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Ride Along
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Ride Along

(c) Copyright 2017 by Eido

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FFFFF/m  nc(sort of)  bond  chain  clamps  gag resistance

Karin sat in the district attorney's anteroom, waiting to be called. Her eyes were finally dry, but they were still red. Her face was a wreck of blotchy skin, ruined makeup, and tear streaks. At least someone had brought her a change of clothes, though the ill-fitting jeans and t-shirt were barely a step up from the black leather dress and other fetish garb she had worn earlier.

How did I get talked into this, she thought. But she knew the answer already. She wanted to be one of the cool, smart women at the office. And like all her female coworkers, she was tired of Clark the Creeper.

"Ms. Belden. We'll take your statement now," the assistant DA said. The words were delivered pleasantly enough, but Karin knew she had few choices. A lawyer from the firm was already in the room. Karin mistakenly thought he was present for her and not to protect Steinmetz and Nettle.

"Ms. Belden, we understand this has been a terribly traumatic experience, but four, maybe five, people are dead. Any information you have regarding this tragedy would be immensely valuable to the investigation and to the families involved," the ADA said.

The firm's attorney also spoke. "Karin, surely you have some relevant information that will help. The forensic team has practically nothing, security video shows nothing unusual on the seventh floor prior to the incident. You are the only known survivor."

"You said something about a prank, earlier, to an EMT, I believe," the ADA said, doing his best projection of concerned and professional.

"I thought it was a prank, but the others...they went too far," Karin said. "They said they just wanted to scare Clark, and that he wouldn't say anything because he was into that pervy stuff. But I didn't know there'd be a fire!"

"Clark who? Clark Kent?" one of the investigators snickered.

"Let Ms. Belden tell her story," the DA said. "Whenever you're ready, ma'am."

"We were all wired for sound, and Nicole set up a video feed into my computer. Me and Shauna would come help when they were ready. That's how it started."

*    *   *

"You ready?" Nicole said to Reanne and Natalie.

"What about Shauna and Karin?" Natalie asked.

"They know I'll be calling them," Nicole said. "There he is. Showtime!"

He was Clark Reed, the office creeper, according to the women who worked at Steinmetz and Nettle. Clark was 48, or so said his driver's license, but looked older thanks to an unfortunate combination of poor grooming choices and genes. His salt and pepper hair was cut short, but looked oily and unwashed any time of day. His face was no better, appearing as though the man had lost a lot of weight without recovering any tone. The slack skin looked red and irritated from over-enthusiastic shaving.

The office maintained a dress code, but Clark's cheap, dated, suits only met the letter of the law instead of its intent. Finally, he made the women of the firm uncomfortable just by being there.

"Clark, a word about the Garrett research please," Nicole asked politely. She didn't need to be so nice. She was Clark's boss and a rising star in the firm, and he was nobody, or as close to nobody as a person could get and still be employed. But Nicole was polite to everyone, and didn't want to tip her hand, so the charade went on.

"Yes, Ms. Bartlett," Clark said and followed her to the seventh floor corner office.

Nicole felt his eyes on her the whole time. He never commented, never flirted, and never hit on any woman in the building, but all the women agreed that being under Clark's gaze was like being licked by a tongue with an eyeball at the end.
Reanne and Natalie fell in behind Clark, keeping their distance, talking in hushed tones about a file Reanne held. Clark's posture shifted, showing he noticed the new arrivals, but he kept his eyes forward.

He had reason to. Nicole had chosen her outfit to draw the eye. She combined a red blouse and black skirt in honor of the winter holiday season. Black nylon covered her legs and black pumps with a blocky heel added four inches to her height. The black jacket that normally covered her blouse rested on the back of her chair.

She entered her corner office and retrieved a folder from her desk. Her turn showed off her golden blonde hair, which was held back by a couple of silver clips.

"I'm sorry, Nicole, I thought we had you at 4:00?" Natalie asked.

"Clark has some additional information on the case. If you would, take seats. Sorry about the industrial chic decor. Craig asked me to give this furniture a look see for the new cafe being opened on the ground floor."

Nicole tossed the folder onto the round metal table, the signal to spring the trap using the items the other women had hidden under their own jackets. Clark, distracted by the folder and by Nicole's stretch in front of the window was caught completely unawares when Reanne stepped behind the chair his bottom was about to occupy and caught his wrists, jerking them sharply backwards. Natalie snapped the cuffs on and Reanne let go to shove the black rubber ball gag into his mouth.

Clark's yell died before he finished drawing breath to voice it. He started up from the chair, surprising the three women who expected no real resistance at this point.

"Oh no you don't," Natalie said, shoving down hard on Clark's shoulders. Nicole rushed forward with a gym bag, which clinked as she strode, and pulled a chain from it.

The chain passed over the links between the handcuffs and looped around a brace between the chair legs. Nicole clicked a lock shut, and Clark's arms were fastened to the chair. He tried standing anyway, and his eyes widened further when he discovered the chair wouldn't move.

Natalie sat down astride his lap, mainly to hold his legs down, but also to get in a few digs.

"With all the staring you've done, I would have thought you'd enjoy this more," the dark-haired beauty cooed, lips just inches from his face. She wriggled, grinding her shapely ass down hard against his thighs. Her tailored navy blue pants let her slide all the way down onto her victim.

Clark shook his head and tried speaking around the gag. The women could make out the words 'please' and 'stop' well enough.

"What was that?" Reanne asked from where she helped Nicole sort the contents of her bags.

"I think it was let me go and you'll never see me again," Natalie said.

Reanne laughed. "Aw, Clark. That ship has sailed. You should have thought more about how miserable payback would be."

Nicole walked over, holding a chain in one hand and a long leather strap in the other.

"Don't be fooled by his complaints. He left his laptop here a few weeks ago and I got a good look at his kinky fantasies. You really should use better password security, Clark," Nicole said.

The volume of noise coming past his gag increased.

Nicole patted him on the shoulder, brimming with superiority and condescension.

"I know!" she said. "How fortunate for all concerned that this office contains two dominant women and their three friends who are tired of your shit."

Nicole pulled the table and extra chairs away from Clark's location and began laying out her tools on the table.

"Shauna, Karin, come on in. Time to make some dreams come true," she said in the direction of her computer.

The women entered and were set to work removing various bits of wardrobe and costume from three trunks. Nicole directed the action. A frightening array of restraints were organized on the extra chairs. The table was covered with implements for playing with senses, mostly on the pain end of the spectrum.

"Scoot toward his knees a bit, Natalie," Nicole ordered. Natalie complied and Clark immediately tested his predicament. Before he could dislodge Natalie, Nicole looped a wide leather belt over his hips and passed it behind the chair.

"Push him back down," Nicole said. As Natalie's weight pressed Clark's butt and legs back onto the chair, Nicole removed the slack from the belt.

"There. That should hold you for a bit. Don't panic. I have to cover your eyes and ears for just a short bit while we get ready," Nicole said.

The women watched as Nicole covered Clark's eyes with a black sleep mask. Karin thought his tears were real, but her companions either didn't notice or didn't care. Their victim's restrained thrashing reached a peak when the ear protectors went on.

"Okay ladies, gather round. We have a quick wardrobe change to make, then we'll cut his clothes off and play. We'll let him go around midnight, and I doubt we'll see him again." Nicole glanced around. "Since he likes looking at us so much, I think we should deny that to him as we work. We could leave the blindfold on, but I would rather we all change into identical wigs and masks with some fetish clothes that give full coverage.

"So, I brought a selection of options, clothes, shoes, boots, tights, stockings, gloves, leather, fabric, or latex. Pretty much anything."

When the dust settled, Natalie, Reanne, and Shauna wore black tight-bodiced dresses with hems well below the knees, black opaque stockings, and long black gloves. Natalie and Shauna picked black pumps, while Reanne wore a pair of high heeled over the calf boots.

Nicole went with a black leather jacket over a black t-shirt paired with a long, soft leather skirt, slit front and back, black stockings and high heeled ankle boots. Long leather gloves finished her outfit.

Karin surprised the group by going with leather as well, finding a short dress that fit perfectly, black stockings in an opaque lace pattern and a pair of serviceable, though slightly distressed, combat boots. Her fishnet gloves showed the most skin of any of them.

All five women wore black wigs, with their natural hair tucked carefully away. They also wore black domino masks with mesh veils to further conceal their appearances.

Nicole lamented the absence of latex from the wardrobe selections, but seemed happy with the results of their efforts.
After removing the ear protectors and blindfold from Clark, the five women stood before him. Reanne spoke the words Nicole had given her.

"Clark Reed, you are found guilty of creepiness, leering, atrocious fashion sense, and using your work laptop for your own deviant sexual amusement."

Natalie took over. "You are sentenced to a period of humiliation, degradation, stimulation, and pain for a period not less than four hours, but not to exceed ten years."

Clark's eyes goggled at the pronouncement.

"Did I say years?" Nicole asked, picking up where Natalie left off. "I meant days. Surely I'll tire of you after ten days? Do not fear. Well, fear some, but you will eventually walk out of here with nothing more permanent than some memories."

Clark had been silent for the women's speech, but now he screamed into the gag. The ball muffled the sound, damping it down from a full-throated piercing roar to an annoyingly loud burble.

"Nat, wrap some of that reusable bondage tape around his mouth. See if we can get a little more peace and quiet here," Nicole said.

As Natalie wrapped, the noise level decreased, but never faded entirely.

"I like chain," Nicole said, "but, I did promise not to damage him, but I also think he should be as naked as possible, since that's how he sees us." Nicole sat down on Clark's legs, a demure side saddle pose.

"Lucky for you there are two experienced dommes in attendance today. You are getting for free what other men pay handsomely to receive." She paused, striking a thoughtful pose. "I know! We'll protect his skin with some of that that fabric tape. If you're a good boy, Clark, we'll let you remove the tape at home instead of ripping it off here."

She hopped down from her perch, which was the signal for Karin, Shauna, and Reanne to attack Clark's clothes with blunt tipped safety shears. Each woman showed Clark her shears before energetically wielding them against his attire.

"Holy shit. He's got a gun," Shauna said. That exclamation stopped everything abruptly. Shauna pointed at the holster now showing inside the waistband of his trousers to the right of his spine.

"Full of surprises," Nicole said. "Do you always carry a gun or did you have special plans in mind today?"

Clark's response was muffled by the gag and tape, but the consensus was that he said 'always carry.'

"I can take care of it, if no one else wants to," Reanne said.

"By all means," Nicole replied.

Reanne removed the pistol from the holster, muzzle pointed away from everyone. She ejected the magazine and worked the slide. The round glittered as it arced through the air.

"Kel Tec, 32 caliber." She picked up the magazine and the shell.

"How do...Never mind. Put it on my desk. And the holster. And I guess the belt too. Too nice to wreck, unlike his awful suit," Nicole said.

"Carry on," Nicole ordered.

In a few minutes, Clark was stripped to his pale, hairy, skin. His face had gone red and his eyes watered, possibly the start of real tears.
Natalie grimaced at the sight of Clark's naked back, but at the front of their victim, Nicole and Reanne stood stock still, staring down.

"Well," Nicole said, "I guess that's compensation for being a butt ugly shithead."

"What are you two," Natalie started. "Oh!" she said as she stepped around to Nicole's side.

Nicole clapped her hands. "Get moving, people. Tape. Chain. You two." She pointed at Shauna and Karin. "Tape detail. You," she pointed at Reanne. "Chain wrangler. We'll get started on his limbs."

Together, and barely slowed down by their gloves, Nicole and Natalie wrapped a length of chain around Clark's waist and behind the chair. The removed the leather belt when they finished locking the chain in place.

"You want thighs to chair seat too?" Natalie asked.

"No. I've got plans for that territory," Nicole answered. Clark stiffened at the remark.

"Ooh. Are you getting nervous, convict? You should be." Nicole turned back to Natalie. "Knees outside the chair legs. Tape girl one, right there," Nicole pointed at Clark's left side. Shauna moved into place.

Clark squeezed his legs tightly together, attempting to thwart Nicole's intention.

"Really?" the domme said. "How long will those adductors hold out when I pinch your nose shut? Or when I set three women to tickle you?"

Despite being naked, gagged, and chained to a chair, Clark's look was defiant and venomous.

"Very well. Tape girl two, apply two strips each to the outside of his thighs, knees, and ankles."

Karin stepped forward to take her position and Clark's right leg lashed out with blinding speed. Karin danced out of the way, but her thigh took a glancing blow from Clark's bony foot.

"Have it your way." Nicole grabbed a set of nipple clamps from the table. The pair she selected had a chain dangling from each device, instead of being linked together. While both Clark's legs continued flailing wildly, Nicole approached the back of the chair and deftly attached a clamp to each of her prisoner's small nipples.

The effect was immediate. The range of Clark's wild kicking actually expanded to include the space near his shoulders and sides.

Nicole crouched behind the chair, out of reach of even the most extreme kicks. She clipped a long length of light chain to each of the dangling rings and carefully passed them sideways to Reanne and Natalie.

"Really, Clark. I would never have guessed your level of flexibility and athleticism, but unless you can break steel chain and handcuffs, you are stuck to this chair," Nicole said.

She ran her fingers up and down the back of his neck. "And you have five beautiful women giving up their Friday evening just to torture you for a bit. I've already told you we won't do any damage, and from your computer, I know you have a taste for femdom play. So what is the fuss?"

If Nicole had not expected the move, she might have been seriously hurt when Clark's head snapped back with surprising force. Even then, she barely avoided the attack.

She stood up behind him, thinking. For a moment, the wild gyrations of Clark's legs had stopped.

"Attach those to the extra chairs and then move the chairs to pull them tight." As her directions were followed, Nicole crouched behind Clark again. "Get some chain for his ankles, one on each side."

Karin looked up, about to speak.

"Yes, I still want tape to protect the skin under the chain," Nicole answered. At this, the kicking started again, though much more measured and directed at the four women who remained just out of range.

As threatened earlier, Nicole began lightly teasing the skin over Clark's ribs and sides. At first, she drew little reaction, but as her tickling intensified, Clark's reactions increased. He squirmed, snorted loudly through his nose trying to get extra oxygen, and his other resistance decreased.

All four women responsible for securing his legs had now moved to Clark's left side. Shauna managed to grab his ankle and maintain a grip with Reanne's help.  Karin applied strips of tape at the ankle, knee, and thigh, and then helped wrestle the limb into position.

Natalie, good to Nicole's word, wrapped a short piece of chain around Clark's ankle and the chair leg and locked it in place with a padlock. 

Another length of chain wrapped around Clark's leg just below the knee, secured to the chair leg as well and locked tight.

"Not so high on his leg, tape girl," Nicole said to Karin. "Just above the knee, and all the way around. I'm wrapping that spot three times and then securing it to a brace below the seat."

His right leg secured, all five women moved to the left side.  If they expected Clark to sink into resigned acceptance of his fate, they were quickly disabused of the notion.

Karin's reflexes, and perhaps the flat soles of her boots, saved the day as she jerked Natalie back and away from a kick that would have connected hard.

"Okay, shit for brains, I'm done playing nice with you." Nicole followed her words with a quick two handed grab of Clark's knee. Shauna taped while Karin held the chains for Reanne. In minutes, Clark was practically welded to the chair.

Nicole shivered a bit as she ran her hands over her victim's legs.

"Mmm. I love the way this looks. The tension, the biting into the flesh with such unyielding character. Is that the right word?" she asked. 

Her hands continued their exploration, rising to the level of the clamps painfully snapped onto Clark's nipples. Her fingers plucked at the chains running away from them.

This evoked high pitched whines from behind the muffling gag and tape, and another reaction as well.

"Oh ho! Clark, I was beginning to think you didn't like us, at least that's what your little friend seemed to say," Nicole said, laughing.

Clark's cock had stiffened, and now stood about halfway to fully erect. Nicole retrieved a long black feather from the table and touched it to the underside of Clark's still growing member, just past the head.

The result was immediately visible as the flesh continued to firm under Nicole's gentle attention. Another few minutes of feather touches and Clark was as hard as he was likely to get.

Shauna whistled. "I didn't know a guy could be a shower and a grower too."

A few giggles met this observation.

Nicole asked, "Are any of you inclined to use that?" She pointed at the impressively sized cock with her feather, tickling the tip.
A chorus of 'no' answered the question, though Nicole thought at least one had sounded wistful. She stepped to the table again and came back holding several pieces of metal.

"Of course, we need him soft again if this poor little cage is going to contain all that meat," Nicole said as she arranged the pieces on top of Clark's thigh. "It's called a Jailbird, convict. See, a feather, a convict?  A lot of planning went into this little morality play, and we want you to appreciate those details. It's about the smallest size they make, though, so you might not be wild about that."

Nicole held up a gold chain with two keys attached.
"Who should keep these for you? I want to be fair. With my schedule, I'm too busy to have you drop by and grovel for release." Nicole scanned the masked faces of her conspirators.

"Tape girl 1! You are usually such a shrinking violet, but today you've been extraordinarily useful. You are our starting keyholder. In two weeks, hand them off to Nat," Nicole said as she fastened the necklace around Karin's neck.

"Which still leaves us with the issue of how to stuff him into it," Natalie said. "He's still hard as a rock."

"I have all manner of ideas for that. But first, would you four chain his arms and hands, and get rid of the handcuffs," Nicole ordered.

Clark went slack in his restraints, but the women were not fooled. They chained him shoulders and arms before unlocking the cuffs. Then his forearms were carefully positioned to form a nice box tie. More tape and chain were added and Clark's arms were soon as immobilized as his legs.

Nicole sat on a stool between their captive's legs, occasionally flicking a nipple clamp or stroking his cock with a feather.  She didn't even get up to inspect Clark's newest restraints.  Reanne held a mirror up so Nicole could view their efforts.

"Well done, ladies.  Now, let me show you a very special feature of this chair." She reached beneath it and several clicks sounded. When she sat up, the middle of the chair seat was in her hands. Clark's only support was beneath his thighs and the very back of his butt. 

"Tape girl," Nicole said, pointing at Karin. "Slide this under his tailbone. We don't want to bruise him there." Nicole said as she handed a piece of spongy foam to Karin. She turned to Clark.

"I guess it's obvious what is exposed now, Clark. We'll start small and work our way through a large sample of, how should I say, penetrative pleasures?"

Nicole looked at the placement of the padding. She also noticed Clark's still straining erection.

"Goodness. He's either excited by the prospect of some backdoor stimulation, or he's savoring the last moments of freedom."  Nicole turned again to Karin, "Go to the kitchen and bring back one of those big serving bowls full of ice.  Some crushed and some cubed.  We'll get this swelling down and give Clark a few things to consider, like how cold an ice cube enema can be."

Karin moved to obey. She turned just as she reached the door, the familiar sensation of being watched filled her mind as her eyes met Clark's. She stumbled, as though shoved by the intensity of the hatred contorting his face. She pushed through the door and into the hallway.

Halfway to the kitchen she felt the wave of heat roll over her, knocking her over.  An orange light glowed from the corner of the building she had just left. Karin backtracked, finding little damage until she arrived at Nicole's reception area.  There, the furniture had been charred, and the door to Nicole's office had been torn from its hinges.

The residual heat was not intense. Karin crept forward.

"Oh God," Karin gasped. The office was gone. The heavy window glass had melted, leaving a few waxy formations behind. The furniture was gone. A few silvery streaks decorated the blackened carpet. Of the people that she had just left, there was no sign.

*   *   *
Karin left the meeting, completely drained.  She knew the only thing keeping her out of a mental hospital was the indisputable evidence of a super fire or some other kind of meltdown.

"Ms. Belden, I need a little more of your time for the investigation," a man said. He sat in a waiting area chair, briefcase across his knees. Karin noticed this new actor was young and nice looking. Her stomach flip flopped. She would need time before she looked at anyone like that, again.

"Who are you?" she said.

"I'm Clark..." the man started.

"Kent?" She laughed. A tiny bit of hysteria tinged the sound.

"Miles, Ms. Belden. Clark Miles. I have the use of this empty office, if you will follow me."

They entered, Karin following with far more space between them than necessary.

Clark Miles turned and uttered a series of sounds, two of which were words in English. Karin shivered, then sat in the chair Clark had moved to catch her.

"Welcome back, Dr. Crowmes. I hope your program was satisfactory," Clark Miles said.  Karin, or her body at least, shivered as it dealt with the sudden shift.

"Immensely. My research will thrive with the information gleaned here," Crowmes/Karin said.

"Time is short, Dr. Crowmes. My employers have requested a brief follow up if you are agreeable."

"Go ahead."

"Your program was unusual and very specific. Observation by immersion into a volatile human psychosexual drama with legal ramifications. This list of paramerters is extraordinary. Can you estimate the success rate of fitting your specified parameters?" Clark Miles asked.

"I think it was 100 percent." Crowmes/Karin's head shook. "That Clark in the program, he was another ride along?"

"He was a holloshell. A ride along wouldn't have met his specifications," Clark Miles answered.

"That was a bit extreme. The others?"

"All humans, of course."

"What was his program?" Crowmes/Karin blurted. "I'm sorry. That was rude."

"Actually, Clark Reed has authorized the release of that information if the request is in support of research and not idle curiosity."

Crowmes/Karin thought for a moment. "A general outline would help formulate research specific questions."

"Of course. Clark Reed specified an immersion including exposure to involuntary psycho sexual stimulation and resistance at high human thresholds."

Clark Miles correctly interpreted the expression on Karin's face.  "Yes. It is a very ambitious program. He has been iterating it with small corrections for quite a long time now."

"Those other women. They're all dead?"

"Of course. They're only humans. There are nearly eight billion of them on this planet alone. They'll hardly be missed in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Of course, Clark Reed will be penalized for his inappropriate act. His dissatisfaction with the level of resistance he achieved did not justify such an outburst," Clark Miles said.

"And this ride along, what becomes of her?" Crowmes/Karin asked.

"Karin Belden will not be found culpable in the deaths of the other humans. The human record of Clark Reed will be wiped, so there's no evidence of an actual victim of her prank, as she called it. Statistically, she will probably commit suicide, or die from the misuse of food or chemicals," Clark Miles answered.

"That is unacceptable!" Crowmes/Karin said vehemently.

"Dr. Crowmes, you are experiencing a simulation sympathy reaction..."

"I researched SSR, Clark Miles. I know my own intentions. Now, if you want the continued patronage of my organization, this is what will happen.  Half of the penalty will be applied to reconstituting the four humans, with no adverse effects resulting from their use in this simulation. This human," she gestured at Karin's body, "will be similarly treated so that there are no mental instabilities or social repercussions.

"Any expenditure exceeding half the penalty will be borne by my research foundation. You should begin constructing holloshells for my future programs. I won't be using ride alongs again.  I like the one known as Natalie. Use her specifications as a basis for my shells."

"As you wish, Dr. Crowmes. My employer values the relationship you've established," Clark Miles bobbed his head.

"One more thing. Send all five of the women on a vacation. Somewhere warm and coastal."

"It is December here, Dr. Crowmes. Do you have a suggestion for such a location?

The eyes in Karin's body rolled up as Crowmes searched her memories.

"Yes. She has often desired to visit a place called Brisbane, Australia."
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Re: Ride Along
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Is it bad form to comment on your own story? I just wanted to say I've had non-consentuality on the mind lately, as well as resistance, so I took a break from a huge project that I've been working on, with help, to write Ride Along. My intention is to tell the same story from three different viewpoints, but who knows if I'll ever get to it.

And yes, the last line of the story is a little hat tip to Richard Alexander's 'Monica' series.



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