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Helping Hands by 64Fordman
« on: December 23, 2016, 08:41:27 PM »
Helping Hands – A Sue and Ali Story
By: 64Fordman
Storycodes: machine/ff; bond; cuffs; straps; inf; diaper; forcefeed; cons/nc; x


“We’ve been working all day.” Sue said as the sisters came downstairs to the kennel.

“It’s noon. Cousin Alice’s day care is finished and I want you two to test it.” Their father Stan said.

“We don’t know anything about it.” Ali said.

“Exactly, the system is designed to be simple enough for an idiot.” Stan said.

“Did he just insult us?” Ali said.

“I need technicians who think like idiots and I’m putting my best people in charge.” Stan said.

“See, don’t be an idiot.” Sue said.

“Take Junior with you.” Stan said.

“Junior?” Sue said.

“This is Junior, a lifelike manikin covered with gel that reacts like human skin. Put him through the systems, we’ll meet at the steak house at 4pm and I’ll buy you dinner.” Stan said.

*     *    *     *     *

“Dad was right, this is pretty simple,” Sue said as she sat at a console looking over the control panel, “you just tell the system what you want it to do.”

“What are we going to do first?” Ali said.

“Since Junior is naked, let’s assume he just had a bath and get him dressed.” Sue said.

Sue selects options from a menu on the touch screen to create a task and hits enter to finish. A large green start button lights up below the screen.

“Okay, put Junior on the conveyor.” Sue said.

“Why is Junior so heavy?” Ali said as she lifts the manikin and lays it on the cushioned conveyor belt.

“Obviously dad wants to see how the system works with a larger subject.” Sue said and pushed the start button.

The conveyor starts, moving Junior into the machine and onto a padded changing table. The girls watch the process on the monitor. Padded mechanical arms gently lift the manikin’s legs by the ankles and sprinkle powder on its bottom, then place a diaper in position on the mat while soft music plays and cartoon animals appear on a screen overhead.

“Kind of big for a diaper, isn’t he?” Ali said.

“We’re supposed to test everything, remember?” Sue said.

With the diaper secure the manikin’s legs are guided into the legs of a one piece pajama, the hands placed through the arms and the garment is zipped up the back. Fully dressed, Junior rides the padded conveyor out the other end of the machine.

“Aww, he looks so adorable now.” Ali said.

“Okay, put him back and I’ll do it again.” Sue said.

“It’s my turn to run the machine.” Ali said.

“Dad would want me in charge, I’m the oldest.” Sue said.

“The oldest idiot. Why doesn’t that doesn’t sound right?” Ali said.

Sue rolls her eyes and sits at the console while Ali gets the manikin moved to the front of the machine and on the conveyor. She sets the machine to change a diaper, presses the start button and Junior again moves into the machine. This time the pajama and diaper are removed first, then the manikin is cleaned with a moist towel, powered, diapered and dressed in a fresh pajama. The manikin comes out of the machine fresh and clean.

“Not a scratch on him, but I wonder if it’s scary in there for real?” Ali said.

“One way to find out, lay down on the conveyor.” Sue said.

“Are you serious?” Ali said.

“We just watched it work twice, it’s safe. You know you want to.” Sue said.

“Okay, let’s try it.” Ali said.

Ali lays down on the conveyor. Sue sits at the console, repeats diaper change and begins the program. As the music and video play mechanical arms gently remove Ali’s clothing, clean and powder her bottom, then diaper her. Finally, she is dressed in a white one piece footless pajama with pictures of clowns and balloons on it. Ali is moved off the changing table onto the conveyor, it starts to carry Ali out of the machine.

Sue jumps up to grab the manikin still on the conveyor. She props him on her hip with one arm around his waist as the conveyor parks Ali in front of her.

“Aww, you look adorable too, how was it?” Sue said.

“It was fun, I didn’t feel afraid at all.” Ali said.

“Let’s try something more complicated with Junior.” Sue said.

Junior is getting heavy, Sue puts him in the chair at the console and begins to select a series of tasks. She starts with changing, then selects feeding. A drop down menu appears, she chooses infant w/ bottle and finally nap. Each selection is added to a list on the screen in the order they will be executed.

She sees another tab on the main screen labeled fussy, a drop down menu displays w/assistance and RAN. Sue selects RAN and another item is added to the list, Special Instruction: Restrain as Necessary.


Sue goes to the changing machine to see what Ali is yelling about.

“I can’t find my clothes, I’m not going to a restaurant like this.” Ali said.

“You’ll get crayons and a balloon, and you can hardly tell you’re wearing a diaper.” Sue said.

“Help me.” Ali said.

Sue goes back to the console. She saw a help tab on the touch screen before but can’t find it now. Pressing the enter button closes the open programming window revealing hidden items. Sue opens the help menu.

“Your clothes were put into a laundry hamper, they should be right there.” Sue said.

“There’s no place that opens on here.” Ali said.

“Maybe it opens on the inside, get in there and see.” Sue said.

Ali gets on the conveyor and crawls on all fours inside the machine.

“I see a door but I can’t open it, can you try?” Ali said.

Sue mumbles under her breath as she crawls in. At the console the manikin falls forward in the chair and hits the start button with its nose.

The machine senses dangerous movement and mechanical arms deploy to prevent injury. Sue is held down by the wrists as the machine works on restraining and changing Ali.

“What’s going on?” Ali said.

“You must have done something to start the machine.” Sue said.

“That odd, since you’re the only one who has touched the controls.” Ali said.

“Never mind that, when the machine sends you out cancel the program.” Sue said.

The machine finishes diapering Ali and zips her into a fresh pajama. It then guides her arms and legs into a harness and turns Ali over onto her stomach. Ali feels the straps pull snug over her shoulders, around her chest and between her legs as the harness is buckled behind her back.

Ali exits the machine feet first on her stomach. Before she can get up she hears a snap behind her and another mechanical arm guides her off the conveyor. Ali tries to head for the console but she is tethered to the machine and being guided toward a play area where she is attached to the wall.

Sue, now diapered and dressed in a yellow one piece pajama with balls and blocks, is guided to the play area and attached to the opposite wall. The girls can reach the toys but not each other.

“Why are we in harnesses attached to the wall?” Ali said.

“We have to get out of this.” Sue said.

“I can’t get the harness off, and the attachment point on the wall is too high to reach. Is there something else I should know?” Ali said.

“I may have set the machine to handle a problem child.” Sue said.

“And?” Ali said.

“I hope you’re hungry.” Sue said.

“No way.” Ali said.

“If we cooperate the machine may let us go.” Sue said.

“You mean if I’m difficult you’ll be . . .?” Ali said.

The overhead system returns to retrieve the sisters. Ali looks at Sue.

“NO!” Sue said.

“This will be totally worth it.” Ali said.

Ali drops to the floor and begins screaming and imitating a temper tantrum. As the system unhooks the leashes and begins to lead the girls from the play area Sue grabs a foam block and throws it at Ali who catches it and throws it back at Sue hitting her in the head.

The girl’s leashes pull tight to hold them in place while two telescoping arms descend and grasp both girls around the torso, lift them off the floor and carry them away.

As they move Ali kicks at Sue with her bare feet and Sue returns the gesture. The girls are lowered and their legs guided into waiting highchairs. Attachment points at the shoulder, waist and hips on the harnesses are coupled to the chair back. Their arms are lowered to their sides and wrists placed in soft Velcro cuffs attached to the seat with ankles cuffed to the foot rest. A tray is attached and adjusted close to each girl’s body.

“Admit it, this was a good idea.” Ali said.

“Like the dog grooming machine?” Sue said.

“It just needs a few more tweaks, besides you let the machine do it.” Ali said.

“On all fours with my neck locked to the table, I looked like a poodle for a month.” Sue said.

A three compartment food dish is placed on the tray in front of each girl.

“Strained carrots, why?” Sue said.

From the ceiling two cardboard clown cutouts descend in front of the girls while baby talk comes from a speaker in the back.

“Okay, this is creepy, dad has to change this.” Sue said.

Bibs are lowered and tied around the girl’s necks, then mechanical arms made to look like the clown’s reaches out with a spoon, scoops up some food and places it in their mouths.

“Augh, this is disgusting.” Sue said.

The machine delivers another spoonful.

“The applesauce isn’t bad.” Ali said.

“You got applesauce?” Sue said and receives another spoonful, “I’d rather get a poodle cut.”

The empty food dishes are removed and the clown arms present a bottle to each girl.

“I could use some milk to wash down that food.” Ali said.

“That’s not milk.” Sue said.

Ali joins Sue’s attempt to avoid this part of the meal but the bottles are pushed past their lips and tipped up causing formula to flow between their teeth forcing each girl to accept the nipples and swallow the liquid to get the taste away from their tongues. They continue sucking down formula just to get it over with.

With the bottles empty the clowns, bibs and highchair trays are removed and the girls untied and lifted from the chairs. They are carried to another area with cots, two have blankets folded into a triangular shape.

“Let me guess, it’s nap time.” Ali said.

With arms held at their sides the girls are tightly swaddled in the blankets, then strapped down to the cots across the chest, waist and legs. The lights dim and quite music plays. They struggle but their arms are trapped inside the blanket wrap.

“You did a great job.”

“DAD!” Sue and Ali said together.

“I watched the whole thing on my tablet. You demonstrated what can happen with complete idiots in charge, I couldn’t have done it without you. Finish your nap and we’ll go to dinner.” Stan said.

“I think we have a new place to play.” Ali said.
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Re: Helping Hands by 64Fordman
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Sue and Ali are as cute as ever Fordman. Great story!


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Re: Helping Hands by 64Fordman
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Thanks Dana, it was fun spending time with them again.


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Re: Helping Hands by 64Fordman
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It was for me too. They are very fun with their somewhat naively curious playfulness. You have developed a great couple of characters with them. I will never tire of their antics.


Ooops...You are welcome Fordman
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Re: Helping Hands by 64Fordman
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Thanks again Dana, I used to own an ice cream shop, Sue and Ali are based on two college girls who worked for me for a few years. They were total knuckleheads but too adorable to fire.


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