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What?! by ElectroPainLover
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Spring-2017 Story Contest Submission
© Copyright 2017 by ElectroPainLover

Storycodes: sbf; handcuffs; cuffs; hogtie; electroplay; gag; inserts; torment; caught; F/f; tease; torture; stuck; cons; X

Simple things can trigger happy memories, for me it’s the sound of a key in a lock, until now. The sound and feel of my key entering the lock I need to release in order to gain my freedom being the sound and feel of triumph and victory. However, I was the one sliding the key into the locks tumblers during my bondage forays, not someone else. This time, I was nowhere near my next key-based target. But, I was next to a lock which required a key. A lock someone else was operating.

The sound of the key’s teeth moving the tumbler pins sounded like fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard. The sound of the key entering the lock had not been what stopped me in my tracks however. That, had been the doorbell. My struggles would've made me miss the subtle entry of the key into the lock. It was the doorbell that stopped me in my tracks; or, slithers; and heightened my awareness to the lesser, softer sounds. Hence, the realization that a key was being inserted into my entry's deadbolt.

I had only one plan for my Saturday; three different self-bondage sessions. The first being a hogtied back and forth trek through my one bedroom flat. I only made it halfway through this first session before being caught off-guard by the doorbell and mortified by the sound of the key entering the deadbolt.

Only three people had a key to the door of my apartment; my parents, my sister, and the landlord. To me, the thought of any one of them finding me in my current state was horrifying. Bondage was one part of my life I held as a tightly guarded secret.

I began my morning with a hot shower and a single cup of coffee. Normally I’m a three cupper but the last thing I needed was my bladder causing me additional discomfort during an already difficult situation.

I laid out all of my bondage gear on my bed and locked four different keys into four separate lockboxes. I placed two of the boxes in the furthest corner from the door of my bedroom and the other two in the corner of my living room furthest from the hall. The placements of the boxes made for a fair distance to have to be travelled. Especially while bound and having to move like an inchworm. The way the keys were locked and ordered in the boxes would require me to traverse the distance four times for me to finally get to my handcuff key to free myself.

However, my bondage and the placement of the boxes were not going to be the only problems I had to deal with. I would also have distractions adding to the difficulty of my morning affair.

I began by lubing and inserting the first of my distractions. A fair sized butt plug. Not overly large but uncomfortable none-the-less, I worked it into my tight rear orifice. Next, I tightened, what is essentially, a thick leather chastity belt around my waist. It worked as a chastity belt as it has another belt attached to it which goes between my legs and over my crotch. The waist belt includes three heavy D-rings attached to it; one in the back and one on either side. I left the crotch-strap dangle for now.

I lubed a large bullet plug and inserted it into my love hole. It had been a special find. A 1 1/2” in diameter by 4” long insert which is a bipolar e-stim probe and vibrator in one. The vibrator is extremely strong, but, only buzzes away when electricity surges through the electrodes. I covered the hole the bullet plug just forged with a bipolar vaginal shield then tightened the strap between my legs to hold everything in place. The strap forced the plug in my ass to settle deeper and held the shield tight against my labia, ensuring nothing could move out of place. A padlock on the front prevented me from removing anything until I had gathered all the keys.

Not wanting to neglect the firm yet sensitive mounds on my chest, I peeled breast pad electrodes from their plastic protectors and placed them so my nipples and areolas were centered nicely in the hole of the pads. Next, I stuck 1’ round pads over each nipple creating a bipolar connection to each breast. To ensure none of the pads were pulled off during my struggles, I tightened a leather breast strap around my chest. Two concave stiff leather breast cups covered both of my tits fully and pressed the pads tight against my skin, ensuring maximum conductivity through the conductive gel adhesive. Like the belt around my waist, the belt around my chest had a D-ring at center of my back and, also secured with a padlock.

To ensure my electrical pleasure would not go flat during my escapades, I installed a fresh 9 volt battery into the control box then hooked up the leads to my areas of e-stim attention. A microphone embedded leather collar completed my shock treatment portion of the setup. The power box was designed specifically for sexual electrical play and torture and is not your everyday TENS device. Internal motion sensors and sound captured by the microphone also added frustration to its unfortunate victim, in this case, me. A heavy duty lockable leather pouch prevented access to the box. I attached the pouch to the ring on the right side of my waist belt, allowing it to bounce around as I struggled to gain the keys.

I set the settings of the box to be uncomfortable but not debilitating though the microphone portion would provide a shock based upon the decibels of the noise I made. If I made a loud enough sound, it could give me one hell of a jolt. I left the power of the box off until I finished with the rest of my restraints.

I locked a set of handcuffs to the D-ring at my lower back. Next, I locked a pair of leather ankle cuffs about my ankles. They were permanently secured together and had a ring mounted at the top; specially designed for hogtie bondage. A strap above and below my knees removed all but the slightest of independent movement in my legs. Another strap high on my thighs lessened this movement and made the belt covering my vulva bite into the uppermost and innermost part of my legs where they joined in my groin.

A leather strap from the ring of my ankle cuffs to the ring of my breast strap provided my arched hogtie. The ‘buckle’ for this strap was actually a friction binder much like those found on tie-down straps for securing loads. Pulling the loose end allowed it to be tightened, but, the buckle had to be released to loosen it. In the case of this buckle however, a special ‘key’ had to be inserted to release the binder.

Almost finished with my bindings, I filled my mouth with a dildo gag which held my maw at full gape and tickled my tonsils. A tiny click of a small padlock insured this too would remain in place until the very end. I had bantered back and forth between the use of a blindfold, but, in the end, decided my venture would have enough hampering to it and decided to leave sight as my one perk.

I finally turned on the power box and locked it into the leather pouch attached to my side. The simple act of letting it fall and rest upon my side triggered a shock from the movement, making me cringe from the pain. This was definitely going to be an interesting and painful journey as there was nothing I could do at this point other than to leave my wrists unfettered to assist me in my adventure. Quickly ratcheting the cuffs about my wrists removed this possible temptation. I used a stiff piece of wire, kept for just this purpose, to double lock the handcuffs.

I knew getting off my bed would be the first difficult act I would have to accomplish. As I wiggled my knees towards the side of my bed which faced the most open part of my bedroom; I didn’t want to get hurt by hitting something should I fall in the effort; I felt the box register a couple of my moves and paying out for them. I thought that I may have set the movement sensor to be too sensitive but decided that if I had, it was much too late to do anything about it. One thing I was sure of however, the dog was going to bark, and bite, when my body landed upon the floor.

The dog did bark and it did bite when I hit the floor. The shock; forcing me to accidently voice my opinion about it; for which, I was bit again and with much more vigor. Tears welled in my eyes from the shocks sent through my erogenous femininities; the only pleasure sensation being the bullets vibrator springing to life. However, the buzzing pleasantry was well overshadowed by the jolting electricity.

Inching my way around my bed and out of my bedroom, though slow and tedious, was not all that bad. After exiting the bedroom and leaving the carpeted floor of my bedroom behind, exchanging it for the hardwood floor of the hallway, things became a little more difficult and forced me to rethink my movements. Obviously the padded and carpeted floor softened the shock placed upon the power box’s motion sensor; a plus removed by the solid surface of the hallway. Each time I had to roll my body towards my right side it caused the leather case to strike the solid surface hard enough to cause a hell of a shock to and within my body. I found myself wishing the vibrator portion had a delay switch to allow it to keep running after the shock stopped, but alas, it did not.

What seemed like hours of wriggling and jolting shocks, I finally made the halfway point of my session. Trying to unlock the first box was quite a learning experience as the aggressiveness of the shock-box made itself known while I rolled to my dominate side to accomplish the task. Rolling to my left produced a terrible shock to my sensitive womanly features when it fell against my right hip, but then it just rested there as I worked the key into the box and retrieved the key to the next box from it.

It was on my second trip from my bedroom back to the living room when my terroristic and fearful misfortune fell upon me…three rings of the doorbell followed by the key being slid into the deadbolt on my front door. A door I just happened to be laying hogtied at the foot of and in plain sight of whomever it was to open it.

Life became surreal at that moment, the projectionist in my head switching the camera to slow motion. It seemed as if I could hear each tooth of the key toggle each pin of the lock’s tumblers. It was as if I could hear every millimeter, of the twenty-six of the bolts length, slide into the locks housing; every degree of the key’s back-turn as returned so it could be extracted. Every grating rasp as the key was withdrawn from the lock’s own version of a pussy. The rattling grasp of a hand wrapping around a doorknob and, again, every degree the hand turned the knob and retracting its own spring loaded bolt from the catch. It seemed as if I could even hear the weatherproof seal around the doors frame sucking in air; much as my own lungs had upon the realization of someone beginning to breach the only barrier from the outside world and into my private life; and expanding back to its default form. The creak of the metal hinges turning against the pins connecting them into one as the door swung upon their axis. The wonderment of who I would see as the door completed its arc to its open position; and, of the ones I knew to have a key, who I would dread seeing the most. My mother and/or father? My sister? My landlord? I thought my sister, Sarah, would be the lesser upon my embarrassment. The worst I thought to be my landlord as he was so old I feared he may suffer a heart attack at the vision of young, sexy tenant bound helplessly inside of one of his units. That would bring the police and a whole lot of explaining on my part.

Sarah was six years my senior and had been the one to sit me down for the ‘birds and the bees’ chat. However, our talk of sex didn’t include miniaturized handcuffs for the aforementioned creatures.

It was Sarah, and, she must not have looked down as she entered and closed the door. But, she did soon after. She almost kicked me as she spun towards the living room calling my name. She called loud enough to cause me to feel light tingles of electricity course through my attachments and insert. Light, that was, until she seen me.

“Jessie, oh my God, what is this?” She said loud enough for the microphone to open the boxes channels to a painful level. Then she covered her mouth with one hand in an ‘oh how funny’ gesture and began to giggle.

“I had no fucking idea! You’re into some kinky stuff girl.” Again, her voices level being loud enough to set off the electricity, but, not as strong as her first surprised outburst.

Sarah knelt down beside me and asked me if I was alright. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes, but not expecting company’.” She said lightheartedly. She turned to where she believed me to be heading from and went to my bedroom. She laughed loudly upon peering into it.

“Wow, looks like you’re very well set up. Personally it’s not something that looks too interesting for me. But crap little sis, looks like you are.” Now, light little tingles registering upon my body.

Sarah returned to me and rolled me partway over. However, since she rolled me to my right side, the box struck the floor hard enough and produced enough of a shock to make my body tighten. Seeing the black wires running along my body, she touched one lightly and formed a wondering look upon her face.

“Are you being shocked somehow?” My sister asked in complete bewilderment. I nodded my head.

“Son of a bitch sis! This is weird.” She mused as she allowed me to roll back onto my stomach and looked at the gags buckle.

“Well so much for that.” Sarah cogitated. “You’re silent until I can find your keys.” Sarah giggled girlishly as she stood and headed off towards my bedroom.

I listened intently as I heard her go through the flight-styled bag I kept my bondage equipment and toys in which was still on my bed. I heard her mutter “Oh shit” to herself as she did so. Yes, I had stuff in there that brought out the same reaction from me when I found them online. Just mine was more of excitement while hers was of wonderment.

I heard what sounded like Sarah shaking the still locked box in my room, the one holding all the keys to all the bondage I wore. The box I had to open to free myself.

“Hmmm.” I heard her hum and start back in my direction. She walked past me and towards the direction I seemed to be heading. I listened as she found and shook the still locked box in the living room. Sarah returned back to me.

“I take it you have the key for one of those boxes and I would guess; since you’re heading that direction; it would the one in the front room.” She said, quickly ascertaining just how I had planned to release myself and what I had to do to obtain my freedom.

I held my hands closed tightly as I didn’t feel much like conversing with her at this very moment about my secret life. Actually, what I wanted was for her to leave and let me worry about getting myself free. However, much to my future dismay, Sarah had a much different idea for me than mine.

“I really believe you are hiding it in one of your tightly closed little hands Jessie and I really don’t believe you are much in a position to keep me from it. Do you?” Sarah said, now taking on a voice harboring a bit of menace and jester.

I slowly opened my hands, revealing the little key in my right.

“That’s how I thought you would see it little sis.” Now sounding triumphant. She took the key. Now, if her plans were not to gain the other keys and release me, I had no way of shedding myself of my restraints.

I laid in quiet solitude and ever increasing embarrassment. I had no idea what I would say to her once I could speak. I wondered how she would react to the answers I gave to what I was sure to be gaggle of questions she would no doubt pose. Also, half of my lifetime had been spent with her picking on and taunting me. But then, I had mom and dad to run to. Now, they aren’t here and I sure as hell can’t run. Shit, I can barely move.

Sarah did in two minutes what would’ve still taken me better than an hour to accomplish. She tried small key after small key of the assortment on the ring of keys until she finally came across the one that worked the lock on my gag.

“I don’t know why in the hell you bother to lock this. It’s not like you could reach it.” Sarah said as she removed the lock and unbuckled the gag.

“Good God!” She exclaimed as the dildo gag popped free of my mouth; obviously amazed at its size.

“I still can’t talk sis.” I whispered very quietly.

“What?” She asked and I repeated myself.

“Why?” She queried questioningly.

“Remove the collar on my neck.” I said so quietly I may as well have only mouthed it.

She still understood me and unsnapped the collar and noticed the microphones wire as she did.

“Put it down by my feet please sis.” I said a little louder now. However, I could’ve figured just how fucked I was when she did. The shock I received when the collar hit the floor, thanks to her toss, was as bad as the one I received when I slid off my bed. I screamed from the pain.

“Awe…did that hurt sis?” Sarah said mockingly.

“Yes. It did. I hope you’re happy Sarah.” I said through an aching jaw and watery eyes.

“Yep. I am.” She replied and then asked, “So how long have you been doing this stuff?

“About two years.” I admitted.

“Did someone turn you on to it or something? If so, a boyfriend?”

“Yes, someone did. As for who, that would be you.” I answered feeling it may take her off guard a little.

“Me? I’ve never done this. How could I have introduced you to this?” Sarah asked, clearly puzzled.

“Remember when you tied me to the chair when I was six? Now I’m mature enough to understand what that odd feeling I had while I was tied. It excited me.” I answered with honesty.

“Oh wow. So why get into it only two years ago if it was from that? You’ve been aware of sexuality much longer than two years.” She replied ponderingly. “Hell, I spoke to you about sex when you were sixteen and that’s been, what, six years ago.”

“I played with light rope ties ever since that time with the chair, but got serious about it two years ago.” I answered.

“What’s with the electricity? How can that be fun? It seems quite weird to me.”

“I also enjoy some pain sis. I can’t explain it but it really gets me going. Since were being frank here.” I offered.

“I knew you were strange sis, but, never realized how much.” She said playfully.

“Okay. So I’m strange.” I replied back, joking myself. “So can you replace the gag and put my keys back so I can finish. I’ll call you later and we can talk more after I’m free.” I half asked, half suggested.

“Oh, sis, these…” Sarah held up the keys “…are going with me.” She said putting them in the front pocket of her jeans. “As for your gag, yes, I’ll replace it.” She said as I began to protest. The huge gag getting shoved in as I did, silencing me from any further argument.

Sarah grabbed the belt around my chest and tits and started dragging me towards my living room.

“I had come by to see if you would like to go out for lunch. But, now, I think dinner sounds better to me. How about you? Awe, what, a cat got your tongue? Oh, no? A huge fake cock is filling your mouth? Oh, okay.” Sarah laughing loudly at her own joke.

Luckily, as she dragged me, the collar slid quietly along the floor with me and remained quiet. It did, however, catch her laugh and dish out some of its own form of laughter. Her laugh sent a cold chill down my spine. The boxes laugh sent hot electricity into my erogenous spots.

Sarah placed me with my knees against my couch. She went back to my bedroom and come back with a leather strap. Threading the strap between my lower knee strap, I felt my knees press tight against the couch as she tightened and buckled it. I guessed she must’ve secured me to the foot of the davenport.

“There. You won’t be leaving this area. Now…” Sarah paused as she thought.

She moved one of the speakers of my stereo out and turned it around. She took my collar and run the wire under the speaker, ensuring it could not be somehow drug away from it.

“NO! PLEASE!” I tried to scream but my words were indecipherable.

“Oh, don’t worry sis. I know you don’t think so, but big sis still knows what’s best for you.” Sarah laughed.

Sarah sat down at my computer and moved the mouse. The screen came to life. Looking around my desktop, she laughed.

“What’s this? Seems strange. Hmmm. Boy Does Some Magic Videos. Sounds cryptic. Let me check that out.” Sarah giggled as she double clicked the icon.

It was cryptic. The icon, I knew, was a triskelion and the title had all the first letters capitalized. The folder actually had all the BDSM videos I have purchased from my favorite BDSM website. Women in tight bondage being sexually used. Now, Sarah knew about those too.

“Wow. Holly shit! I’d hate to meet up with these chicks in a dark alley. They have to be tough to go through some of this stuff.” Sarah mused as she scanned through some of the videos and watched women being spanked, shocked, whipped, and their sexes clamped, slapped, dildo fucked, and vibrated; only being allowed to cum when granted permission.

“I thought I’d use music; but, now, I think you being tortured by them being tortured may be a bit poetic. Don’t you sis?” Sarah showing some of her adolescent cruelty she possessed so many years ago and laughing.

I shook my head feverishly and tried to voice my objections. It seemed, however, my opinion did not persuade big sis’ decision.

“I think ten of them queued to play should last you until I get back.” Sarah mused with laughter in her tone.

That left me in horror. I knew that ten videos, averaging about fifty or fifty-five minutes each, meant I would be bound here and electrically tortured for a very long time.

Before playing the videos however, Sarah brought her attention back to my physical being. She looked over my bound and helpless body lying on the carpet and leashed to the heavy couch. I felt her grab the strap holding me hogtied and slowly tug on it. My body arched slightly more. She pulled it some more and I arched a little further. She finally stopped when my tits were barely touching the floor. My back was arched uncomfortably and somewhat painfully.

“There. A little less able to move Jessie? That’s good.” Sarah taunted. Then she did something I never expected. She slapped my face several times much harder than I believed she ever would. Both of my cheeks burned and stung from her hand smacking them.

Sarah picked up the remote to the stereo system which was connected to the speaker aimed at the sensitive microphone in the collar and my computer system. Since I mainly used the system as my computers speakers, it was already on the AUX channel. Sarah turned the volume to zero.

She went back to the computer and clicked the play button. I watched the screen show the opening graphics then show a very attractive brunette sitting in a chair, fully dressed, and being interviewed prior to the shooting of the video of her bondage and painful attention. Sarah slid the video slider until she found a part of the video where the woman was screaming loudly. She let the video play and slowly turned the volume up on my stereo, watching me as she did so.

As the volume rose, so did the stimulation of my electrical shocks. I kept begging Sarah with shakes of my head and attempted verbal pleas. She simply watched me and pressed the up button on the remote. I began to feel every cry the woman made. I could feel the slap of the paddle upon her rear then her screams it produced.

Sarah reached a level high enough to start producing visual reactions as my body began to contract my muscles from the electrical pulses. She continued higher. A large smile crossed her face as she watched my body react to the girls screams. Now, I began to scream into my gag a half a second after the woman in the video screamed.

She stopped the video, allowing my body to relax at the quietness, and placed the stereo's remote about a foot in front of my face. "Lust for it sis." Sarah said teasingly and giggled.

“I placed several of your heavy metal songs in between the videos. Maybe the much more continuous stimulation will allow baby sister to cream herself. I’ll keep these nice and safe for you.” Sarah informed me then patted her jeans pocket she had placed my keys in.

“I figure we can leave about eight or so for dinner. I’ll let you decide where we’ll eat, so think about it…that is, if you can.” Sarah began laughing at the end.

“I love you Jessie.” Sarah said as she clicked the play button on the computer’s media player and left.

I can only hope to have enough energy to go out for dinner after this session of my bondage and torture play Sarah, so kindly, set into motion for me.

The End.
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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2017, 12:11:01 am »
I’m not into self-bound stories, unless they’re discovered, this one is done well. Written in a wordy style, but it works. No surprise this story is the runner-up.


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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
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Thank you Fordman!

Sometimes...well, most of the stories are quite wordy. It can be somewhat of a downfall when trying to attain a following of readers, many of which, prefer stories to be much shorter. I am trying to work on writing some shorter and more concise stories.

Thank you again. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
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Good story Dana. I enjoy watching the way your writing improves with each submission.

I won't disclose who I voted for but will say it wasn't easy choosing between the entries, all of which were excellent.



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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
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Thank you Max...for both the thoughts of "What?!" and about my writing improving. I've thought it to be improving, but, I'm not the one who has to notice  ;).

There's no reason, and I do not ever expect others to state who they voted for, to tell your vote. That's between you and the stories you read.

Primarily, I had to make my choice based on plot preference. All the stories were written and told very well.

Thank you again Max!


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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2017, 07:11:38 am »
Loved it (I love predicament stories). Great job!
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Re: What?! by ElectroPainLover
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2017, 06:58:35 pm »
Thank you Zephyr. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I enjoy writing predicament stories and see what kind of situations I can come up with to frustrate the protagonist for a little while.



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