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An unexpected weekend in bondage
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:30:32 am »
So Friday night, I get out of work late, watch an hour or so of TV before feeling really tired and just going to bed early.  It wasn't really a stressful day or anything, I guess I had just been slacking on my sleep lately and my body told me it was time to catch up.

Saturday morning, I wake up and I decide to spend a few hours in one of my outfits.  I put on a lycra leotard and my favorite heavy boned underbust corset that goes from my hips to under my breasts and then put a short sleeved vinyl biketard and then my semi-stretchy corset with shoulder straps.  The next layer is a really tight sleeveless vinyl catsuit and on top of this, I put on my long sleeved pleather unitard with boot-cut legs and and tall collar.  I put on my 6" heeled knee high boots and pull the collar to the pleather unitard up high and put a 4" posture collar on over it and thread a padlock through both the back zipper and my collar.  Then I put small chains around each ankle and thread them underneath the heel of the boot and lock them on.  The final step is my gag.  I used to hate gags for extended periods of time.  I'd be able to make it about 20 minutes, but I'd have reflexes and panic and need it removed ASAP.  Over time, I've gotten used to them, and I can go long term, so I get my harnessed muzzle gag and secure all the straps with padlocks.  I've learned that I can't overtighten the straps on the gag, or then my panic spurts happen.  I can handle it tight, but not without a way of immediately releasing, especially not when doing it alone (as if there's any other option--ha).  I put the keys in my timed lockbox and spin the timer to about 3 hours and lock it.

I spent Saturday hanging around the house, reading some Mikel stories on the plaza (well deserved shoutout!) and catching up on some missed TV.  While at the computer, I'd sit as if frogtied, sitting on my booted legs and put straps around my elbows and wrists behind my back while reading or watching videos and see how long I could go before having to remove something because I couldn't feel my arms or legs anymore.  I used to make these challenges where if I didn't last 1 hour, or some other set time, I'd add to my imprisonment, like add another item of bondage or lock something on that wasn't previously locked on.  But I was happy with my outfit so I was just doing it for fun.  Eventually the timer ran out, and I went back to the bedroom to get my keys.  I unlocked my aching jaw and stiff neck and then thought that I wasn't in my outfit for nearly as long as I should be and set the timer for another 9 hours.  This would keep me in my boots, corsets, and catsuits for a total 12 hours, which is about a typical session length for me.

I did my usual Saturday routine of cleaning around the house, dishes, vacuuming, etc.  And I watched an afternoon movie and then decided on some more fun.  I started thinking about my ability to be gagged longer, but still having such an aching jaw, mouth, and teeth afterward.  So I thought about going back to basics.  Since I've NEVER been comfortable with gags, I've never used them. I only started with ballgags and only got accustomed to that style of gag.  So for this gag, I took a pair of cotton panties and balled it up and put it in my mouth and it seemed to be a good fit.  It didn't feel like it would unfold and go down my throat or something like I always feared and it was big enough so that it was hard to close my lips around it and silenced me far more than a ballgag ever could.  So I decided to put some tape over it.  A couple strips of duct tape did the trick.  To my amazement, the gag held very firmly.  I had used duct tape gags on myself plenty of times in the past, but that was usually without any packing so I could easily wet the gag from the inside and end up peeling it away from my face.  Not the case with this type of gag, it was there to stay.  And it was COMFORTABLE!  Because it was just a folded piece of fabric, it filled all the crannies and didn't force my mouth in any unnatural position.  I didn't have to bite down on anything, my mouth was just.. filled.  I loved it so much, I just left it on for a couple hours while I continued my Saturday.

Hours later, my mouth still didn't hurt like it normally would have with a ballgag, so I wondered how I could have more fun with it.  So I decided to make a hood.  I wrapped saran wrap around my head, covering the gag, my eyes, ears, even pulled up my hair and kept it completely underneath.  I've done this several times in the past, but never for a very long time as I often got headaches soon after the wrapping, so this time I didn't really pull very tight on any of the plastic wrap, especially because of what my next step was going to be.  I decided to cover my head with duct tape as well.  Only rarely do I do this and I usually don't last very long because of my gagging fears.  First, I put a strip of duct tape right below my nose over my mouth, then one diagonally along the side of my nose, covering my left eye, and another covering my right eye, then another across the bridge of my nose, making my nostrils barely peek out, but still plenty of room so that there wasn't a chance of the tape folding over and blocking them.  I then put a long strip across both eyes and just kept working upward with horizontal strips over my forehead, on the top of my head, and down the back of my head finishing at the back of my neck, then I put another long strip across my mouth and worked lower finishing at my neck.  I felt around for any missed spots and then did a few more strips of tape around my nose and eyes just to make sure everything was covered.  To my disappointment, I wasn't quite blind as I could still see light, but the amount my head was secured was delightful. I put my posture gag back on and went to lay down for a bit to see how I handled the full hood.  And boy did I.  I don't know how to quite describe it accurately enough but the comforting feeling from having your entire head encased with barely any vision and reduced hearing was amazing.  I'm definitely not trying to describe sensory deprivation, it just felt... comforting. Like a gentle and constant hug.  Couple that with the rest of my body still in my catsuits, corsets, and heels, and I felt so great I ended up napping for a bit.

When I woke up, I decided I should probably take the hood and gag off even though my gagging fears are long behind me. My jaw didn't ache, my mouth didn't hurt, I didn't feel like I was going to choke on anything.  Most of all, I was just curious what time it was but my posture collar was also starting to get to me a little bit.  So I took off the collar and zombie-handed my way into my bathroom to get to a pair of scissors and started cutting away at the duct tape. A few strategic snips around the neck and up to the nose and I could just slide the rest of it off.  It was a relief to get off.  I didn't realize how hot it was inside it until the cool air of the bathroom hit my face.  My hair and skin was damp but the tape around my gag seemed to still be holding strong.  Despite that, I peeled it off and slowly extracted the panties from my mouth, which was a wet ball.  I didn't realize how wet it was going to get in there, but it made completely sense and it was actually a good thing since it absorbed a lot of the saliva that would have otherwise gone down my throat and possibly started a gag reflex from having the desire to swallow.

I stared at myself in the mirror for what felt like 10 minutes.  Admiring the curves and my damp hair laying on my shoulders.  I realized I still didn't know how long I was in the hood so I gave myself a little giggle and went into my bedroom to check the timer.  There was about a half hour left on the time I was gagged was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 hours--my longest EVER.  And I was in the hood for about 2 and a half.  I was so proud of myself, I was overjoyed.  By the time the timer ran out, I was still in such a happy mood that I decided I still didn't want to leave my outfit.  My feet weren't starting to hurt or anything, so I took a padlock and fed it through the top of the collar on my unitard and through the zipper pull and snapped it shut and gave the timer a really good spin and decided I was going to stay in for however long the timer landed on.  I looked at the timer and it said "1 day, 9 hours" and immediately said that was WAY too long. And made sure I didn't get the best of myself in my moment of euphoria.  So I reset it to zero again and made a less fierce spin and immediately started the timer.  I looked down expecting another 12 hours or so but it was for 18 more. Too late to back out now!  But also not as bad as over another day longer!

It was getting late in the day, so I decided to read for a couple hours and then get myself ready for bed.  I wasn't originally planning on anything special, but I decided that my hood went so well last time, I should try it again, but tweak a few things.  First, I wanted to see if I could re-use the old hood since it was a perfect mold of my head, but I couldn't get my hair inside it right and it was such a perfect fit that trying to re-seal it again just felt off.  So I definitely had to create a new one.  But this time, I took some tissues and rolled them into little balls to put inside my ears to add to the deafening.  I figured if a couple layers of tape did that well, maybe tissues would work better!  I balled up another pair of panties and pushed it into my mouth and again sealed my bulging mouth with several strips of duct tape.  This time, I even went up my cheeks and taped my eyelids down.  Next came the plastic wrap, up and over and around several times until I was completely covered, again making sure it wasn't too tight. And then the duct tape around the nose, first getting as close to the bottom of my nose as possible, then up the sides and over the top.  After the first layer over my eyes, I got another tissue and folded it into a pad and taped one over each of my eyes to attempt to block out as much light as possible.  The added pressure on my eyes was a plus as well.  I got my entire head covered again, but this time went a length of tape lower on my neck, being extra careful not to go too tight, but this completely secured my hood to the tall collar on my unitard, restricting my movement a bit more.

My final step was adding my leotard that connects between the legs with snaps and has fingered gloves and a hood without any holes, covering the entire top half of my body and going over top of my duct tape hood.  After making sure the added fabric didn't cause any breathing issues, I put a few strips of duct tape around my slim waist, around each of my wrists, and a couple strips wide around my neck.  Then, to seal it on further, I added a long sleeved biketard and added 3 safety pins to the zipper.  I felt so cozy, it's a shame no one would ever see the wide grin I was making underneath everything.  I made my way to the bed and reached for the light and clicked it off, noticing that I was completely blind this time, but I could still hear the click.  It was fainter with the tissues in my ears, but I definitely had some more to do to achieve total deafness, if even possible.  I climbed into bed, fought with the sheets a bit to get my heeled boots situation comfortably, laid my head on my pillow and slept one of the deepest sleeps I've ever had while in a corseted outfit.

When I woke up, I had no idea if I slept the whole night through, if it was just an hour, or if I made a mistake setting the timer too long and would have to make a dash for my keys before the rest of the world woke up.  I still leave a set of my backup keys outside, several miles away so that I have to drive a good distance to set myself free from my outfit.  But after the last time that happened, and getting stopped by the cops, they might as well be an emergency-only set, as far as I'm concerned!  Either way, I felt pretty good, but the added layers before going to bed were getting to be a bit hot so I reached for the zipper to the biketard to take off the safety pins, unzipped and started to work my fingers under the various strips of tape on my leotard and ripped them free so I could remove it and my hood.  But after taking off my leotard, I felt a little cooler, so I decided I could just leave the hood on and since I wasn't aching to get out of the rest of my outfit, I went back to sleep.

I woke up in a bit of a daze, not really confused about my situation (one of my fantasies I wish I could do to myself at some point--waking up having zero memory of why or how I was restrained), but more frustrated that I couldn't move my jaw or see anything.  So I made my way to the bathroom again and started to remove the hood and gag.  My ears hurt from the balls of tissue inside them and my jaw was aching.  When I removed the hood, it was a rush of relief from the cool air but the relief was short lived as I got to removing the tape along my face.  Duct tape hurts.  When I got to my mouth, I grabbed the pair of panties from my mouth and started pulling and my mouth just hung open.  This time, I immediately went to check the clock.  I had it on for 8 hours that night.  And it was now about 8am and I felt that was too late to venture outside in my outfit to get the keys, so I had about 6 hours to go.  I was already locked in my outfit and boots for 24 hours, but now I was in the home stretch.  I could have probably gone for longer, but I always get that pesky need to urinate and it spoils all the fun because I have to remove everything.  I've thought about trying some sort of catheter system, but everything I've researched is either potentially more messy that it's worth or medically dangerous to do yourself.

Sunday went by most of the way Saturday did--cruising the internet watching YouTube, reading stories, and watching TV.  When 4pm rolled along and my keys were available, I unlocked my boots and unitard and began undressing and immediately sat on the toilet and relieved myself.  I went back into the bedroom and put on my posture collar and wrist cuffs and locked them on, then set my timer so that it would release me in 12 hours, well before I had to be to work, and got my vibrator and went on my bed to give myself the most welcoming release of the weekend. I spent the rest of the day and night nude except for the collar and cuffs.  I went into the kitchen and got myself a small snack and started to clean up my bathroom and bedroom and started thinking of what I can do the following weekend.  Maybe earplugs is the next step?  Or headphones with white noise or just music?  Maybe I can start using my cage again, or my closet.

The possibilities are endless when you find something new. :)

As usual, this is a completely true story from this past weekend.  This just started out to be a "HEY GUYS! I've missed you! Let me tell you about my latest session!" but evolved into another full-length story, so I just kept it going with as much detail as possible and didn't care how long it got.  I hope you enjoyed reading! I'll probably end up submitting this as a story to the plaza as well (unless Gromet wants to take it right from here--he's perfectly welcome lol! But I'll copy it into an e-mail eventually, if the normal procedures are best).  I had no intention of writing a story out of it, it just happens.  I'm planning on spending another weekend similar to this one soon, Mother's day is coming up, so it can't be this weekend, but the weekend after! I want to try to get my cage in action again while wearing the hood.  I haven't used it in a long time, but I think it's time.  I'm just not sure how I should do the release since I can't use sunlight anymore since I'll be blinded. Oh, well, I'll think of something.

I just need to buy some more duct tape first.  HEHE

~Mrs. Locks~
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Re: An unexpected weekend in bondage
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2018, 01:37:11 pm »
As always, MrsLocks - a wonderful and inspirering story/report

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Re: An unexpected weekend in bondage
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2018, 03:27:19 pm »
Hi Mrs.L
Haven't been able to get on line for awhile (sometimes I hate computers) but I'm glad I started with your story sounds like a good time it always fun to find something you like.
Thanks for the shout out,
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Re: An unexpected weekend in bondage
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2018, 10:43:35 pm »
Of course, Mikel!  Not only do I frequently check the plaza for new stories and get excited when I see your name pop up, but I also have your "Stories by Mikel" page bookmarked so I can just read one at random whenever I get a craving.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  It's almost like you're in my head when you write your stories.  Right up my alley. :)

~Mrs. Locks~
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