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Selena has some fun.
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   Chapter 1.   Selena has some fun.


 Selena came home and she headed to her bedroom and she walked up to her dresser and looked down at the small hand sized container.  Selena reached down and picked it up, as she did Tim, Nathan, Fred, Sarah, Kelly, and Joanne fell over.  The six of then screamed as a large shadow loomed over them.  Selena looked into the container and inside it were the 6 people shrunken down to 1cm tall.  She looked in and smiled and as she did her breath fell on them, it was powerful enough to cause them to fall over.  To Selena they were only 1cm tall.  Selena reached in with her thumb and fore finger and as she reached in they all screamed. She managed to grab Sarah she lifted her out and she put the container back down.  Selena then droped Sarah into her palm and just watched as Sarah was running around her palm.


  Selena then spoke, "I'll put you onto my shoulder don't fall off."  thundered Selena's voice.


  She then moved her hand to her shoulder and let Sarah fall onto her shoulder.  Selena  then walked over to her closet and she changed.  As Selena changed Sarah held on for dear life she didn't want to fall.  When Selena changed she stood in front of the mirror and looked at her self.  She had on a tight white tang top and she had on skin tight yellow spandex pants.  Selena had shape and a round ass.  Selena reached down and opened a drawer and pulled out a thin glass container the same size as the tiny people were in.


  Selena then transported the tiny people into the see through plastic container and she put the container on the dresser at the edge. She then took an empty see through pill container and put Sarah into it.  She put the container with Sarah in it down.  She  then walked over to the other side of her room.  As Selena walked, her bum cheeks jiggled and bounced up and down.  This turned on the guys.  She then walked back and picked up the container with Sarah in it.  Selena  then laid down on her stomach onto her bed.  Her legs were facing the dresser and the 5 tiny people in the container had a great view of her legs, thighs and bum.  Selena reached over and grabbed a mirror which was rectangular 7 inch by 6 inch.  She looked at Sarah and looked in through the top with her right eye and watched tiny Sarah trying to punch her way out.


   Selena then spoke and as she did her voice thundered, "I hope that you will have fun in your new home."


  She  then reached back and held the container over her bum she then lowered it to her bum and she held the opening over her bum cleavage.  Selena then  turned the container over and Sarah slid out and landed right onto Selena's bum right close to her bum cleavage.  Selena picked up her mirror and held it over her bum and saw Sarah laying there close to her cleavage.  Sarah got up and looked aound, to her Selena's bum was like a large yellow land scape.  Sarah looked around and up and she screamed and tried to run.  As Sarah tried to run Selena saw it, so Selena gave her bum cheeks a flex and Sarah fell over.   The other 5 in the glass container saw it as Selena flexed her bum cheeks. As Selena's bum cheeks flexed, they also jiggled, Tim, Nathan, and Fred were turned on.  Sarah again tried to run and Selena gave her bum cheeks anouther flex and Sarah fell over and she began to slide down the slope of Selena's bum cleavage. Sarah slid down and disappeared from view as she slid into Selena's bum cleavage right between her bum cheeks.


   Selena then jiggled her bum cheeks a couple of more times.  She then jiggled her left bum cheek a couple of times them her right bum cheek a couple of times.  Sarah was now deep in between Selena's bum cleavage.  Kelly and Joanne just watched and were unable to say anything.  Selena  put the mirror down and she picked up her book and began to read.  Selena lying there on her stomach  then let out a fart, the fart was 3 seconds long.  It sounded like thunder.  The fart thundered and resonated throughout the room and down the hallway.  Selena laughed and she reached back and she slapped her right bum cheek and as she did her right bum cheek jiggled. 


  Joanne and Kelly screamed at the top of their lungs, "YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH YOU ARE GOING TO KILL HER YOU FUCK!!!! " Joanne shouted at the top of her lung, "Oh my God, Sarah is between her bum cheeks, BETWEEN SELENA'S  BUM CHEEKS.  SELENA IS A GIANT."  Tim then shouted too, "Wow, oh my that skin tight yellow spandex pants and parting both cheeks is such a turn on, and the way she jiggles them is oh my I can't contain myself."  Tim fell to the ground in excitement.  Nathan shouted and pointed, "Look, she's doing it."


  Selena  then jiggled her bum cheeks, she jiggled the right cheek a few times then she did the left.  she then began to jiggle both cheeks.  As Selena  was jiggling her bum cheeks she let out anouther fart like before,  the fart thundered and resonated throughout the bedroom and out and down the hall way. Selena continued to lie there on her stomach on her bed flexing her bum cheeks.  Selena then said out loud, "I sure hope Sarah likes my thunderous farts cause there is more."

Selena stopped jiggling her bum cheeks, she closed her book and put it to the side. She got up while Sarah was still between her cheeks, she reached for and grabbed the container. She then laid back down on her stomach and held the container in front of her face and looked at the 5 tiny people in it. As Selena  looked Joanne and Kelly shouted up at the top of their lungs, they cussed and swore like crazy. Selena just smiled she then looked in through the top and her face completely covered the entire top, in fact her face was larger the the opening of the container. Fred, Tim and Nathan were shouting too.

Then Selena spoke, "So now, who else wants to go where Sarah went to? hmm, I bet she had lots of fun."  Selena's voice thundered and resonated into the container.

She listened to the five shout and scream. She was listening to what they were saying. Selena then reached in and she grabbed Tim with her thumb and fore finger and lifted him out. She held him up to her face and he could see every detail on her face. He screamed as he looked up into Selena's huge gigantic face and she just smiled down at him. Selena then looked over at the container. She put Tim down onto the bed, she then reached in and grabed Joanne and lifted her out. Joanne screamed as she was lifted out.

Selena spoke, "Al right Joanne, I'll let you and one of the guys try to save Sarah. You can try to get her out." thundered Selena's voice.

She reached her hand back and dropped Joanne onto her bum cheeks. As Joanne fell onto Selena's bum cheeks she bounced and Selena reached into the container and grabbed Nathan and she reached back and dropped him onto her cheeks. She saw that only Fred and Kelly were left in the container. She thought for moment and she the grabbed the container and dumped the last 2 onto her bum cheeks. The 4 of then just stood there as they looked around. Nathan and Fred were totally turned on as they stood there on Selena's bum cheeks.

Fred shouted with excitement, "Oh my God just look at how nice and round her ass is her nice curved hip. Just look at this skin tight yellow spandex, just look as how it just parts her bum cheeks. SELENA IS A GIANT. I want her to be my Goddess, I am going to worship and pray to her. I want to live between her bum cheeks."

 Fred then ran and jumped onto his stomach and slid down her bum cheek and slid right into her bum cleavage and he disappeared from sight.

Joanne shouted, "You stupid fucking men are all the same, all a woman has to do is jiggle a body part and you men can't think anymore. We have to save Sarah."

Selena grabbed her mirror and held it over her butt and looked at the tiny people there on her bum and she watched them for a minute.

"Al right you tiny bugs you have 2 hours to try to save Sarah, hmm I can't see one of you, I guess one of you are between my bum cheeks. Now go and see if you can save Sarah, ha ha ha ha" thundered Selena''s voice

Selena then put the mirror down and she then grabbed Tim and held him up to her face and just looked at him. Joanne and Kelly and Nathan were running around on Selena''s bum cheeks. Joanne and Kelly were shouting Sarah's name over and over and over as they were running around where Selena's bum cleavage was. As they were doing this Fred popped out and they just looked at him.

Fred shouted with excitement, "Wow it is so nice here between Selena's bum cheeks, and guess what I found Sarah, she is just down here sandwiched here between Selena's bum cheeks. She is alive and is passed out." Fred went back into Selena's cleavage and both Joanne and Kelly went into Selena's cleavage where Fred went down. They found Sarah and it took them a good 5 minutes to pull her out. They pulled her out and pulled her to the midddle of Selena's left bum cheek. Sarah woke up and she screamed at the top of her lungs and she got up and in a panic looked around while Joanne and Kelly hugged her. Selena  just smiled as she was looking at Tim there between her fingers.

   Selena then said, "Well now, what you and your friends did to my boyfriend Matt really pissed me off, shrinking him down and dropping him between my bum cheeks while I was lying down.  He spent and entire afternoon there between my bum cheeks."  Tim interrupted and said, "True but he should of been the happiest guy on the planet."  Selena gave a strange look and said, "That's not the point, I had no idea he was there and you guys never told me, I could of crushed him, its a good thing i happened to lie down for a nap and he got out, by the way, I'm not done with you and your friends."  Selena then  put Tim back into the container. 


   Selena the picked up her mirror and held if over her bum and saw the tiny people, she then said, "Alright everyone, back into the pill container you go."  She put down her mirror and reached back with the empty pill container to her bum where the 5 were and the all ran back into the pill container.  She the sat up and she put the 5 back into the container and getting up she put the container onto her dresser.  Selena then picked up a small doll house that easily fit into her palm, she lifted it up and she slowly removed the roof and said softly, "Hey Matthew, how are you doing."  Her boyfriend Matthew was still shrunken down and he was living in the tiny doll house, he too was 1cm tall.  Matthew looked up and shouted, "Selena I was watching what you did and it was sure funny."  Selena smiled down at him and said, "Well I'm not done with them yet, I have zero tollerance with anyone who hurts my family or my boyfriend.  Would you like to come up onto my shoulder as I do stuff around the house?"  To which Matt shouted, "YES"  Selena held her other hand palm up and he ran out of the tiny doll house onto her palm.  She put the doll house down and she moved her hand over to her shoulder and Matt ran onto her right shoulder.  Selena looked down at the container and she picked it up and looking at it said, "See look at my boyfriend sitting up here on my shoulder, he is tiny but I won't let anything happen to him."  She then turned her head and said, "Well Matthew, these 6 who tried to hurt you are entirely at my mercy.  I can crush them if I want.  Come you and I are going to have some fun."  Selena then put the container down, she then walked out of the room and as she walked the floor shook and the 6 tiny people in the container on her dresser felt it. 


   As Selena was slowly walking down the hallway her tiny boyfriend Matthew ran closer to her neck line and he sat down.  Selena entered the kitchen and she got a drink of water.  Selena then did a few things around the house with her tiny boyfriend there on her left shoulder.  Selena then moved her hand to her shoulder palm up and Matthew ran from her shoulder onto her palm he ran to the middle of her palm as she moved her hand to her face and she looked down to her tiny boyfriend.   Selena smiled down at him and said, "So Matthew are you having fun on your giant girlfriend?"  Matthew looked up and shouted, "YES I AM THIS IS SO MUCH FUN."  Selena then said, "I have to go to the store would you like to come?"  Matthew replied, "Yes for sure."  Selena smiled down at him and said, "Good, I'll put you in a safe place, Its quite warm outside, I'm going to change my shirt."  Selena walked back to her room and as she entered the room the floor shook and the 6 tiny people on  the dresser felt it.  Selena took off her shirt and underneath she had a sleveless top on with cleavage showing.


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