is foot and couldn't.

"I believe that you owe Robyn a nice foot rub now billy, she did so well
today," Sara reminded billy.

He crawled over to her chair, he really wanted to do this, she watched,
his dress didn't cover his behind when he crawled, Krissy swatted it as
he went by. Robyn watched him crawl toward him, his tiny dress riding up
revealing his panties. She saw him flinch when Krissy smacked him, he
kept crawling toward her though, like a kitty she thought, even with a
collar as they both still had collars on. He knelt demurely before her,
taking her black stockinged foot into his hands gently, his wrists still
chained, kneeling on his stockinged foot, the white stockings making him
so princess like, she had heard Krissy call him princess a couple of
times and she saw how it made him squirm.

Her foot had been bound in that tight leather boot for a long time, they
were still damp, she could feel that, so could billy as he raised her
foot on to his lap and began to rub it carefully. He knew her foot would
be sore, he rubbed it with care. Her delicate foot was quite slippery
with the support stockings she was wearing sliding over her pantyhose,
they were also very damp. The smell they had the last time he rubbed
them, was much stronger now, mixed with the leather from the boots.

She rested her other foot on his leg, it was hot and he felt its softness
as she slid it slowly back and forth.

Krissy told Robin. "That is a lazy-boy reclining chair Robyn, just pull
the lever and it will slide back." She tried, but with her wrists still
bound she couldn't reach the handle. Billy caught a nice look at her bum
as she wiggled in the chair trying. "Billy can you do it for me?" she

He had to crawl over to the side of the chair, she peeked over watching
as he pulled the lever, the foot rest popped up and she stretched out.
"oh that is much better," she said, wiggling her toes happily. Even
sitting down she felt the stockings squeezing her legs, the constant
squeezing with each move she made today reminded her constantly she was
wearing stockings.

Billy crawled back to the front of the chair, now he was faced with
something different. as he knelt there, her long legs were entirely in
view, her feet were even with his face now too, and he raised his hands
and started to rub one foot again. He pretended to scrunch up his nose as
if her foot smelled bad.

Krissy noticed. "Billy!" she said admonishing him.

"What?" he said turning to look at her.

"I saw that, I am sure her feet don't smell bad at all, you shouldn't
tease you, and she went to extremes to see how things were for you

"Well they smell," he said, looking at Robyn, teasing her.

"Oh they do, do they?" Robyn said wiggling her toes, she pushed one
closer to his nose. I should make you kiss them better just for that. Oh
and don't forget you have to kiss my bum better tonight too," She watched
him as her toes brushed his nose. She knew they did smell, but it didn't
seem a terrible smell. They were wet though.

He pulled his face away playfully, making another face.

Krissy came over and held up the tiny chain that she had used on their
collars earlier. "Let's fix you up billy," she said. She had that evil
look in her eyes again. Robyn saw it too.

Krissy fastened the tiny chain to billy's choker, Sara watched. she
clipped the other end to billy's cuffs, drawing them together tightly and
fastened to his collar, now his hands were almost locked in front of his
face. "Well that will teach you to tease billy," Sara told him as now to
rub her feet, they would be pressed into his face. Krissy was conniving.

Krissy left, winking at Robyn. Robyn grinned and stretched her feet out
again, now when billy took one in his hand, her foot was right in front
of his face, rubbing softly on it. He couldn't avoid it now, he smelled
it too, and with each breath he inhaled the musky smell of her foot
filled his nose, that foot kept brushing against his nose, teasing. The
soft nylon tickling his nose, leaving behind the dampness that was
clinging to it too.

He twisted a bit as he rubbed her foot, trying to avoid her pressing it
to his face, the smell was stronger now that it was so close. She wiggled
the toes on her other foot, he forgot she had two... those toes were
pressing against his pink lips. They smelled too, but now the dampness
was on his lips too. He stuck his tongue out, and tasted, salty.

She pressed her toes against his lips, he couldn't pull away from both
feet. He had toes rubbing his lips and toes on his forehead. They moved
all over, it was hard to rub her foot she was having more fun just
rubbing her feet all over his face.

"Kiss them better billy," She whispered.

"Nooo, they smell," he said again.

"Billy, that is enough," Sara scolded him. "Do as she asks."

Billy kissed her toes, his tongue peeked out and he tasted them too. He
kissed her sole, the damp foot pressing over his mouth. He kissed her
heel, left another trail of kissed up the sole, back to the toes. Robyn
sighed. "Don't forget you have to kiss my bum too billy," she teased.

He kissed her other foot, holding it pressed against his face, rubbing
and kissing, finally he stopped and just rubbed. "billy, they are not
better yet," she admonished.

Billy sighed, he started kissing her feet again. He kissed as much as he
rubbed. Krissy had an idea.

Billy's face was covered in her scent, after rubbing and kissing her feet
for a long time, she finally allowed him to stop. Krissy came over and
unlocked the chain at his neck, releasing his hands. Krissy unlocked
Robyns cuffs and took the collars and locked them to her ankles. She
fastened his collar to that short chain, now his collar was locked to her
feet which were tight against his face. She returned to her chair,
looking at her curious Mother. "That will teach him to complain and upset
company," she told her.

Sara laughed. "Indeed it will, a good lesson."

Billy knelt on the floor with his face locked to Robyn's cute little
feett. She wiggled them, so they were side by side, he couldn't evade
them, so both feet were pressed on his face, covering it. She made no
attempt to move. Krissy asked her about school, Sara became involved in
the conversation and they dismissed billy, who was spending the last of
his day off, with his face pressed into the soles of Robyn's damp feet,
chained there.

Her feet were soft, he was intoxicated with the smell, he rubbed lightly,
pretending to try to escape, and Robyn countered with movements to keep
her feet covering his face. They talked for an hour and a half with poor
billy chained to her feet.

Billy would get the odd glance between her feet as she would move them,
up her long legs, and see her smiling face as she looked down at him. She
felt him licking her soles often, it tickled, but she didn't let on. She
would rub her soles back and fort over his face, he was helpless to

Krissy wanted her nightly foot rub so she slipped her chair closer to
billy and Robyn, mostly to make it easier to talk to Robyn about school,
she didn't much like it and was very interested to find she may be
schooled with billy and Krissy as Sara was a teacher. She thought that
could be great fun, even wondered if billy would be wearing dresses to

Krissy slipped her feet into billy's lap, he knew he had to rub them, but
he was still chained to Robyn's foot, so it seemed that was the way he
was going to give Krissy her foot rub, with Robyn's stocking clad feet
pressed tightly to his face, he was to rub Krissy's feet on his lap.

He was becoming overloaded again, the aroma from Robyn's feet was heady,
and it was stirring things in him.

it seemed hours later, and probably was, when Sara announce it was bed
time. Krissy unlocked the manacles from Robys feet, billy was freed from
her feet.

All the locks were removed, except for their collars, Krissy left them
on. Billy had to crawl upstairs, the pet carrier was in his room. He had
to change for bed too, and clean up.

He doubted the smell of Robyn's feet would wash away easily.

Robyn was sitting on his bed when he crawled in. "You really can't walk
now without wearing heels?" she asked him.

"No, my feet hurt too much when I put any weight on them now," he told

Krissy came in with two nightgowns. "You may want to sleep with your
pantyhose on Robyn, we all do, the house gets very cold at night for some

Robyn thanked her for the nightgown. Billy was about to go into the
bathroom when Krissy stopped him. "don't forget you still have to kiss
Robyn's bum better," she teased, but waited.

Robyn blushed, Billy looked at her. Then Robyn said. "That's right billy.
I haven't forgotten."

Billy's heart was hammering again. He so wanted to do this, were they
teasing him?

"Maybe you could bend over the edge of the bed, then he could just crawl
over?" Krissy encouraged.

Robyn slipped off the bed, bent over the edge so she was lying on the bed
with her behind bent over the side, with her knees on the floor. Her
dress rose up completely, exposing all of her panties. Krissy grinned and
pointed, then left the room.

Billy crawled forward and reached up, sliding his hand over her bum.

"That is not kissing billy," she pointed out, wiggling at his touch.

He bent forward and kissed her left cheek, the one closest to him. It was
so soft. She felt his lips touch him, knew what he was doing and

He kissed her right cheek, low down on the cheek. She wiggled a tiny bit.
He paused. "billy, you spanked me all over, I expect kisses all over."

He kissed her again, so soft, the nylon just covering her skin below her
panties, he kissed there too. He even licked once. She was not sure, she
thought he had. It felt wonderful to have him in her control like this,
kissing her behind. He did it for quite a while, his hands kept coming up
and rubbing softly too, but that felt amazing as well, so she didn't stop

Sara called out from her room, breaking the spell. "billy are you ready
to be locked in your cage yet?'

He shivered now, locked in that tiny cage all night, it was not as much
fun as he thought it may be. It was just too tiny.

"No Mom, Mom do I have to?

"Yes billy," she called back. "Hurry up and get ready.

He sighed and crawled into the bathroom, washed up and changed into the
short nightgown. Wasn't anything long in this house?

When he crawled back into his room, Robyn had finished changing as well.
Krissy gave her an older night gown from when she was quite young. Robyn
looked like a kid in it, but her legs gleamed in her pantyhose, she had
not taken them off. Sara came into the room, waited for billy to back
into his cage. When he did she fastened the lock and it snapped shut. He
was locked in for the night, again. His last view of her was of her
tugging at the tiny padlock that was fastened to the pink collar, locked
around her neck.

"I really liked my foot rub billy," Robyn whispered, it seemed billy was
going to be allowed to sleep in the same room as her, in his cage of
course. Billy mumbled something. The cage was so tight. "Do my feet
really smell bad or were you teasing?" she asked again.

"I was teasing Robyn, I sort of like the smell of them," he told her

She peeked down at the cage, noticing her runners were at the foot of the
bed, her socks that she wore over were bunched up in each shoe.

"You really like the smell?" she asked again thinking.

"I do," he whispered back.

She retrieved her socks, there was a small flap on the door of the cage,
so they could slip treats in. She slipped her socks in, they fell down by
billy's face. The flap closed, it couldn't be opened from the inside.

Billy peeked out of the cage, she was standing in front of it, and all he
could see were her stockinged feet. He could smell her feet again though,
quite strongly too. He thought that was odd until he noticed the socks
beside his face. "There you go billy, you can smell my feet all night
now," she giggled getting back in bed.

Billy did just that, he had no real choice, the socks were on the cage
floor, right in front of his face.

He wondered what tomorrow was going to bring, when they read all the
updates he made to the site, tomorrow was not going to be a day off for
him either, back to being the house slave, doing chores, being spanked he
suspected. Robyn would be here for the day too, no doubt adding to his
torment, and humiliation. He became excited again.

With the changes to the site though, things were about to spin wildly out
of his control, but in a good way too.

The lights were out, but they hadn't yet gone to sleep. Suddenly Robyn
said to him, in a quiet voice, "Are you sleeping yet?"

"No, it's hard to sleep in this cage, it is so tight, I can't get
comfortable because I can't really move at all. I mean at all."

She peeked over the edge of the bed. "You look cute in there though, it
is like you are my pet kitty."

He moaned a bit, her pet kitty with her socks in her pet kitty's face
even, filling his nose with her scent.



She giggled a bit. "You really felt me up a lot today."

"I noticed you felt my bum a lot too Robyn." he countered.


Was she ever going to sleep? "Yes?"

"I liked it when you felt me up."

"Well I liked it too," he admitted sheepishly.


OMG she was never going to sleep. "Yes?"

When your sister tied our collars together, she tugged at her collar
again as she remembered, it was still locked on tightly too. "It was very
hot for me."

Billy grinned. "It was hot for me too."

"When she spanked me and made me kiss you, and then she told me to not
stop kissing you or we would be punished, and we were chained together so
tightly, Billy?"


"I almost had an accident like you did," she said quietly.

He thought about that for a while.

He heard her moving around quietly, her breathing had changed. Then he
heard her moan a bit and gasp. "Are you okay?" he whispered.

The bed was moving a bit, she didn't answer, but she was moaning a bit

Then he heard her call out something, a bit louder, a moan?


"Just a minute," she hissed. She sounded funny.

"Oh God," he heard.

"What's the matter?" he called out quietly in a loud whisper.

"Oh billy."


"You know that accident I was just talking about?"


Then there was a longer pause, he thought she may be crying.

"Billy I am so embarrassed." she said in a quiet voice.


"I was thinking about today, being chained together, being spanked, I
couldn't help myself, and then with you locked in that tiny cage beside
me, it was too much."

"Oh, uhm, okay, but were you crying?"

"He noticed the scent in the room had changed, it had changed a lot.

"Yes. Billy in the morning, what is your sister going to say when she
finds my panties."

"What is wrong with your panties?" he asked.



"Billy, they are soaking wet."

"Oh. Uhm." The smell in the room was much more pronounced now.

"Maybe you could clean them in the bathroom?"

"How do I explain how they got so wet? They won't dry over night, she
will know."

He thought for a bit.



"Billy I have a huge favor to ask you, it is huge."


"Billy if you do this for me, I will let you feel me up any time you


"Yes Billy, and anywhere too."

"What do you mean anywhere?"

"Any part of me Billy. If you do me this huge favor. Please."

"What is the favor?" he wondered, asking, what could it be?

"Billy, I was thinking, I could tell your sister you were complaining,
and I couldn't sleep."


"Yes, about being in the tiny cage maybe?" she asked hopefully.

"But what does that do?" he asked her.

"Billy, last time you complained, what happened?"

He thought for a moment. "OMG you want to put your panties in my mouth

"Yes Billy. Please? I could say you were complaining, that is why my
socks are in your cage, I told you to put them in your mouth and you said
my feet smelled bad, so I put my panties in the cage and told you to put
them in your mouth or I would go tell your sister that you were
complaining, Please Billy, then she wouldn't find my wet panties in the
morning. You may get in trouble a bit for complaining. Or saying my feet
smelled bad. So you may be punished a bit, but Billy I will let you feel
me up anytime you want, I will just stand still and you can touch me
anywhere anytime you want, I won't move at all until you are finished.

Billy liked the idea of being able to touch her anywhere. But he thought
about having her panties in his mouth too.


"Oh all right," he said.

"Billy you are the BEST," she said, he heard her moving around, taking
her panties off he guessed, she was also using them to clean herself too,
they became much wetter.

The smell in the room became very strong, she pulled the sheet of
herself, and Billy knew what the smell was. He knew it was going to get
much stronger for him shortly too.

She got out of bed, he saw a flash of creamy thigh in the moonlight.

The flap on the door opened. "Here they come Billy," There was a plop
beside him. The panties fell to the cage floor beside the socks. The
smell in the cage became very musky, instantly, it was almost
overpowering, it really stirred him too.

"Uhm, maybe you should open the window," he said.

"I will, but Billy, you have to put them in your mouth right away, to
stop the smell," she told him in a hurried voice. She opened the window.

Billy moved his head, his lips brushed over the panties, they became wet
right away. Much wetter than his had been he thought. "Hurry Billy," she
told him again.

She peeked into the cage, just in time to see him open his mouth and pick
them up, he looked out of the cage at her, and he was close to the bars
so the panties that were dangling out of his mouth were hitting the door.
She poked her finger against them, poking them into his mouth. She worked
at them a few times, poking, until they disappeared into his mouth. She
wiped her finger on his nose. "Thank you Billy," she whispered.

The taste was incredibly strong, they were not wet, they were soaking
wet. He almost gagged, then the taste did something to him, he felt her
finger slip across his nose, the smell was going to stay there all night
now. He moved his tongue, found a puddle of something, it was slippery.
His tongue was quickly coated. His eyes opened wider.

She climbed back in to his bed. "Billy, I know you can't answer, but you
have to clean them for me."

He struggled, he hadn't thought of that when she asked, but he had to
clean them. His sister couldn't find them, not like this, they could be
wet, being in his mouth all night, but only wet, with his drool, not
other things.

"You will have to suck them Billy," she added.

She was quiet again, the smell in the room was fading, not for billy
though, it was still very strong for him.

She fell asleep, very contented.

Billy didn't, he was moving the panties around in his mouth, they were
tiny, but they sure held a lot. Each time he moved them his tongue would
encounter another puddle coating the material. He had to swallow those
puddles, and suck on them, to clean them. About an hour later she woke up



"Are you sucking on them?"


"Billy, I was thinking again. Those socks, you are going to be punished
if they are found there at the bottom of your cage."


"I was thinking, maybe I could say you were still making noise with my
panties in your mouth, so I told you to put the socks in or I would wake
Krissy up."

He thought about that, it would work, but then he would have her panties
and socks in his mouth.

"Put them in billy," she whispered. "So you don't get punished."

He sighed, and put her two tiny ankle socks in his mouth too, realizing
they were inside out. More strong tastes hit him.

He was not going to sleep a wink he just knew it.

"Remember Billy, you can feel me anytime you want from now on, any part
of me."


She giggled and went back to sleep. He was thinking about the places he
was going to touch her, It was filling his thoughts, the taste too, was
making him very erect. He had to try to think of something else or he was
going to make a mess in his panties. But it was no use. The smells, the
tastes, so powerful, it was so hard to avoid thinking about it.

He didn't sleep at all.

The sun was peeking in their window, Robyn shook his cage. "Billy are you


She giggled. "Billy did you clean them?" she asked hurriedly.

She was peeking in the door of the cage, his tongue poked around the
panties, there was no more taste, he nodded.

Robyn smiled. "Oh thank you Billy. But you have to keep them in your
mouth until someone lets you out, so they believe the story."

He nodded again, his mouth stuffed with her panties and socks. He hoped
someone was going to let him out soon, He was cramping and still unable
to move. The cage was too small.

Robyn went into the bathroom, she washed off a bit more, quite relieved
Krissy wasn't going to find her panties, she thought of Billy having to
suck on them all night, and they were so wet she knew how wet they were.
Then she smiled, he really got to taste her though. She liked that.

She met Krissy in the hall, they exchanged good mornings, Krissy gave
Robyn the key to the cage so Billy could use the washroom, shower and
then get dressed. Robyn wondered what Krissy would dress him in today,
then she shivered, she wondered what Krissy would dress her in too.

She went into their room, bent down and unlocked the cage. Billy crawled
out and looked around. "No one is here, you can spit them out now," she
told him.

Billy wondered if he really had to suck on them all night now as he
pulled the socks and panties out of his mouth. She was kneeling beside
him, he grinned and reached over with his hand, right between her legs
and rubbed. She gasped and lurched. "Billy!" she gasped.

"You said I could feel you anywhere anytime," he reminded her.

She nodded and just stayed still, she did promises that, he explored,
rubbing her, his fingers sliding back and forth over her pantyhose, she
had no panties on, his fingers slid in a bit. She shivered a lot more.
"Billy, if you keep doing that, I am going to have another accident," she
whispered to him.

"How come you still have pantyhose on, didn't they get wet too?" he
whispered in her ear, still rubbing slowly.

She moaned a bit. "Uhm, no, I pulled them down first, I left my panties
on because I didn't want your sheets to get wet Billy. Oh God."

He grinned as he rubbed more. "I can really feel you anywhere, anytime I
want and you will just hold still?"

She whispered yes, her head tilted back a tiny bit. "Billy, you better

"I can feel you anywhere anytime and you promised to hold still," he
reminded her. "Even if it makes you wet again," he grinned.

She bit her lip but held still, it was going to happen sooner than he
thought if he kept touching her there.

He slid his hand slowly along the inside of her thigh, the silky
pantyhose covering her leg felt so nice. Her leg felt so nice. He was
about to feel her breasts, when he heard Krissy calling out. "Billy,
shower please I don't have all day."

He groaned, Robyn smiled and whispered, "later, I am yours you can feel
me later," then she stood up and walked out of the room, he could smell
her again though, he wondered if she knew. His fingers smelled of her as

He crawled into the bathroom. He was glad Krissy removed the corset last
night, he didn't think sleeping in it would be very nice. He showered,
finished in the bathroom and crawled into her room. She was waiting.

A fresh pair of tan pantyhose were waiting, a pink thong, the white
stockings again, and the white ballet boots, and that corset. He groaned
but got dressed as she turned away. "Krissy? A thong? Really?"

"Yes, I get to pick, remember."

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