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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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Before starting I have just re-read parts 13 and 14, to remind myself properly of where we left off, and to get my head back in the right space for these characters :)  I am also reminded again of just how delicious all of this is, and the wonderful erotic charge it carries!

The first thought is simple, this part seems quite a lot longer, GOOD!  I get so into enjoying each part, finding them so short, it can get me all worked up and going, but then it stops, leaving me normally with more questions than when I started!  Tease!!!!

I am tempted to mutter something about what happens to evil teases, but this is a different conversation, for a different place.

Well, that’s one way to start the next part with a “bang”.  This suggests a sudden change of direction for all three of them, picking a new college, setting up to be long term residents in this summer house.  Still, it’s no wonder that there are going to be some conditions, we have just been considering that in their own way Dana and Tracy are still teenagers and immature, at times, so no wonder there is some concern at handing them to much on a plate.

*smirk* yes, you are 18, and thus an adult, but this doesn’t make you the bill payer, apparently a little detail that you are not used to considering or dealing with :)  Definitely a well off and entitled background.

The three of you keeping each other out of trouble, such a lovely world view, and no doubt it makes a great deal of sense from her parent’s point of view.  Of course we all know it’s not going to be quite that simple don’t we *smirk*

LOL, the contrast between the phone call with her parents about all of her options, while pointing out the current, and hopefully ongoing reality of not actually having any options of her own, or even choices of her own, just as she wants it to be :)

You know, the tone of the thoughts about being the maid for both friends, and also the one doing most of the course work / homework, you almost sound hopeful, like this is something you are looking forward to and very much want to do...  strange that, really :)

Not considering how long term, how permanent these changes are going to be...  well, only moments ago you were basically “away with the fairies”, so deep in sub space that you became the pet you were being.  Before that, mostly you have just lived your own life, wanting and perhaps pushing, in your own subtle ways for this, but not living it, not getting much of it.  I doubt any of you really have any sense of what the scope of this will be, but your friends will have a much better sense, in the sense that they know how living with a maid is and feels.

But for you, really stepping into the unknown, leaping with great energy from a very high cliff into the unknown, with only your friends and their love for you to catch and support you!  Brave, epic, amazing, loving, powerful, and perhaps foolish, but oh, wow!

Now that is an “interesting”, as in I have a tingle, and I am wondering if I should be worried, turn of phrase.  You are willing “at the time” to do anything for the girls.  Then again, you really don’t know what you are getting into, so how can it be otherwise.  Still, there is a certain ominous note to this comment...

Now that surprises me a bit, how come Gregory is so surprised that it is going to take the girls so much time and focus to become properly presentable to appear in public?  The degree of this might be more than usual, but surely the basic principle and point is something that he is well familiar with?  Perhaps he has just spent a lot of time moving in a different world, with different rules.

Gregory really is remarkably “calm” around the diary writing, so it does raise the question of how much of it he has read or knows.  We are LONG past the point where the diary can be considered to be private in any sense, but until now it was only shared between the three girls...  time will tell.

Ooh, now this is an interesting line of thinking.  A contract of servitude, since she is not the one paying the bills.  You can make the argument that not doing this does make you a hypocrite, but I do feel that you require a fairly specific world view, point of view, to reach that conclusion and to be sure of it.  Certainly not a point of view that most would take, instead taking this more on a day by day basis.  Still, the logic of this is sound and in this situation hard to argue.  Still, do you have any sense of what you are opening the door to here?  Probably not, but how else to set about finding out?

Adjunct professors, now that is interesting, this makes Gregory older, and in all likelihood more mature than I had somehow been thinking.  He has always felt very mature and wise for his years, but somehow, without a good reference point, I had thought of him as basically the same age as the girls, which had also puzzled me in the background, since he seemed very mature and wise for his years.  So this actually puts things into a better light and makes more sense of them.

AGAIN with the massively leading, yet almost subtle, hints and comments!  The decision to make the contract has already clearly been made, yet the comment that it is just for the three girls “at the time”...  screams how the number of involved people is expected to increase over time!

Of course, just taking the people already in hand, Gregory seems likely to be an ongoing, even if only intermittent partner to all of this, and there are the siblings of both of your friends, most especially of Dana, who it has been hinted will be involved in looking after the house, and thus around and in contact with at least some of your kinky goings on.

OH MY GOD!!!  I am really torn at this point, in part I am so impressed and proud of her, giving Gregory, and more specifically Dana a complete blank check, so to speak, for the contract that is to be drawn up and signed, stating up front that it is expected to run for years, and to bind and control her actions totally and completely.  Only with the trust, love and background between the girls could this be a good idea, which is why part of me is screaming “red alert!” very loudly.  Nothing says dangerous idiot who has no idea as “take me, I have no limits, everything is fine”.  Again, this amazing blend of innocent, passion and determination!

As for this striking a cord in Gregory, well, yet more evidence of how deeply his connection and history into the world of kink and the realities of dominance and submission run!

I feel unsure, uneasy, unsettled, by her returning again to the thought and the point that there needs to be such a serious punishment for her running off on them like she did.  I can see, follow and understand her thinking and point of view here, what is driving this for her.  But at the same time I keep on thinking that this came about due to things outside of her control, and instead she needs “healing”, not punishment.  One of those times where perhaps my natural instinct to be a romantic gets in the way, or perhaps just a different point of view.  I don’t disagree or object, I just feel uneasy...  it depends on how it plays out really.

Beyond this though, the point about keeping the heavy punishments for failing to keep up the contract makes perfect sense.  After all, by now we all know (well Gregory probably doesn’t) just how much her drive and motivation drops away after an orgasm, so she knows going into this that there needs to be something to help keep her focused.  Plus, and this is just occurring to me, obvious now I have thought of it, how much of this is her asking for harsher treatment, bigger punishments, to be taken, pushed and forced further and further, without actually just coming out and asking for it.

By framing it like this, she is making sure that it happens, that it has to happen, it is only right and proper that it happens, but its not her asking or requesting it...  WOW, impressive bit of cunning there!  I like :)

Your outfit, OK, so it’s pervert thinking, but I love the mental image of the sweatshirt looking like, and then becoming, the only thing that you are wearing :)

Upstaging your friends again...  well, looking like that it’s not really a surprise.  You know, you do seem to be doing a LOT of upstaging them at the moment...  talk about racking up the punishments!

WOW, that was fast, getting the details the girls want in the contract worked out and agreed in just the time it took her to get ready...  this suggests they are rather broad and sweeping, leaving LOTS of room for the details to be discovered later, no doubt deliberately.

Now that is interesting, clearly her interest in and focus on Gregory has already moved well past the casual comfortable stage to the “I must have you” stage...  things are getting more complex, and also more interesting here.  On this front, we don’t (I think) know what Gregory teaches, so we don’t know how easy or hard it will be to avoid being his student.  Still, sensible rules for the college to have.

OK, now you are being deliberately mysterious!  Corporal punishment, sounding really severe in the contract, makes sense.  Only the girls and not you can amend it, makes sense.  But this other part...  what are you getting at?!

Now I am just being down right suspicious, but the copier and the contract, pressing the button twice, we aren’t setting up a stray and “at loose” copy of the contract are we, ready to be discovered by some 3rd party, thus drawing them into this?  Or is this just reasonable detail about what real life is like?

The stern and menacing Dana, something we are familiar with, even if it does feel at odds with her presentation.  At the same time, it is amazing how far she has come, all of this has come, on this journey so far!

That is one question answered, and already setting the stage for all sorts of fun, wicked or just problematic outcomes.  The housemaid is required to be naked, and is guaranteed to be punished for asking for any form of clothes at all!  It all depends on who will be visiting them, and how expected, or unexpected, the visits will be...

Why is a black pen an important detail?  I recall once hearing that signing in blue was a good policy, since that way you can tell it’s not the original if it is then copied via a black and white printer.  But this feels like something else entirely, that Jackie doesn’t know either.  And finally we have a date, putting all of this into a date range / sense.

Back to the earlier point about who is covered by the contract, now make quite clear with all of the space being left carefully clear for future signatures!

A tattoo, this seems amazingly fast, but at the same time, we are moving into a different world, a different stage now.

OH MY!  “not OUR tab”, talk about an interesting and very telling comment, especially given the firm and special emphasis.  It’s now explicit who will be paying Gregory for all of his kind help!

Nods, suddenly Jackie is getting a better, a solid and real sense, of the MASSIVE step she has just taken, the height and depth of the cliff she has thrown herself off of, and also of just how seriously and completely her friends are looking to accept and embrace this new world and reality!

I am enjoying the contrast between the setting of the tattoo studio and the owners manor, playing on expectations and setting so very well :)

Yep, sharing Jackie’s sense of shock, almost a sense of horror at how things are going, but at the same time this is a very real example of *exactly* what you have been asking and pushing for, a very real and visible reminder of things that you will remember forever.  As for the “generally no one will ever see it” point of view, normally correct.  I do note that at this point Jackie actually still has no idea what the tattoo looks like, and won’t know for some time, given it’s placement.

Interesting perspective on the cost, and actually needed, since inflation has a power all of its own.  Also though showing in another sense the investment into her being made by her friends and owners.

Oh dear, testing Dana like this, not that you see or feel it like this.  And your reluctance to pull down your shorts is perfectly reasonable, but suddenly clothes seem like such a luxury, one that you are suddenly loosing!

Now they have her naked its time to go for a drink next door...  yep, fits the new normal, but still, bloody hell, things have come a LONG way and moved SO FAST!  Then suddenly we have the caring and sensitive checking from Sean, seeing the marks on her skin, needing to make sure she really is OK and not in trouble.

Seeing the straps...  no, you wouldn’t ask would you?  Well, yes you do, proves me wrong, but delights me so much at the same time!  Talk about making sure to make her own fun :)

Just when I thought I had caught up with Jackie’s state of mind, she is looking forward to her friends getting a report of her bad behaviour as well!  Really looking to keep on pushing them, everything, the entire situation forward!

Challenge accepted from Sean, I *really* am coming to like this man, such a wonderful combination of caring, sensitive, yet no nonsense and sure of himself!

It is so good to see someone really struggling and pushing against her restraints, to really make sure that they are as solid, firm and unyielding as possible!  No half measures to be accepted here, plus only listing a couple of straps as tight enough, again asking for more in her own gentle yet relentless way...

Of course Sean doesn’t take advantage of you, look at what we know of him, but the comment, it tells us everything we need to know about your raging hormones and where you head is in all of this :)

Joking about ratting her out to her friends, again, the people are so alive and real, so believable and human :)  Oh dear, forgetting “sir” every time she talks to him, well, the contract has only just gone live!  Then basically pushing Sean to do the spanking himself, since she will be so much more cruel, delightfully devious :)

Sean still checking in with her, as he should, and as is only fitting and proper!

Now that is really curious, the mystery tattoo stands to help open up new business opportunities for Sean, clearly then it is something he has never done before.

Locking off sex for her, cruel, but also a fitting point of control.  But doing this at the very same time as ordering her to find a very special way to reward and thank Gregory, it leaves one wondering what she is going to be offering...  also very minor editing point, at the end of this paragraph it is Dana whispering, not Tracy as you have put.

LOL, Gregory has to get her home by sunrise, but if not, it is Jackie who gets punished, not him!  Plus the whole “these two are your parents effect at work here...  so yummy, especially with the audience!

Offering herself up so very clearly to and for Gregory, while Gregory is showing such maturity, restraint and awareness...  yes, they are on very different pages here.

OK, the “oddness” is ramping up a bit now.  She is pushing Gregory fairly hard here, yet if anything he is backing away...  Looks like we are about to start getting some answers though, good!

That was a very good way of handling some of his insecurity, and of helping to get him focused and back on task.  Again though, really pushing and NEEDING the firmness of control, the taking, the forcing, absolutely needing something serious to be held over her head as a punishment to force and enforce her behaviour and compliance.  This is just becoming clearer and clearer, but in a way has been there for quite some time, just focused into her diary before now.

Such a sweet and lovely ending, a really precious note and time.  So many questions left unanswered for now though...

Have I mentioned that you are accused of being a wicked and evil tease?

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #46 on: October 17, 2020, 03:23:36 PM »
Thank you for your kind thoughts, and yes, I am a tease, but I love characters that have depth to them. I think this leads to more questions, and sub plots, but I like that. I was worried with the length, but there was a lot to tell, and I struggled with this one particularly, the getting the girls from "here to there" requiring several rewrites.

I love keeping the girls together for college, although I will admit that this wasn't my first thought when I started this adventure. It was a forgone conclusion who would be doing the bulk of the actual doing between the three though, the contract I think just making the chain of command (and consequences) clearer for all concerned. This in effect also makes Jackie a tradeable/barterable object for the next five years or so, Jackie potentially the coin that buys that which the girls want. This could be all in good fun, or even start out this way, only to morph into something darker by the time the girls have a much more limited "need" for Jackie.

I too loved the naked and hobbled "reality" while discussing the theory of choices on the telephone, by this time such things being "business as usual" for both the girls, and Gregory.

I think Jackie is conditioned to expect to do the work, both out of obligation for food and rent, and as a matter of "grooming" by her pretty and privileged friends.

Dana and Tracy are used to having a maid, but on and off while growing up. I hadn't intended this, but what if they had an endless rotating group of them, each families' eccentric nature driving away good help time and again? Such abnormal tendencies might not be noticed by those outside the family, but a live in maid might not be able to take such things, even a very sweet one. Or, it could be a money thing, as in we can't afford a maid and college for three kids at once.

I am of course writing this fictional account post experience, so saying that I was willing "at the time" implies that at some point my participation became less than willing, hens the need for the contract, and swift and harsh punishments to keep me properly motivated.

The copier mishap I may or may not use in the future, but it does imply that there might be a copy of that very kinky document laying around someplace, just as the black pen implies that a black and white copy of the signed document and the original might be hard to tell apart. Back then I don't even think there were color copiers, at least ones that were affordable, even for a small college.

When I went to school I had some adjunct professors, they actually were the better ones to be honest, and while the ones I had were older and worked in the field during the day, my understanding was that adjuncts were non tenured staff. So in this case I had intended Gregory to be just a few years older than the girls, but self conscious about his rather average endowments, possibly his last pet dumping him because of this, once the novelty of their shared kink wore off.

For a young professor self-conscious about such things, it might make sense to grab one in her teens while she was just a little not so worldly and wise. As the saying goes: "There's nothing wrong with average, until you've had extraordinary with which to compare it with." To go along with this line of reasoning, I think Gregory was intimidated by both Dana, and Tracy, the girls outward sex appeal just a little more than Gregory thought he could handle, especially if he had been dumped for being less than man enough for his last pet. If that's the case, Jackie might have to build him up just a bit, despite he being older and so apparently "in control" of himself.

There is a lot of room for additional signatures on the contract, but perhaps Jackie didn't realize this, or intend for it to be this way. We are just going to have to see where this part goes...

Sean is a good character, but I don't know what to do with him yet, and his tattoo bench is awesome, I so want one for myself! He is like the intimating muscular biker guy... who loves puppies; in other words, a walking contradiction.

Stripping Jackie naked in the tattoo parlor; I could so see that happening, what a rush to be made to do something like that, especially for a teen where nobody knows her.

The end I thought was fun, Jackie finally getting something for herself, sex wise, but not from either of the girls like one might have expected to happen first. And, setting up Dana and Tracy to have parental like control over Jackie I thought was ironic, seeing how they are the ones that need some control and discipline themselves.

I only caught the editorial whoopsie after you pointed it out, so I award myself five firm swats with the paddle for such, unless you think that too light.

Thank you again for your insights, and yes, I am a wicked tease, Jackie.


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