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Re: My Personal Trainer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2024, 11:28:49 am »
Thank you for your comments. I think a baby, a blood relative of Ray's, will cement Veronica's and his relationship, just as Veronica had predicted. Maybe having a little one of her own will even soften her heart towards prisoner number one Jessica, but her earlier insensitivity has committed everybody involved (there is no turning back at this point) not to mention her good friend Beth goading her on. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a husband to one such as Veronica, and her fine home, let alone watch the "happy couple" start building a family together.

Then on top of that, what if Jessica were repurposed as their nanny, robotically controlled with her reinvigorated active mind left seething on the inside? She's be forced to watch the happy couple every day, watch the child, or children grow up, all as Ray was led to believe that they were doing this for her charitably (so as not to sell her off on the black market, or back to the company) because Jessica had lost her mind in search of proper humanity. At some point maybe the sir unit would no longer be necessary, and a more simple wall mounted "house computer" could control Jessica in either location, and should she wander out of it's battery backup signal her body to shut down, breathing, heart, all of it. This would make it the ultimate unescapable prison for her.

Perhaps this version is a bit dark though, and instead Jessica sees this as her true calling in life, serving others, with her household labors, with her magnificent body as well? Imagine what you could do with a body that you could independently control ever single muscle, that had millions of hours of every kind of sex imaginable to select an experience from, all while her lovers were left thinking that this was literal nirvana for the imprisoned Jessica? She'd be verbally participating, "yes please, harder, did you bring friends this time, please punish me for my ..." you get the idea. The men and women using her might even really think she was into all of it, giving her the human experiences she lost her mind searching for.

Would Ray gift her to his friends who surely lust for her fine and uber-cooperative body, even telling them right in front of her that she likes it rough, so don't hold back? Or, would Ray get an outside contractor in when Veronica was out of the house, unraveling the mystery of what exactly happened with the rogue sir unit back at the mansion; only to discover the truth and leave her in electronic servitude and bondage for the rest of her life, all to protect the mother of his children?

Could family vacations be Jessica's only time off, she not able to travel for obvious reasons, and she then left in Beth's "care?" I have this dumping off of a submissive husband element in several stories, because I find it titillating; a husband doing chores or other even less masculine things, for some select others, all while the wife, me, is out with her boyfriend having a much different experience. Does Beth want a submissive female lover, or a whipping girl, or perhaps even both?

As a story element, I intend sir to eventually hand over a big zip file memory stick, it containing the entirety of Jessica's old bitter personality, sir downloading it via her freshly installed headgear before the start of her training; a backup file incase something went wrong. Do Ray and Veronica discuss this while holding it in Jessica's company, the married couple sharing a look together, and Ray then pocketing the stick and walking away?

Anyway, just some thoughts going forward, but what do you think?

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Re: My Personal Trainer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #16 on: January 07, 2024, 07:50:52 pm »
You have a number of interesting ideas to work from and they are not mutually exclusive. You can mix some of them if you wish or just go in one direction. I'm one who doesn't mind stories getting dark and no happy ending. But I could see any number of things happening just as well.

The controlled Nanny for the happy family is like one of the ultimate mindfucks. Having to be around everything she missed out on herself due to her own life choices with no way out is a far more cruel then just having her body used and abused by others. That could still happen in that scenario as well.

Her ending up with Beth is an intriguing option. Beth's sadistic streak leads me to think at minimum she is a whipping girl but maybe secretly she does want her as a submissive lover. On top of that what if Beth tries out the sir and even wisely tries to prevent the same thing happening to her as Jessica and it doesn't work out. Maybe Veronica interferes after some fall out. Maybe Jessica gets to turn the tables with sirs help. Maybe Ray is upset if he finds out and punishes Beth with sir. There really lots of intriguing options.

One important thing you mentioned is whether Ray even finds out. That alone is likely huge inn the outcome along with his reaction if he does. Does he really have enough feelings for Jessica and how much more does his new family impact them? How far is he willingly to go? Can he make the truly tough choice or does he let things slide? We already know Veronica is manipulative and does she do what it takes to protect hers above all? Would she use sir against Ray if he tried something she thought would ruin things?

It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


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