Author Topic: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit  (Read 13013 times)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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Part 17 up tonight, enjoy

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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Well, whatever has Dana in a lather, she is not mercilessly taking it out on Jackie, though Jackie is the handiest one to punish being Dana & Tracy's slave girl. Not informing Jackie what she did to earn Dana's wrath is a punishment in itself and I think is meant to keep Jackie on her toes as it were.
Jackie, having asked for and signed a contract binding her initially to Dana & Tracy will obviously live to the letter of it. Fun and games is over. She now is property; property owned by Dana &Tracy. Beginning with having Jackie get the tattoo to now, Dana has been making it totally clear she owns Jackie. But she is not going to let any harm come to her property either. Is it because she still has feelings for her "friend" or simply because she enjoys her dominance over Jackie, i don't know. In any case, she is setting precedence as to what will happen to and with Jackie over the next 4 years.
I like that a lot of the groundwork for the next 4 years is being set in detail over these last few chapters giving us an insight into Jackie's thoughts as things progress.
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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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I love that there are no real ground rules for all this between the girls, except for the diary, and now the potentially harsh contract too. All of them together are figuring this out at the same time, ("on the fly" so to speak) and I'm trying to show all the characters growing into this with each other, giving a sense of realism to this fantasy. Of the four so far I think Dennis is the least deep character, but possibly because we don't know what makes him tick just yet.

 The summerhouse itself is a real place from my past, so this helps with the setting in my mind at least, but I'm trying to paint a picture of the idyllic nature of the place without getting bogged down in the details.

 Dana and Dennis are working on an evil surprise for Jackie, one that Tracy is reluctantly on board for, and Gregory even less so. I think it will "anchor" any ill feeling she may develop about her servitude to the house itself though, not that this is necessarily by design, but rather happenstance. Not that this is exactly the same thing, but your puppy doesn't hate the vet, she does associate the antiseptic smell of the vet's office with unpleasant things though, so this is why it's so hard to get her out of the car once you're there with her.

Anyway, the scene with the billboard is just something that trips my trigger. I love the being dumped off naked and helpless someplace, and I have stood near billboards like that, hearing the rush of traffic passing just out of sight while my mind wanders to the endless kinky possibilities...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, such things keep me motivated to tell this story to it's conclusion, Jackie. 

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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I actually got impatient, and just read this, since I wanted to enjoy this, before coming back and pulling my thoughts together :)

The harsh night outside, her treatment, and clear position in the household is making it quite clear that her friends aren't having any problems adapting to the roles of harsh task mistress, or keeping her in her place.  But at the same time, we are still left in the dark as to what she actually did wrong here, still leaving the best working theory that the presence of a "naked and available sex object" was unwanted competition.

A tricky problem to solve that, since if she is actually being kept as a naked and available slave, so "property" in a very real sense, she is going to be very much perceived as a sex object / sex toy, by lots of people, her friends indeed.  So how do they compete with this?  One thing asking a bunch of emotionally mature adults this, but I do have to remember that we are still dealing with teenagers here...

Very interesting that Tracy and Dana are taking different approaches here, but also as it should be, for while the two do seem to move in perfect harmony at times, at other times it is quite clear how differently they view and approach things, and they have different feelings and needs here.  As for a wake up call as to the nature of your slavery, well, you did insist on a very harsh contract to keep you on task, regardless of your views and changing feelings!

Yes, some information on what she did "wrong" would be helpful if her owners want her to behave differently in future, but if the root problem is more down to the fact that she is a naked slave, then there is nothing she is in a position to do or change.  Not that this is automatically going to save her from the wrath of her owners...

It makes me smile, her observation about having to get used to no privacy when using the toilet, since there are clear hints, and interest, in keeping her in dog mode, and dog mode isn't going to come with human toilet privileges, we can be sure of that! :)

I can see her keepers enjoying not being quite so "responsible" for her while back home, but at the same time, I can see them missing the feelings of power and control, and also of convenience of having their own personal slave on tap 24/7.  Well, clearly only one person is to blame for this lack of being properly available as a slave, and she is likely to end up being punished, in some form or other, for this terrible state of affairs *evil smirk*

Also yes, very much an experiment, where most of the risk, and in a sense the rewards, fall on your shoulders alone.

Having to "come last" with Gregory as well is another interesting example of logical consequences of this whole situation that she simply didn't see coming, but at the same time, I do enjoy the sense of maturity with which she accepts that having someone being much less equal can help to defuse tensions.

No wonder she is confused about leaving all of the food there, but also, yes, there are going to be lots of things about your own life and treatment that you won't be told about in advance, and most certainly won't be consulted on either!

I do enjoy the simple sexy delight of travelling in daylight so nearly naked.  Also it is very interesting, reasonable but still a delight, how she is already looking for ways to "push" her owners into taking her in hand.  Only a few hours after fearing being left chained up and alone in the house, and she is looking for more :)  Yummy!

The comment about being reluctant to admit that she would have been miserable, left at home, alone and abandoned by her friends, if they had gone off to the fancy university without her seems "odd", in the sense that surely this is to be expected, given how close the three of them clearly are, and have been for so very long?  The whole sense of this being an escape from her normal life reinforces this point.  But at the same time, it is good and important to see how she feels about her owners, and still very much wants to be with them, for them to be a "group".

It's amusing, the speculation about the adults having manipulated some of this situation to have come to pass, but my suspicion is much more that the adults simply accepted and took advantage of the three of you wanting to move out and move on with your lives as a unit, giving all three families space and time to themselves once more.

Now that is an interesting statement and perspective, separating out the summer house as the cause of all of her work and obligations, from her loving friends, who are still very much her friends, and having different feelings about them.  At the same time though, for all that it seems strange, it also sounds good, since having a good relationship with her owners and friends is very important all the way through this.

Dumped by the side of the road, both a very fitting fantasy, the ideal time for such a "fun" little game, but also a lovely reminder of your other story series, that I still have very fond memories of, and a ludicrously hot fantasy!

The comments about the girls enjoying food so much make me smile, since this puts me in mind of our conversation here, including food and weight over time.  At the same time Jackie being used to doing without so many things, making this return to normality easier on her, is an interesting "other side" of things.

Leashed up here like this...  the idea of her as a stripper for an audience is interesting, and I wonder if this is an idea that will be returned to.  I don't see her needing to go out and earn money like that, but maybe requiring the house slave to put on a private performance is something some of her male, and perhaps female, "owners" will explore...  after all, once you have a slave, might as well make full use of her!

As for the nickname, off the top of my head this feels like the first time she has ever actually been named :)  Just a passing thought, but still it makes me smile.

Now that is a powerful, and easy to overlook moment!  The truck horns, the fear, the very real suspicion that she has been spotted, but instead of her main fear being her own safety after she is grabbed and kidnapped by a passing trucker, she is fearing for her friends, their reactions and feelings at loosing her!!!  THIS matters, this shows us the heart of Jackie, and her views on her friends, the love and trust that is enabling this "game", this "experiment".

And there is the "other half" of this trust and love!  For all that they have done together, that the girls have done to Jackie, Tracy stayed to watch over her, to guard her, and as soon as Dana realised the risk and the danger she was straight back, moving instantly to protect and save Jackie!  It is a two way street, this trust and love, after all!

In a lot of ways I think we needed this change of emotional pace, and a clear reminder of where everyone stands, even as I suspect things are not going to be quite so "back to normal" as Jackie is expecting...  well, we can hope can't we?  *evil smirk*

Now off to catch up with playing maid, which I only discovered was updated a few days ago.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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Thank you for such wonderful observations. In the contract I had to put a name, so I expanded my Jaackierabbit nick name into a real sounding name, Jaqueline D. Lapin (aka Jackie the rabbit) in French, or so I hoped. I guess a second meaning of lapin can also mean a castrated male rabbit, amusing to my better half I'm sure, but I didn't know about that meaning when I had written that, and I obviously not a woman who speaks any French, other than just a few words I've picked up over the years.

I think that the girls are fun, but also teens, and they all have to grow into this with an open mind. I like the hating the house, not the people in the house mentality, something I think psychologists might call transference, or so I saw on TV once. The next chapter explains this hating the house thing just a bit better I think.

The escaping from her potentially boring life at home is a real thing, and I can't blame her in this, just as I can't blame her and the other's parents for working out how to get an empty nest just a few years sooner that normal.

I also feel that it's easier to really let go when somebody else has your back, and is responsible for the mess they've gotten you into. I could also see Jackie playing stripper one time on a dare, perhaps even at the billboard's porn palace. It's something I've always wanted to do myself, but I don't have near the courage to do so publicly, but in this story's context, doing so far from home and friends could be an acceptable risk.

I am curious as to the hot fantasy associated with Dumped On The Side Of The Road; is this something I could write into another chapter of that series? I think there still might be a dare jar someplace, and we could put almost any dare in there, as well as having somebody else join up with the girls for fun. If you're interested it might be fun to put your ideas into that story, I have done this before with character names and I think it's a fun distraction as we can name the characters anything we like.

Just a thought, let me know what you think, Jackie.


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