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Inflatable Doll Costumes
« on: September 08, 2016, 06:49:57 pm »
I was browsing on Youtube when a search brought me this:

Inflatable Costume with hole

and Inflatable Bunny

So I figured, with most of the stories on this site covering rubber dolls and mannequins, if inflatable dolls was a viable alternative.  Considering the lack of fingers and the extra curve on these dolls, it adds a state of helplessness, especially if you decide to fill it with something other than air.


Hongyi Toy, the company that produced the two costumes in the video, seems to specialize in inflatables of all kinds.  This includes costumes, dolls, and large inflatables, and fan works also include Pokemon, Digimon and MLP among other human anime.  Since they have numerous websites and facebooks, I don't know which one to link to.  They also seem to do custom works and can reply in English.
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