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On the 29th By John Fitzbe Spring story contest.
« on: March 11, 2017, 03:58:08 am »
On the 29th
by John Fitzbe

Codes F/f  Smother, bury, con grim

   Simple things can trigger happy memories, for Jill, it’s the sound of a key in a lock, until now.
It was like the click of a fountain pen, it sounded so small and soft. The click reminded her of the first time May locked her in handcuffs. What followed was a night of submission, pain, and pleasure. From that night forward May's sadistic relationship with Jill would continue to escalate until now when the sound of a key in a lock triggered excitement and terror in Jill's heart.

   It was on their second night together that May told Jill of here secret desire. May had handcuffed 3 of Jill's limbs to the corners of her bed. To Jills 4th limb May locked a chain. Turning a key in the padlock a click was heard. Spread eagle on the bed, a naked Jill asked "Don't keys usually unlock padlocks?" This lock is special, it needs a key to lock it. May crawled on top of Jill and straddled her belly. Jill moaned as May played with her tits, at first kneading them, then pinching them until Jill squealed in pain. May laughed wickedly as she reached behind her and fingered Jill's clit. Jill bucked trying to encourage May to continue playing with her clit. May returned her attention back to Jill's boobs. May asked "Do you know what it means when you've allowed yourself to be bound to another woman's bed? It means you are my property, a slave and I can do whatever I want with you."Hearing the words "slave" and "property" Jill became aroused and felt her pussy get wet. May moved up Jill's body and rested her pussy on Jill's face. May then began grinding her pussy on Jill's face smothering her. As Jill struggled for air, May said "My greatest fantasy is to orgasm while taking the life of a slave."

   Jill stopped moving and May rested her crotch on Jill's face. After a moment Jill began to struggle and May climbed off of her property. Sitting back on the bed May began molesting Jill's pussy with her foot, gradually digging her foot deeper and deeper into Jill's tunnel till it was buried up to the ankle. May laid back and asked "Do you want to continue being my slave?" Jill didn't answer and both women fell asleep.

   The next day at breakfast Jill asked "Were you trying to kill me last night."

   "It's too soon for that. You haven't even seen my dungeon yet."

   Each night for the next 28 days Jill would allow herself to be bound in chains the special padlock used to secure her for the night. May would molest, torture, tees and arouse Jill to an orgasmic climax. Each night May would threaten Jill with death and each night Jill and May would orgasm again and again anticipating Jill's death.

   On the morning of the 29th day. May declared "Tonight you die." Jill held up her handcuffed hands and said I'm your slave, your property, to do with as you please.

   That night May led Jill to the back of the house and showed her a large pit. Alongside the pit was a banquet table and a cement mixer.
May had Jill climb upon the table and then began putting her in metal bondage. Shackles were attached to her ankles. A chain was attached to the shackles and then wrapped around her legs like bandages on a mummy. Like a crotch rope, a chain was secured around Jill's waist and a length was brought up between her legs. pulled taunt the chain dug up and into her pussy. Next a tow chain was locked around Jill's neck and held into place with a padlock.  The sound of the key in the lock triggered excitement and terror in Jills heart.The length of the tow chain was wrapped around Jill's chest above and below her breasts. the cold chain was wrapped around her belly and secured with another padlock. Jill was held immobile by the weight of the chains. May bent over Jills face and kissed her as she pinched Jill's nipples. May climbed up on top of Jill's chest and felt the cold chains on her clit. Looking at Jill, May said. "You're very quiet, you haven't said a word from the moment you entered the back yard." Jill remained silent, tears swelled up in her terror filled eyes.

   May climbed off of Jill and gripped the table. May using all her strength tilted the table and Jill's chain bound body slid off the table and rolled into the pit. May went over to the cement mixer and turned it on. May then sat down on the edge of the pit and kicked off her shoes. May rested her bare feet on Jill's crotch. May tried to slide her foot into Jill's pussy but the chains were too tight. The cement began filling the pit. May began playing with herself, sliding her feet back and forth on the crotch chain. After a moment May climbed into the pit and straddled Jill's face. The cement continued to flow and May felt Jill struggling for air as she rode Jill's face May had what she would always consider her greatest orgasm. The cement continued to fill the pit and when it reached May's waist, May realized her situation and got off of Jill's face and climbed out of the pit.
When the pit was full of cement. May turned off the cement mixer and went into the house. On the kitchen table sat a lock and key.
She picked it up and turned the key listening to it's pen like click.


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Re: On the 29th By John Fitzbe Spring story contest.
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 10:47:51 pm »
I found the this story to be well written and edited. The subject was much too dark for my tastes. I'm not a fan of mortal demise stories in my fetish reads. When I want doom and gloom in my reading, I'll stick with the Horror fiction area's of the book store. Yes, sometimes things are going to happen in a story which requires the demise of a character...but not when is the plan throughout.

This is, just my opinion and an explanation of what I enjoy. As stated, the story was well written.



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