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Role Play
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:11:54 PM »
With this fetish, it really helps to have someone to play along.  My wife took some time, a few years in fact to warm up to role playing along with me.  She has at this point put me in our garbage can and dropped or stuffed the garbage in on top of me.  A few times she took melted ice cream and dumped it on me before putting the bags in.  Its been a lot of fun.  Her hard no is putting me at the curb or in a dumpster where she has no control.  Our garbage can is sometimes just outside behind the house, but mostly in the garage, she has control.

This past weekend we were out of town at our cabin.  We had to take a trailer load of garbage, scrap metal, to the local dump.  I was pleasantly surprised how close we were allowed to get to the front end loader, a truck dumping a dumpster full of garbage, and the landfill compactor.  Even though its very cold here, the smell was strong, the sounds were amazing.  My wife knew right away what was on my mind.  I wanted to be buried under a pile of garbage!  I looked right at her, said, "nah, its to cold"...

As we were leaving I looked at her again, asked "maybe this summer you can drop me off on a Friday night, I will sneak in, then you can come get me the next night"...To play along...she responded, "hmmmm, well, maybe.  we will see"  Now I know she won't for real.  Later in the ride, I said "I wonder in a days time, how much garbage would I be under?"  She simply smiled...."Hon, you know that you would be buried under a lot of garbage, no air left, and if you didn't suffocate first, I am sure you would end up being...crushed... under that machine"...I loved when she emphasized the word "crushed".  She continued  " I still need you, so its probably never going to happen.  But know that if I did drop you off, I am not coming back, you would be garbage, I don't pick up garbage, I drop it off"

I am one of the lucky one's...

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Re: Role Play
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2016, 12:24:20 PM »
You sure are lucky I hope your wife wount drop you of buyt what you  chould do is make a story out of it what would happen and would she change her mind after droping you of in the dump


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