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Current Newsletter
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June 2017 Newsletter -- Gromet's Plaza Forum -- Issue 002

Happy June All.

First off, Gromet has done several updates in May...even with his busy schedule and planning his trip to the US. He has added 26 stories over the month for our enjoyment.

Machine Stories..............2
Devoured Stories............2
Buried & Sinking Stories...1
Trashcan Stories............2
Selfbound Stories...........2
TG/CD Stories...............3
Latex Stories.................6

Thank you Gromet for the new stories to help quench our thirst for new material...especially during such a busy time for you.

Members, please be patient during Gromet's vacation and travels if updates are not forthcoming as often as you hope. He needs to enjoy his vacation. Thanks.

As Gromet has informed us on the Plaza's Main Page, he is on vacation for six weeks in the U.S. and taking a sight-seeing trip from Los Angeles to Vermont. He will be travelling from May 22nd until his return to Oz on June 30th. We all wish you a safe and enjoyable trip Gromet!

Forum Structure will notice some changes under the 'Other Worlds' section. Instead of having only a couple of the 'sub-sections' under 'Other Worlds' having a place for comments, all comments under 'Other Worlds' are now grouped into one Discussion Thread...'Other Worlds Discussion'. To help others to identify which sub-genre you are commenting upon, please place the genre in the Subject Header. Thanks and enjoy.

Caption Contest
Thanks once again to 64Fordman for another excellent contest. I'm sad that I did not enter this one, but, sometimes life takes the yoke out of one's hand and becomes the autopilot. I hope it is the last contest I miss.

The winners of the Caption Contest are:

Picture 1 -- Alex Makin
Picture 2 -- Loras Pa6
Picture 3 -- Alex Makin and Jimdini
Picture 4 -- Jimdini

Congratulations to each and all of you!

We would like to thank everyone who entered. All the captions were great, many quite amusing, and for those who didn't win...keep trying.

Author Interview

In this interview we'll be talking to one of our newest authors...Trash girl. Not only a new author, she is also our 'Trashcan' section Moderator and has a keen eye for stories and conversations dealing with the realm of 'everything trash'.

Ok...let's get on with the interview so our members and your readers learn a little about you.

well hello everyone im Trash girl on here but my real name is jessie im from norway and are 25 year old

1) Knowing the Forum crashed on 23 December of 2015 and required all members to reregister, we would like to know how long you've been a member of Gromet's Plaza Forum prior to the crash?

Prior to the crash in december 2015 i think i was a member 1 year so all in all in been here 2 and a half year's maybe 3 im not sure

2) How did you first find out about Gromet's?

I first found this place when i was searching up some trash stories and those lead me here to this site

3) What made you decide to start writing...especially in our field of 'kink'?

i wanted to try making up fun stories of things that might not be done in real life

4) Being a new author, how have you enjoyed writing stories so far?

Oh i have enjoyed it so much although i can't take all credit seeing as it's mr 64 Fordman that write my stories and i come up with the idea's

5) Do you find writing difficult for you, or, does the story come to you fairly easy?

Like stadted in last question i only do the idea making and Fordman do the writing for me

6) Were you nervous when you wrote your first story and offered it to Gromet to publish?

yes i was nervous how well received my story would be on here and how quick gromet would publish it

7) Do you remember when your fascination with Trash first began?

Yes i do think it started when i was a little girl and had lost my doll in the school trash bin i did not get it out until the janitor had taken the bin from the classroom and dumped it in the dumpster outside i had to wait and get it out after school it was scary and interesting at the same time.

8 ) What's your favorite 'Trash' situation do you like to use for your characters?

i like theam to experience being thrown away like a useless piece of trash and let them feel helpless of what might happen

9) It seems, from your stories so far, you like to make your characters become trash or used as this your favorite type of story?

Yes that is true i love that kind of stories

10) What would you consider to be your favorite story you have written for Gromet's Plaza?

my favorit would have to be Terms of Service the first story i made

11) Do you find any genre other than trash of interest? If so, do you feel you may write stories in other genre's other than Trashcan?

Yes i am found of Bondage and Transformation Stories and have made a so far 2 part story of two girl's getting transformed into trash

12) So far, your stories have been co-written with a very talented and prolific author...64Fordman. Do you find collaborating your favorite way to write?

It certainly help me with the stories and im happy that he help me af much he can

13) Where does the inspiration for your story ideas come from?

my inspiration come's from my head it just pop up and i try to write down if i can get more out of it

14) "Terms of Service" covered several genre's giving a little 'something' for readers of different story you enjoy having these elements in your stories?

yes i enjoy making my character get into more then one situation if it was only one i'd guess it would be boring

15) What is your favorite trash container to use for your characters?

i like it to be big dumpster's or bin's you have at home

16) What is your favorite trash type to use for your characters?

it can be mostly anything food trash or stuff you have in your bathroom and kitchen and all that.

17) Is there any other information you feel you would like to add?

Yes i would like to thank gromet for making me a moderator here at the forum and if it wasn't for the previous  mod Daffy who also made some stories with me in them but had to take down, if it weren't for him i guess i would not have started making my own stories today. And of course a huge thanks to 64Fordman

Well i guess that's about it from me Thank's too you ElectroPaint Lover for having my interview

Thank you again for participating in our Newsletter's Author Interview Trash girl and you are very welcome. And thank you for getting the interview back to me in time to get the Newsletter out on time. You gave some wonderful answers the members and readers may be interested in learning about you.

Our next Author Interview will be with the extremely talented and quite prolific Steve Spandex. I look forward to hearing from him. I plan to change the interviews to bi-monthly and should offer Steve's interview in mid-June along with a short follow-up interview with Lobo De la Sombra.

Story Updating
Well, as with some of my other activities within the Forum, updating the stories on the section had to take a bit of a backseat. However, I only have a few (about 15) stories to finish to have the section complete. Other than, the fact, that I need to do some rework on the first stories I did as I've learned more and need to use the knowledge I've gained in some of them. I apologize for the slow-down, but, sometimes takes precedence (Uugghh).

Opting out of the Newsletter
Remember...if you wish not to recieve the Newsletter, visit --> <-- to learn how quit receiving them. This topic is 'stickied' under the Newsletter section, so, this will be the last time I will be adding this link within the Newsletter. Thanks.
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