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I nearly screwed up again.
« on: June 04, 2017, 11:14:30 am »
I had been out in the garden enjoying the sunshine and decided a short self bondage session would be fun. Looking in my toy box I spotted a leather Muff arm binder that hadn’t been used for sometime so I decided this would be my restraint along with some straps for my legs and a lockable ballgag. I put on my leather briefs, strapped my legs together, locked the ballgag tight and pushed my right arm into the leather muff and settled the arm strap above my elbow. Now came the difficult bit inserting my left arm through the leather strap and into the muff and then working the strap over my elbow. I hopped over to an armchair and used the back to push on the strap and it slipped easily above my elbow and I eased it up until both arm straps were level. Now my arms were trapped folded against my back until I worked the straps back down past my elbows, as getting the strap in place had gone so smoothly I expected no problem getting free. ;)

I happily hopped about in my bondage making my way into the conservatory to watch some starlings bathing in the bird bath. The sun was still quite fierce and I started to break out into a sweat. So I decided to hop back to the arm chair and get myself loose. By the time I got to the chair I was dripping with sweat so I started to rub at the arm strap to work it down my arm to the elbow, but my sweat and the aftersun I had applied when I came in from the garden had made the leather slippery and the strap would not move. ???

I hopped around to the front of the armchair and sat down to consider my options.
a)   I could try to use a table edge to see if that would give enough grip to move the strap.
b)   I could head for the kitchen to get a knife or scissors to try and cut the strap.
c)   I could try to get to my mobile and activate the Safety Assistance and call my human back up.
d)   Open the front door and try and find a neighbour to help me.

With a great deal of difficulty I managed to get back on my feet and hop to the table. Option a) proved useless as the table edges were rounded and just slipped like the chair. Option b) proved impossible because with my arms folded across my back I couldn’t reach the door handle. So on to option c) now my first problem was that my phone was in the pocket of my shorts so I had to hop to the bedroom and get the shorts off the chair. This was not easy with my arms folded across my back, but I finally grabbed hold and tried to work them around so I could get at the pocket, not easy one handed and with your arms starting to ache from being held in the same position. As they moved around the phone popped out of the pocket and fell to the floor. Now I have another problem, bound the way I was I doubted that if I fell to the floor that I would be able to stand again. So I moved the phone with my feet and hopefully pushed the activation buttons for the SA. :-\
I sat down on a stool the sweat still pouring off me and wondered if my back up would get my call for help, I hadn’t told them I was planning a session so there was no reason they would be checking their phone. By now my arms were really aching as was my jaw and my mouth was really dry.  I had no response from my back up and with the sweat still dripping off me Option d) started to look attractive despite how embarrassing it would be. So I hopped to the front door, only to find that with my arms bound as they were I couldn’t open it. I was really getting worried how was I going to get free? Wait the conservatory door was open I could get outside that way. I hooped back through  the house to the conservatory. As I got there I noticed the door handle was at about the same height as the arm straps. I decided to give escaping one last try and managed to snag the arm strap on the handle and pull the strap over my elbow. I was finally free. Once I had got the arm muff off I texted my back up to tell them they weren’t required. I looked at the clock my short SB session had lasted two and a half hours!  ;) 


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Re: I nearly screwed up again.
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2017, 07:53:13 pm »
Trouble with new toys.

Just spent nearly two hours in bondage, only intended thirty minutes! Got my gear together, single link ankle cuffs, universal joint handcuffs and ballgag. Set up ice release to drop handcuff keys so I could reach them. Stripped to my tanga briefs and locked myself up hands behind back and started to struggle and enjoy my helplessness.

While hopping towards where my keys would fall I spotted my Irish eight bolt lock handcuffs that I had got as a birthday present. My keys dropped as planned and I removed the handcuffs. But before removing the rest of my restraints I decided to see what they would look like on my wrists.

Now these cuffs are only supposed to lock when you unscrew the key and remove it. Both keys were in the locks, so I decided to see what movement they would allow arms in front. I locked on the right cuff then put my left wrist in the other cuff keeping my wrists pressed together I turned my arms over left and then right to see how much movement I would have. As I turned them to the right the bar of the left cuff swung closed and there was an ominous click. I tried getting the left cuff to open but it was secure. This couldn’t be happening they shouldn’t lock with the key in!
I spent ten minutes or so trying to reach the key in the left lock but couldn’t turn it. I then tried to get the key for the right cuff back into the lock. Still no good, next I tried to wedge the key in the top of a drawer but it kept getting pushed open and with my ankles cuffed I couldn’t use my knee to keep it shut. I had a vice out in the garage but it was still bright daylight and I didn’t fancy being in full view of the neighbours and any passersby bound as I was.

I tried again to reach the key and turn it, then I tried to remove the ballgag, but with my wrist held together by the cuffs I couldn’t unbuckle it. My release key was hanging too high to use to release my ankle cuffs. I was well and truly stuck. Last resort text my friend (back up) for help. As I had not arranged anything there was a chance they wouldn’t be available. If they didn’t respond I would just have to sit it out until it got dark enough for me to try for the garage.

Fortunately after about twenty minutes they responded and fifteen minutes later I was free! The moral here is always check out locking mechanisms on new toys before you try them on.


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